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We have 323 new and recently available titles. Item Number: 143892
Title: Evergreen: The Garrett Family, Collectors and Connoisseurs
Author: Abbott, James Archer (et al)
Price: $44.95     ISBN: 9781421421698     More information

Item Number: 146039
Title: JOHN WHITE ALEXANDER : An American Artist in the Gilded Age
Author: Goley, Mary Anne
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781781300602     More information

Item Number: 146050
Title: Settecento romano : Reti del Classicismo arcadico
Author: Alfonzetti, Beatrice (ed)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9788867288571     More information

Item Number: 146195
Title: GIACOMO AMATO : I Disegni di Palazzo Abatellis : Architettura, arredi e decorazione nella Sicilia Barocca
Author: de Cavi, Sabina (ed)
Price: $265.00     ISBN: 9788865573389     More information

Item Number: 146162
Title: Buried Cities: Destruction, Erasure and Forgetting
Author: Anderson, Benedict
Price: $155.00     ISBN: 9781138645547     More information

Item Number: 146026
Title: Cerimoniale dei Borbone di Napoli 1734-1801
Author: Antonelli, Attilio (ed)
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9788856905595     More information

Item Number: 146239
Title: ANTONELLO : I suoi mondi, il suo seguito
Author: Sricchia Santoro, Fiorella
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9788870385489     More information

Item Number: 146130
Title: Petrarch’s Famous Men in the Early Renaissance: The Illuminated Copies of Felice Feliciano’s Edition
Author: Armstrong, Lilian
Price: $89.95     ISBN: 9781908590701     More information

Item Number: 144525
Title: Stage and Picture in the English Renaissance : The Mirror up to Nature
Author: Astington, John H. (ed)
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9781107121430     More information

Item Number: 146227
Title: Bejewelled: Men and Jewellery in Tudor and Jacobean England
Author: Awais-Dean, Natasha
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9780861592098     More information

Item Number: 145219
Title: The mystic cave : A History of the Nativity Church at Bethlehem
Author: Bacci, Michele
Price: $88.00     ISBN: 9788867288199     More information

Item Number: 145893
Title: Praised and Ridiculed: French Painting 1820 - 1880
Author: Bätschmann, Oskar (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783777429465     More information

Item Number: 146013
Title: Large Scale Rhodian Sculpture of Hellenistic and Roman Times
Author: Bairami, Kalliope
Price: $160.00     ISBN: 9781784915766     More information

Item Number: 146037
Title: The Houses of Hereford 1200-1700
Author: Baker, Nigel (et al)
Price: $39.99     ISBN: 9781785708169     More information

Item Number: 146139
Title: Women in the Museum : Lessons from the Workplace
Author: Baldwin, Joan H. ; Anne W. Ackerson (eds)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781629582344     More information

Item Number: 146140
Title: Women in the Museum : Lessons from the Workplace
Author: Baldwin, Joan H. ; Anne W. Ackerson (eds)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781629582351     More information

Item Number: 146106
Title: Omaggio al Granduca : Memorie dei piatti d’argento per la festa di San Giovanni
Author: Balleri, Rita ; Maria Sframeli
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9788883479595     More information

Item Number: 146235
Title: La Mosaique des Gaules Romaines
Author: Balmelle, Catherine ; Jean-Pierre Darmon
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9782708410312     More information

Item Number: 146216
Title: National Museum of Scotland : Scottish Coins and Dies 1603-1709
Author: Bateson, J.D. ; N.M. McQ. Holmes
Price: $117.00     ISBN: 9780197266182     More information

Item Number: 146259
Title: Von Spitzweg zu Sisi : Kunst und Kunsthandwerk des 19. Jahrhunderts. Die Sammlung Friedrich Werner Ott
Author: Batz, Karl
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9783897905030     More information

Item Number: 145843
Title: Emotion and the Seduction of the Senses, Baroque to Neo-Baroque
Author: Beaven, Lisa Margaret ; Angela Ndalianis (eds)
Price: $119.00     ISBN: 9781580442718     More information

Item Number: 145890
Title: The Temptation of Graves in Salafi Islam : Iconoclasm, Destruction and Idolatry
Author: Beranek, Ondrej ; Pavel Tupek
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9781474417570     More information

Item Number: 145942
Title: The Jewish Museum : History and Memory, Identity and Art from Vienna to the Bezalel National Museum, Jerusalem
Author: Berger, Natalia
Price: $184.00     ISBN: 9789004353879     More information

Item Number: 145913
Title: Victorian Summer : The Historic Houses of Belle Haven Park Greenwhich, Connecticut
Author: Bernard, Matthew L
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9781939621757     More information

Item Number: 146153
Title: Hijo del Laocoonte : ALONSO BERRUGUETE y la Antigüedad pagana
Author: Arias Martinez, Manuel (ed)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9788481816792     More information

Item Number: 146088
Title: Arachne : Un regard critique sur l'histoire de la tapisserie
Author: Bertrand, Pascal-Francois ; Audrey Nassieu Maupas (eds)
Price: $67.50     ISBN: 9782753553927     More information

Item Number: 146129
Title: Vernacular Aristotelianism in Italy from the Fourteenth to the Seventeenth Century
Author: Bianchi, Luca (et al)
Price: $67.50     ISBN: 9781908590527     More information

Item Number: 146273
Title: Church Monuments in South Wales, c.1200-1547
Author: Biebrach, Rhianydd
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9781783272648     More information

Item Number: 146103
Title: Kunsthändler, Sammler, Stifter : Günther Franke als Vermittler moderner Kunst in München 1923-1976
Author: Billeter, Felix
Price: $68.99     ISBN: 9783110487466     More information

Item Number: 146253
Title: Craft Becomes Modern : The Bauhaus in the Making
Author: Bittner, Regina ; Renee Padt (eds)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783735603432     More information

Item Number: 146182
Title: A Companion to Medieval and Renaissance Bologna
Author: Blanshei, Sarah Rubin
Price: $287.00     ISBN: 9789004353480     More information

Item Number: 145991
Title: Hic Iacet Regina : Form und Funktion figürlicher Königinnengrabmäler von 1200 bis 1450
Author: Blaser-Meier, Susanna
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9783731904397     More information

Item Number: 146147
Title: De Titulis : Zur Vorgeschichte des modernen Bildtitel
Author: Bock, Nicolas
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9783422074286     More information

Item Number: 145900
Title: The Evolution of the Image: Political Action and the Digital Self
Author: Bohr, Marco ; Basia Sliwinska (eds)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781138216037     More information

Item Number: 143376
Title: Reclaiming the Roman Capitol: Santa Maria in Aracoeli from the Altar of Augustus to the Franciscans, c. 500-1450
Author: Bolgia, Claudia
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781409417613     More information

Item Number: 146051
Title: Musee Hyachinthe Rigaud : 14th–21st centuries
Author: Bona, Domnique ; Ariane James-Sarazin (et al)
Price: $42.50     ISBN: 9789461614025     More information

Item Number: 142564
Title: Art et societe a Tours au debut de la Renaissance
Author: Boudon-Machuel, Marion ; Pascale Charron (eds)
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9782503569307     More information

Item Number: 145835
Title: Place and Space in the Medieval World
Author: Boulton, Meg (et al)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781138220201     More information

Item Number: 145850
Title: BRANCUSI : An Afterlife
Author: Croitoru, Alexandra
Price: $22.00     ISBN: 9783943620405     More information

Item Number: 143555
Title: De Vouet à Watteau Un siecle de dessin francais. Chefs d'oeuvre du musee des Beaux-Arts et d'Archeologie de Besancon
Author: Breme, Dominique ; Helene Gasnault
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9788836634132     More information

Item Number: 146149
Title: JÖRG BREU THE ELDER: Art, Culture and Belief in Reformation Augsburg
Author: Morrall, Andrew
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781138723207     More information

Item Number: 123570
Title: PLAUTILLA BRICCI : Pictura et Architectura Celebris. L'architettrice del Barocco Romano
Author: Lollobrigida, Consuelo
Price: $42.95     ISBN: 9788849234930     More information

Item Number: 144613
Title: Italian merchants in the early-modern Spanish monarchy : Business relations, identities and political resources
Author: Brilli, Catia ; Manuel Herrero Sánchez (eds)
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781138717718     More information

Item Number: 145897
Title: (BRUEGEL) The Construction of the Tower of Babel
Author: Benet, Juan ; Adrian Nathan West (trans., intro.)
Price: $14.95     ISBN: 9781939663320     More information

Item Number: 143737
Title: The Luther Effect : Protestantism - 500 Years in the World
Author: Burschel, P. (et al)
Price: $54.00     ISBN: 9783777427225     More information

Item Number: 146237
Title: Church Building and Society in the Later Middle Ages
Author: Byng, Gabriel
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9781107157095     More information

Item Number: 146102
Title: Venice and its Jews : 500 Years since the Founding of the Ghetto
Author: Calabi, Donatella ; Lenore Rosenberg (trans)
Price: $16.95     ISBN: 9788899765293     More information

Item Number: 142851
Title: Crossing Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Art, Material Culture, Language and Literature of the Early Medieval World
Author: Cambridge, Eric ; Jane Hawkes (eds)
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9781785703072     More information

Item Number: 142697
Title: Villa Astor: Paradise Restored on the Amalfi Coast
Author: Campbell, Alexandra (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9782081375925     More information

Item Number: 143101
Title: CANALETTO and the Art of Venice
Author: Whitaker, Lucy ; Rosie Razzall
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9781909741409     More information

Item Number: 146114
Title: Caroline, soeur de Napoleon : Reine des Arts
Author: Caracciolo, Maria Teresa ; Jehanne Lazaj
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9788836636426     More information

Item Number: 141186
Title: The Atlas of Ancient Rome : Biography and Portraits of the City
Author: Carandini, Andrea (ed)
Price: $199.50     ISBN: 9780691163475     More information

Item Number: 146160
Title: CARAVAGGIO and Cupid: Homage and Rivalry in Rome and Florence
Author: Langdon, Helen
Price: $9.95     ISBN: 9781911054146     More information

Item Number: 146184
Title: Exiles in a Global City : The Irish and Early Modern Rome, 1609-1783
Author: Carroll Clare Lois
Price: $172.00     ISBN: 9789004335165     More information

Item Number: 145845
Title: Writing Britain's Ruins
Author: Carter, Michael (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780712309783     More information

Item Number: 145889
Title: The Primacy of the Image in Northern European Art, 1400-1700 : Essays in Honor of Larry Silver
Author: Cashion, Debra Taylor ; Henry Luttikhuizen ; Ashley D. West (eds)
Price: $229.00     ISBN: 9789004354104     More information

Item Number: 145112
Title: Body Narratives. Motion and Emotion in the French Enlightenment
Author: Caviglia, Susanna (ed)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9782503574745     More information

Item Number: 142610
Title: Literature and Artistic Practice in the Sixteenth Century : The Processes of Painting in the Treatises and in the Works
Author: Cerasuolo, Angela ; Helen Glanville (trans)
Price: $215.00     ISBN: 9789004314870     More information

Item Number: 145935
Title: Le rappresentazioni planimetriche di Villa Adriana tra XVI e XVIII secolo : Ligorio, Contini, Kircher, Gondoin, Piranesi
Author: Cinque, Giuseppina Enrica
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9782728312047     More information

Item Number: 145870
Title: The Making of Chipping Norton: A Guide to its Buildings and History to 1750
Author: Cliffe, Janice ; Adrienne Rosen
Price: $28.95     ISBN: 9780750981163     More information

Item Number: 146212
Title: Proportional Systems in the History of Architecture: A Critical Reconsideration
Author: Cohen, Matthew A. ; Maarten Delbeke (eds)
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9789087282776     More information

Item Number: 145986
Title: Nackt und bloss : LOVIS CORINTH und der Akt um 1900
Author: Martin, Barbara
Price: $33.95     ISBN: 9783954982950     More information

Item Number: 146015
Title: Grave Landscapes : The Nineteenth-Century Rural Cemetery Movement
Author: Cothran, James R. ; Erica Danylchak
Price: $49.99     ISBN: 9781611177992     More information

Item Number: 145980
Title: Ghost Storeys : RALPH ADAMS CRAM, Modern Gothic Media, and Microhistory at a Canadian Church
Author: Macdonell, Cameron
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9780773549883     More information

Item Number: 145981
Title: Ghost Storeys : RALPH ADAMS CRAM, Modern Gothic Media, and Microhistory at a Canadian Church
Author: Macdonell, Cameron
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780773549890     More information

Item Number: 143402
Title: LUCAS CRANACH der Ältere: Meister - Marke - Moderne
Author: Wismer, Beat (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783777427447     More information

Item Number: 146087
Title: CARLO CRIVELLI et le matérialisme mystique du Quattrocento
Author: Golsenne, Thomas
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9782753552531     More information

Item Number: 145860
Title: GEORGE CRUIKSHANK's Life, Times and Art: Volume I: 1792-1835
Author: Patten, Robert L
Price: $114.00     ISBN: 9780718828721     More information

Item Number: 145861
Title: GEORGE CRUIKSHANK's Life, Times and Art: Volume II: 1835-1878
Author: Patten, Robert L
Price: $114.00     ISBN: 9780718828745     More information

Item Number: 142944
Title: Malleable Anatomies : Models, Makers, and Material Culture in Eighteenth-Century Italy
Author: Dacome, Lucia
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9780198736189     More information

Item Number: 145945
Title: PAOLO DE MATTEIS : Neapolitan Painting and Cultural History in Baroque Europe
Author: Pestilli, Livio
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781138310223     More information

Item Number: 146115
Title: Showpiece and Utility : Eighteenth-Century Neapolitan Staircases
Author: De Meyer, Dirk
Price: $52.50     ISBN: 9789076714493     More information

Item Number: 145858
Title: Winckelmann: Moderne Antike
Author: Decultotm Elisabeth (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783777427560     More information

Item Number: 145985
Title: Bürger, Pfarrer, Professoren : St. Marien in Frankfurt (Oder) und die Reformation in Brandenburg
Author: Deiters, Maria ; Gotthard Kenmether (eds)
Price: $54.95     ISBN: 9783954983056     More information

Item Number: 146274
Title: Chant, Liturgy, and the Inheritance of Rome : Essays in Honour of Joseph Dyer
Author: DiCenso, Daniel J. ; Rebecca Maloy (eds)
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9781907497346     More information

Item Number: 145988
Title: Out of the Bloodlands A Century of Polish Artists in Britain - From Axentowich to Zulawski
Author: Dickson, Rachel
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780900157660     More information

Item Number: 144176
Title: OTTO DIX : Der böse Blick/The Evil Eye
Author: Meyer-Büser, Susanne
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791356303     More information

Item Number: 145984
Title: Meisterzeichnungen aus dem Braunschweiger Kupferstichkabinett
Author: Döring, Thomas ; Jochen Luckhardt
Price: $54.95     ISBN: 9783954983032     More information

Item Number: 146200
Title: Rome: A Sourcebook on the Ancient City
Author: Dolansky, Fanny ; Stacie Raucci
Price: $94.00     ISBN: 9781441107541     More information

Item Number: 145948
Title: Late Antique Metalware. The production of copper alloy vessels in the fourth to eighth centuries : The Benaki Museum collection and related material
Author: Drandaki, Anastasia
Price: $106.00     ISBN: 9782503569413     More information

Item Number: 145847
Title: Dynasty and Piety : Archduke Albert (1598-1621) and Habsburg Political Culture in an Age of Religious Wars
Author: Duerloo, Luc
Price: $53.95     ISBN: 9781138118485     More information

Item Number: 145898
Title: Art, Travel and Collecting in Colonial India, c.1797-1905: Vertiginous Exchange
Author: Eaton, Natasha
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781409409465     More information

Item Number: 145856
Title: Im Spiegel der Geschichte : Realistische Historienmalerei in Westeuropa 1830-1900
Author: Eberle, Matthias
Price: $78.00     ISBN: 9783777427980     More information

Item Number: 146014
Title: Plato and the Power of Images
Author: Edmonds, Radcliffe G. III ; Pierre Destree (eds)
Price: $147.00     ISBN: 9789004345003     More information

Item Number: 145989
Title: The Artist between Court and City (1300–1600) / L’artiste entre la Cour et la Ville / Der Künstler zwischen Hof und Stadt
Author: Eichberger, Dagmar (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783731903918     More information

Item Number: 146044
Title: The Routledge Companion to Art Deco
Author: Elliott, Bridget ; Michael Windover (eds)
Price: $165.00     ISBN: 9781472485144     More information

Item Number: 146187
Title: Arts et artistes du Nord à la cour de Francois Ier
Author: Fagnart, Laure ; Isabelle Lecocq (eds)
Price: $67.95     ISBN: 9782708410329     More information

Item Number: 145956
Title: HASSAN FATHY : Architectural Life
Author: el-Wakil, Leila (ed)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9789774167898     More information

Item Number: 145978
Title: Listening to Early Modern Catholicism : Perspectives from Musicology
Author: Filippi, Daniele V. ; Michael Noone (eds)
Price: $136.00     ISBN: 9789004349223     More information

Item Number: 145918
Title: Markt und Macht : Der Kunsthandel im 'Dritten Reich'
Author: Fleckner, Uwe (et al)
Price: $45.99     ISBN: 9783110547191     More information

Item Number: 145995
Title: JEAN FOUQUET : Das Diptychon von Melun
Author: Kemperdick, Stephan (ed)
Price: $42.50     ISBN: 9783731905653     More information

Item Number: 146113
Title: ALEXANDRE-EVARISTE FRAGONARD : Une collection grassoise
Author: Duffeix, Rebecca ; Olivier Quiquempois
Price: $22.50     ISBN: 9788836636303     More information

Item Number: 145990
Title: Auf den Spuren eines Hamburger Malers MEISTER FRANCKE : Neue Wege der Forschung
Author: Nürnberger, Ulrike (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783731904328     More information

Item Number: 146208
Title: HELEN FRANKENTHALER : After Abstract Expressionism, 1959–1962
Author: Elderfield, John
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9780300229288     More information

Item Number: 146270
Title: Napoli e la Spagna nel Cinquecento. Le opere, gli artisti, la storiografia
Author: Gaeta, Letizia (ed)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9788867661756     More information

Item Number: 146072
Title: Monographic Exhibitions and the History of Art
Author: Gahtan, Maia Wellington ; Donatella Pegazzano (eds)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781138712485     More information

Item Number: 140815
Title: Nature and the Nation in Fin-de-Siècle France : The Art of EMILE GALLE and the École de Nancy
Author: Dandona, Jessica M
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781472462619     More information

Item Number: 146202
Title: Suffrage and the Arts : Visual Culture, Politics and Enterprise
Author: Garrett, Miranda ; Zoe Thomas (eds)
Price: $88.00     ISBN: 9781350011861     More information

Item Number: 146046
Title: Venice and Its Neighbors from the 8th to 11th Century : Through Renovation and Continuity
Author: Gelichi, Sauro ; Stefano Gasparri (eds)
Price: $109.00     ISBN: 9789004352407     More information

Item Number: 146158
Title: ARTEMISIA GENTILESCHI in a Changing Light
Author: Barker, Sheila (ed)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781909400894     More information

Item Number: 146258
Title: Far & Near : Selections from the Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology
Author: Gerardi, Pamela (ed)
Price: $12.95     ISBN: 9780873658690     More information

Item Number: 145874
Title: Roman Archaeology Under Italian Fascism
Author: Gessert, Genevieve
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472488459     More information

Item Number: 146209
Title: Substance and Shadow - ALBERTO GIACOMETTI Sculptures And Their Photographs by Peter Lindbergh
Author: Lindbergh, Peter ; Catherine Grenier
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781938748448     More information

Item Number: 146136
Title: The Victorian Palace of Science : Scientific Knowledge and the Building of the Houses of Parliament
Author: Gillin, Edward J
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9781108419666     More information

Item Number: 146179
Title: Taking Sides With the Sun: Landscape Photographer : HERBERT W. GLEASON : a Biography
Author: Schwie, Dale R
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781935666967     More information

Item Number: 146054
Title: DOMENICO GNOLI : Disegni per il teatro, Drawings for the theatre 1951-1955
Author: Drascek, Michele ; Duccio K. Marignoli
Price: $52.50     ISBN: 9788888802923     More information

Item Number: 145977
Title: The Nomadic Object : The Challenge of World for Early Modern Religious Art
Author: Göttler, Christine ; Mia M. Mochizuki (eds)
Price: $229.00     ISBN: 9789004354326     More information

Item Number: 145849
Title: Florentine Patricians and Their Networks : Structures Behind the Cultural Success and the Political Representation of the Medici Court (1600-1660)
Author: Goudriaan, Elisa
Price: $206.00     ISBN: 9789004346529     More information

Item Number: 146163
Title: Critics, Coteries, and Pre-Raphaelite Celebrity
Author: Graham, Wendy
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780231180207     More information

Item Number: 146261
Title: Guide To De Stijl In The Netherlands - The 100 Best Spots To Visit
Author: Groenendijk, Paul ; P. Vollaard
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9789462083097     More information

Item Number: 146017
Title: Radikal-reformatorische Themen im Bild : Druckgrafiken der Reformationszeit (1520–1560)
Author: Gruber, Christiane
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9783525552643     More information

Item Number: 138913
Title: The Paintings of GUERCINO : A Revised and Expanded Catalogue Raisonne
Author: Turner, Nicholas
Price: $300.00     ISBN: 9788870030571     More information

Item Number: 143958
Title: Resurrection in Alexandria : The Painted Greco-Roman Tombs of Kom al-Shuqafa
Author: Guimier-Sorbets, Anne-Marie (et al) ; Colin Clement (trans)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9789774168291     More information

Item Number: 146031
Title: PHILIP GUSTON: Painter
Author: Schimmel, Paul (ed)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783952446126     More information

Item Number: 145921
Title: Ferdinand II : 450 Years Sovereign Ruler of Tyrol. Jubilee Exhibition
Author: Haag, Sabine ; Veronika Sandbichler (eds)
Price: $52.50     ISBN: 9783709934029     More information

Item Number: 146089
Title: Empire of the Senses : Sensory Practices of Colonialism in Early America
Author: Hacke, Daniela
Price: $156.00     ISBN: 9789004340633     More information

Item Number: 146221
Title: The Canino Connections: The history and restoration of ancient Greek vases from the excavations of Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of Canino (1775-1840)
Author: Halbertsma, Ruurd Binnert (ed)
Price: $165.00     ISBN: 9789088905001     More information

Item Number: 146222
Title: The Canino Connections: The history and restoration of ancient Greek vases from the excavations of Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of Canino (1775-1840)
Author: Halbertsma, Ruurd Binnert (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9789088904998     More information

Item Number: 146081
Title: Painting the Page in the Age of Print: Central European Manuscript Illumination of the Fifteenth Century
Author: Hamburger, Jeffrey F. ; Robert Suckale (et al)
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9780888442086     More information

Item Number: 145846
Title: Hellenomania
Author: Harloe, Katherine ; Nicoletta Momigliano ; Alexandre Farnoux (eds)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781138243248     More information

Item Number: 143274
Title: The Roman Street : Urban Life and Society in Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Rome
Author: Hartnett, Jeremy
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9781107105706     More information

Item Number: 145946
Title: Time, History and Architecture : Essays on Critical Historiography
Author: Hartoonian, Gevork
Price: $140.00     ISBN: 9781138283510     More information

Item Number: 144947
Title: Paris HAUSSMANN : A Model’s Relevance
Author: Jallon, Benoit (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783038600527     More information

Item Number: 146079
Title: Art and Religious Reform in Early Modern Europe
Author: Heal, Bridget ; Joseph Leo Koerner (eds)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781119422471     More information

Item Number: 144081
Title: History Takes Place: Rome : Dynamics of Urban Change
Author: Hofmann, Anna ; Martin Zimmermann
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9783868594331     More information

Item Number: 146146
Title: Florentiner Malerei – Alte Pinakothek : Die Gemälde des 14. bis 16. Jahrhunderts
Author: Hojer, Annette (et al)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9783422074132     More information

Item Number: 146132
Title: WINSLOW HOMER : From Poetry to Fiction : The Engraved Works : An illustrated checklist with interpretive notes, Volume 2
Author: Riedel, Cristin (ed)
Price: $58.00     ISBN: 9780692806098     More information

Item Number: 146131
Title: WINSLOW HOMER : From Poetry to Fiction : The Engraved Works : Illuminated with Period Photographs, Volume 1
Author: Riedel, Cristin (ed)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9780578150505     More information

Item Number: 144930
Title: Tin-Glazed Earthenware from the Netherlands, France and Germany, 1600–1800
Author: Houkjær. Ulla
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9788763545655     More information

Item Number: 146205
Title: The challenge of the sublime : From Burke’s Philosophical Enquiry to British Romantic art
Author: Ibata, Helene
Price: $115.00     ISBN: 9781526117397     More information

Item Number: 146177
Title: Vive les Satiristes! French Caricature During the Reign of Louis Philippe 1830 - 1848
Author: Iselin, Josephine Lea
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781605830667     More information

Item Number: 146172
Title: Designing San Francisco: Art, Land, and Urban Renewal in the City by the Bay
Author: Isenberg, Alison
Price: $37.50     ISBN: 9780691172545     More information

Item Number: 145952
Title: Gardens of the Roman Empire
Author: Jashemski, Wilhelmina F. (et al)
Price: $175.00     ISBN: 9780521821612     More information

Item Number: 145848
Title: The Routledge Handbook of Early Christian Art
Author: Jensen, Robin M. ; Mark D. Ellison (eds)
Price: $250.00     ISBN: 9781138857223     More information

Item Number: 146170
Title: The Gothic Screen : Space, Sculpture, and Community in the Cathedrals of France and Germany, ca.1200–1400
Author: Jung, Jacqueline E
Price: $44.99     ISBN: 9781108430760     More information

Item Number: 146135
Title: Die wahrhaft königliche Stadt : Das Reich in den Reichsstädten Augsburg, Nürnberg und Lübeck im Späten Mittelalter
Author: Kah, Daniela
Price: $159.00     ISBN: 9789004355033     More information

Item Number: 146186
Title: Die Geburt des Kunstmarktes : Rembrandt, Ruisdael, Van Goyen und die Kunst des Goldenen Zeitalters
Author: Kaiser, Franz Wilhelm ; Michael North (eds)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9783777429076     More information

Item Number: 145983
Title: Elfenbeinkunst im Grünen Gewölbe zu Dresden : Geschichte einer Sammlung. Wissenschaftlicher Bestandskatalog – Statuetten, Figurengruppen, Reliefs, Gefäße, Varia
Author: Kappel, Jutta
Price: $112.95     ISBN: 9783954982264     More information

Item Number: 146125
Title: Stone Carving of the Hospitaller Period in Rhodes: Displaced pieces and fragments
Author: Kasdagli, Anna-Maria
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9781784914783     More information

Item Number: 146086
Title: Le Fabuleux Destin des tableaux des abbés Desjardins : Peintures des XVIIe et XVIIIe siecles des musees et eglises du Quebec
Author: Kazerouni, Guillaume ; Daniel Drouin (eds)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9789461614162     More information

Item Number: 146022
Title: MICHAEL KENNA : Abruzzo
Author: de Pompeis, Vincenzo
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781590054635     More information

Item Number: 145954
Title: A Concise History of the Netherlands
Author: Kennedy, James C
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9780521875882     More information

Item Number: 145955
Title: A Concise History of the Netherlands
Author: Kennedy, James C
Price: $24.99     ISBN: 9780521699174     More information

Item Number: 146078
Title: Wonder Beyond Belief: On Christianity
Author: Kermani, Navid
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9781509514847     More information

Item Number: 146164
Title: Optics, Ethics, and Art in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries: Looking into Peter of Limoges's Moral Treatise on the Eye
Author: Kessler, Herber L. ; Richard G. Newhauser
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9780888442093     More information

Item Number: 146069
Title: Architectural Conservation and Restoration in Norway and Russia
Author: Khodakovsky, Evgeny ; Siri Skjold Lexau (eds)
Price: $155.00     ISBN: 9781138279926     More information

Item Number: 145863
Title: R. B. KITAJ : Confessions of an Old Jewish Painter. Autobiography
Author: Kitaj, R.B. ; Eckhart Gillen (ed)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9783829608138     More information

Item Number: 145855
Title: Skulpturen von der ägäischen Frühzeit bis zum Ende des Hellenismus
Author: Knoll, Kordelia ; Christiane Vorster (eds)
Price: $78.00     ISBN: 9783777428291     More information

Item Number: 146085
Title: Dans l’œil du connaisseur : Pierre-Jean Mariette (1694-1774) et la construction des savoirs en histoire de l’art
Author: Kobi, Valerie
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9782753553149     More information

Item Number: 146138
Title: KÄTHE KOLLWITZ in Dresden
Author: Kuhlmann-Hodick, Petra (et al)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781911300304     More information

Item Number: 145940
Title: Baudokumentation Hildesheimer Dom
Author: Kruse, Karl Bernhard
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9783795432089     More information

Item Number: 146264
Author: Thompson, Sarah E. (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780878468478     More information

Item Number: 138631
Title: The Cathedral of St. Vitus at Prague Castle
Author: Kuthan, Jiri ; Jan Royt
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9788024631295     More information

Item Number: 145994
Title: Vesperbilder in Bayern : von 1380 bis 1430 zwischen Import und einheimischer Produktion
Author: Kvapila, Ludmila
Price: $160.00     ISBN: 9783731904670     More information

Item Number: 142684
Title: The Palazzo della Civilta Italiana in Rome
Author: La Cecla, Franco
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780847859252     More information

Item Number: 145911
Title: The Codex Fori Mussolini : A Latin Text of Italian Fascism
Author: Lamers, Han ; Bettina Reitz-Joosse
Price: $37.95     ISBN: 9781350054868     More information

Item Number: 146143
Title: EDWIN LANDSEER : The Monarch of the Glen
Author: Baker, Christopher
Price: $14.95     ISBN: 9781911054177     More information

Item Number: 145950
Title: The Roman Martyrs : Introduction, Translations, and Commentary
Author: Lapidge, Michael
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9780198811367     More information

Item Number: 146272
Title: Three Cultural Ecologies: Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier
Author: Leatherbarrow, David ; Richard Wesley
Price: $140.00     ISBN: 9781472435538     More information

Item Number: 146159
Title: Daniele Barbaro 1514-1570. Vénitien, patricien, humaniste
Author: Lemerle, Frederique (et al)
Price: $144.00     ISBN: 9782503575513     More information

Item Number: 146183
Title: Transatlantic Revolutionary Cultures, 1789-1861
Author: Lerg, Charlotte A. ; Helena Toth (eds)
Price: $134.00     ISBN: 9789004349537     More information

Item Number: 146188
Title: PIERRE LESCOT 1515-1578 : Architecte du roi et de la Pléiade
Author: Perouse de Montclos, Jean-Marie
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9782708410251     More information

Item Number: 146171
Title: City of Refuge : Separatists and Utopian Town Planning
Author: Lewis, Michael J
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781400884315     More information

Item Number: 146099
Title: Sturmwind über dem Meere : Eine Miniatur des LIBERALE DA VERONA (1470)
Author: Stichel, Dorothea
Price: $37.50     ISBN: 9783868870398     More information

Item Number: 146247
Title: The Diversity of Classical Archaeology
Author: Lichtenberger, Achim ; Rubina Raja (eds)
Price: $165.00     ISBN: 9782503574936     More information

Item Number: 145953
Title: Rome, Empire of Plunder : The Dynamics of Cultural Appropriation
Author: Loar, Matthew (et al)
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9781108418423     More information

Item Number: 145919
Title: Europa in Basel : Das Konzil von Basel (1431-1449) als Laboratorium der Kunst
Author: Lucas, Jana
Price: $123.00     ISBN: 9783796535758     More information

Item Number: 146032
Title: Viva Arte Viva: 57th International Art Exhibition: La Biennale Di Venezia
Author: Macel, Christine (ed)
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9780847861156     More information

Item Number: 146242
Title: The Afterlife of Virgil
Author: Mack, P. ; John North (eds)
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9781905670659     More information

Item Number: 146157
Title: MAELWAELVan Limburg Studies, I
Author: Oosterman, Johan ; Jos Koldeweij (eds)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9782503577159     More information

Item Number: 146041
Title: Victorian Orientalism: Identity and Cultural Imperialism in the Nineteenth Century
Author: Maier, Bernhard
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9781780768144     More information

Item Number: 145907
Title: JEANNE MAMMEN : The Observer : Retrospective 1910-1975
Author: Lügtens, Annelie ; Thomas Köhler (eds)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783777429120     More information

Item Number: 146101
Title: Genoese Drawings : 16th–18th Centuries
Author: Mancini, Federica
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9788899765521     More information

Item Number: 145887
Title: MANET : A Symbolic Revolution
Author: Bourdieu, Pierre ; Peter Collier (trans.) ; Margaret Rigaud-Drayton (trans)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781509500093     More information

Item Number: 146266
Title: Gli edifici di via della Conciliazione : Palazzi: Propilei, San Paolo, Pio XII, Convertendi
Author: Mari, Maria (ed)
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9788826600178     More information

Item Number: 146248
Title: Iconologie :Studi in onore di Claudia Cieri Via
Author: Miarelli Mariani, Ilaria (et al)
Price: $52.50     ISBN: 9788898229840     More information

Item Number: 145891
Title: The Menagerie of Medusa : OTTO MARSEUS VAN SCHRIECK and the Scholars
Author: Seelig, Gero (ed)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783777428987     More information

Item Number: 146133
Title: The Iberian Peninsula between 300 and 850 : An Archaeological Perspective
Author: Martinez Jimenez, Javier (et al)
Price: $124.00     ISBN: 9789089647771     More information

Item Number: 143918
Title: Practical Discourses on the Most Noble Art of Painting
Author: Martinez, Jusepe ; Zahira Veliz (ed., trans.) ; David McGrath (trans)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781606065280     More information

Item Number: 146169
Title: The Roman Villa in the Mediterranean Basin : Late Republic to Late Antiquity
Author: Marzano, Annalisa ; Guy P.R. Metraux (et al)
Price: $160.00     ISBN: 9781107164314     More information

Item Number: 146049
Title: Platinum and Palladium: Technical History, Connoisseurship, and Conservation
Author: McCabe, Constance (ed)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780997867909     More information

Item Number: 146199
Title: The Irish Scholarly Presence at St. Gall : Networks of Knowledge in the Early Middle Ages
Author: Meeder, Sven
Price: $114.00     ISBN: 9781350038677     More information

Item Number: 146185
Title: Der MEISTER VON MESSKIRCH : Katholische Pracht in der Reformationszeit
Author: Wiemann, Elsbeth (ed)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9783777429182     More information

Item Number: 145888
Title: Ut pictura amor : The Reflexive Imagery of Love in Artistic Theory and Practice, 1500-1700
Author: Melion, Walter ; Michael Zell ; Joanna Woodall (eds)
Price: $287.00     ISBN: 9789004346451     More information

Item Number: 146181
Title: Weibsbilder : Eros, Macht, Moral und Tod um 1500
Author: Mensger, Ariane (ed)
Price: $67.50     ISBN: 9783422074309     More information

Item Number: 145859
Title: MARIA SIBYLLA MERIAN und die Tradition des Blumenbildes : von der Renaissance bis zur Romantik
Author: Roth, Michael (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783777427874     More information

Item Number: 146108
Title: MICHELANGELO e l’assedio di Firenze 1529-1530
Author: Cecchi, Alessandro
Price: $42.95     ISBN: 9788859617426     More information

Item Number: 146230
Title: Il primato del disegno : Sedici disegni di MICHELANGELO dalla Casa Buonarroti
Author: Ragionieri, Pina
Price: $19.00     ISBN: 9788859617150     More information

Item Number: 146145
Title: Marble mania : Kavaliersreisen und der römische Antikenhandel
Author: Miller, Norbert
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9783422074439     More information

Item Number: 146250
Title: TINA MODOTTI : Photographer & Revolutionary
Author: Hooks, Margaret
Price: $32.00     ISBN: 9788416248834     More information

Item Number: 146040
Title: In Search of the Labyrinth: The Cultural Legacy of Minoan Crete
Author: Momigliano, Nicoletta
Price: $94.00     ISBN: 9781784538545     More information

Item Number: 146167
Title: High culture and tall chimneys : Art institutions and urban society in Lancashire, 1780–1914
Author: Moore, James
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9781784991470     More information

Item Number: 146110
Title: Rome's Holy Mountain : The Capitoline Hill in Late Antiquity
Author: Moralee, Jason
Price: $74.00     ISBN: 9780190492274     More information

Item Number: 146214
Title: Lives of the Surrealists
Author: Morris, Desmond
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780500021361     More information

Item Number: 145947
Title: Architectures of Festival in Early Modern Europe : Fashioning and Re-fashioning Urban and Courtly Space
Author: Mulryne, J.R. ; Krista De Jonge (et al)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472432001     More information

Item Number: 146178
Title: Hermenegildo and the Jesuits : Staging Sainthood in the Early Modern Period
Author: Muneroni, Stefano
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9783319550886     More information

Item Number: 146112
Title: Southwold : An Earthly Paradise
Author: Munn, Geoffrey
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781851498550     More information

Item Number: 145941
Title: Networked Nation : Mapping German Cities in SEBASTIAN MÜNSTER Cosmographia
Author: van Putten, Jasper Cornelis
Price: $172.00     ISBN: 9789004335998     More information

Item Number: 146213
Title: Misère : The Visual Representtion of Misery in the 19th Century
Author: Nochlin, Linda
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780500239698     More information

Item Number: 144635
Title: EMIL NOLDE : Die Südsee/The South Seas
Author: Ring, Christian
Price: $19.00     ISBN: 9783832199203     More information

Item Number: 146053
Title: Nuovi Studi, rivista di arte antica e moderna, 22 2016
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9788899910075     More information

Item Number: 146109
Title: Elogio del Trecento fabrianese : Materiali per ALLEGRETTO NUZI e dintorni
Author: Biondi, Lucia ; Andrea De Marchi
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9788874613397     More information

Item Number: 146080
Title: Equal under the Sky: GEORGIA O'KEEFFE and Twentieth-Century Feminism
Author: Grasso, Linda M
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780826358813     More information

Item Number: 146141
Author: Guzman, Alicia Inez
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780711239036     More information

Item Number: 145881
Title: Masculinity and Dress in Roman Antiquity
Author: Olson, Kelly
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781138932937     More information

Item Number: 146025
Title: La Scuola Grande di San Marco a Venezia
Author: Ortalli, Gherardo ; Salvatore Settis (eds)
Price: $865.00     ISBN: 9788857011721     More information

Item Number: 145132
Title: Prague : Gardens and Parks
Author: Packova-Hostalkova, Bozena
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9788024634227     More information

Item Number: 146269
Title: FRANCISCO PACHECO : On Christian Iconography Selections from The Art of Painting (1649)
Author: Roe, Jeremy (intro., trans) ; Carles Gutierrez Sanfeliu ; Jose Solis de los Santos (trans)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780916101893     More information

Item Number: 139050
Title: Il duomo di Lodi dal barocco al romanico : demolizioni, rifacimenti e restauri, 1958-1966
Author: Pallavera, Ferruccio
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9788896749364     More information

Item Number: 145971
Title: The World in a Bead. The Murano Glass Museum's Collection
Author: Panini, Augusto
Price: $64.95     ISBN: 9788899657901     More information

Item Number: 146116
Title: MARTIN PARR : Oxford
Author: Winchester, Simon
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780198724414     More information

Item Number: 146095
Title: Tributes to Adelaide Bennett Hagens : Manuscripts, Iconography, and the Late Medieval Viewer
Author: Patton, Pamela A. ; Judith K. Golden (eds)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9781909400795     More information

Item Number: 146194
Title: Silent Witnesses: Trees in British Art, 1760-1870
Author: Payne, Christiana
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781911408123     More information

Item Number: 145857
Title: MAX PECHSTEIN : Künstler der Moderne
Author: Moeller, Magdalena M. (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783777427522     More information

Item Number: 146243
Title: Print matters : An anthology of critical writing on contemporary prints and printmaking
Author: Pelzer-Montada, Ruth (ed)
Price: $33.95     ISBN: 9781526125750     More information

Item Number: 146155
Title: JEAN-BAPTISTE PERRONNEAU : Portraitiste de génie dans l’Europe des Lumieres
Author: d’Arnoult, Dominique ; Olivia Voisin
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9782359062021     More information

Item Number: 145894
Title: Splendor and Misery in the Weimar Republic: From Otto Dix to Jeanne Mammen
Author: Pfeiffer, Ingrid (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783777429335     More information

Item Number: 146161
Title: The Bible: From Late Antiquity to the Renaissance: Writing and Images from the Vatican Library
Author: Piazzoni, Ambrogio M. ; Francesca Manzari (eds)
Price: $79.95     ISBN: 9780814644614     More information

Item Number: 146180
Title: PABLO PICASSO : The Interaction Between Collectors, Dealers & Exhibitions
Author: Mallen, Enrique
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781845199005     More information

Item Number: 145872
Title: Shoes, Slippers and Sandals: Feet and Footwear in Classical Antiquity
Author: Pickup, Sadie ; Sally Waite (eds)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472488763     More information

Item Number: 146107
Title: PIRANESI : La fabbrica dell’utopia
Author: Ficacci, Luigi ; Simonetta Tozzi
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9788865573532     More information

Item Number: 142388
Title: The Frame in Classical Art : A Cultural History
Author: Platt, Verity J. ; Michael Squire
Price: $135.00     ISBN: 9781107162365     More information

Item Number: 145899
Title: Images of Sex and Desire in Renaissance Art and Culture
Author: Pollali, Angeliki ; Berthold Hub (eds)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781138054240     More information

Item Number: 146043
Title: Art History and the Cold War
Author: Pooke, Grant ; Ben Thomas
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472424075     More information

Item Number: 145917
Title: Forgotten Masters : PIETER POURBUS and painting in Bruges, 1525-1625
Author: van Oosterwijk, Anne ; Till-Holger Borchert (eds)
Price: $67.50     ISBN: 9789461614155     More information

Item Number: 146024
Title: Saints and Cults in Medieval England. Proceedings of the 2015 Harlaxton Symposium
Author: Powell, Susan (ed)
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781907730597     More information

Item Number: 145834
Title: Gemalte Skulpturenretabel : Mitteleuropäische Tafelbilder zwischen 1450 und 1503
Author: Prinz, Felix
Price: $91.99     ISBN: 9783110438871     More information

Item Number: 146173
Title: In Search of the Phoenicians
Author: Quinn, Josephine
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780691175270     More information

Item Number: 145944
Title: Architecture and Theology : The Art of Place
Author: Rae, Murray A
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781481307635     More information

Item Number: 146028
Title: ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG : Thirty-Four Illustrations for Dante’s Inferno
Author: Young, Kevin ; Robin Coste Lewis
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9781633450295     More information

Item Number: 146156
Title: NICOLAS REGNIER 1591-1667 : L'homme libre
Author: Lemoine, Annick ; Adeline Collange-Perugi
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9782359062182     More information

Item Number: 146241
Title: Lexikon der Revolutions-Ikonographie in der europäischen Druckgraphik (1789-1889)
Author: Reichardt, Rolf (et al)
Price: $325.00     ISBN: 9783868870411     More information

Item Number: 146215
Title: Curatorial Activism: Towards an Ethics of Curating
Author: Reilly, Maura ; Lucy Lippard (intro.)
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780500239704     More information

Item Number: 143057
Title: Divine Encounter: REMBRANDT's Abraham and the Angels
Author: Seidenstein, Joanna Sheers (et al)
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9781911282037     More information

Item Number: 145943
Title: A Descriptive Catalogue of the Etchings by REMBRANDT in a Private Collection, Switzerland
Author: Stogdon, Nicholas
Price: $495.00     More information

Item Number: 143815
Title: REMBRANDT’s Paintings Revisited - A Complete Survey : A Reprint of A Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings VI
Author: Van de Wetering, Ernst (ed)
Price: $109.00     ISBN: 9789402410273     More information

Item Number: 145910
Title: Classics in Extremis : The Edges of Classical Reception
Author: Richardson, Edmund
Price: $88.00     ISBN: 9781350017252     More information

Item Number: 145430
Title: The Prince of Antiquarians Francesco de Ficoroni
Author: Ridley, R.T
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9788871407753     More information

Item Number: 146217
Title: Magick City, Vol. 1 : Travellers to Rome from the Middle Ages to 1900: The Middle Ages to The Seventeenth Century
Author: Ridley, Ronald T
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9781843680673     More information

Item Number: 146218
Title: Magick City, Vol. 2 : Travellers to Rome from the Middle Ages to 1900: The Eighteenth Century
Author: Ridley, Ronald T
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9781843681397     More information

Item Number: 146219
Title: Magick City, Vol. 3 : Travellers to Rome from the Middle Ages to 1900: The Nineteenth Century
Author: Ridley, Ronald T
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9781843681403     More information

Item Number: 145220
Title: The Accomplished Lady: A History of Genteel Pursuits c. 1660-1860
Author: Riley, Noel
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780957599291     More information

Item Number: 145975
Title: HEATH ROBINSON's Commercial Art: A Compendium of His Advertising Work
Author: Beare, Geoffrey
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781848222168     More information

Item Number: 145880
Title: Thebes : A History
Author: Rockwell, Nicholas
Price: $140.00     ISBN: 9781138658332     More information

Item Number: 145862
Title: AUGUSTE RODIN : Erotische Aquarelle : Aquarelles erotiques : Erotic Watercolours
Author: Bonnet, Anne-Marie
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783829608121     More information

Item Number: 145892
Title: Maria Theresa and the Arts
Author: Rollig, Stella ; Georg Lechner
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783777429236     More information

Item Number: 146211
Title: ANTONIAZZO ROMANO e Montefalco. Antoniazzo Romano and Montefalco
Author: Paolucci Antonio
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9788889398944     More information

Item Number: 146127
Title: Colosseo : Un'icona
Author: Romano, Serena ; Rossella Rea ; Riccardo Santangeli Valenziani
Price: $67.50     ISBN: 9788891813893     More information

Item Number: 146249
Title: Jane Austen and her World
Author: Ross, Josephine
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9781855147010     More information

Item Number: 146201
Title: Structures and Concepts of Ecclesiastical Authority, c.1100-c.1500
Author: Ross, Matthew ; Thomas W. Smith (eds)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781409403067     More information

Item Number: 143484
Title: A Moment's Monument : MEDARDO ROSSO and the International Origins of Modern Sculpture
Author: Hecker, Sharon
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780520294486     More information

Item Number: 145912
Author: Gaillemin, Jean-Louis (et al)
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9782915542899     More information

Item Number: 146231
Title: (RUBENS) Woven Splendour: The Tapestries at the Conventual Church of the Knights of Malta
Author: de Giorgio, Cynthia
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9789993276036     More information

Item Number: 146174
Title: Pantheon: A New History of Roman Religion
Author: Rüpke, Jörg ; David M.B. Richardson (trans)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781400888856     More information

Item Number: 145966
Title: Measured Words: Computation and Writing in Renaissance Italy
Author: Saiber, Arielle
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9780802039507     More information

Item Number: 146271
Title: CHARLOTTE SALOMON and the Theatre of Memory
Author: Pollock, Griselda
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780300100723     More information

Item Number: 142986
Author: Belluzzi, Amedeo (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9788899765200     More information

Item Number: 146027
Title: GIULIANO DA SANGALLO : Disegni degli Uffizi
Author: Donetti, Dario ; Marzia Faietti ; Sabine Frommel
Price: $52.50     ISBN: 9788809856981     More information

Item Number: 146098
Title: Hunting without Weapons : On the Pursuit of Images
Author: Sass, Maurice (ed)
Price: $68.99     ISBN: 9783110543872     More information

Item Number: 144621
Title: EGON SCHIELE : Masterpieces from the Leopold Museum
Author: Leopold, Elisabeth (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783960980810     More information

Item Number: 142227
Title: EGON SCHIELE : Complete Paintings, 1909-1918
Author: Natter, Tobias G
Price: $200.00     ISBN: 9783836546126     More information

Item Number: 145951
Title: Interactive and Sculptural Printmaking in the Renaissance
Author: Karr Schmidt, Suzanne
Price: $195.00     ISBN: 9789004340138     More information

Item Number: 143273
Title: Artists and Artistic Production in Ancient Greece
Author: Schultz, Peter ; Kristen Seaman (eds)
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9781107074460     More information

Item Number: 146100
Title: Die benediktinische Reichsabtei Ottobeuren 1672-1803 : Materialien zu Vorgeschichte, Planung, Bau und Ausstattung der neuen Klosteranlage sowie anderer Bauten des Ottobeurer Einflussbereichs, Teil I (1672–1740)
Author: Schwager, Klaus
Price: $145.00     ISBN: 9783868870350     More information

Item Number: 143329
Title: Rome: Urban Formation and Transformation
Author: Schwarting, Jon Michael
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781939621702     More information

Item Number: 146016
Title: Materiali etrusco-italici e greci da Vulci (scavi Gsell) e di provenienza varia
Author: Sciacca, Ferdinando
Price: $145.00     ISBN: 9788882713881     More information

Item Number: 145842
Title: The Fonte Gaia from Renaissance to Modern Times: A History of Construction, Preservation, and Reconstruction in Siena
Author: Scappini, Chiara E. ; David Boffa
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9789462984592     More information

Item Number: 146066
Title: SERPOTTA e il suo tempo
Author: Abbate, Vincenzo
Price: $52.95     ISBN: 9788836637249     More information

Item Number: 146168
Title: Grasping Shadows : The Dark Side of Literature, Painting, Photography, and Film
Author: Sharpe, William Chapman
Price: $74.00     ISBN: 9780190675271     More information

Item Number: 146111
Title: Marcus Simaika Pasha : Father of Coptic Archaeology
Author: Simaika, Samir ; Nevine Henein
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9789774168239     More information

Item Number: 146244
Title: Il cardinale Gianfrancesco Albani e le arti tra Roma e Urbino : Il ritratto ritrovato. Cardinal Gianfrancesco Albani and the arts between Rome and Urbino : A rediscovered portrait
Author: Simonato, Lucia
Price: $54.50     ISBN: 9788836637690     More information

Item Number: 146097
Title: Scythians: warriors of ancient Siberia
Author: Simpson, St. John ; Svetlana Pankova
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780500021286     More information

Item Number: 146204
Title: Master of Attic Red-Figure Painting: The Art and Legacy of the Pan Painter
Author: Smith, Amy C
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9781788310192     More information

Item Number: 146175
Title: The Medieval Girdle Book
Author: Smith, Margit J
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781584563686     More information

Item Number: 146220
Title: Klug und von hehrer Gestalt: Petrarca-Bildnisse aus sieben Jahrhunderten
Author: Speck, Reiner ; Florian Neumann (eds)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9783864422102     More information

Item Number: 146067
Title: Why are Most Buildings Rectangular? And Other Essays on Geometry and Architecture
Author: Steadman, Philip
Price: $180.00     ISBN: 9781138226548     More information

Item Number: 146068
Title: Why are Most Buildings Rectangular? And Other Essays on Geometry and Architecture
Author: Steadman, Philip
Price: $54.95     ISBN: 9781138226555     More information

Item Number: 146234
Title: Piazza Armerina : La villa romaine du Casale en Sicile
Author: Steger, Brigitte
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9782708410268     More information

Item Number: 146021
Title: The New Residential Colleges at Yale : A Conversation Across Time
Author: Stern, Robert A.M. ; Gideon Fink Shapiro
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781580935043     More information

Item Number: 145844
Title: L'Arc d'Orange
Author: Stilp, Florian
Price: $57.00     ISBN: 9782251446165     More information

Item Number: 146268
Title: The Art of Painting in Colonial Bolivia / El arte de la pintura en Bolivia colonial
Author: Stratton-Pruitt, Suzanne L. (ed)
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9781945402319     More information

Item Number: 145993
Title: Die Künstlerfamilie STRIGEL : Studien zur spätgotischen Malerei in Memmingen
Author: Zseller, Eniko
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9783731905639     More information

Item Number: 145873
Title: The Iconography of the Satyr in Greece and Rome
Author: Surtees, Allison
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472465672     More information

Item Number: 146267
Title: JOSEPH–BENOÎT SUVÉE (1743–1807) : Un artiste entre Bruges, Rome et Paris
Author: Join-Lambert, Sophie ; Anne Leclair
Price: $175.00     ISBN: 9782903239602     More information

Item Number: 138582
Title: VINCENZO TAMAGNI da San Gimignano "Pittore eccellente discepolo di Raffaello"
Author: Castrovinci, Rossana
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9788865572573     More information

Item Number: 146042
Title: Renaissance Woman: The Extraordinary Life and World of Vittoria Colonna
Author: Targoff, Ramie
Price: $28.00     ISBN: 9780374140946     More information

Item Number: 146070
Title: The Design, Production and Reception of Eighteenth-Century Wallpaper in Britain
Author: Taylor, Clare
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472456151     More information

Item Number: 145151
Title: Studying the European Visual Arts: Paintings, Sculpture, Interiors and Art on Paper
Author: Townsend, Joyce H. ; Abbie Vandivere (eds)
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781909492523     More information

Item Number: 145920
Title: TUOTILO : Archäologie eines frühmittelalterlichen Künstlers
Author: Ganz, David ; Cornel Dora (eds)
Price: $123.00     ISBN: 9783906819198     More information

Item Number: 145864
Title: CY TWOMBLY : The Printed Graphic Work : Catalogue Raisonné
Author: Bastian, Heiner
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9783829608251     More information

Item Number: 146196
Title: Palazzo Spada : Il percorso ritrovato : Nuovi studi sulle decorazioni cinquecentesche
Author: Urciuoli, Saverio
Price: $52.50     ISBN: 9788865573471     More information

Item Number: 146223
Title: Engraved Gems : From antiquity to the present
Author: van den Bercken, Ben ; Vivian Baan (eds)
Price: $240.00     ISBN: 9789088905063     More information

Item Number: 146224
Title: Engraved Gems : From antiquity to the present
Author: van den Bercken, Ben ; Vivian Baan (eds)
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9789088905056     More information

Item Number: 145992
Title: (VAN EYCK) Der Genter Altar : Reproduktionen, Deutungen, Forschungskontroversen
Author: Kemperdick, Stephan (et al)
Price: $42.50     ISBN: 9783731904564     More information

Item Number: 146038
Title: Drawn from History: Architectural Drawings from Nineteenth-Century New Orleans
Author: Van Zante, Gary ; James O'Gorman
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9781455620081     More information

Item Number: 145922
Title: Fashion Curating: Critical Practice in the Museum and Beyond
Author: Vanska, Annamari ; Hazel Clark (eds)
Price: $94.00     ISBN: 9781474287104     More information

Item Number: 145923
Title: Fashion Curating: Critical Practice in the Museum and Beyond
Author: Vanska, Annamari ; Hazel Clark (eds)
Price: $31.95     ISBN: 9781474287098     More information

Item Number: 141920
Title: VELAZQUEZ Re-Examined : Theory, History, Poetry, and Theatre
Author: Knox, Giles ; Tanya Tiffany (eds)
Price: $81.00     ISBN: 9782503569185     More information

Item Number: 146052
Title: VELAZQUEZ e BERNINI : Autoritratti in mostra al Nobile Collegio del Cambio
Author: Mancini, Francesco Federico
Price: $27.50     ISBN: 9788897738893     More information

Item Number: 146193
Title: Feminism and Art in Postwar Italy: The Legacy of Carla Lonzi
Author: Ventrella, Francesco ; Giovanna Zapperi
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9781784537326     More information

Item Number: 142959
Title: E la Parola si fece bellezza : Convegno internazionale sugli amboni istoriati toscani : Barga, Pisa, Pistoia, Siena, Firenze, 19-20-21-27-28 maggio 2016
Author: Verdon, Timothy (ed)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9788874613175     More information

Item Number: 145875
Title: SIMONE VEROVIO : Music printing, intabulations and basso continuo in Rome around 1600
Author: Campagne, Augusta
Price: $67.50     ISBN: 9783205205067     More information

Item Number: 146104
Title: Foundation Beyeler: Die Sammlung : The Collection : It Might Turn out Well if The Sunshine Lasts
Author: Vischer, Theodora (ed)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9783775743334     More information

Item Number: 146260
Title: Embroidery and Lace : The Unknown Wiener Werkstätte
Author: Völker, Angela
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783897905115     More information

Item Number: 146228
Title: The Decorative Designs of C.F.A. VOYSEY : From the Drawings Collection of the Royal Institute of British Architects. New Revised Edition
Author: Durant, Stuart
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780718893880     More information

Item Number: 146229
Title: The ALFRED WALLIS Factor: Conflict in Post-War St Ives Art
Author: Wilkinson, David
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780718894979     More information

Item Number: 146189
Title: After Andy: Adventures in WARHOL Land
Author: Fraser-Cavassoni, Natasha
Price: $28.00     ISBN: 9780399183539     More information

Item Number: 145924
Title: ANDY WARHOL: Seven Illustrated Books 1952-1959
Author: Schleif, Nina ; Reuel Golden
Price: $200.00     ISBN: 9783836562096     More information

Item Number: 145908
Title: Art Nouveau and the Classical Tradition
Author: Warren, Richard
Price: $114.00     ISBN: 9781474298551     More information

Item Number: 146225
Title: The Coffins of the Priests of Amun : Egyptian coffins from the 21st Dynasty in the collection of the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden
Author: Weiss, Lara
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9789088904936     More information

Item Number: 146226
Title: The Coffins of the Priests of Amun : Egyptian coffins from the 21st Dynasty in the collection of the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden
Author: Weiss, Lara
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9789088904929     More information

Item Number: 145826
Title: Medieval Rome : Stability and Crisis of a City, 900-1150
Author: Wickham, Chris
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9780198811220     More information

Item Number: 138819
Title: Visions of the End in Medieval Spain: Catalogue of Illustrated Beatus Commentaries on the Apocalypse and Study of the Geneva Beatus
Author: Williams, John ; Therese Martin (ed)
Price: $186.00     ISBN: 9789462980624     More information

Item Number: 146083
Title: Wiener Werkstätte, 1903-1932: The Luxury of Beauty
Author: Witt-Dörring, Christian (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791357164     More information

Item Number: 145906
Title: Museum Schnütgen in Cologne : A Survey of the Collection
Author: Woelk, Moritz ; Manuela Beer (eds)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9783777428963     More information

Item Number: 146238
Title: The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Jesuits
Author: Worcester, Thomas, S.J. (ed)
Price: $200.00     ISBN: 9780521769051     More information

Item Number: 146206
Title: Clothing and Landscape in Victorian England: Working-Class Dress and Rural Life
Author: Worth, Rachel
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9781784533960     More information

Item Number: 146045
Title: The Afterlife of CHRISTOPHER WREN, 1800-2015
Author: Walker, Matthew
Price: $109.95     ISBN: 9781472484284     More information

Item Number: 143988
Title: FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT : Unpacking the Archive
Author: Bergdoll, Barry ; Jennifer Gray (eds)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781633450264     More information

Item Number: 146073
Title: Frozen Lives: Karl and Anna Kuerner, ANDREW WYETH's Iconic Couple
Author: Streeter, LuLynne
Price: $19.99     ISBN: 9780764354151     More information

Item Number: 146203
Title: Ceremonial Synagogue Textiles from Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Italian Communities
Author: Yaniv, Bracha
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9781906764180     More information

Item Number: 145949
Title: Drawing after Architecture. Renaissance Architectural Drawings and Their Reception
Author: Yerkes, Carolyn
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9788831726740     More information

Item Number: 146236
Title: Art and Artists in China Since 1949
Author: Yi, Ying
Price: $105.00     ISBN: 9781107024502     More information

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