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We have 505 new and recently available titles. Item Number: 145497
Title: The Tyrant Slayers of Ancient Athens : A Tale of Two Statues
Author: Azoulay, Vincent ; Janet Lloyd (trans) ; Paul Cartledge (foreword)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780190663568     More information

Item Number: 145787
Title: ALVAR AALTO : Architect
Author: Stewart, John
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781858946603     More information

Item Number: 145326
Title: Michael Fried and Philosophy: Absorption, Theatricality, and Modernism
Author: Abbott, Mathew (ed)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781138679801     More information

Item Number: 145281
Title: Caelius II. Pars Superior. La basilica dei santi Giovanni e Paolo
Author: Acconci, Alessandra (et al)
Price: $375.00     ISBN: 9788891312037     More information

Item Number: 143665
Title: ROBERT ADAM : Country House Design, Decoration, and the Art of Elegance
Author: Musson, Jeremy ; Paul Barker (photos)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780847848515     More information

Item Number: 143650
Title: ROBERT ADAM'S London
Author: Sands, Frances
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781784914622     More information

Item Number: 144920
Title: Things of Beauty Growing : British Studio Pottery
Author: Adamson, Glenn (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300227468     More information

Item Number: 143215
Title: Images of Mithra
Author: Adryck, Philippa (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780198792536     More information

Item Number: 145533
Title: The Prado : Spanish Culture and Leisure, 1819-1939
Author: Afinoguenova, Eugenia
Price: $99.95     ISBN: 9780271078571     More information

Item Number: 144954
Title: Order and Confusion : The Twelfth-century Choir of St. Servatius Church in Maastricht
Author: Ahsmann, Fred
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9789075616132     More information

Item Number: 144898
Title: Mosques: Splendors of Islam
Author: Alami, Mohammed Hamdouni ; Sussan Babaie ; Walter B Denny
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780847860357     More information

Item Number: 145702
Title: JOSEF ALBERS in Mexico
Author: Hinkson, Lauren
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780892075362     More information

Item Number: 144781
Title: Filosofi, oratori e pittori : Una nuova lettura del De pictura di LEON BATTISTA ALBERTI
Author: Roccasecca, Pietro
Price: $68.95     ISBN: 9788898229413     More information

Item Number: 145806
Title: Proceedings First Vatican Coffin Conference : 19-22 June 2013
Author: Amenta, Alessia ; Helene Guichard (eds)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9788882714048     More information

Item Number: 145352
Title: The House of the Surgeon, Pompeii: Excavations in the Casa del Chirurgo (VI 1, 9-10.23)
Author: Anderson, Michael ; Damian Robinson (eds)
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9781785707285     More information

Item Number: 145320
Title: Space, Movement and Visibility in the Pompeian House
Author: Anderson, Michael A
Price: $119.95     ISBN: 9781472485953     More information

Item Number: 141825
Title: Il buon secolo della pittura senese : Dalla maniera moderna al lume caravaggesco
Author: Angelini, Alessandro (et al)
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9788869951749     More information

Item Number: 145508
Title: Annali di architettura: Rivista del Centro Internazionale di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio, n. 28, 2016
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9788831727655     More information

Item Number: 144779
Title: Il secolo d’oro del museo capitolino 1733-1838 : Nascita e formazione della prima collezione pubblica di antichità
Author: Arata, Francesco Paolo
Price: $69.50     ISBN: 9788898229796     More information

Item Number: 145202
Title: Der Expressionist FRITZ ASCHER : Leben ist Glühn. The Expressionist Fritz Ascher: To Live is to Blaze with Passion
Author: Barfod, Jörn (et al)
Price: $54.95     ISBN: 9783868323610     More information

Item Number: 144884
Title: Art and Immortality in the Ancient Near East
Author: Atac, Mehmel-Ali
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9781107154957     More information

Item Number: 145152
Title: The Diversity of Dyes in History and Archaeology
Author: Atkinson, Jo Kirby (ed)
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781909492530     More information

Item Number: 145500
Title: Practising with Deleuze : Design, Dance, Art, Writing, Philosophy
Author: Attiwill, Suzie (et al)
Price: $140.00     ISBN: 9781474429344     More information

Item Number: 145501
Title: Practising with Deleuze : Design, Dance, Art, Writing, Philosophy
Author: Attiwill, Suzie (et al)
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781474429351     More information

Item Number: 145269
Title: AUDUBON's Last Wilderness Journey: The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America
Author: Tyler, Ron
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9781911282105     More information

Item Number: 144935
Title: Italian Renaissance Diplomacy: A Sourcebook
Author: Azzolini, Monica ; Isabella Lazzarini (eds)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780888445667     More information

Item Number: 145161
Title: The Mercantile Effect: On Art and Exchange in the Islamicate World During the 17th and 18th Centuries
Author: Babaie, Sussan ; Melanie Gibson (eds)
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9781909942103     More information

Item Number: 145219
Title: The mystic cave : A History of the Nativity Church at Bethlehem
Author: Bacci, Michele
Price: $88.00     ISBN: 9788867288199     More information

Item Number: 145710
Title: Photography at MoMA: 1840 to 1920
Author: Bajac, Quentin (ed)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781633450288     More information

Item Number: 145011
Title: The Break with the Past : Avant-Garde Architecture in Germany, 1910 – 1925
Author: Barnstone, Deborah Ascher
Price: $140.00     ISBN: 9781138101609     More information

Item Number: 145619
Title: JOHN BASKERVILLE : Art and Industry in the Enlightenment
Author: Archer-Parre, Caroline ; Malcolm Dick
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9781786940643     More information

Item Number: 145384
Title: BASQUIAT : Boom for Real
Author: Buchhart, Dieter (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791356365     More information

Item Number: 145455
Title: The Revolution is dead. Long live the Revolution! From Malevich to Judd, from Deineka to Bartana
Author: Baumgartner, Michael (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791356358     More information

Item Number: 144856
Title: Visualizing the Text : From Manuscript Culture to the Age of Caricature
Author: Beck, Lauren ; Christina Ionescu (eds)
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9781611496451     More information

Item Number: 145405
Title: MAX BECKMANN : The world as a stage
Author: Fischer-Hausdorf, Eva (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783791356976     More information

Item Number: 140916
Title: Prague : A City and its River
Author: Beckova, Katerina
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9788024632926     More information

Item Number: 145820
Title: Photography and Failure: One Medium's Entanglement with Flops, Underdogs and Disappointments
Author: Belden-Adams, Kris (ed)
Price: $114.00     ISBN: 9781474293389     More information

Item Number: 145079
Title: GIOVANNI BELLINI : Landscapes of Faith in Renaissance Venice
Author: Gasparotto, Davide
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781606065310I     More information

Item Number: 143551
Title: BELLINI e i belliniani dall'Accademia dei Concordi di Rovigo
Author: Romanelli, Giandomenico
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9788831726887     More information

Item Number: 144982
Title: Augenlust und -laster : Zum Wissen der Bilder bei GIOVANNI BELLINI und in seinem Umkreis
Author: Seidig, Marianne
Price: $63.00     ISBN: 9783795431693     More information

Item Number: 144887
Title: The Construction of Time in Antiquity : Ritual, Art, and Identity
Author: Ben-Dov, Jonathan (et al)
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9781107108967     More information

Item Number: 141236
Title: Public Painting and Visual Culture in Early Republican Florence
Author: Bent, George
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9781107139763     More information

Item Number: 143065
Title: The BERLIN PAINTER and His World: Athenian Vase-Painting in the Early Fifth Century B.C
Author: Padgett, J. Michael (ed)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300225938     More information

Item Number: 145807
Author: Bacchi, Andrea ; Anna Coliva
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9788899765569     More information

Item Number: 145693
Title: Artige Kunst : Kunst und Politik im Nationalsozialismus. Compliant Art : Art and Politics in the National Socialist era
Author: von Berswordt-Wallrabe, Silke (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783735602886     More information

Item Number: 145505
Title: Marine Chronometers at Greenwich : A Catalogue of Marine Chronometers at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
Author: Betts, Jonathan
Price: $195.00     ISBN: 9780199641383     More information

Item Number: 144951
Title: Die Präsenz der Antike in der Architektur. [The Presence of Antiquity in Architecture]
Author: Beyer, Andreas (ed)
Price: $137.99     ISBN: 9783110371253     More information

Item Number: 145797
Title: Turin and the British in the Age of the Grand Tour
Author: Bianchi, Paola ; Karin E. Wolfe (eds)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9781107147706     More information

Item Number: 145440
Title: Art of Jazz : Form / Performance / Notes
Author: Bindman, David ; Suzanne Preston Blier ; Vera Ingrid Grant (eds)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780674980266     More information

Item Number: 145032
Title: Charles II : Art and Power
Author: Bird, Rufus ; Olivia Fryman (eds)
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781909741447     More information

Item Number: 145221
Title: BLAKE, Myth, and Enlightenment : The Politics of Apotheosis
Author: Fallon, David
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9781137390349     More information

Item Number: 145315
Title: Vision of Albion : WILLIAM BLAKE in Sussex
Author: Loukes, Andrew (et al)
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9781911300298     More information

Item Number: 145669
Title: London in the Company of Painters
Author: Blandford, Richard
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781786270788     More information

Item Number: 144978
Title: Padua and Venice : Transcultural Exchange in the Early Modern Age
Author: Blass-Simmen, Brigit ; Stefan Weppelmann (eds)
Price: $57.99     ISBN: 9783110464832     More information

Item Number: 145617
Title: Motherhood and Meaning in Medieval Sculpture: Representations from France, C.1100-1500
Author: Bleeke, Marian
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9781783272501     More information

Item Number: 145072
Title: Visual Voyages : Images of Latin American Nature from Columbus to Darwin
Author: Bleichmar, Daniela
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300224023     More information

Item Number: 141581
Author: Conto, Agostino ; Francesca Rossi
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9788899473273     More information

Item Number: 144893
Title: The Framing of Sacred Space : The Canopy and the Byzantine Church
Author: Bogdanovic, Jelena
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780190465186     More information

Item Number: 144912
Title: New Realities: Photography in the 19th Century
Author: Boom, Mattie ; Hans Rooseboom (eds)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9789462083486     More information

Item Number: 145157
Title: Languages of Power in Italy (1300-1600)
Author: Bornstein, Daniel (et al)
Price: $94.00     ISBN: 9782503540382     More information

Item Number: 145323
Title: Mannerism, Spirituality and Cognition: From Giorgio Vasari to Federico Zuccaro
Author: Bosch, Lynette M.F
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781409442189     More information

Item Number: 145623
Title: HIERONYMUS BOSCH : Triptychs
Author: Cassegrain, Guillaume
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9782812317422     More information

Item Number: 145305
Title: The Codex and Crafts in Late Antiquity
Author: Boudalis, Georgios
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781941792124     More information

Item Number: 145140
Title: War and Art: A Visual History of Modern Conflict
Author: Bourke, Joanna (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781780238463     More information

Item Number: 145347
Title: Clothes Make the Man: Early Medieval Textiles from the Netherlands
Author: Brandenburgh, Chrystel R
Price: $59.50     ISBN: 9789087282608     More information

Item Number: 145474
Title: Histories in Conflict: The Haus der Kunst and the Ideological Uses of Art, 1937-1955
Author: Brantl, Sabine (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783944874654     More information

Item Number: 144849
Title: Hospitals and charity : Religious culture and civic life in medieval northern Italy
Author: Brasher, Sally Mayall
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9781526119285     More information

Item Number: 145526
Title: Feast for the Eyes: The Story of Food in Photography
Author: Bright, Susan ; Denise Wolff
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781597113618     More information

Item Number: 144994
Title: Italian, Spanish, and French Paintings in the Ringling Museum of Art
Author: Brilliant, Virginia
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781785510816     More information

Item Number: 145169
Title: Idea Et Inventio : Italienische Zeichnungen des 15. und 16. Jahrhunderts aus der Sammlung der Kunstakademie Düsseldorf im Museum Kunstpalast, Band 1
Author: Brink, Sonja ; Beat Wismer
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9783731904601     More information

Item Number: 145812
Title: Idea Et Inventio : Italienische Zeichnungen des 15. und 16. Jahrhunderts aus der Sammlung der Kunstakademie Düsseldorf im Museum Kunstpalast, Band 2
Author: Brink, Sonja ; Beat Wismer
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9783731905837     More information

Item Number: 145168
Title: Hola Prado! Two Collections In Dialogue
Author: Brinkmann, Bodo ; Gabriel Dette (eds)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9783731905530     More information

Item Number: 145042
Title: Gods in Color: Polychromy in the Ancient World
Author: Brinkmann, Vinzenz (et al)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9783791357072     More information

Item Number: 145524
Title: Moses the Egyptian in the Illustrated Old English Hexateuch (London, British Library Cotton MS Claudius B.iv)
Author: Broderick, Herbert R
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780268102050     More information

Item Number: 143913
Title: The Lure of Italy: Artists' Views
Author: Brooks, Julian
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9781606065198     More information

Item Number: 145629
Title: The Art of Death in Byzantium: Funerary Art and Architecture, 1204-1453
Author: Brooks, Sarah T
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9780754668152     More information

Item Number: 145627
Title: Graphic Devices and the Early Decorated Book
Author: Brown, Michelle P. (et al)
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9781783272266     More information

Item Number: 145131
Title: Place-Making: The Art of CAPABILITY BROWN
Author: Phibbs, John
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9781848023666     More information

Item Number: 145122
Title: PIETER BRUEGEL the Elder : Drawings and Prints
Author: Michel, Eva ; Klaus Albrecht Schröder
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783777428635     More information

Item Number: 144802
Title: Dessiner le quotidien : la Hollande au Siècle d'or
Author: Brugerolles, Emmanuelle ; Olivia Savatier Sjöholm
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9782359061925     More information

Item Number: 144986
Title: La prospettiva di BRUNELLESCHI : quaranta buone ragioni per studiare l’arte medievale
Author: Cervini, Fulvio
Price: $27.50     ISBN: 9788897644491     More information

Item Number: 145568
Title: Colouring the Caribbean : Race and the art of AGOSTINO BRUNIAS
Author: Bagneris, Mia L
Price: $115.00     ISBN: 9781526120458     More information

Item Number: 145164
Title: Chevening : A seat of diplomacy
Author: Bryant, Julius
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781911300113     More information

Item Number: 144852
Title: Origins of the Colonnaded Streets in the Cities of the Roman East
Author: Burns, Ross
Price: $140.00     ISBN: 9780198784548     More information

Item Number: 142714
Title: Compositiones variae - a late 8th century artists' technical treatise
Author: Burns, Thea
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781909492486     More information

Item Number: 144923
Title: POL BURY : Time in Motion
Author: Marquenie, Gilles (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780300229127     More information

Item Number: 145496
Title: Reframing the Alhambra : Architecture, Poetry, Textiles and Court Ceremonial
Author: Bush, Olga
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781474416504     More information

Item Number: 145761
Title: CALDER : The Conquest of Time: The Early Years: 1898-1940
Author: Perl, Jed
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780307272720     More information

Item Number: 145562
Title: Architecture History and Theory in Reverse : From an Information Age to Eras of Meaning
Author: Callender, Jassen
Price: $180.00     ISBN: 9781138958173     More information

Item Number: 145563
Title: Architecture History and Theory in Reverse : From an Information Age to Eras of Meaning
Author: Callender, Jassen
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9781138958197     More information

Item Number: 143159
Title: Fictional Artworks: Literary Ekphrasis and the Invention of Images
Author: Cammarata, Valeria ; Valentina Mignao (eds)
Price: $22.00     ISBN: 9788869770586     More information

Item Number: 128404
Title: Pittura medievale in Sicilia
Author: Campagna Cicala, Francesca
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9788889525531     More information

Item Number: 145664
Title: Making Majesty: The Throne Room at Dublin Castle, a Cultural History
Author: Campbell, Myles (et al)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9781911024736     More information

Item Number: 145357
Title: The Iranian Expanse : Transforming Royal Identity through Architecture, Landscape, and the Built Environment, 550 BCE–642 CE
Author: Canepa, Matthew P
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9780520290037     More information

Item Number: 145325
Title: Celebrations for the Wedding of Charles I and Henrietta-Maria, 1625
Author: Canova-Green, Marie-Claude ; Sara Wolfson
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472443823     More information

Item Number: 145100
Title: REMIGIO CANTAGALLINA : Le voyage d'un artiste florentin dans les Pays-Bas méridionaux en 1612-1613
Author: Loze, P. ; D. Vautier
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9789461613738     More information

Item Number: 145622
Title: Inside CARAVAGGIO
Author: Vodret, Rossella
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9788857234809     More information

Item Number: 145635
Title: Image and Presence : A Christological Reflection on Iconoclasm and Iconophilia
Author: Carnes, Natalie
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9781503600348     More information

Item Number: 145636
Title: Image and Presence : A Christological Reflection on Iconoclasm and Iconophilia
Author: Carnes, Natalie
Price: $27.95     ISBN: 9781503604223     More information

Item Number: 143506
Title: Making Magnificence : Architects, Stuccatori, and the Eighteenth-Century Interior
Author: Casey, Christine
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300225778     More information

Item Number: 145018
Title: Arts and Crafts Lighting : From the Collection of the Two Red Roses Foundation
Author: Cathers, David
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780982083352     More information

Item Number: 144104
Title: Santa Catalina de Alejandría : BARTOLOMEO CAVAROZZI (1590-1625)
Author: Delgado, Santiago
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9788416551743     More information

Item Number: 145112
Title: Body Narratives. Motion and Emotion in the French Enlightenment
Author: Caviglia, Susanna (ed)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9782503574745     More information

Item Number: 145798
Title: The Intellectual World of the Italian Renaissance : Language, Philosophy, and the Search for Meaning
Author: Celenza, Christopher
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9781107003620     More information

Item Number: 145402
Title: CEZANNE : Metamorphoses
Author: Eiling, Alexander (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791356679     More information

Item Number: 145265
Title: CEZANNE Portraits
Author: Elderfield, John (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780691177861     More information

Item Number: 145039
Title: The Hidden CEZANNE : From Sketchbook to Canvas
Author: Haldemann, Anita (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791356525     More information

Item Number: 145264
Title: PAUL CEZANNE : Painting People
Author: Lewis, Mary Tompkins
Price: $14.95     ISBN: 9780691177953     More information

Item Number: 144939
Title: The Fullness of Time: Temporalities of the Fifteenth-Century Low Countries
Author: Champion, Matthew S
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780226514796     More information

Item Number: 145413
Title: A World of Emotions: Ancient Greece, 700 BC-200 AD
Author: Chaniotis, Angelos (et al)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780981966656     More information

Item Number: 144929
Title: Eighteenth Century Women Artists: Their Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs
Author: Chapman, Caroline
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781910787502     More information

Item Number: 145021
Title: John Ruskin and the Fabric of Architecture
Author: Chatterjee, Anuradha
Price: $140.00     ISBN: 9781472449436     More information

Item Number: 145317
Title: Rome's Urban Ecologies : An Atlas
Author: Cheramie, Kristie (et al)
Price: $180.00     ISBN: 9781138957510     More information

Item Number: 145318
Title: Rome's Urban Ecologies : An Atlas
Author: Cheramie, Kristie (et al)
Price: $53.95     ISBN: 9781138957558     More information

Item Number: 145258
Title: Greek Art and Aesthetics in the Fourth Century B.C
Author: Childs, William A.P
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780691176468     More information

Item Number: 139808
Title: EDUARDO CHILLIDA : Catálogo razonado de escultura : eskulturaren katalogo arrazoitua : catalogue raisonné of sculpture, Vol. 2
Author: Chillda Belzunce, Ignacio ; Alberto Cobo
Price: $139.50     ISBN: 9788415042860     More information

Item Number: 143965
Title: English Gothic Misericord Carvings : History from the Bottom Up
Author: Chunko-Dominguez, Betsy
Price: $129.00     ISBN: 9789004341180     More information

Item Number: 145248
Title: FREDERIC CHURCH : A Painter's Pilgrimage
Author: Myers, Kenneth John (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300218435     More information

Item Number: 144508
Title: Scatole di Latta : Italian Tin Boxes 1885-1950
Author: Cimorelli, Dario (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9788836635979     More information

Item Number: 145064
Title: Arte Marchigiana, n.4 / 2016
Author: Cleri, Bonita (ed)
Price: $35.00     More information

Item Number: 145130
Title: Photographing Historic Building
Author: Cole, Steve
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781848022690     More information

Item Number: 144980
Title: The Encounter: Drawings from Leonardo to Rembrandt
Author: Cooper, Tarnya
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781855147751     More information

Item Number: 144815
Title: The American Dream: pop to the present
Author: Coppel, Stephen (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780500239605     More information

Item Number: 143096
Title: Madonnas and Miracles: The Holy Home in Renaissance Italy
Author: Corry, Maya ; Deborah Howard ; Mary Laven
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781781300534     More information

Item Number: 144957
Title: CRANACH in Zwickau : Das Retabel in der St. Kaharinenkirche : Tagungsband
Author: Pöpper, Thomas (ed)
Price: $44.00     ISBN: 9783795431150     More information

Item Number: 144417
Title: No Idols : The Missing Theology of Art
Author: Crow, Thomas
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9780909952990     More information

Item Number: 145717
Title: The Stones of Christ Church: A History of the Buildings of Christ Church, Oxford
Author: Curthoys, Judith
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781781258125     More information

Item Number: 145090
Title: Sculpture Vertical, Horizontal, Closed, Open
Author: Curtis, Penelope
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780300227222     More information

Item Number: 145578
Title: Artistry in Bronze: The Greeks and Their Legacy XIXth International Congress on Ancient Bronzes
Author: Daehner, Jens M. (et al)
Price: $82.50     ISBN: 9781606065419     More information

Item Number: 145708
Author: Ades, Dawn (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781910350478     More information

Item Number: 145167
Title: Galleria portatile : Old Master Drawings from the Hoesch Collection
Author: Damm, Heiko ; Henning Hoesch
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9783731904717     More information

Item Number: 145226
Title: Studies in Late Medieval Wall Paintings, Manuscript Illuminations, and Texts
Author: Davidson, Clifford
Price: $54.99     ISBN: 9783319474755     More information

Item Number: 144888
Title: A Reservoir of Ideas: Essays in Honour of Paul Williamson
Author: Davies, Glyn ; Eleanor Townsend (eds)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781911300168     More information

Item Number: 144851
Title: The Gothic and death
Author: Davison, Carol Margaret
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9781784992699     More information

Item Number: 145728
Title: JAN DE BRAIJ (1626/1627-1697) Schilder en architect
Author: Giltaij, Jeroen
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9789462582064     More information

Item Number: 142369
Title: The Ancient Rose of Pompeii
Author: De Carolis, Ernesto (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9788891311351     More information

Item Number: 144897
Title: A Generous Vision : The Creative Life of ELAINE DE KOONING
Author: Curtis, Cathy
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9780190498474     More information

Item Number: 145138
Title: Andean Cosmopolitans: Seeking Justice and Reward at the Spanish Royal Court
Author: De la Puente Luna, Jose Carlos
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9781477314432     More information

Item Number: 145139
Title: Andean Cosmopolitans: Seeking Justice and Reward at the Spanish Royal Court
Author: De la Puente Luna, Jose Carlos
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781477314869     More information

Item Number: 145250
Title: Drawn in Colour : DEGAS at the Burrell Collection
Author: Hamilton, Vivien (et al)
Price: $20.00     ISBN: 9781857096255     More information

Item Number: 145240
Title: DEGAS : A Passion for Perfection
Author: Munro, Jane
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300228236     More information

Item Number: 145523
Title: Icons and the Liturgy, East and West : History, Theology, and Culture
Author: Denysenko, Nicholas (ed)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780268101381     More information

Item Number: 145670
Title: Sculptural Photographs : From the Calotype to Digital Technologies
Author: di Bello, Patrizia
Price: $114.00     ISBN: 9781350028227     More information

Item Number: 144972
Title: Empire and Art : British India
Author: Dohmen, Renate (ed)
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9781526122940     More information

Item Number: 145329
Title: CARLO DOLCI : A Refreshment
Author: Imorde, Joseph
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9789042934566     More information

Item Number: 144928
Title: Towards Tate Modern : Public Policy, Private Vision
Author: Donnellan, Caroline
Price: $160.00     ISBN: 9781472480941     More information

Item Number: 145423
Title: Sacred to the Touch : Nordic and Baltic Religious Wood Carving
Author: Dubois, Thomas A
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9780295742410     More information

Item Number: 140971
Title: L’architecture morte ou vive : les infortunes de la coupole de Saint-Pierre de Rome au XVIIIe siècle
Author: Dubourg-Glatigny, Pascal
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9782728311811     More information

Item Number: 145794
Title: Some Aesthetic Decisions: A Centenary Celebration of MARCEL DUCHAMP's Fountain
Author: Clearwater, Bonnie (ed)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9788857234793     More information

Item Number: 145638
Title: Roman Error : Classical Reception and the Problem of Rome's Flaws
Author: Dufallo, Basil (ed)
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9780198803034     More information

Item Number: 145378
Title: Perfection's Therapy : An Essay on ALBRECHT DÜRER's Melencolia I
Author: Merback, Mitchell B
Price: $32.98     ISBN: 9781942130000     More information

Item Number: 144882
Title: Archaeology and Ideology in Rome : From the Grand Tour to the Present
Author: Dyson, Stephen L
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9780521874595     More information

Item Number: 145704
Title: EAMES Furniture Sourcebook
Author: Kries, Mateo (et al)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9783945852200     More information

Item Number: 133178
Title: The Extraordinary Archive of Arthur J. Munby: Photographing Class and Gender in the Nineteenth Century
Author: Edge, Sarah
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9781780766973     More information

Item Number: 145376
Title: How to Read a Dress : A Guide to Changing Fashion from the 16th to the 20th Century
Author: Edwards, Lydia
Price: $102.00     ISBN: 9781472534521     More information

Item Number: 145377
Title: How to Read a Dress : A Guide to Changing Fashion from the 16th to the 20th Century
Author: Edwards, Lydia
Price: $33.95     ISBN: 9781472533272     More information

Item Number: 145490
Title: Imagining the Divine: Art and the Rise of World Religions
Author: Elsner, Jas (et al)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781910807187     More information

Item Number: 142920
Title: Il Paesaggio italiano
Author: Emiliani, Andrea
Price: $27.50     ISBN: 9788873818670     More information

Item Number: 145461
Title: Arts in Florence: In the Second Half of the 16th Century
Author: Falciani, Carlo ; Antonio Natali
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9788874613519     More information

Item Number: 145206
Title: The Avignon Papacy Contested : An Intellectual History from Dante to Catherine of Siena
Author: Falkeid, Unn (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780674971844     More information

Item Number: 145116
Title: Elias Ashmole: Founder of the Ashmolean Museum
Author: Feola, Vittoria
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781851244621     More information

Item Number: 145146
Title: Bellevue: Robert Zünd (1827–1909)—Tobias Madörin (*1965)
Author: Fetzer, Fanni (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783858815552     More information

Item Number: 144891
Title: The Intellectual Struggle for Florence : Humanists and the Beginnings of the Medici Regime, 1420-1440
Author: Field, Arthur
Price: $127.50     ISBN: 9780198791089     More information

Item Number: 145625
Title: The Dancing Lares and the Serpent in the Garden : Religion at the Roman Street Corner
Author: Flower, Harriet I
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780691175003     More information

Item Number: 144838
Title: The Fifth Century in Rome: Art, Liturgy, Patronage
Author: Foletti, Ivan ; Manuela Gianandrea (eds)
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9788867282111     More information

Item Number: 145038
Title: Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites
Author: Forsyth, David
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781910682081     More information

Item Number: 145743
Title: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker: Surviving the Great Fire of London
Author: Forsyth, Hazel
Price: $29.50     ISBN: 9781784537487     More information

Item Number: 145824
Title: Critical Mass : Moscow Art Magazine 1993–2017
Author: Fowle, Kate (et al)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9788090671423     More information

Item Number: 144844
Title: The Mind of the Book : Pictorial Title-Pages
Author: Fowler, Alastair
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780198717669     More information

Item Number: 141145
Title: Drawing and the Senses in Early Modern History
Author: Fowler, Caroline
Price: $88.00     ISBN: 9781909400399     More information

Item Number: 145006
Title: Peterborough Cathedral : A Glimpse of Heaven
Author: Foyle, Jonathan
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781785510809     More information

Item Number: 145196
Title: FRAGONARD's Fantasy Figures
Author: Jackall, Yuriko (ed)
Price: $49.99     ISBN: 9781848222489     More information

Item Number: 145247
Title: In Concert! Musical Instruments in Art, 1860-1910
Author: Frank, Frederic ; Belinda Thomson
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780300230093     More information

Item Number: 144958
Title: Reformation und Bildnis : Bildpropoganda im Zeitalter der Glaubensstreitigkeiten
Author: Frank, Gunter ; Maria Lucia Weigel (eds)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9783795431266     More information

Item Number: 144914
Title: As in Nature : HELEN FRANKENTHALER Paintings
Author: Schwartz, Alexandra
Price: $22.00     ISBN: 9780300229288     More information

Item Number: 144839
Title: FÜSSLI Nachtmahr : Traum und Wahnsinn
Author: Busch, Werner ; Petra Maisak (eds)
Price: $37.50     ISBN: 9783731904458     More information

Item Number: 145300
Author: Whitley, William T
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781910787571     More information

Item Number: 140720
Title: Graphic Signs of Identity, Faith, and Power in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
Author: Garipzanov, Ildar H. (et al)
Price: $138.00     ISBN: 9782503567242     More information

Item Number: 143093
Title: San Lorenzo: A Florentine Church
Author: Gaston, Robert W. ; Louis A. Waldman (eds)
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9780674975675     More information

Item Number: 145613
Title: GAUGUIN's Challenge : New Perspectives After Postmodernism
Author: Broude, Norma (ed)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781501325151     More information

Item Number: 145618
Title: JEAN-LEON GEROME and the Crisis of History Painting in the 1850s
Author: Cakmak, Gulru
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9781786940674     More information

Item Number: 142173
Title: Synagogues in the Islamic World : Architecture, Design and Identity
Author: Gharipour, Mohammad (ed)
Price: $230.00     ISBN: 9781474411714     More information

Item Number: 145532
Title: Gardens of Renaissance Europe and the Islamic Empires : Encounters and Confluences
Author: Gharipour, Mohammad (ed)
Price: $94.95     ISBN: 9780271077796     More information

Item Number: 145591
Title: ALBERTO GIACOMETTI : Catalogue raisonné des estampes. 1917-1965
Author: Kornfeld, Eberhard W
Price: $550.00     ISBN: 9783857730573     More information

Item Number: 145795
Author: Morris, Frances ; Lena Fritsch (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781849765046     More information

Item Number: 145280
Title: Venezia 1511. Vitruvio di FRA' GIOCONDO
Author: Salatin, Francesca
Price: $200.00     ISBN: 9788891312716     More information

Item Number: 144979
Title: GIOVANNI DA RIMINI : Scenes from the Lives of the Virgin and Other Saints
Author: Koopstra, Anna
Price: $16.00     ISBN: 9781857096224     More information

Item Number: 142048
Title: The Idea of the Gothic Cathedral : Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Meanings of the Medieval Edifice in the Modern Period
Author: Glaser, Stephanie (ed)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9782503568133     More information

Item Number: 128972
Title: De Sint-Jan te s'Hertogenbosch : bouwsculptuur en bouwgeschiedenis 1250-1550
Author: Glaudemans, Ronald ; Gerard van Wezel (ed)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9789462580114     More information

Item Number: 144952
Title: Der römische Triumph in Prinzipat und Spätantike
Author: Goldbeck, Fabian ; Johannes Wienand (eds)
Price: $140.00     ISBN: 9783110445688     More information

Item Number: 145813
Title: HENDRICK GOLTZIUS : Mythos, Macht und Menschlichkeit
Author: Michels, Norbert
Price: $67.50     ISBN: 9783731905813     More information

Item Number: 145548
Title: Roma hispanica : Cultura festiva española en la capital del Barroco
Author: Gonzalez Tornel, Pablo
Price: $69.50     ISBN: 978841524558     More information

Item Number: 145004
Title: Croome: A Creation of Genius
Author: Gordon, Catherine
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9781785511158     More information

Item Number: 145630
Title: Chiaroscuro als ästhetisches Prinzip : Kunst und Theorie des Helldunkels 1300–1500
Author: Gramaccini, Norberto (et al)
Price: $80.99     ISBN: 9783110500356     More information

Item Number: 145567
Title: Aesthetic Experiences and Classical Antiquity : The Significance of Form in Narratives and Pictures
Author: Grethlein, Jonas
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9781107192652     More information

Item Number: 145104
Title: Das italienische Sakramentstabernakel im 16. Jahrhundert: Tempietto-Architekturen en miniature zur Aufbewahrung der Eucharistie
Author: Guinomet, Claire
Price: $98.00     ISBN: 9783777425993     More information

Item Number: 145232
Title: The Goths
Author: Gwynn, David M
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9781780238456     More information

Item Number: 144931
Title: Portraits of the English Civil War
Author: Haldane, Angus
Price: $37.95     ISBN: 9781910787380     More information

Item Number: 135174
Title: Naples
Author: Hall, Marcia B. ; Thomas Willette (eds)
Price: $180.00     ISBN: 9780521780001     More information

Item Number: 143518
Title: Liturgical Life and Latin Learning at Paradies bei Soest, 1300–1425 : Inscription and Illumination in the Choir Books of a North German Dominican Convent
Author: Hamburger, Jeffrey F. ; Eva Schlotheuber (et al)
Price: $229.00     ISBN: 9783402130728     More information

Item Number: 145573
Title: Photography and Sculpture: The Art Object in Reproduction
Author: Hamill, Sarah (ed)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781606065341     More information

Item Number: 145099
Title: A Day at Home in Early Modern England : Material Culture and Domestic Life, 1500-1700
Author: Hamling, Tara ; Catherine Richardson
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300195019     More information

Item Number: 145583
Title: Bound for the Midwest: Medieval and Early Modern Religious Manuscripts in the Charles Luce Harrison Collection, Kent Library, Southeast Missouri State University
Author: Hand, Joni M
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780997926231     More information

Item Number: 144955
Title: Sichtbares Wort : Die Kunst als Medium der Konfessionalisierung und Intensivierung des Glaubens in der Frühen Neuzeit
Author: Harasimowicz, Jan
Price: $63.00     ISBN: 9783795432317     More information

Item Number: 144915
Title: Yorkshire West Riding : Sheffield and the South
Author: Harman, Ruth ; Nikolaus Pevsner
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9780300224689     More information

Item Number: 143251
Title: The Barberini Tapestries : Woven Monuments of Baroque Rome
Author: Harper, James Gordon ; Marlene Eidelheit
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9788899765316     More information

Item Number: 145117
Title: Oxford Botanic Garden & Arboretum : A Brief History
Author: Harris, Stephen A
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9781851244652     More information

Item Number: 143274
Title: The Roman Street : Urban Life and Society in Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Rome
Author: Hartnett, Jeremy
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9781107105706     More information

Item Number: 142252
Title: The political aesthetics of the Armenian avant-garde: The journey of the 'painterly real', 1987-2004
Author: Harutyunyan, Angela
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9780719089534     More information

Item Number: 145208
Title: Knowing Bodies, Passionate Souls : Sense Perceptions in Byzantium
Author: Harvey, Susan Ashbrook ; Margaret Mullett (eds)
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9780884024217     More information

Item Number: 144948
Title: Architekturlandschaft Niederösterreich – 1848 bis 1918. Lower Austria - The Architectural Landscape 1848 to 1918
Author: Hauenfels, Theresia (et al)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9783038600480     More information

Item Number: 144947
Title: Paris HAUSSMANN : A Model’s Relevance
Author: Jallon, Benoit (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783038600527     More information

Item Number: 145616
Title: Postwar Italian Art History Today: Untying 'The Knot'
Author: Hecker, Sharon ; Marin Sullivan (eds)
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9781501330056     More information

Item Number: 144989
Title: Montmartre : A Cultural History
Author: Hewitt, Nicholas
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9781786940230     More information

Item Number: 145165
Title: Basic Instincts : Love, Lust and Violence in the Art of JOSEPH HIGHMORE
Author: Riding, Jacqueline
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781911300281     More information

Item Number: 144855
Title: Architecture and the Politics of Gender in Early Modern Europe
Author: Hills, Helen (ed)
Price: $54.95     ISBN: 9781138275836     More information

Item Number: 145385
Author: Forrer, Matthi
Price: $149.00     ISBN: 9783791382654     More information

Item Number: 145605
Title: DAMIEN HIRST : Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable : One Hundred Drawings
Author: Corry, Amie (ed)
Price: $200.00     ISBN: 9781906967826     More information

Item Number: 145606
Title: DAMIEN HIRST : Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable
Author: Geuna, Elena (et al)
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9781906967802     More information

Item Number: 143321
Title: Holkham: The Social, Architectural and Landscape History of a Great English Country House
Author: Hiskey, Christine
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9781910065983     More information

Item Number: 145189
Title: Hadrian's Wall: Archaeology and History at the Limit of Rome's Empire
Author: Hodgson, Nick
Price: $36.95     ISBN: 9780719818158     More information

Item Number: 144926
Title: JORIS and JACOB HOEFNAGEL : Art and Science around 1600
Author: Vignau-Wilberg, Thea (ed)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9783775741736     More information

Item Number: 145188
Title: Propaganda and HOGARTH's Line of Beauty in the First World War
Author: Williams, Georgina
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9781137571939     More information

Item Number: 145159
Title: HOLBEIN's Sir Thomas More
Author: Salomon, Xavier F. ; Hilary Mantel
Price: $17.95     ISBN: 9781907804915     More information

Item Number: 145249
Title: Coming Away : WINSLOW HOMER and England
Author: Athens, Elizabeth (et al)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780300229905     More information

Item Number: 144943
Title: The New World in Early Modern Italy, 1492–1750
Author: Horodowich, Elizabeth ; Lia Markey (et al)
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9781107122871     More information

Item Number: 144930
Title: Tin-Glazed Earthenware from the Netherlands, France and Germany, 1600–1800
Author: Houkjær. Ulla
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9788763545655     More information

Item Number: 145133
Title: Nature’s Mirror: Reality and Symbol in Belgian Landscape
Author: Howe, Jeffrey W. (ed)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781892850294     More information

Item Number: 145365
Title: A History of the Western Art Market : A Sourcebook of Writings on Artists, Dealers, and Markets
Author: Hulst, Titia (ed)
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9780520290624     More information

Item Number: 145366
Title: A History of the Western Art Market : A Sourcebook of Writings on Artists, Dealers, and Markets
Author: Hulst, Titia (ed)
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9780520290631     More information

Item Number: 144902
Title: WILLIAM HENRY HUNT : Country People
Author: Selborne, Joanna ; Christina Payne
Price: $16.95     ISBN: 9781911300236     More information

Item Number: 145027
Title: Casanova: The Seduction of Europe
Author: Ilchman, Frederick (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780878468423     More information

Item Number: 142699
Title: Gardens of Beauty: Italian Gardens of the Borromeo Islands
Author: Impelluso, Lucia (text) ; Dario Fusaro (photos)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9788891810229     More information

Item Number: 145129
Title: The Great Barn of 1425–27 at Harmondsworth, Middlesex
Author: Impey, Edward
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781848023710     More information

Item Number: 145462
Title: The Origins of Museums: The Cabinet of Curiosities in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Europe
Author: Impey, Oliver ; Arthur Macgregor (eds)
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9781910807194     More information

Item Number: 142050
Title: Imagery and Ingenuity in Early Modern Europe : Essays in Honor of Jeffrey Chipps Smith
Author: Ingersoll, Catharine (et al)
Price: $170.00     ISBN: 9782503568607     More information

Item Number: 143409
Title: Moors Dressed as Moors: Clothing, Social Distrinction and Ethnicity in Early Modern Iberia
Author: Irigoyen-Garcia, Javier
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781487501600     More information

Item Number: 145074
Title: The Enchanted World of German Romantic Prints, 1770–1850
Author: Ittmann, John (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300197624     More information

Item Number: 145819
Title: J.R : Inside Out
Author: Colbert, Stephen ; Darren Aronofsky
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780847858644     More information

Item Number: 145322
Title: Thresholds and Boundaries: Liminality in Netherlandish Art (1385-1530)
Author: Jacobs, Lynn F
Price: $109.95     ISBN: 9781472457813     More information

Item Number: 143280
Title: Gardens of Court and Country : English Design 1630-1730
Author: Jacques, David
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300222012     More information

Item Number: 144883
Title: Mosaics in the Medieval World : From Late Antiquity to the Fifteenth Century
Author: James, Liz
Price: $175.00     ISBN: 9781107011984     More information

Item Number: 145256
Title: Peace and Penance in Late Medieval Italy
Author: Jansen, Katherine Ludwig
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780691177748     More information

Item Number: 145353
Title: Edith Wharton's The Decoration of Houses: Interpreting a Classic
Author: Jayne, Thomas
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781580934978     More information

Item Number: 145286
Title: The Cross : History, Art, and Controversy
Author: Jensen, Robin M
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780674088801     More information

Item Number: 145700
Author: Bernstein, Roberta (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781910350683     More information

Item Number: 145429
Title: JASPER JOHNS : Catalogue Raisonné of the Monotypes
Author: Dackerman, Susan ; Jennifer L. Roberts
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9780300229370     More information

Item Number: 145036
Title: A Portable Cosmos : Revealing the Antikythera Mechanism, Scientific Wonder of the Ancient World
Author: Jones, Alexander
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9780199739349     More information

Item Number: 145031
Title: European Silver in the Collection of Her Majesty The Queen
Author: Jones, Kathryn
Price: $145.00     ISBN: 9781909741379     More information

Item Number: 145070
Title: Artists in Exile : Expressions of Loss and Hope
Author: Josenhans, Frauke V. (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300225709     More information

Item Number: 144919
Author: Raskin, David
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300228687     More information

Item Number: 144974
Title: Persian Art : Image-making in Eurasia
Author: Kadoi, Yuka (ed)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9781474411158     More information

Item Number: 145387
Title: Hidden FRIDA KAHLO: Lost, Destroyed, or Little Known Works
Author: Prignitz-Poda, Helga
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783791383644     More information

Item Number: 144942
Title: The Cambridge History of Judaism, Volume 7 : The Early Modern World, 1500–1815
Author: Karp, Jonathan (et al)
Price: $215.00     ISBN: 9780521889049     More information

Item Number: 145040
Title: Painted in Mexico, 1700-1790: Pinxit Mexici
Author: Katzew, Ilona (et al)
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9783791356778     More information

Item Number: 145080
Title: Sacred Landscapes - Nature in Renaissance Manuscripts
Author: Keene, Bryan C. ; Alexandra Kaczenski
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9781606065464     More information

Item Number: 143821
Title: WILLIAM KENTRDIGE : Being Led by the Nose
Author: Taylor, Jane
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780226791203     More information

Item Number: 143912
Title: Eyewitness Views: Making History in Eighteenth-Century Europe
Author: Kerber, Peter Björn
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781606065259     More information

Item Number: 145671
Title: The Erotic Cloth : Seduction and Fetishism in Textiles
Author: Kettle, Alice ; Lesley Millar (eds)
Price: $34.00     ISBN: 9781474286800     More information

Item Number: 144987
Title: The Rotunda in Thessaloniki and its Mosaics
Author: Kiilerich, Bente ; Hjalmar Torp
Price: $22.00     ISBN: 9786185209117     More information

Item Number: 144944
Title: The Greek and Roman Trophy : From Battlefield Marker to Icon of Power
Author: Kinnee, Lauren
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9780415788380     More information

Item Number: 141593
Title: MARTIN KIPPENBERGER : Catalogue Raisonné of the Paintings, Volume Three 1987–1992
Author: Capitain, Gisela (et al)
Price: $395.00     ISBN: 9783863356361     More information

Item Number: 143172
Title: Vibrant Metropolis / Idyllic Nature : KIRCHNER, The Berlin Years
Author: Gianfreda, Sandra (ed)
Price: $54.00     ISBN: 9783777427294     More information

Item Number: 145400
Title: Ten Americans : After PAUL KLEE
Author: Eggelhofer, Fabienne (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791356655     More information

Item Number: 145552
Title: PAUL KLEE : The Abstract Dimension
Author: Szech, Anna (ed)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9783775743310     More information

Item Number: 145059
Title: GUSTAV KLIMT : Dialogues with Auguste Rodin
Author: Natter, Tobias G. (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783791357089     More information

Item Number: 145041
Title: KLIMT and Antiquity: Erotic Encounters
Author: Roolig, Stella ; Tobias G. Natter
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791356990     More information

Item Number: 145525
Title: Visions of Sainthood in Medieval Rome : The Lives of Margherita Colonna by Giovanni Colonna and Stefania
Author: Knox, Lezlie S. (ed) ; Sean L. Field (ed) ; Larry F. Field (trans)
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9780268102012     More information

Item Number: 145411
Title: Entryways of Milan - Ingressi di Milano
Author: Kolbitz, Karl (ed)
Price: $69.99     ISBN: 9783836564182     More information

Item Number: 145034
Title: A Dutch Republican Baroque : Theatricality, Dramatization, Moment and Event
Author: Korsten, Frans-Willem
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9789462982123     More information

Item Number: 142225
Title: The Afterlives of Greek Sculpture : Interaction, Transformation, and Destruction
Author: Kousser, Rachel
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9781107040724     More information

Item Number: 145703
Title: Atlas of Furniture Design
Author: Kries, Mateo (et al)
Price: $225.00     ISBN: 9783931936990     More information

Item Number: 145422
Title: CHRISTIAN KROGH's Naturalism
Author: Sjastad, Oystein
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780295742069     More information

Item Number: 145498
Title: GEORGE DE LA TOUR and the Enigma of the Visible
Author: Judovitz, Dalia
Price: $105.00     ISBN: 9780823277438     More information

Item Number: 145499
Title: GEORGE DE LA TOUR and the Enigma of the Visible
Author: Judovitz, Dalia
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780823277445     More information

Item Number: 145259
Title: The Painter's Touch: Boucher, Chardin, Fragonard
Author: Lajer-Burcharth, Ewa
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780691170121     More information

Item Number: 145769
Title: Singing the Resurrection : Body, Community, and Belief in Reformation Europe
Author: Lambert Erin
Price: $74.00     ISBN: 9780190661649     More information

Item Number: 145251
Title: How to Read European Armor
Author: LaRocca, Donald J
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9781588396297     More information

Item Number: 144853
Title: MARIE LAURENCIN : Une femme inadaptée in Feminist Histories of Art
Author: Kahn, Elizabeth Louise
Price: $54.95     ISBN: 9781138279254     More information

Item Number: 145392
Title: LE CORBUSIER : The Complete Buildings
Author: Emden, Cemal
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783791384023     More information

Item Number: 145261
Title: Plaster Monuments: Architecture and the Power of Reproduction
Author: Lending, Mari
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780691177144     More information

Item Number: 143272
Title: Young LEONARDO : The Evolution of a Revolutionary Artist, 1472-1499
Author: Isbouts, Jean-Pierre ; Christopher Heath Brown
Price: $26.99     ISBN: 9781250129352     More information

Item Number: 144876
Title: Le baroque des Lumières : chefs-d'oeuvre des églises parisiennes au XVIIIe siècle
Author: Leribault, Christophe (et al)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9782759603442     More information

Item Number: 145319
Title: The Architecture of Medieval Churches: Theology of Love in Practice
Author: Lewis, John
Price: $155.00     ISBN: 9781138636200     More information

Item Number: 145299
Title: WYNDHAM LEWIS : Art, Life and War : Britain's Greatest Rebel Artist
Author: Slocombe, Richard
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781904897385     More information

Item Number: 144956
Title: Marktkirchen-Bibliothek Goslar : Beiträge zur Erforschung der reformationszeitlichen Sammlung
Author: Liersch, Helmut (ed)
Price: $38.00     ISBN: 9783795430320     More information

Item Number: 145486
Title: Victorian and Georgian Games from the Liman Collection
Author: Liman, Ellen
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781938461439     More information

Item Number: 145306
Title: One Hundred Years of Futurism: Aesthetics, Politics and Performance
Author: London, John (ed)
Price: $98.50     ISBN: 9781783208425     More information

Item Number: 145746
Title: Design by the Book : Chinese Ritual Objects and the Sanli tu
Author: Louis, Francois
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781941792100     More information

Item Number: 145463
Title: SIR EDWIN LUTYENS : The Arts & Crafts Houses
Author: Cole, David
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9781864707113     More information

Item Number: 145610
Title: CHARLES RENNIE MACKINTOSH and the Art of the Four
Author: Billcliffe, Roger
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780711236844     More information

Item Number: 144848
Title: The hurt(ful) body : Performing and beholding pain, 1600-1800
Author: Macsotay, Tomas (et al)
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9781784995164     More information

Item Number: 145082
Title: Women Artists in Paris, 1850-1900
Author: Madeline, Laurence (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300223934     More information

Item Number: 145550
Title: Dutch Drawings in Swedish Public Collections
Author: Magnusson, Börje
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9783775743259     More information

Item Number: 145709
Title: RENE MAGRITTE : The Revealing Image
Author: Canonne, Xavier
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9789491819735     More information

Item Number: 145471
Author: Marcilhac, Felix
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9782376660095     More information

Item Number: 144426
Title: The Companions to the History of Architecture
Author: Mallgrave, Harry Francis
Price: $650.00     ISBN: 9781444338515     More information

Item Number: 145760
Title: Growing Up with the Impressionists: The Diary of Julie Manet
Author: Manet, Julie ; Jane Roberts (trans)
Price: $24.50     ISBN: 9781784539245     More information

Item Number: 145371
Title: California Mexicana : Missions to Murals, 1820–1930
Author: Manthorne, Katherine (ed)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780520296367     More information

Item Number: 145268
Title: The Rockies and the Alps: Bierstadt, Calame and the Romance of the Mountains
Author: Manthorne, Katherine (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781907804960     More information

Item Number: 144780
Title: MARATTI e la sua fortuna
Author: Ebert-Schifferer, Sybille ; Simonetta Prosperi Valenti Rodino (eds)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9788898229819     More information

Item Number: 145298
Title: Architectural Heritage of Yemen : Buildings that Fill My Eye
Author: Marchand, Trevor H.J. (ed)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781909942073     More information

Item Number: 144981
Title: Art of Renaissance Rome : Artists and Patrons in the Eternal City
Author: Marciari, John
Price: $34.99     ISBN: 9781786270559     More information

Item Number: 145745
Title: Death and the Afterlife in Byzantium : The Fate of the Soul in Theology, Liturgy, and Art
Author: Marinis, Vasileios
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9781107139442     More information

Item Number: 145747
Title: Dress and Society: contributions from archaeology
Author: Martin, Toby F. ; Rosie Weetch (eds)
Price: $49.99     ISBN: 9781785703157     More information

Item Number: 145821
Title: Pop Art and Design
Author: Massey, Anne ; Alex Seago (eds)
Price: $88.00     ISBN: 9781474226196     More information

Item Number: 145822
Title: Pop Art and Design
Author: Massey, Anne ; Alex Seago (eds)
Price: $26.95     ISBN: 9781474226189     More information

Item Number: 145052
Title: MATISSE's Poets : Critical Performance in the Artist’s Book
Author: Brown, Kathryn
Price: $140.00     ISBN: 9781501326837     More information

Item Number: 145396
Title: MATISSE – BONNARD : Long Live Painting!
Author: Krämer, Felix (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791356327     More information

Item Number: 143150
Title: MATISSE in the Studio
Author: McBreen, Ellen ; Helen Burhnam (eds)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780878468430     More information

Item Number: 144916
Title: Captain Cook and the Pacific : Art, Exploration and Empire
Author: McAleer, John ; Nigel Rigby
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300207248     More information

Item Number: 144862
Title: William Hunter and His Eighteenth-Century Cultural Worlds : Anatomy and the Fine Art
Author: McCormack, Helen
Price: $145.50     ISBN: 9781472424426     More information

Item Number: 145676
Title: Kitchens, Cooking, and Eating in Medieval Italy
Author: McIver, Katherine A
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781442248946     More information

Item Number: 144971
Title: Art, commerce and colonialism, 1600–1800
Author: Mckellar, Elizabeth (ed)
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9781526122926     More information

Item Number: 143839
Title: Splendours of the Subcontinent: A Prince's Tour of India, 1875-6
Author: Meghani, Kajal
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781909741423     More information

Item Number: 145706
Title: JOEL MEYEROWITZ : Cezanne's Objects
Author: Barrett, Maggie ; Joel Meyerowitz
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9788862085649     More information

Item Number: 145574
Title: The Academie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture: The Birth of the French School, 1648-1793
Author: Michel, Christian ; Chris Miller (trans)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781606065358     More information

Item Number: 145239
Title: MICHELANGELO Divine Draftsman and Designer
Author: Bambach, Carmen C
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781588396372     More information

Item Number: 143362
Title: MICHELANGELO and the Viewer in his Time
Author: Barnes, Bernadine
Price: $22.50     ISBN: 9781780237404     More information

Item Number: 144042
Author: Cole, Alison
Price: $16.95     ISBN: 9781910350669     More information

Item Number: 145314
Title: MICHELANGELO : Templates and the On-site Imagination
Author: Foote, Jonathan
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472470522     More information

Item Number: 143061
Title: MICHELANGELO & Sebastiano
Author: Wivel, Matthias (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781857096095     More information

Item Number: 143989
Title: Revolution: Russian Art 1917–1932
Author: Milner, John (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781910350430     More information

Item Number: 145547
Author: Agüero Carnerero, Cristina ; Mark McDonald
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9788415245704     More information

Item Number: 145626
Title: Silversmiths in Elizabethan and Stuart London : Their Lives and their Marks
Author: Mitchell, David M
Price: $180.00     ISBN: 9781783272389     More information

Item Number: 145782
Author: Ireson, nancy ; Simonetta Fraquelli
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780847861132     More information

Item Number: 144921
Title: MODIGLIANI Unmasked
Author: Klein, Mason
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300225495     More information

Item Number: 145307
Title: MONET : Framing Life
Author: Shaw, Jill
Price: $20.00     ISBN: 9780300229172     More information

Item Number: 145328
Title: Marine Painting in Britain, 1650–1850: Framing Space, Power and Modernity
Author: Monks, Sarah
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781409439653     More information

Item Number: 144843
Title: Storia della Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Volume IV- La Biblioteca Vaticana e le arti nel secolo dei lumi (1700-1797)
Author: Montusci, Claudia (ed)
Price: $175.00     ISBN: 9788821009754     More information

Item Number: 145046
Title: Becoming HENRY MOORE
Author: Barassi, Sebastiano ; Jon Wood ; Tania Moore
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781908970329     More information

Item Number: 145780
Title: Dress and Personal Appearance in Late Antiquity : The Clothing of the Middle and Lower Classes
Author: Morgan, Faith Pennick
Price: $156.00     ISBN: 9789004343955     More information

Item Number: 145632
Title: An Insular odyssey : Manuscript culture in early Christian Ireland and beyond
Author: Moss, Rachel (et al)
Price: $74.50     ISBN: 9781846826337     More information

Item Number: 144936
Title: Decorated Revisited : English Architectural Style in Context, 1250-1400
Author: Munns, John (ed)
Price: $114.00     ISBN: 9782503554341     More information

Item Number: 145246
Title: MURILLO : The Self-Portraits
Author: Salomon, Xavier F. (et al)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780300225686     More information

Item Number: 144993
Title: Between Two Worlds: An Architectural History of Emmanuel College, Cambridge
Author: Musson, Jeremy
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781785510786     More information

Item Number: 145043
Author: Jansen, Isabelle (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791357058     More information

Item Number: 145507
Title: Una dinastia di pittori tra Marche, Umbria e Roma: I NARDINI
Author: Cleri, Bonita
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9788888802916     More information

Item Number: 144998
Title: From Rodin to Plensa: Modern Sculpture at the Meadows Museum
Author: Nash, Steven A. ; Laura Wilson (photos)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781785511059     More information

Item Number: 145805
Title: La Menorà. Culto, storia e mito. The Menorah : Cult, History and Myth
Author: Di Castro, Alessandra ; Francesco Leone ; Arnold Nesselrath
Price: $67.50     ISBN: 9788857235783     More information

Item Number: 139091
Title: J'aime tant fort une : Das Stundenbuch des Königs Charles VIII
Author: Nettekoven, Ina
Price: $48.00     ISBN: 9783777425832     More information

Item Number: 144949
Title: Space Packed : The Architecture of ALFRED NEUMANN
Author: Segal, Rafi
Price: $49.00     ISBN: 9783038600558     More information

Item Number: 145065
Title: The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum : A Guide
Author: Nielsen, Christina M. ; Casey Riley ; Nathaniel Silver
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9780300226478     More information

Item Number: 143838
Title: London: Prints & Drawings before 1800
Author: Nurse, Bernard
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781851244126     More information

Item Number: 145545
Title: A Tragic Fate: Law and Ethics in the Battle Over Nazi-Looted Art
Author: O'Donnell, Nicholas
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781634257336     More information

Item Number: 145260
Title: The Transformation of Athens: Painted Pottery and the Creation of Classical Greece
Author: Osborne, Robin
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780691177670     More information

Item Number: 145132
Title: Prague : Gardens and Parks
Author: Packova-Hostalkova, Bozena
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9788024634227     More information

Item Number: 145078
Title: Monochrome : Painting in Black and White
Author: Packer, Lelia ; Jennifer Sliwka
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781857096149     More information

Item Number: 145485
Title: The Temple Church in London History, Architecture, Art
Author: Park, David ; Robin Griffith-Jones (eds)
Price: $25.95     ISBN: 9781783272631     More information

Item Number: 143717
Title: The Borghese Collections and the Display of Art in the Age of the Grand Tour
Author: Paul, Carole
Price: $54.95     ISBN: 9781138253599     More information

Item Number: 145068
Title: The Art of the PEALES in the Philadelphia Museum of Art : Adaptations and Innovations
Author: Soltis, Carol Eaton
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300229363     More information

Item Number: 144854
Title: Envisioning Gender in Burgundian Devotional Art, 1350-1530: Experience, Authority, Reistance
Author: Pearson, Andrea
Price: $54.95     ISBN: 9781138274358     More information

Item Number: 145504
Title: The Rome We Have Lost
Author: Pemble, John
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9780198803966     More information

Item Number: 144934
Title: Hagia Sophia : Sound, Space, and Spirit in Byzantium
Author: Pentcheva, Bissera V
Price: $64.95     ISBN: 9780271077253     More information

Item Number: 145215
Title: The Atlantic Trade and British Architecture, Art and Landscape 1740-1840
Author: Perry, Victoria
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472429261     More information

Item Number: 145272
Title: Broadsheets : Single-sheet Publishing in the First Age of Print
Author: Pettegree, Andrew (ed)
Price: $213.00     ISBN: 9789004340305     More information

Item Number: 145163
Title: Grand Illusions: Painted Interiors and North Carolina Architecture
Author: Phillips, Laura A.W
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780865264915     More information

Item Number: 144913
Title: PICASSO | Encounters : Printmaking and Collaboration
Author: Clarke, Jay A. ; Marilyn McCully
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9780300229271     More information

Item Number: 142388
Title: The Frame in Classical Art : A Cultural History
Author: Platt, Verity J. ; Michael Squire
Price: $135.00     ISBN: 9781107162365     More information

Item Number: 145506
Title: The Traffic Systems of Pompeii
Author: Poehler, Eric E
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9780190614676     More information

Item Number: 144918
Title: POLLOCK's Modernism
Author: Schreyach, Michael
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300223262     More information

Item Number: 144778
Title: Le dessin francais au XVIIIeme siecle
Author: Prat, Louis-Antoine
Price: $235.00     ISBN: 9782757210819     More information

Item Number: 143221
Title: Gothic Revival Worldwide : A.W.N. PUGIN’s Global Influence
Author: Brittain-Catlin, Timothy (et al)
Price: $79.00     ISBN: 9789462700918     More information

Item Number: 145086
Title: The Country House Library
Author: Purcell, Mark
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780300227406     More information

Item Number: 145444
Title: Victorian Watercolours
Author: Raissis, Peter
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781741741315     More information

Item Number: 145123
Author: Gnann, Achim (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783777428598     More information

Item Number: 145182
Title: Wedgwood: A Story of Creation and Innovation
Author: Rawsthorn, Alice
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780847860104     More information

Item Number: 145814
Title: REMBRANDT : Von der Macht und Ohnmacht des Leibes
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783731904885     More information

Item Number: 145033
Title: REMBRANDT and his Circle : Insights and Discoveries
Author: Dickey, Stephanie (ed)
Price: $149.00     ISBN: 9789462984004     More information

Item Number: 145128
Title: REMBRANDT's Holland
Author: Silver, Larry
Price: $22.50     ISBN: 9781780238470     More information

Item Number: 145271
Title: RENOIR and Friends: Luncheon of the Boating Party
Author: Rathbone, Eliza E. (et al)
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9781911282006     More information

Item Number: 145073
Title: The Conversation Piece : Making Modern Art in 18th-Century Britain
Author: Retford, Kate
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300194807     More information

Item Number: 145430
Title: The Prince of Antiquarians Francesco de Ficoroni
Author: Ridley, R.T
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9788871407753     More information

Item Number: 145220
Title: The Accomplished Lady: A History of Genteel Pursuits c. 1660-1860
Author: Riley, Noel
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780957599291     More information

Item Number: 145781
Title: Affect, Emotion, and Subjectivity in Early Modern Muslim Empires: New Studies in Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Art and Culture
Author: Rizvi, Kishwar (ed)
Price: $140.00     ISBN: 9789004340473     More information

Item Number: 145115
Title: Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll in the Dutch Golden Age
Author: Roberts, Benjamin B
Price: $18.99     ISBN: 9789462983021     More information

Item Number: 145637
Title: The Devout Hand : Women, Virtue, and Visual Culture in Early Modern Italy
Author: Rocco, Patricia
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780773551381     More information

Item Number: 145253
Title: Fashion in Steel : The Landsknecht Armour of WILHELM VON ROGENDORF
Author: Krause, Stefan
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780300230864     More information

Item Number: 143597
Title: Spanish Art in America
Author: Roglan, Mark (ed)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9788494603457     More information

Item Number: 143599
Title: Arte español en los Estados Unidos de América
Author: Roglan, Mark (ed)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9788494603440     More information

Item Number: 145816
Title: UGO RONDINONE : Pure Sunshine
Author: Bovier, Lionel ; Morgan Falconer
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783037645055     More information

Item Number: 145817
Title: UGO RONDINONE : New Horizon
Author: Bui, Phong ; Bob Nickas
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783037645062     More information

Item Number: 145818
Title: UGO RONDINONE : Kiss Now Kill Later
Author: Buschhoff, Anne ; Bice Curiger
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783037645079     More information

Item Number: 145421
Title: The Theophilus Legend in Medieval Text and Image
Author: Root, Jerry
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9781843844617     More information

Item Number: 145278
Title: The Hotel de Cluny in Paris, Tradition and Innovation in French Fifteenth Century Domestic Architecture
Author: Rosenfeld, Myra Nan
Price: $113.00     ISBN: 9782503539430     More information

Item Number: 144907
Title: An Archaeological Study of the Bayeux Tapestry : The Landscapes, Buildings and Places
Author: Rowley, Trevor
Price: $44.95     ISBN: 9781781593806     More information

Item Number: 144879
Title: (RUBENS) The Life of Christ before the Passion, 2: The Ministry of Christ
Author: Bulckens, K
Price: $188.00     ISBN: 9781909400863     More information

Item Number: 145121
Title: PETER PAUL RUBENS : The Power of Transformation
Author: Weppelmann, Stefan ; Jochen Sander
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783777428581     More information

Item Number: 144886
Title: The Archaeology of the Caucasus : From the Early Bronze Age to the Iron Age
Author: Sagona, Antonio
Price: $140.00     ISBN: 9781107016590     More information

Item Number: 145379
Title: 1668 : The Year of the Animal in France
Author: Sahlins, Peter
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9781935408994     More information

Item Number: 145566
Title: Le "Livre de Croquis de Gabriel de SAINT-AUBIN"
Author: Salmon, Xavier
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9788899765385     More information

Item Number: 144905
Title: Maiolica before the Age of Raphael
Author: Sani, Elisa P. ; Justin Raccanello ; Timothy Wilson
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781911300205     More information

Item Number: 142082
Title: SANSOVINO's Venice
Author: Hart, Vaughan ; Peter Hicks
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780300175066     More information

Item Number: 145035
Title: Divine and Demonic Imagery at Tor de'Specchi, 1400-1500 : Religious Women and Art in 15th-Century Rome
Author: Scanlan, Suzanne M
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9462983991     More information

Item Number: 144950
Title: CARLO SCARPA : La Tomba Brion San Vito d'Altivole
Author: Koetzle, Hans-Michael (ed)
Price: $42.00     ISBN: 9783777427379     More information

Item Number: 145737
Title: Image, Action, and Idea in Contemporary Jewish Art
Author: Schachter, Ben
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9780271079127     More information

Item Number: 145815
Title: WILHELM SCHADOW : Werkverzeichnis der Gemälde mit den dazugehörigen Zeichnungen und Druckgraphiken
Author: Grewe, Cordula ; Bettina Baumgärtel (ed) ; Hans Paffrath (ed)
Price: $115.00     ISBN: 9783731905004     More information

Item Number: 145615
Title: Fame and Immortality : The Scher Collection of Portrait Medals
Author: Scher, Stephen K. (et al)
Price: $250.00     ISBN: 9781907804878     More information

Item Number: 145077
Title: The Horse in Ancient Greek Art
Author: Schertz, Peter ; Nicole Stribling (eds)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300230574     More information

Item Number: 145016
Title: Vertige de la couleur : L'estampe en France a la fin du XIXe siecle. Enraptured by Color: Printmaking in Late 19th-Century France
Author: Schmidlin, Laurence
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783858817983     More information

Item Number: 138457
Title: KARL SCHMIDT-ROTTLUFF in Chemnitz : Catalogue of the Collection
Author: Mössinger, Ingrid (ed)
Price: $79.95     ISBN: 9783868323177     More information

Item Number: 145127
Title: Luther : 95 Treasures - 95 People
Author: Schneider, K. (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783777428048     More information

Item Number: 145535
Title: The History of Venetian Renaissance Sculpture (ca. 1410-1530)
Author: Schulz, Anne
Price: $250.00     ISBN: 9781909400733     More information

Item Number: 143914
Title: Illuminating Women in the Medieval World
Author: Sciacca, Christine
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9781606065266     More information

Item Number: 144885
Title: Seals and Sealing in the Ancient World : New Approaches to Glyptic Studies
Author: Scott, Sarah (et al)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781107194588     More information

Item Number: 145713
Title: Julia Margaret Cameron, Florence Henri, Francesca Woodman : L'Arte del femminile : The Art of the Feminine
Author: Sergio, Giuliano
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9788836636754     More information

Item Number: 145759
Title: Architecture and the Body, Science and Culture
Author: Sexton, Kim (ed)
Price: $140.00     ISBN: 9781138188822     More information

Item Number: 145403
Title: China and Egypt : Patterns of Civilisations
Author: Seyfried, Friederike (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791356495     More information

Item Number: 144846
Title: The Great Exhibition, 1851 : A sourcebook
Author: Shears, Jonathan
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9780719099120     More information

Item Number: 144847
Title: The Great Exhibition, 1851 : A sourcebook
Author: Shears, Jonathan
Price: $25.95     ISBN: 9780719099137     More information

Item Number: 145141
Title: The Etruscans
Author: Shipley, Lucy
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9781780238326     More information

Item Number: 145581
Title: A Rothschild Renaissance: A New Look at the Waddesdon Bequest in the British Museum
Author: Pippa, Shirley ; Dora Thornton (eds)
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9780861592128     More information

Item Number: 145668
Title: Beg, Steal and Borrow: Artists against Originality
Author: Shore, Robert
Price: $19.99     ISBN: 9781780679464     More information

Item Number: 145066
Title: The Silver Caesars: A Renaissance Mystery
Author: Siemon, Julia ; Mary Beard ; Xavier F. Salomon (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781588396396     More information

Item Number: 145178
Title: SIGNAC : Reflections on Water
Author: Ferretti, Marina (et al)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9788857234038     More information

Item Number: 141929
Title: Places of the Mind : British Watercolor Landscapes 1850-1950
Author: Sloan, Kim (et al)
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780500292815     More information

Item Number: 145087
Title: Reflections : Van Eyck and the Pre-Raphaelites
Author: Smith, Alison (et al)
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9781857096194     More information

Item Number: 145153
Title: Longford Castle: The Treasures & The Collectors
Author: Smith, Amelia
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781910787687     More information

Item Number: 143946
Title: Not Quite Architecture: Writing Around Alison and Peter SMITHSON
Author: Boyer, M. Christine
Price: $44.95     ISBN: 9780262035514     More information

Item Number: 145811
Title: PHILIPP SOLDAN : Bildhauer der Reformation
Author: Hauer, Kirsten (et al)
Price: $47.50     ISBN: 9783731905752     More information

Item Number: 145476
Title: Foucault on Painting
Author: Soussloff, Catherine M
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9781517902414     More information

Item Number: 145477
Title: Foucault on Painting
Author: Soussloff, Catherine M
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9781517902421     More information

Item Number: 144901
Title: SOUTINE's Portraits : Cooks, Waiters and Bellboys
Author: Serres, Karen ; Barnaby Wright
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781911300212     More information

Item Number: 145695
Title: Early Churches of Mexico: An Architect's View
Author: Spears, Beverley
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780826358172     More information

Item Number: 145158
Title: Medieval Saints and Modern Screens: Divine Visions as Cinematic Experience
Author: Spencer-Hall, Alicia
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9789462982277     More information

Item Number: 145557
Title: Revolutionary Paris and the Market for Netherlandish Art
Author: Spieth, Darius A
Price: $134.00     ISBN: 9789004336988     More information

Item Number: 145071
Title: National Gallery Technical Bulletin, Volume 38
Author: Spring, Marika (et al)
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9781857096231     More information

Item Number: 145274
Title: The Clothing of the Common Sort, 1570-1700
Author: Spufford, Margaret ; Susan Mee
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780198807049     More information

Item Number: 145282
Title: The Architecture of Western Libraries : From the Minoan era to Michelangelo
Author: Staikos, Konstantinos Sp
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781584563679     More information

Item Number: 145551
Title: Die Augen der Bilder : Porträts von Fragonard bis Dumas : Portraits from Fragonard to Dumas
Author: Stegmann, Markus ; Isabel Zürcher
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783775743341     More information

Item Number: 145336
Author: Campbell, Andrianna (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780714874593     More information

Item Number: 145012
Title: Contracts and Pay: Work in London Construction 1660–1785
Author: Stephenson, Judy
Price: $129.00     ISBN: 9783319575070     More information

Item Number: 145768
Title: Travel and the British country house : Cultures, critiques and consumption in the long eighteenth century
Author: Stobart, Jon (ed)
Price: $115.00     ISBN: 9781526110329     More information

Item Number: 141491
Title: Cobra: A History of a European Avant-Garde Movement 1948-1951
Author: Stokvis, Willemijn (ed)
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9789462082663     More information

Item Number: 145757
Title: British Embassies: Their Diplomatic and Architectural History
Author: Stourton, James ; Luke White (photos)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780711238602     More information

Item Number: 145765
Title: Inside the Royal Wardrobe : A Dress History of Queen Alexandra
Author: Strasdin, Kate
Price: $102.00     ISBN: 9781474269933     More information

Item Number: 145105
Title: Römische Bauprojekte im Bild : Studien zur medialen Vermittlung der Bautätigkeit Papst Pauls V. Borghese (1605-1621)
Author: Struck, Neela
Price: $130.00     ISBN: 9783777428345     More information

Item Number: 141318
Title: Christiane von Lothringen am Hof der Medici : Geschlechterdiskurs und Kulturtransfer zwischen Florenz, Frankreich und Lothringen (1589–1636)
Author: Strunck, Christina
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9783731901266     More information

Item Number: 145348
Title: An Etruscan Affair : The Impact of Early Etruscan Discoveries on European Culture
Author: Swaddling, Judith (ed)
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9780861592111     More information

Item Number: 144911
Title: Enlightenment Edinburgh
Author: Szatkowski, Sheila
Price: $18.95     ISBN: 9781780273730     More information

Item Number: 145707
Title: WILLIAM HENRY FOX TALBOT and the Promise of Photography
Author: Leers, Dan
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9780880390606     More information

Item Number: 145190
Title: Sir John Soane's Greatest Treasure: The Sarcophagus of Seti I
Author: Taylor, John H. ; Helen Dorey
Price: $14.95     ISBN: 9781910258873     More information

Item Number: 145207
Title: Justinianic Mosaics of Hagia Sophia and Their Aftermath
Author: Teteriatnikov, Natalia B
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9780884024231     More information

Item Number: 145575
Title: The Conservation and Presentation of Mosaics: At What Cost?: Proceedings of the 12th Conference of the International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics, Sardinia, October 27-31, 2014
Author: Teutonico, Jeanne Marie (et al)
Price: $89.95     ISBN: 9781606065334     More information

Item Number: 145358
Title: WAYNE THIEBAUD 1958-1968
Author: Teagle, Rachel (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780520294462     More information

Item Number: 145051
Title: WOLFGANG TILLMANS : A life for pictures
Author: Vischer, Theodora (et al)
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9783775743297     More information

Item Number: 145276
Title: Memory and Redemption : Public Monuments and the Making of Late Medieval Landscape
Author: Timmermann, Achim
Price: $132.00     ISBN: 9782503546520     More information

Item Number: 145594
Title: TINTORETTO : A Star was born
Author: Krischel, Roland (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783777429427     More information

Item Number: 145151
Title: Studying the European Visual Arts: Paintings, Sculpture, Interiors and Art on Paper
Author: Townsend, Joyce H. ; Abbie Vandivere (eds)
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781909492523     More information

Item Number: 145441
Title: The Archaeology of Mural Painting at Pañamarca, Peru
Author: Trever, Lisa
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9780884024248     More information

Item Number: 144990
Title: Gertrude Bell and Iraq : A life and legacy
Author: Tripp, Charles ; Paul Collins (ed)
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9780197266076     More information

Item Number: 135597
Title: Images of the Art Museum : Connecting Gaze and Discourse in the History of Museology
Author: Troelenberg , Eva-Maria ; Melania Savinio (eds)
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9783110338874     More information

Item Number: 144527
Title: The Temple of Peace in Rome
Author: Tucci, Pier Luigi
Price: $225.00     ISBN: 9781107174214     More information

Item Number: 145624
Title: TURNER & the Whale
Author: Edwards, Jason
Price: $10.00     ISBN: 9781784422851     More information

Item Number: 145084
Title: Eros Visible : Art, Sexuality, and Antiquity in Renaissance Italy
Author: Turner, James Grantham
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300219951     More information

Item Number: 145356
Title: LUC TUYMANS : Catalogue Raisonné of the Paintings, Volume One (1978-1994)
Author: Meyer-Hermann, Eva (ed)
Price: $200.00     ISBN: 9780300230284     More information

Item Number: 144702
Author: Storsves, Jonas (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783944874616     More information

Item Number: 142840
Title: The Art of the VALADIERS
Author: Vale, Teresa Leonor M
Price: $225.00     ISBN: 9788842224143     More information

Item Number: 145692
Title: Renoir's Dancer: The Secret Life of SUZANNE VALADON
Author: Hewitt, Catherine
Price: $26.99     ISBN: 9781250157652     More information

Item Number: 145735
Title: Pintura barroca vallisoletana
Author: Valdivieso, Enrique ; Jesus Urrea Fernandez
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9788484488767     More information

Item Number: 144991
Title: Chapel of St John the Baptist Church of Sao Roque: The Commission, the Building, the Collection
Author: Vale, Teresa Leonor M. (ed)
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9781785511035     More information

Item Number: 145279
Title: PIERRE-HENRI DE VALENCIENNES : (1750-1819). L’artiste et le théoricien
Author: Gallo, Luigi
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9788891312419     More information

Item Number: 145375
Title: Calme et Exaltation : Van Gogh dans la Collection Bührle
Author: Misteli, David ; Alex Weintraub
Price: $33.00     ISBN: 9791094966068     More information

Item Number: 144414
Title: The Power of Objects in Eighteenth-Century British America
Author: Van Horn, Jennifer
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781469629568     More information

Item Number: 145114
Title: St Francis for Protestants
Author: van Os, Henk
Price: $12.99     ISBN: 9789462985025     More information

Item Number: 144840
Title: OTTO VAENIUS : Physicae et Theologicae Conclusiones by Vaenius (1621)
Author: Guiderdoni-Brusle, A. (et al)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9782503569666     More information

Item Number: 144863
Title: Ornament and European Modernism : From Art Practice to Art History
Author: Vandi, Loretta (ed)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781138743403     More information

Item Number: 145569
Title: The church as sacred space in Middle English literature and culture
Author: Varnam, Laura
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9781784994174     More information

Item Number: 145612
Title: The Collector of Lives: GIORGIO VASARI and the Invention of Art
Author: Rowland, Ingrid ; Noah Charney
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780393241310     More information

Item Number: 145014
Title: PAOLO VENINI and His Furnace
Author: Barovier, Marino ; Carla Sonego (eds)
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9788857233543     More information

Item Number: 145010
Author: Harby, Stephen ; Frederick Fisher
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9781939621870     More information

Item Number: 144890
Title: Traces of VERMEER
Author: Jelley, Jane
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9780198789727     More information

Item Number: 145607
Title: PAOLO VERONESE: Piety and Display in an Age of Religious Reform
Author: Cocke, Richard
Price: $130.00     ISBN: 9781138702707     More information

Item Number: 143060
Title: PAOLO VERONESE and the Practice of Painting in Late Renaissance Venice
Author: Gisolfi, Diana
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300225822     More information

Item Number: 144988
Title: Author and Audience in Vitruvius' De architectura
Author: Nichols, Marden Fitzpatrick
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781107003125     More information

Item Number: 145214
Title: Portuguese Painting at the End of the Ancien Régime c. 1799-1807 : History, Monarchy and the Empire
Author: Vlachou, Foteini
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472474711     More information

Item Number: 145409
Title: Housing the New Romans : Architectural Reception and Classical Style in the Modern World
Author: von Stackelberg, Katharine T. ; Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis (eds)
Price: $74.00     ISBN: 9780190272333     More information

Item Number: 145166
Title: The History of the Discovery and Study of Russian Medieval Painting
Author: Vrzdornov, Gerol'd Ivanovich
Price: $229.00     ISBN: 9789004279674     More information

Item Number: 144874
Title: Modernism and the making of the Soviet New Man
Author: Vujosevic, Tijana
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781526114860     More information

Item Number: 145775
Title: The Portrait and the Book : Illustration and Literary Culture in Early America
Author: Walsh, Megan
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781609385026     More information

Item Number: 145736
Title: Soviet Salvage : Imperial Debris, Revolutionary Reuse, and Russian Constructivism
Author: Walworth, Catherine
Price: $94.95     ISBN: 9780271077697     More information

Item Number: 145766
Title: The Sweat of Their Face: Portraying American Workers
Author: Ward, David C. (et al)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781588346056     More information

Item Number: 145564
Title: Exploring Glasgow : The Architectural Guide
Author: Ward, Robin
Price: $24.99     ISBN: 9781780274546     More information

Item Number: 144937
Title: WARHOL's Working Class : Pop Art and Egalitarianism
Author: Grudin, Anthony E
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780226347776     More information

Item Number: 145154
Title: Painter of Pedigree: THOMAS WEAVER of Shrewsbury Animal Artist of the Agricultural Revolution
Author: Weaver, LAwrence Trevelyan
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781910787670     More information

Item Number: 145137
Title: Lettered Artists and the Languages of Empire: Painters and the Profession in Early Colonial Quito
Author: Webster, Susan Verdi
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781477313282     More information

Item Number: 145628
Title: Art, Sex and Politics at the Early Georgian Court: An Eighteenth-Century Lady-in-Waiting’s 'Collection of Pictures'
Author: Weichel, Eric
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472469724     More information

Item Number: 145823
Title: AI WEIWEI : Idomeni Laundromat
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9788416248902     More information

Item Number: 138466
Title: Fashioning the Early Modern : Dress, Textiles, and Innovation in Europe, 1500-1800
Author: Welch, Evelyn (ed)
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9780198738176     More information

Item Number: 145185
Title: Malkunst im 19. Jahrhundert : Die Sammlung der Nationalgalerie
Author: Wesenberg, Angelika (et al)
Price: $200.00     ISBN: 9783731904588     More information

Item Number: 145029
Title: From Hopper to Rothko: America's Road to Modern Art
Author: Westheider, Ortrud (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783791356938     More information

Item Number: 138660
Title: Prayer-Nuts, Private Devotion and Early Modern Art Collecting
Author: Wetter, Evelin ; Frits Scholten (eds)
Price: $135.00     ISBN: 9783905014648     More information

Item Number: 145427
Title: Baroque and Later Paintings in the Ashmolean Museum
Author: Whistler, Catherine
Price: $225.00     ISBN: 9780956800725     More information

Item Number: 144880
Title: Editio princeps: A History of the Gutenberg Bible
Author: White, Eric
Price: $157.00     ISBN: 9781909400849     More information

Item Number: 144917
Title: Cottages ornés : The Charms of the Simple Life
Author: White, Roger
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300226775     More information

Item Number: 145825
Title: A Not-So-Savage Land: The Art and Times of FREDERICK WHYMPER, 1838-1901
Author: Johnson, Peter
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9781772032208     More information

Item Number: 145767
Title: Unlocking the Church : The lost secrets of Victorian sacred space
Author: Whyte, William
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9780198796152     More information

Item Number: 144995
Title: The Medieval Calendar: Locating Time in the Middle Ages
Author: Wieck, Roger S
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781785511073     More information

Item Number: 144945
Title: National Identity and Nineteenth-Century Franco-Belgian Sculpture
Author: Wijnsouw, Jana
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781138712515     More information

Item Number: 144933
Title: Pietro Bembo on Etna : The Ascent of a Venetian Humanist
Author: Williams, Gareth
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780190272296     More information

Item Number: 145407
Title: Art History as Social Praxis : The Collected Writings of David Craven
Author: Winkenweder, Brian (ed)
Price: $165.00     ISBN: 9789004235854     More information

Item Number: 144932
Title: The Visual Theology of the Huguenots : Towards an Architectural Iconology of Early Modern French Protestantism, 1535 to 1623
Author: Working, Randal Carter
Price: $33.00     ISBN: 9780718894696     More information

Item Number: 145186
Title: Learning to See: Renaissance and Baroque Masterworks from the Phoebe Dent Weil and Mark S. Weil Collection
Author: Wyckoff, Elizabeth ; Judith Walker Mann
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780891780014     More information

Item Number: 144892
Title: Carved Wooden Torah Arks of Eastern Europe
Author: Yaniv, Bracha
Price: $64.50     ISBN: 9781906764371     More information

Item Number: 145560
Title: Janello Torriani and the Spanish Empire : A Vitruvian Artisan at the Dawn of the Scientific Revolution
Author: Zanetti, Cristiano
Price: $121.00     ISBN: 9789004320895     More information

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