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We have 561 titles on 19th Century. Item Number: 135537
Title: La Academia de Caballería : historia y patrimonio
Author: Abengochea, Angel (et al)
Price: $11.50     ISBN: 9788497818957     More information

Item Number: 146926
Title: JULES ADLER : Peindre sous la IIIe République
Author: Lavin, Amelie (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9788836636327     More information

Item Number: 145275
Title: Aufbruch Flora : Meisterwerke aus der Sammlung Arthur und Hedy Hahnloser-Bühler
Author: Affentranger-Kirchrath, Angelika (et al)
Price: $32.95     ISBN: ISD     More information

Item Number: 145533
Title: The Prado : Spanish Culture and Leisure, 1819-1939
Author: Afinoguenova, Eugenia
Price: $99.95     ISBN: 9780271078571     More information

Item Number: 146039
Title: JOHN WHITE ALEXANDER : Painter of the Female Form
Author: Goley, Mary Anne
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781781300602     More information

Item Number: 147012
Title: Windows for the world : Nineteenth-century stained glass and the international exhibitions, 1851–1900
Author: Allen, Jasmine
Price: $115.00     ISBN: 9781526114723     More information

Item Number: 143679
Title: Orchestrating Elegance : ALMA-TADEMA and the Marquand Music Room
Author: Morris, Kathleen M. ; Alexis Goodin (eds)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300226676     More information

Item Number: 145094
Title: Photography in Argentina - Contradiction and Continuity
Author: Alonso, Idurre ; Judith Keller
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781606065327     More information

Item Number: 110769
Title: RAMON MARTI ALSINA : El gran dia de Girona : Anatomia d'un quadre
Author: Faxedas, Maria Lluisa (et al)
Price: $11.00     ISBN: 9788439385073     More information

Item Number: 148781
Title: Silent History : Body Language and Nonverbal Identity, 1860-1914
Author: Andersson, Peter K
Price: $44.95     ISBN: 9780773554757     More information

Item Number: 143915
Title: THOMAS ANNAN : Photographer of Glasgow
Author: Maddox, Amanda ; Sara Stevenson
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781606065235     More information

Item Number: 117554
Title: L'architettura negli archivi : Guida agli archivi di architettura nelle Marche
Author: Alici, Antonello (et al)
Price: $11.70     ISBN: 9788849222845     More information

Item Number: 147210
Title: Chicago Union Station
Author: Ash, Fred
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780253027290     More information

Item Number: 144258
Title: French Moderns: Monet to Matisse 1850-1950
Author: Aste, Richard (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781785510724     More information

Item Number: 148566
Title: Thomas, Lucy and Alatau: The ATKINSONS’ Adventures in Siberia and the Kazakh Steppe
Author: Stewart, John Massey
Price: $37.95     ISBN: 9781911604303     More information

Item Number: 145269
Title: AUDUBON's Last Wilderness Journey: The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America
Author: Tyler, Ron
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9781911282105     More information

Item Number: 147858
Title: The Golden Carriage and the House of Hapsburg
Author: Austin, Gloria
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780692982730     More information

Item Number: 145893
Title: Praised and Ridiculed: French Painting 1820 - 1880
Author: Bätschmann, Oskar (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783777429465     More information

Item Number: 143372
Title: Icons of Modern Art: The Shchukin Collection
Author: Baldassari, Anne
Price: $57.50     ISBN: 9782072696435     More information

Item Number: 147076
Title: A Cultivating Journey: The Herman H. Levy Legacy
Author: Barber, Tabitha (et al)
Price: $49.00     ISBN: 9781926632186     More information

Item Number: 142117
Title: Barock nach dem Barock : Denkmalpflege, Technologie, Schöpfungen des Neubarock : Tagungsband zum Kolloquium "Barock nach dem Barock - Denkmalpflege, Technologie, Schöpfungen des Neubarock" vom 21. bis 23. Oktober 2013 im Großen Rathaussaal der Stadt Passau im Rahmen des EU-Projekts "Barocke Kunst und Kultur im Donauraum
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9783862221967     More information

Item Number: 146505
Title: Victorian Jamaica
Author: Barringer, Tim ; Wayne Modest (eds)
Price: $124.95     ISBN: 9780822360537     More information

Item Number: 146506
Title: Victorian Jamaica
Author: Barringer, Tim ; Wayne Modest (eds)
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9780822360681     More information

Item Number: 142179
Title: Mr. BARRY's War : Rebuilding the Houses of Parliament after the Great Fire of 1834
Author: Shenton, Caroline
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780198707196     More information

Item Number: 148949
Title: Berlin der Kaiserzeit : Architektur 1871 bis 1918
Author: Barth, Matthias
Price: $67.50     ISBN: 9783731907190     More information

Item Number: 146259
Title: Von Spitzweg zu Sisi : Kunst und Kunsthandwerk des 19. Jahrhunderts. Die Sammlung Friedrich Werner Ott
Author: Batz, Karl
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9783897905030     More information

Item Number: 140212
Title: GEORGE BAXTER, Master Colour Printer: Oil-Colour Prints from the Donald and Barbara Cameron Collection
Author: Distad, Merrill
Price: $7.50     ISBN: 9781551953526     More information

Item Number: 143810
Title: FREDERIC BAZILLE and the Birth of Impressionism
Author: Hilaire, Michel (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9782080202857     More information

Item Number: 146556
Title: Lost Japan: The Photographs of FELICE BEATO and the School of Yokohama (1860-1890)
Author: Manegazzo, Rossella
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9788891814968     More information

Item Number: 148757
Title: Moved to Tears: Rethinking the Art of the Sentimental in the United States
Author: Bedell, Rebecca
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780691153209     More information

Item Number: 147060
Title: Cadogan & Chelsea: The Making of a Modern Estate
Author: Behlen, Beatrice (et al)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781910787434     More information

Item Number: 128926
Title: 1861-1939 L'architettura della Perugia postunitaria
Author: Belardi, Paolo ; Simone Bori
Price: $9.70     ISBN: 9788867780020     More information

Item Number: 142682
Title: From a Photograph: Authenticity, Science and the Periodical Press, 1870-1890
Author: Belknap, Geoffrey
Price: $122.00     ISBN: 9781474266727     More information

Item Number: 148074
Title: Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze. Pittura 1784-1915 vol. I
Author: Bellesi, Sandro
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9788874613717     More information

Item Number: 148075
Title: Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze. Pittura 1784-1915 vol. II
Author: Bellesi, Sandro
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9788874613724     More information

Item Number: 142841
Title: Painting in Tempera, c. 1900
Author: Beltinger, Karoline ; Jilleen Nadolny (eds)
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781909492448     More information

Item Number: 114841
Title: La voce delle donne : Guida al Risorgimento dell'Emilia Romagna
Author: Bentini, Jadranka (ed)
Price: $4.25     ISBN: 9788842220312     More information

Item Number: 147564
Title: The World Atlas of Art Nouveau Architecture
Author: Bercedo, Ivan ; Jorge Mestre
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9788434313699     More information

Item Number: 145913
Title: Victorian Summer : The Historic Houses of Belle Haven Park Greenwhich, Connecticut
Author: Bernard, Matthew L
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9781939621757     More information

Item Number: 144588
Title: Italienbilder zwischen Romantik und Realismus : Malerei des 19. Jahrhunderts
Author: Biedermann, Heike ; Andreas Dehmer (ed)
Price: $40.95     ISBN: 9783954982684     More information

Item Number: 147594
Title: ALBERT BIERSTADT : Witness to a Changing West
Author: Hassrick, Peter H
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780806160047     More information

Item Number: 147595
Title: ALBERT BIERSTADT : Witness to a Changing West
Author: Hassrick, Peter H
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780806160054     More information

Item Number: 141084
Title: The Black Figure in the European Imaginary
Author: Libby, Susan H. (et al)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781907804496     More information

Item Number: 145669
Title: London in the Company of Painters
Author: Blandford, Richard
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781786270788     More information

Item Number: 145072
Title: Visual Voyages : Images of Latin American Nature from Columbus to Darwin
Author: Bleichmar, Daniela
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300224023     More information

Item Number: 146898
Title: ALBERT BLIGNY : Un peintre de Château-Thierry
Author: Sinnig-Haas, Christiane ; Noel Coret
Price: $42.95     ISBN: 9782757213438     More information

Item Number: 147694
Title: Romanticism in the North : From Friedrich to Turner
Author: Blühm, Andres ; Werner Busch (et al)
Price: $37.50     ISBN: 9789462582415     More information

Item Number: 148348
Title: KARL BODMER : A Swiss Artist in America 1809–1893
Author: Bolz, Peter (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783858816009     More information

Item Number: 148177
Title: BOLDINI e De Nittis : Femminilità à la mode nella Parigi impressionista
Author: Enrico, Angelo ; Elisabetta Staudacher
Price: $48.50     ISBN: 9788884350596     More information

Item Number: 147323
Title: BONNARD : Hommage et chefs-d’oeuvre : A Tribute to Bonnard, His Masterpieces
Author: Serrano, Veronique
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9788836636396     More information

Item Number: 147015
Title: LEON BONNAT : Le portraitiste de la IIIème République : Catalogue Raisonné Des Portraits
Author: Saigne, Guy
Price: $250.00     ISBN: 9791092054750     More information

Item Number: 148911
Title: The Essential Works of WILLIAM BOUGUEREAU
Author: Ross, Kara Lysandra ; Frederick C. Ross
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781851499106     More information

Item Number: 143141
Title: Shooting Lincoln : MATHEW BRADY, Alexander Gardner, and the Photographs That Electrified a Nation
Author: Pistor, Nicholas
Price: $27.00     ISBN: 9780306824692     More information

Item Number: 144384
Title: BREITNER : Girl in a Kimono
Author: Veldink, Suzanne ; Nienke Woltman
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9789491714740     More information

Item Number: 140481
Title: RODOLPHE BRESDIN : The Incorrigible Bohemian
Author: Dance, Trevor
Price: $52.95     ISBN: 9781910787076     More information

Item Number: 144445
Title: The Well-Dressed Window: Curtains at Winterthur
Author: Brown, Sandy
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781580934589     More information

Item Number: 148054
Title: DOMENICO BRUCCIANI and the Formatori of Nineteenth-Century Britain
Author: Wade, Rebecca
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9781501332197     More information

Item Number: 147427
Title: The Social Life of Maps in America, 1750-1860
Author: Brückner, Martin
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781469632605     More information

Item Number: 144303
Title: Designing the V&A: The Museum as a Work of Art (1857-1909)
Author: Bryant, Julius
Price: $69.99     ISBN: 9781848222335     More information

Item Number: 148817
Title: Romantic Art in Practice : Cultural Work and the Sister Arts, 1760–1820
Author: Brylowe, Thora
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9781108426404     More information

Item Number: 148835
Title: Exhibiting Scotland : Objects, Identity, and the National Museum
Author: Bucciantini, Alima
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9781625343284     More information

Item Number: 148836
Title: Exhibiting Scotland : Objects, Identity, and the National Museum
Author: Bucciantini, Alima
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9781625343291     More information

Item Number: 123195
Title: Los Borbones en Pelota
Author: Burdiel, Isabel
Price: $22.50     ISBN: 9788499111964     More information

Item Number: 147658
Title: Transnational Frontiers : The American West in France
Author: Burns, Emily C
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780806160030     More information

Item Number: 146943
Title: Truth and Beauty : The Pre-Raphaelites and the Old Masters
Author: Buron, Melissa E
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9783791357287     More information

Item Number: 147183
Title: Collecting the Past : British Collectors and their Collections from the 18th to the 20th Centuries
Author: Burrow, Toby ; Cynthia Johnston (eds)
Price: $140.00     ISBN: 9780815382348     More information

Item Number: 144772
Title: The Finest Building in America : The New York Crystal Palace, 1853-1858
Author: Burrows, Edwin G
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9780190681210     More information

Item Number: 147056
Title: Splendour! Art in Living Craftsmanship
Author: Busiakiewicz, Adam (et al)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781910787779     More information

Item Number: 121470
Title: Le zuppiere dal XVIII al XX secolo : collezione Paolo Zuccari
Author: Busti, Giulio (et al)
Price: $7.70     More information

Item Number: 145633
Title: LADY BUTLER : Painting, travel and war
Author: Wynne, Catherine
Price: $74.50     ISBN: 9781846826498     More information

Item Number: 147285
Title: A Pedagogy of Observation : Nineteenth-Century Panoramas, German Literature, and Reading Culture
Author: Byrd, Vance
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9781611488548     More information

Item Number: 147214
Title: BYRON and Italy
Author: Rawes, Alan ; Diego Saglia (eds)
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9781526100559     More information

Item Number: 143835
Title: La bottega CADORIN : Una dinastia di artisti veneziani
Author: Ferretti, Daniela
Price: $28.75     ISBN: 9788899657574     More information

Item Number: 148961
Title: Stewards of Memory : The Past, Present, and Future of Historic Preservation at George Washington's Mount Vernon
Author: Cadou, Carol Borchert (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780813941516     More information

Item Number: 148962
Title: Stewards of Memory : The Past, Present, and Future of Historic Preservation at George Washington's Mount Vernon
Author: Cadou, Carol Borchert (ed)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780813941523     More information

Item Number: 139816
Title: IPPOLITO CAFFI 1809-1866
Author: Peretti, Nando
Price: $135.00     ISBN: 9788865572931     More information

Item Number: 141217
Title: GUSTAVE CAILLEBOTTE : Painting the Paris of Naturalism, 1872-1887
Author: Marrinan, Michael
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9781606065075     More information

Item Number: 122042
Title: Ville al mare tra Romagna e Italia (1861-1918)
Author: Calanca, Daniela ; Cristina Ravara
Price: $4.75     ISBN: 9788873957645     More information

Item Number: 57141
Title: Interno Borghese : Frammenti d'Europa nella Bolzano di Fine Ottocento. Burgerliches Interieur : Fragmente europas im Bozen der Jahrhundertwende
Author: Callegari, Paola ; Elisabetta Pezzin (eds)
Price: $21.88     ISBN: 9788873953074     More information

Item Number: 146441
Title: Paintbrush for Hire: The Travels of James and Emma CAMERON, 1840–1900
Author: Moffatt, Frederick C
Price: $58.00     ISBN: 9781621903659     More information

Item Number: 148847
Author: Powell, Tristram (et al)
Price: $12.95     ISBN: 9781606065808     More information

Item Number: 36773
Title: Camillo Kaiser: un cappuccino fra gli artisti dell'800 lombardo
Price: $10.63     More information

Item Number: 148151
Title: Masterpieces from the Courtauld : Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Paintings
Author: Campbell, Caroline (et al)
Price: $20.00     ISBN: 9781857096385     More information

Item Number: 139812
Title: La Casina delle Civette a Villa Torlonia : Da residenza principesca a museo della vetrata : Guida
Author: Campitelli, Alberta
Price: $6.00     ISBN: 9788865572832     More information

Item Number: 147036
Title: The End of Landscape in Nineteenth-Century America
Author: Cao, Maggie M
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780520291423     More information

Item Number: 50661
Title: Capolavori '800-'900: dalle collezioni private pinerolesi
Price: $4.49     More information

Item Number: 123380
Title: La scrigno di Parthenope : Dalle creazioni a Pompeiant al gioiello astratto
Author: Capuano, Rossella
Price: $3.50     ISBN: 9788897595137     More information

Item Number: 54090
Title: La Villa di Porcellana : Palazzo Nunziata a Poggiomarino
Author: Capuano, Rossella
Price: $5.18     ISBN: 8889879165     More information

Item Number: 148291
Title: MARY CASSATT : An American Impressionist in Paris
Author: Mathews, Nancy Mowll ; Pierre Curie (eds)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300236521     More information

Item Number: 143963
Title: Dealing Art on Both Sides of the Atlantic, 1860-1940
Author: Catterson, Lynn (ed)
Price: $140.00     ISBN: 9789004336971     More information

Item Number: 118093
Title: Una famiglia nel Risorgimento : I La Marmora dal piemonte all'Italia
Author: Cavicchioli, Silvaia (ed)
Price: $17.50     ISBN: 9788889280973     More information

Item Number: 116567
Title: La Chiesa della Madonna delle Grazie, gia della Tora, ad Anagni
Author: Cecilia, Tommaso
Price: $5.79     More information

Item Number: 148531
Title: CEZANNE's Gravity
Author: Armstrong, Carol
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300232714     More information

Item Number: 145402
Title: CEZANNE : Metamorphoses
Author: Eiling, Alexander (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791356679     More information

Item Number: 145265
Title: CEZANNE Portraits
Author: Elderfield, John (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780691177861     More information

Item Number: 145039
Title: The Hidden CEZANNE : From Sketchbook to Canvas
Author: Haldemann, Anita (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791356525     More information

Item Number: 145264
Title: PAUL CEZANNE : Painting People
Author: Lewis, Mary Tompkins
Price: $14.95     ISBN: 9780691177953     More information

Item Number: 131879
Title: Los Rochelt. Una familia bilbaína vinculada al arte
Author: Chapa, Alvaro (et al)
Price: $15.00     ISBN: 9788496763517     More information

Item Number: 144748
Title: CHAUMET : Parisian Jeweler Since 1780
Author: Loyrette, Henri
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9782080203168     More information

Item Number: 112868
Title: Studenti e professori in battaglia : Insieme sotto il Tricolore. L'Università di Siena nel Risorgimento
Author: Cherubini, Donatella (ed)
Price: $8.50     ISBN: 9788836620371     More information

Item Number: 143424
Title: PIETRO CHEVALIER : Vedute di Padova e del Veneto nell’Ottocento
Author: Banzato, Davide (et al)
Price: $19.80     ISBN: 9788857234182     More information

Item Number: 139030
Title: Antonio e Giuseppe CHIATTONE : “Scultori che godono meritata fama fra noi e all’estero...”
Author: Ginex, Giovanna
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9788857227535     More information

Item Number: 144765
Title: Spectacle and Leisure in Paris : Degas to Mucha
Author: Childs, Elizabeth C. (ed)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780936316437     More information

Item Number: 145310
Title: Germany and the Ottoman Railways : Art, Empire, and Infrastructure
Author: Christensen, Peter H
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300225648     More information

Item Number: 145248
Title: FREDERIC CHURCH : A Painter's Pilgrimage
Author: Myers, Kenneth John (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300218435     More information

Item Number: 148609
Title: FREDERIC CHURCH's Olana on the Hudson: Art, Landscape, Architecture
Author: Rosenbaum, Julia B. ; Karen Zukowski (eds)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780847863112     More information

Item Number: 148597
Title: BEPPE CIARDI : Catalogo generale delle opere
Author: Parronchi, Antonio
Price: $140.00     ISBN: 9788842224617     More information

Item Number: 133314
Title: Tempo, spazio e architetture. Avezzano cento anni o poco più
Author: Ciranna, Simonetta ; Patrizia Montuori
Price: $17.50     ISBN: 9788875752224     More information

Item Number: 147681
Title: City of Second Sight : Nineteenth-Century Boston and the Making of American Visual Culture
Author: Clark, Justin T
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9781469638720     More information

Item Number: 144424
Title: CHARLES ROBERT COCKERELL in the Mediterranean : Letters and Travels, 1810-1817
Author: Pearce, Susan ; Theresa Ormrod
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9781783272068     More information

Item Number: 148641
Title: Firenze 1815. Il ritorno di Venere. Riflessioni sul recupero toscano delle opere d'arte trafugate da Napoleone
Author: Coco, Giulia (et al)
Price: $32.95     ISBN: 9788879709019     More information

Item Number: 147127
Title: Replication in the Long Nineteenth Century : Re-makings and Reproductions
Author: Codell, Julie ; Linda K. Hughes (eds)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9781474424844     More information

Item Number: 148499
Title: Venezia : la grande Accademia : architettura e restauro
Author: Codello, Renata
Price: $115.00     ISBN: 9788891816856     More information

Item Number: 146842
Title: Picturesque and Sublime : THOMAS COLE's Trans-Atlantic Inheritance
Author: Barringer, Tim (et al)
Price: $27.50     ISBN: 9780300233537     More information

Item Number: 146488
Title: THOMAS COLE's Journey: Atlantic Crossings
Author: Barringer, Tim ; Elizabeth Mankin Kornhauser (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781588396402     More information

Item Number: 118788
Title: Storia dell'Arte della Sicilia sud-orientale, Vol. III : L'Ottocento e il Primo Novecento. Schemi delle lezioni (quinta e sesta serie)
Author: Colombo, Giorgio (ed)
Price: $49.00     More information

Item Number: 102547
Title: L'Abbazia di Sant'Anselmo in Roma
Author: Comandini, Francesco
Price: $4.40     ISBN: 9788895913155     More information

Item Number: 147052
Title: CONSTABLE's Skies
Author: Evans, Mark
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9780500480328     More information

Item Number: 147713
Title: JOHN CONSTABLE : The Leaping Horse
Author: Humphreys, Richard
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9781910350812     More information

Item Number: 144413
Title: CONSTABLE and Brighton : Something Out of Nothing
Author: Lancaster, Shan (ed)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781785510694     More information

Item Number: 57986
Title: Sovrani nel giardino d'Europa: Pisa e i Lorena
Author: Coppini, Romano Paolo ; Alessandro Tosi (eds)
Price: $15.00     ISBN: 9788877819802     More information

Item Number: 146545
Title: Impressionists in London : French Artists in Exile (1870-1904): The EY Exhibition
Author: Corbeau-Parsons, Caroline (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781849765244     More information

Item Number: 147673
Title: COROT : peindre la figure humaine : The Painter and his Models
Author: Allard, Sebastien
Price: $47.50     ISBN: 9782754114493     More information

Item Number: 148156
Title: COROT Women
Author: Morton, Mary (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300236736     More information

Item Number: 144638
Title: A Changing Art: Nineteenth-Century Painting Practice and Conservation
Author: Costaras, Nicola (et al)
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9781909492547     More information

Item Number: 146015
Title: Grave Landscapes : The Nineteenth-Century Rural Cemetery Movement
Author: Cothran, James R. ; Erica Danylchak
Price: $49.99     ISBN: 9781611177985     More information

Item Number: 148028
Title: GUSTAVE COURBET et la Fédération des artistes sous la Commune
Author: Baverel, Lonnie ; Severine Petit
Price: $22.50     ISBN: 9788836637492     More information

Item Number: 145980
Title: Ghost Storeys : RALPH ADAMS CRAM, Modern Gothic Media, and Microhistory at a Canadian Church
Author: Macdonell, Cameron
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9780773549883     More information

Item Number: 145981
Title: Ghost Storeys : RALPH ADAMS CRAM, Modern Gothic Media, and Microhistory at a Canadian Church
Author: Macdonell, Cameron
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780773549890     More information

Item Number: 148049
Title: Marble Halls : Civic and Urban Architecture in the Gilded Age
Author: Craven, Wayne
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780692884218     More information

Item Number: 148879
Title: Creators and Consumers: Women and Material Culture and Visual Art in 19th-Century Texas, the Lower South, and the Southwest
Price: $16.95     ISBN: 9780890901892     More information

Item Number: 145549
Title: American Quilts in the Industrial Age, 1760–1870 : The International Quilt Study Center and Museum Collections
Author: Crews, Patricia Cox ; Carolyn Ducey (eds)
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9780803295926     More information

Item Number: 147919
Title: Art for Animals : Visual Culture and Animal Advocacy, 1870–1914
Author: Cronin, J. Keri
Price: $94.95     ISBN: 9780271080093     More information

Item Number: 148716
Title: Color and Light : The Neo-Impressionist HENRI-EDMOND CROSS
Author: Frank, Frederic (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9783791357737     More information

Item Number: 148752
Title: Restoration: The Fall of Napoleon in the Course of European Art, 1812-1820
Author: Crow, Thomas
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780691181646     More information

Item Number: 145860
Title: GEORGE CRUIKSHANK's Life, Times and Art: Volume I: 1792-1835
Author: Patten, Robert L
Price: $114.00     ISBN: 9780718828721     More information

Item Number: 145861
Title: GEORGE CRUIKSHANK's Life, Times and Art: Volume II: 1835-1878
Author: Patten, Robert L
Price: $114.00     ISBN: 9780718828745     More information

Item Number: 43807
Title: Cultura architettonica e scientifica nelle carte e nei libri della famiglia Soli (1771-1927): Catalogo del "Fondo G. Soli" della Biblioteca dell'Accademia Nazionale di Scienze, Lettere e Arti di Modena
Price: $10.50     ISBN: 8870003957     More information

Item Number: 143865
Title: Lasting Impressions: The Artist of CURRIER & IVES
Author: Delamaire, Marie-Stephanie
Price: $6.48     More information

Item Number: 146945
Title: EDWARD S. CURTIS : Events beyond words
Author: Ewing, William (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783791357300     More information

Item Number: 104605
Title: DAGNINI architetto : Un "mantovano" alla corte dello zar Nicola II
Author: Bardovskaja, Larisa V. ; Vladimiro Bertazzoni (eds)
Price: $9.00     ISBN: 9788857204284     More information

Item Number: 147896
Title: Fonthill Recovered: A Cultural History
Author: Dakers, Caroline (ed)
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9781787350465     More information

Item Number: 148573
Title: Fonthill Recovered: A Cultural History
Author: Dakers, Caroline (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781787350472     More information

Item Number: 102323
Title: La montagna rivelata : Fotografie di grandi viaggiatori e alpinisti tra '800 e '900
Author: Vanzella, Eva
Price: $16.88     ISBN: 9788857201306     More information

Item Number: 148160
Title: Where Is All My Relation? The Poetics of DAVE THE POTTER
Author: Chaney, Michael A
Price: $74.00     ISBN: 9780199390205     More information

Item Number: 146755
Title: Consumptive Chic : A History of Beauty, Fashion, and Disease
Author: Day, Carolyn A
Price: $94.00     ISBN: 9781350009387     More information

Item Number: 146756
Title: Consumptive Chic : A History of Beauty, Fashion, and Disease
Author: Day, Carolyn A
Price: $31.95     ISBN: 9781350009370     More information

Item Number: 116381
Title: La Mortola e Thomas Hanbury : Atti della Giornata di studi, 23 novembre 2007
Author: De Cupis, Francesca ; Elena Ragusa (eds)
Price: $7.00     ISBN: 9788842218821     More information

Item Number: 144524
Title: Fashion in European Art: Dress and Identity, Politics and the Body, 1775-1925
Author: de Young, Justine (ed)
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9781784534622     More information

Item Number: 144624
Title: Facture: Conservation, Science, Art History, Volume 3 : DEGAS
Author: Barbour, Daphne ; Suzanne Quillen Lomax (eds)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780300230116     More information

Item Number: 143268
Title: DEGAS, Impressionism, and the Paris Millinery Trade
Author: Bell, Esther ; Simon Kelly (et al)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9783791356211     More information

Item Number: 145250
Title: Drawn in Colour : DEGAS at the Burrell Collection
Author: Hamilton, Vivien (et al)
Price: $20.00     ISBN: 9781857096255     More information

Item Number: 128843
Title: DEGAS' Little Dancer Aged Fourteen : The Earlier Version That Helped Spark the Birth of Modern Art
Author: Hedberg, Gregory
Price: $67.50     ISBN: 9783897903920     More information

Item Number: 145240
Title: DEGAS : A Passion for Perfection
Author: Munro, Jane
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300228236     More information

Item Number: 124848
Title: Venturi, Tura, Sacilotto : 170 anni di lavorazione del marmo tra Bologna, Pietrasanta e Caracas
Author: Degiovanni, Cecilia ; Roberto Martorelli (eds)
Price: $6.50     More information

Item Number: 112674
Title: La terza cappelluccia sul monte Ingino secondoil progetto di Luigi DEL MORO : Disegni, documenti e altre testimonianze
Author: Sannipoli, Ettore A (ed)
Price: $3.90     ISBN: 9788889398623     More information

Item Number: 58253
Title: La Llotja del Canem : Un edifici recuperat per la ciutat
Author: de Rey, Miguel ; Rebecca Moya (eds
Price: $12.50     ISBN: 9788480216432     More information

Item Number: 148412
Author: Allard, Sebastien (et al)
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9782754114431     More information

Item Number: 148416
Author: Allard, Sebastien (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781588396518     More information

Item Number: 146817
Title: DELACROIX Drawings: The Karen B. Cohen Collection of Eugène Delacroix
Author: Dunn, Ashey ; Colta Ives ; Marjorie Shelley
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781588396808     More information

Item Number: 148755
Title: DELACROIX : New and Expanded Edition
Author: Jobert, Barthelemy
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780691182360     More information

Item Number: 147539
Title: Exiled in Modernity: DELACROIX, Civilization, and Barbarism
Author: O'Brien, David
Price: $89.95     ISBN: 9780271078595     More information

Item Number: 147175
Author: Vignot, Edwart
Price: $52.50     ISBN: 9782809915358     More information

Item Number: 112385
Title: L'anima e la musica : L'esperienza Romantica e l'eta del Risorgimento
Author: Della Seta, Fabrizio (et al)
Price: $5.70     ISBN: 9788836620111     More information

Item Number: 142690
Title: Painting a Nation: American Art at Shelburne Museum
Author: Denenberg, Thomas (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780847859580     More information

Item Number: 148401
Title: THOMAS WILMER DEWING : Beauty into Art : A Catalogue Raisonne
Author: Hobbs, Susan A
Price: $300.00     ISBN: 9780300219210     More information

Item Number: 85323
Title: GIACOMO DI CHIRICO tra storia e realta (1844-1883)
Author: Valente, Isabella (ed)
Price: $9.50     ISBN: 9788884581082     More information

Item Number: 121533
Title: Sacralità domestica : Santi in terracotta tra Ottocento e Novecento nella Collezione Vestita
Author: Di Palo, Francesco ; Simone Mirto
Price: $7.30     ISBN: 9788884314949     More information

Item Number: 148055
Title: British Women and Cultural Practices of Empire, 1770-1940
Author: Dias, Rosie ; Kate Smith (eds)
Price: $130.00     ISBN: 9781501332159     More information

Item Number: 146487
Title: Genoveva von Brabant : Ein romantisches Schlüsselthema in der bildenden Kunst des 19. Jahrhunderts
Author: Dingerdissen, Ulf
Price: $80.99     ISBN: 9783110521108     More information

Item Number: 144972
Title: Empire and Art : British India
Author: Dohmen, Renate (ed)
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9781526122940     More information

Item Number: 117796
Title: Paisajes de Valencia
Author: Dominguez, Javier
Price: $13.70     ISBN: 9788493722180     More information

Item Number: 147938
Author: Lyons, Harry
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781851498826     More information

Item Number: 145492
Title: Victorian Staffordshire Pottery Religious Figures
Author: Duckworth, Stephen
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781851498710     More information

Item Number: 148604
Title: The Oxford Handbook of British Romanticism
Author: Duff, David (ed)
Price: $145.00     ISBN: 9780199660896     More information

Item Number: 147662
Title: Selling Andrew Jackson : RALPH E.W. EARL and the Politics of Portraiture
Author: Stephens, Rachel
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781611178661     More information

Item Number: 144213
Title: Museum of the Southwest : Selections from the Permanent Collection
Author: Earle, Wendy (et al)
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9780997858907     More information

Item Number: 145856
Title: Im Spiegel der Geschichte : Realistische Historienmalerei in Westeuropa 1830-1900
Author: Eberle, Matthias
Price: $78.00     ISBN: 9783777427980     More information

Item Number: 47833
Title: Eclettismo e Miniere: Riflessi europei nell'architettura e nella societa sarda tra '800 e '900. Mostra fotografica e documentaria
Price: $5.95     More information

Item Number: 133178
Title: The Extraordinary Archive of Arthur J. Munby: Photographing Class and Gender in the Nineteenth Century
Author: Edge, Sarah
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9781780766973     More information

Item Number: 148017
Title: Fashioned Texts and Painted Books : Nineteenth-Century French Fan Poetry
Author: Edgington, Erin E
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781469635774     More information

Item Number: 133830
Title: CHARLES ELLEMBERG lanternista : Il giro del mondo in 48 secondI
Author: Regini, Paolo (et al)
Price: $5.79     ISBN: 9788836630141     More information

Item Number: 144521
Title: Slavery in the City: Architecture and Landscapes of Urban Slavery in North America
Author: Ellis, Clifton ; Rebecca Ginsburg (eds)
Price: $32.50     ISBN: 9780813940052     More information

Item Number: 148118
Title: Victorian Radicals: From the Pre-Raphaelites to the Arts & Crafts Movement
Author: Martin, Ellis (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791357638     More information

Item Number: 142599
Title: JAMES ENSOR, Occasional Modernist : Ensor’s artistic and social ideas and of the interpretation of his art
Author: Todts, Herwig
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9782503570303     More information

Item Number: 148614
Title: Life Along The Hudson: The Historic Country Estates of the Livingston Family
Author: Estersohn, Pieter
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9780847863235     More information

Item Number: 144195
Title: FABERGE : The Mcferrin Collection
Author: McFerrin, Dorothy ; Jennifer McFerrin-Bohner
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9780692762172     More information

Item Number: 147444
Title: FABERGE : His Masters and Artisans
Author: Tillander-Godenhielm, Ulla
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781911604204     More information

Item Number: 144963
Title: FABERGE and the Russian Crafts Tradition: An Empire's Legacy
Author: Trombly, Margaret
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780500480229     More information

Item Number: 147142
Title: FABERGE Rediscovered
Author: Zeisler, Wilfried
Price: $44.95     ISBN: 9781911282167     More information

Item Number: 138815
Title: L'Affichomania: The Passion for French Posters
Author: Falino, Jeannine (et al)
Price: $32.50     ISBN: 9780578168029     More information

Item Number: 145049
Title: Shadows of War: ROGER FENTON's Photographs of the Crimea, 1855
Author: Gordon, Sophie
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781909741386     More information

Item Number: 112423
Title: De Renoir à Szafran - Parcours d'un collectionneur
Author: Ferretti-Bocquillon, Marina ; Fanny Guillon-Laffaille ; David Butcher
Price: $16.50     ISBN: 9782884431316     More information

Item Number: 145146
Title: Bellevue: Robert Zünd (1827–1909)—Tobias Madörin (*1965)
Author: Fetzer, Fanni (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783858815552     More information

Item Number: 147988
Title: Movable Types : Roving Creative Printers of the Victorian World
Author: Finkelstein, David
Price: $78.00     ISBN: 9780198826026     More information

Item Number: 148856
Title: Art in the Making
Author: Fischer, Chris
Price: $68.95     ISBN: 9788775510894     More information

Item Number: 140524
Title: L'Aprile di FONTANESI : La Rivoluzione del Paesaggio
Author: Dragone, Piergiorgio (et al)
Price: $11.00     More information

Item Number: 147387
Title: FORTUNY (1838-1874)
Author: Baron, Javier (ed)
Price: $72.50     ISBN: 9788484803713     More information

Item Number: 148442
Title: Exposing Slavery: Photography, Human Bondage, and the Birth of Modern Visual Politics in America
Author: Fox-Amato, Matthew
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780190663933     More information

Item Number: 143728
Title: Les inventions photographiques du paysage
Author: Frangne, Pierre-Henry ; Patricia Limido (eds)
Price: $23.75     ISBN: 9782753551367     More information

Item Number: 145247
Title: In Concert! Musical Instruments in Art, 1860-1910
Author: Frank, Frederic ; Belinda Thomson
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780300230093     More information

Item Number: 141048
Title: Mediterranean Encounters: Artists Between Europe and the Ottoman Empire, 1774-1839
Author: Fraser, Elisabeth
Price: $89.95     ISBN: 9780271073200     More information

Item Number: 147290
Title: FRANK FURNESS : Architecture in the Age of the Great Machines
Author: Thomas, George E
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9780812249521     More information

Item Number: 146126
Title: Victoria's Lost Pavilion : From Nineteenth-Century Aesthetics to Digital Humanities
Author: Fyfe, Paul (et al)
Price: $54.99     ISBN: 9781349951949     More information

Item Number: 144839
Title: FÜSSLI Nachtmahr : Traum und Wahnsinn
Author: Busch, Werner ; Petra Maisak (eds)
Price: $32.50     ISBN: 9783731904458     More information

Item Number: 148463
Title: Arts and Crafts Jewelry in Boston
Author: Gadsden, Nonie
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780878468577     More information

Item Number: 123927
Title: L'immagine tra materiale e virtuale : Contributi in onore di Silvia Bordini
Author: Gallo, Francesca ; Claudio Zambianchi (eds)
Price: $9.50     ISBN: 9788888168883     More information

Item Number: 134368
Title: Il viaggio in Italia di GIOVANNI GARGIOLLI : Le origini del Gabinetto Fotografico Nazionale 1895-1913
Author: Marsicola, Clemente
Price: $17.00     ISBN: 9788890507243     More information

Item Number: 145613
Title: GAUGUIN's Challenge : New Perspectives After Postmodernism
Author: Broude, Norma (ed)
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9781501325151     More information

Item Number: 147797
Title: GAUGUIN's Challenge : New Perspectives After Postmodernism
Author: Broude, Norma (ed)
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9781501342509     More information

Item Number: 148537
Title: The GAUGUIN Atlas
Author: Denekamp, Nienke
Price: $22.50     ISBN: 9780300237269     More information

Item Number: 143499
Title: GAUGUIN : Artist as Alchemist
Author: Groom, Gloria (ed)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300217018     More information

Item Number: 148106
Title: GAUGUIN : A Spiritual Journey
Author: Hellmich, Christina (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9783791357959     More information

Item Number: 146591
Title: Danish Neo-Antique Furniture: From Abildgaard to Kaare Klint
Author: Gelfer-Jorgensen, Mirjam
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9788763545723     More information

Item Number: 148964
Title: GERICAULT: Les Carnets de Chantilly
Author: Garnier-Pelle, Nicole
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9782878442502     More information

Item Number: 145618
Title: JEAN-LEON GEROME and the Crisis of History Painting in the 1850s
Author: Cakmak, Gulru
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9781786940674     More information

Item Number: 147795
Title: Experiencing Architecture in the Nineteenth Century : Buildings and Society in the Modern Age
Author: Gillin, Edward ; Horatio H. Joyce (eds)
Price: $114.00     ISBN: 9781350045941     More information

Item Number: 146136
Title: The Victorian Palace of Science : Scientific Knowledge and the Building of the Houses of Parliament
Author: Gillin, Edward J
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9781108419666     More information

Item Number: 147215
Title: Spain in the nineteenth century : New essays on experiences of culture and society
Author: Ginger, Andrew ; Geraldine Lawless (eds)
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9781526124746     More information

Item Number: 146993
Title: Set in Stone: Lithography in Paris, 1815-1900: Prints and Posters from the Zimmerli Art Museum Collection
Author: Giviskos, Christine
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783777429946     More information

Item Number: 146179
Title: Taking Sides With the Sun: Landscape Photographer : HERBERT W. GLEASON : a Biography
Author: Schwie, Dale R
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781935666967     More information

Item Number: 148761
Title: J.W. GODWARD 1861-1922 : The Eclipse of Classicism
Author: Swanson, Vern G
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781851499038     More information

Item Number: 51999
Title: Geeft Acht! Het militaire genre in de negentiende eeuw
Price: $3.95     ISBN: 9040082677     More information

Item Number: 148929
Title: GOETHE et Chateaubriand : Regards croisés devant les paysages : Blicke die sich in der Landschaft begegnen
Author: Degout, Bernard
Price: $39.50     ISBN: 9788836638642     More information

Item Number: 146005
Title: Hasidic Art and the Kabbalah
Author: Goldman-Ida, Batsheva
Price: $216.00     ISBN: 9789004287709     More information

Item Number: 112433
Title: GOYA
Author: Bozal, Valeriano
Price: $7.60     ISBN: 9788477749851     More information

Item Number: 133262
Title: Leitbilder einer Nation : zur Geschichte der Berliner Nationalgalerie
Author: Grabowski, Jörn
Price: $13.70     ISBN: 9783412224431     More information

Item Number: 114230
Title: 'Dactyliothecae cataloniae': El colleccionisme de gliptica a Catalunya abans de 1900
Author: Graells i Fabregat, Raimon
Price: $9.00     ISBN: 9788484093657     More information

Item Number: 146163
Title: Critics, Coteries, and Pre-Raphaelite Celebrity
Author: Graham, Wendy
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780231180207     More information

Item Number: 146077
Title: African Photographer J. A. GREEN : Reimagining the Indigenous and the Colonial
Author: Anderson, Martha G. ; Lisa Aronson (eds)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780253028952     More information

Item Number: 143364
Title: Victorian Photography, Literature and the Invention of Modern Memory: Already the Past
Author: Green-Lewis, Jennifer
Price: $114.00     ISBN: 9781474263085     More information

Item Number: 146144
Title: Mystical Symbolism: The Salon de la Rose+croix in Paris, 1892-1897
Author: Greene, Vivien
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780892075270     More information

Item Number: 147872
Title: Echo Room : Thorvaldsen, Willumsen, Jorn and Their Collections
Author: Gregersen, Anne (ed)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9783775743662     More information

Item Number: 147000
Title: Towards Impressionism: Landscape Painting from Corot to Monet
Author: Greub, Suzanne (ed)
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9783777429731     More information

Item Number: 146668
Title: The Image of Edward the Black Prince in Georgian and Victorian England : Negotiating the Late Medieval Past
Author: Gribling, Barbara
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9780861933426     More information

Item Number: 147508
Title: La Venezia dei GRUBACS
Author: Magani, Fabrizio (ed)
Price: $52.50     ISBN: 9788887186000     More information

Item Number: 144092
Title: Aesthetic Transcendentalism in Emerson, Peirce, and Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Painting
Author: Guardiano, Nicholas
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9781498524537     More information

Item Number: 147532
Title: PIERRE GUERIN (1774 - 1833)
Author: Korchane, Mehdi
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9791092054705     More information

Item Number: 144661
Title: Farm Street: The Story of the Jesuits' Church in London
Author: Hall, Michael (et al)
Price: $52.95     ISBN: 9781910787649     More information

Item Number: 148061
Title: Sissi’s World : The Empress Elisabeth in Memory and Myth
Author: Hametz, Maura E. ; Heidi Schlipphacke (eds)
Price: $130.00     ISBN: 9781501313448     More information

Item Number: 147604
Title: HAMMERSHOI in the David Collection
Author: Wivel, Henrik
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9788792949998     More information

Item Number: 147350
Title: Klimt and Schiele: Drawings
Author: Hanson, Katie
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780878468522     More information

Item Number: 147819
Title: The Most Glorious Prospect : Garden Visiting in Wales 1639-1900
Author: Harden, Bettina
Price: $36.95     ISBN: 9781910862629     More information

Item Number: 147034
Title: Paper Promises - Early American Photography
Author: Harris, Mazie M
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781606065495     More information

Item Number: 144689
Title: Democratising Beauty in Nineteenth-Century Britain : Art and the Politics of Public Life
Author: Hartley, Lucy
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9781107184084     More information

Item Number: 148883
Title: Clarence House
Author: Hartshorne, Pamela
Price: $7.95     ISBN: 9781785511431     More information

Item Number: 144948
Title: Architekturlandschaft Niederösterreich – 1848 bis 1918. Lower Austria - The Architectural Landscape 1848 to 1918
Author: Hauenfels, Theresia (et al)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9783038600480     More information

Item Number: 144947
Title: Paris HAUSSMANN : A Model’s Relevance
Author: Jallon, Benoit (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783038600527     More information

Item Number: 148227
Title: Algebraic Art : Mathematical Formalism and Victorian Culture
Author: Henderson, Andrea K
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780198809982     More information

Item Number: 148612
Title: Buckingham Palace: The Interiors
Author: Hicks, Ashley
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780847863198     More information

Item Number: 145385
Author: Forrer, Matthi
Price: $149.00     ISBN: 9783791382654     More information

Item Number: 144490
Title: "Sicile Ancienne" : HITTORFF and the architecture of classical Sicily
Author: Kiene, Michael ; Lorenzo Lazzarini ; Clemente Marconi
Price: $37.50     ISBN: 9783934596941     More information

Item Number: 147460
Title: 1823 HITTORFF a Messina : La scoperta di una città nuova
Author: Kiene, Michael ; Michela D'Angelo ; Massimo Lo Curzio
Price: $62.50     ISBN: 9788878204737     More information

Item Number: 148027
Title: FERDINAND HODLER et Le Leman : Chefs-d'oeuvre de collections privees suisses
Author: Blome, Diana ; Niklaus Manuel Güdel (eds)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783775744133     More information

Item Number: 132072
Title: FERDINAND HODLER: Catalogue raisonné der Gemälde. Band 3: Die Figurenbilder
Author: Bätschmann, Oskar ; Monika Brunner ; Bernadette Walter
Price: $720.00     ISBN: 9783858812568     More information

Item Number: 132073
Title: FERDINAND HODLER: Catalogue raisonné der Gemälde. Band 4: Biografie und Dokumente
Author: Bätschmann, Oskar ; Monika Brunner ; Bernadette Walter
Price: $400.00     ISBN: 9783858812575     More information

Item Number: 147062
Title: FERDINAND HODLER : Wahlverwandtschaften von Klimt bis Schiele / Elective Affinities from Klimt to Schiele
Author: Wipplinger, Hans-Peter (ed)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783960982203     More information

Item Number: 145103
Title: HOKUSAI : Beyond the Great Wave
Author: Clark, Timothy (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780500094068     More information

Item Number: 147422
Title: HOKUSAI : Eccentric Master
Author: Menegazzo, Rossella
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9788857236940     More information

Item Number: 146822
Title: The Pre-Raphaelites and Science
Author: Holmes, John
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300232066     More information

Item Number: 144304
Title: For Art's Sake : The Aesthetic Movement in Print & Beyond 1870-1890, from the Collection of Eric Holzenber
Author: Holzenberg, Eric
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781605830643     More information

Item Number: 145249
Title: Coming Away : WINSLOW HOMER and England
Author: Athens, Elizabeth (et al)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780300229905     More information

Item Number: 146818
Title: WINSLOW HOMER and the Camera : Photography and the Art of Painting
Author: Byrd, Dana E. ; Frank H. Goodyear III
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300214550     More information

Item Number: 146132
Title: WINSLOW HOMER : From Poetry to Fiction : The Engraved Works : An illustrated checklist with interpretive notes
Author: Riedel, Cristin (ed)
Price: $58.00     ISBN: 9780692806098     More information

Item Number: 146131
Title: WINSLOW HOMER : From Poetry to Fiction : The Engraved Works : Illuminated with Period Photographs
Author: Riedel, Cristin (ed)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9780578150505     More information

Item Number: 146480
Title: Picturing War in France, 1792–1856
Author: Hornstein, Katie
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9780300228267     More information

Item Number: 147619
Title: Romantische Blick - Deutsche Zeichnungen des 19. Jahrhunderts
Author: Hübner, Christine (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783731906011     More information

Item Number: 148253
Title: Stones to Stains : The Drawings of VICTOR HUGO
Author: Burlingham, Cynthia (ed)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9783791357645     More information

Item Number: 147877
Title: VICTOR HUGO : Der schwarze Romantiker : The Dark Romanticist
Author: Wipplinger, Hans-Peter ; Ivan Ristic
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783960982197     More information

Item Number: 147412
Title: I'm Not Myself at All : Women, Art, and Subjectivity in Canada
Author: Huneault, Kristina
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780773553194     More information

Item Number: 142625
Title: The Engravings of Charles and George HUNT 1820 - 1870: Racing, Coaching, Hunting, Landscapes & Caricatures
Author: Hickman, John
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9781910065976     More information

Item Number: 144902
Title: WILLIAM HENRY HUNT : Country People
Author: Selborne, Joanna ; Christina Payne
Price: $16.95     ISBN: 9781911300236     More information

Item Number: 148353
Title: COLIN HUNTER and the Holland Park Set: His Life and His Melbury Road Home
Author: Bell, Godfrey
Price: $37.95     ISBN: 9781911604549     More information

Item Number: 146349
Title: The Printed and the Built : Architecture, Print Culture, and Public Debate in the Nineteenth Century
Author: Hvattum, Mari ; Anne Hultzsch (eds)
Price: $102.00     ISBN: 9781350038417     More information

Item Number: 146350
Title: The Printed and the Built : Architecture, Print Culture, and Public Debate in the Nineteenth Century
Author: Hvattum, Mari ; Anne Hultzsch (eds)
Price: $33.95     ISBN: 9781350038400     More information

Item Number: 148043
Title: Coastal Cultures of the Long Nineteenth Century
Author: Ingleby, Matthew ; Matthew P.M. Kerr (eds)
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9781474435734     More information

Item Number: 146613
Title: INGRES, Granet et la reine de Naples
Author: Toscano, Gennaro
Price: $52.50     ISBN: 9782353402632     More information

Item Number: 120157
Title: GIOVANNI INSOM (1775-1855) : Uno scultore trentino a Firenze
Author: Dal Pra, Laura ; Luciana Giacomelli
Price: $1.85     ISBN: 9788877023261     More information

Item Number: 145074
Title: The Enchanted World of German Romantic Prints, 1770–1850
Author: Ittmann, John (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300197624     More information

Item Number: 146478
Title: Public Parks, Private Gardens : Paris to Provence
Author: Ives, Colta
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781588395849     More information

Item Number: 148426
Title: The Caesar of Paris: Napoleon Bonapart, Rome, and the Artistic Obsession that Shaped an Empire
Author: Jaques, Susan
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781681778693     More information

Item Number: 148873
Title: Say it with Flowers! Viennese Flower Painting from Waldmüller to Klimt
Author: Johannsen, Rolf H. ; Stella Rollig (eds)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791357928     More information

Item Number: 141377
Title: CHARLES ELLIS JOHNSON and the Erotic Mormon Image
Author: Campbell, Mary
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780226373690     More information

Item Number: 148874
Title: Contemplating Character: Portrait Drawings and Oil Sketches from Jacques-Louis David to Lucian Freud
Author: Johnson, Robert Flynn (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781938901805     More information

Item Number: 148015
Title: JONGKIND & vrienden. Monet, Boudin, Daubigny en anderen
Author: de Bodt, Saskia (et al)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9789068687439     More information

Item Number: 147014
Title: The Dutch In Paris 1789 - 1914
Author: Jonkman, Mayken (et al)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9789068687422     More information

Item Number: 144231
Title: Color in the Age of Impressionism : Commerce, Technology, and Art
Author: Kalba, Laura Anne
Price: $84.95     ISBN: 9780271077000     More information

Item Number: 147927
Title: JEAN-JACQUES KARPFF (1770-1829) 'Visez au sublime'
Author: von der Brüggen, Viktoria ; Raphael Mariani
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9782754109987     More information

Item Number: 110004
Title: The Madonna of the Prickly Pear Cactus : Tradition and Innovation in 19th- and 20th-century Christian Art in the Holy Land
Author: Kenaan-Kedar, Nurith
Price: $3.50     ISBN: 9789652173171     More information

Item Number: 146134
Title: Synagogues In Hungary, 1782-1918
Author: lein, Rudolf
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9786155445088     More information

Item Number: 144889
Title: KOKUSAI THE GENIUS and Stag-antler Carving in Japan
Author: Moss, Paul
Price: $1,000.00     ISBN: 9781912168033     More information

Item Number: 147671
Title: Platz-Architekturen : Kontinuität und Wandel öffentlicher Stadträume vom 19. Jahrhundert bis in die Gegenwart
Author: Kossel, Elmar ; Brigitte Sölch (eds)
Price: $79.50     ISBN: 9783422074576     More information

Item Number: 148219
Title: Expression and Sensibility. Art Technological Sources and the Rise of Modernism
Author: Krekel, Christoph (et al)
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9781909492561     More information

Item Number: 148601
Title: Traverser la peinture. Diderot - Baudelaire
Author: Kremer, Nathalie
Price: $140.00     ISBN: 9789004367937     More information

Item Number: 145422
Title: CHRISTIAN KROGH's Naturalism
Author: Sjastad, Oystein
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780295742069     More information

Item Number: 104724
Title: Les Gravures du Grand-Saint-Bernard et sa région : Collection de la Fondation Pierre Gianadda
Author: Künzi, Frederic
Price: $7.50     ISBN: 9782884431194     More information

Item Number: 147428
Title: UTAGAWA KUNIYOSHI : The Visionary of the Floating World
Author: Menegazzo, Rossella
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9788857236896     More information

Item Number: 146264
Author: Thompson, Sarah E. (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780878468478     More information

Item Number: 142232
Title: Das zusammengedraengte Gedenken : LEOPOLD KUPELWIESERS Freskenzyklus in der Niederösterreichischen Statthaltere
Author: Eyb-Green, Sigrid
Price: $31.00     ISBN: 9783990280751     More information

Item Number: 146143
Title: EDWIN LANDSEER : The Monarch of the Glen
Author: Baker, Christopher
Price: $14.95     ISBN: 9781911054177     More information

Item Number: 148082
Title: Impressionist Treasures - The Ordrupgaard Collection
Author: Lang, Paul
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9788874398119     More information

Item Number: 147677
Title: Interior decorating in nineteenth-century France : The visual culture of a new profession
Author: Lasc. Anca I
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9781526113382     More information

Item Number: 147960
Title: New York, Art and Cultural Capital of the Gilded Age
Author: Laster, Margaret R. ; Chelsea Bruner (eds)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781138493629     More information

Item Number: 148014
Title: Impressionism & beyond : A Wonderful Journey
Author: Leeman, Fred (et al)
Price: $42.50     ISBN: 9789068687521     More information

Item Number: 146991
Title: Innovative Impressions: Cassatt, Degas, and Pissarro as Painter-Printmakers
Author: Lees, Sarah
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9783777429786     More information

Item Number: 131974
Title: Die schwarze Kunst : Meisterwerke der Schabkunst
Author: Leitner-Ruhe, Karin (et al)
Price: $9.00     ISBN: 9783902095527     More information

Item Number: 145261
Title: Plaster Monuments: Architecture and the Power of Reproduction
Author: Lending, Mari
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780691177144     More information

Item Number: 147599
Title: Photography and Other Media in the Nineteenth Century
Author: Leonardi, Nicoletta ; Simone Natale (eds)
Price: $94.95     ISBN: 9780271079158     More information

Item Number: 148882
Title: The Architecture under King Ludwig II – Palaces and Factories
Author: Lepik, Andres ; Katrin Bäumler
Price: $45.99     ISBN: 9783035615364     More information

Item Number: 146183
Title: Transatlantic Revolutionary Cultures, 1789-1861
Author: Lerg, Charlotte A. ; Helena Toth (eds)
Price: $134.00     ISBN: 9789004349537     More information

Item Number: 148783
Title: Graphic Culture : Illustration and Artistic Enterprise in Paris, 1830-1848
Author: Lerner, Jillian Taylor
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780773554559     More information

Item Number: 145486
Title: Victorian and Georgian Games from the Liman Collection
Author: Liman, Ellen
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781938461439     More information

Item Number: 140730
Title: Los palacios de los Duques de Montpensier : arquitectura y metamorfosis urbana en Villamanrique, Sanlúcar de Barrameda y Castilleja de la Cuesta
Author: Linares Gomez del Pulgar, Mercedes ; Antonio Tejedor Cabrera
Price: $15.00     ISBN: 9788447218264     More information

Item Number: 128507
Title: Kunst und Caritas : Leben und Werk der Kunstsammlerin, Mäzenin und Malerin EMILIE LINDER
Author: Bischoff, Teresa
Price: $18.50     ISBN: 9783865688293     More information

Item Number: 147125
Title: A Communion of Shadows : Religion and Photography in Nineteenth-Century America
Author: Lindsey, Rachel McBride
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9781469636481     More information

Item Number: 147194
Title: Consuming Identities : Visual Culture in Nineteenth-Century San Francisco
Author: Lippert, Amy DeFalco
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9780190268978     More information

Item Number: 142843
Title: Mystical Landscapes: From Vincent van Gogh to Emily Carr
Author: Lochnan, Katharine (et al
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9783791356006     More information

Item Number: 148417
Title: GUSTAVE LOISEAU 1865-1935 : Paysages d'Île-de-France et de Normandie
Author: Duvivier, Christophe ; Claude Cornu
Price: $42.95     ISBN: 9782757213841     More information

Item Number: 73149
Title: VICENTE LOPEZ [La invencion de un cuadro de historia]
Price: $3.20     ISBN: 8487184693     More information

Item Number: 147011
Title: Building reputations : Architecture and the artisan, 1750–1830
Author: Lucey, Conor
Price: $115.00     ISBN: 9781526119940     More information

Item Number: 147077
Title: Confidential Experiments: The Still Lifes of OZIAS LUDUC
Author: Lacroix, Laurier
Price: $15.00     ISBN: 9782921801645     More information

Item Number: 148805
Title: Palace of State: The Eisenhower Executive Office Building
Author: Luebke, Thomas E. (ed)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781625343628     More information

Item Number: 146522
Title: Crafting Excellence : The Furniture of NATHAN LUMBARD and His Circle
Author: Jackson, Christie (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300232950     More information

Item Number: 145030
Title: A Perfect Chemistry : Photographs by Hill and Adamson
Author: Lyden, Anne M
Price: $37.50     ISBN: 9781911054047     More information

Item Number: 145610
Title: CHARLES RENNIE MACKINTOSH and the Art of the Four
Author: Billcliffe, Roger
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780711236844     More information

Item Number: 145082
Title: Women Artists in Paris, 1850-1900
Author: Madeline, Laurence (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300223934     More information

Item Number: 146041
Title: Victorian Orientalism: Identity and Cultural Imperialism in the Nineteenth Century
Author: Maier, Bernhard
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9781780768144     More information

Item Number: 143281
Title: Another World : Nineteenth-Century Illustrated Print Culture
Author: Mainardi, Patricia
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300219067     More information

Item Number: 142145
Title: Da Torino a Madrid Acquerelli dalla collezione di Amedeo d’Aosta Re di Spagna
Author: Mana, Luca
Price: $11.00     ISBN: 9788873366218     More information

Item Number: 147041
Title: Art and War in the Pacific World : Making, Breaking, and Taking from Anson's Voyage to the Philippine-American War
Author: Mancini, J.M
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780520294516     More information

Item Number: 145887
Title: MANET : A Symbolic Revolution
Author: Bourdieu, Pierre ; Peter Collier (trans.) ; Margaret Rigaud-Drayton (trans)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781509500093     More information

Item Number: 145760
Title: Growing Up with the Impressionists: The Diary of Julie Manet
Author: Manet, Julie ; Jane Roberts (trans)
Price: $24.50     ISBN: 9781784539245     More information

Item Number: 147164
Title: Looking at MANET
Author: Zola, Emile ; Robert Lethbridge (intro)
Price: $12.95     ISBN: 9781606065662     More information

Item Number: 145371
Title: California Mexicana : Missions to Murals, 1820–1930
Author: Manthorne, Katherine (ed)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780520296367     More information

Item Number: 145268
Title: The Rockies and the Alps: Bierstadt, Calame and the Romance of the Mountains
Author: Manthorne, Katherine (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781907804960     More information

Item Number: 146447
Author: Bionda, Richard
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9789462083813     More information

Item Number: 146982
Author: Reynaerts, Jenny (ed)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9789462083820     More information

Item Number: 147591
Title: MARIA MARTIN's World: Art and Science, Faith and Family in Audubon's America
Author: Lindsay, Debra J
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780817319519     More information

Item Number: 105613
Title: Mito e Bellezza : Lucca / Roma / Parigi
Author: Martinelli, Roberta ; Velia Gini Bartoli
Price: $19.70     ISBN: 9788837074487     More information

Item Number: 106353
Title: The Baths of Acqui : City Planning and Architecture for Treatment and Leisure
Author: Martini, Alessandro
Price: $15.99     ISBN: 9788842218319     More information

Item Number: 100444
Title: I MARTINORI : Scalpellini, inventory, imprenditori dalla citta dei papi a Roma capitale
Author: Ciranne, Simeontta
Price: $8.50     ISBN: 9788889505106     More information

Item Number: 148373
Title: Southern Splendor : Saving Architectural Treasures of the Old South
Author: Matrana, Marc R. ; Robin S. Lattimore
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781496811004     More information

Item Number: 143456
Title: La moda femenina en los retratos del museo Thyssen-Bornemisza
Author: Maureta Checa, Amalia ; Carmel Del Ojo Carrera
Price: $13.98     ISBN: 9788416760299     More information

Item Number: 140549
Title: Japan in Early Photographs : The Aimé Humbert Collection at the Museum of Ethnography, Neuchâtel
Author: Mayor, Gregoire ; Tani Akiyoshi
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9783897900271     More information

Item Number: 147150
Title: A Paris Life, A Baltimore Treasure: The Remarkable Lives of George A. Lucas and His Art Collection
Author: Mazaroff, Stanley
Price: $64.95     ISBN: 9781421424446     More information

Item Number: 130070
Title: Benevento - I palazzi della prefettura e della provincia
Author: Mazza, Michele (et al)
Price: $47.00     ISBN: 9788895061719     More information

Item Number: 141657
Title: Cenacolo Belgioioso : I Ritratti
Author: Mazzocca, Fernando
Price: $27.50     ISBN: 9788876983757     More information

Item Number: 106761
Title: Il paesaggio dell'Ottocento a Villa Reale : Le raccolte dei musei lombardi tra Neoclassicismo e Simbolismo
Author: Mazzocca, Fernando (ed)
Price: $10.50     ISBN: 9788842218449     More information

Item Number: 147448
Title: Da De Nittis a Gemito : I napoletani a Parigi negli anni dell'Impressionismo
Author: Mazzocca, Fernando ; Luisa Martorelli
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9788863735239     More information

Item Number: 145420
Title: Picturing India : People, Places, and the World of the East India Company
Author: McAleer, John
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780295742939     More information

Item Number: 140865
Title: American Silver in the Art Institute of Chicago
Author: McGoey, Elizabeth (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300222364     More information

Item Number: 147683
Title: Modernism versus Traditionalism : Art in Paris, 1888-1889
Author: McKay, Gretchen K. (et al)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781469641263     More information

Item Number: 146176
Title: A Directory of Delaware Photographers, 1839-1900 and Beyond
Author: McKay, William A
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781584563631     More information

Item Number: 148305
Title: Radiant with Color & Art: MCLOUGHLIN Brothers and the Business of Picture Books, 1858-1920
Author: Hewes, Lauren B. ; Laura E. Wasowicz
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780692967119     More information

Item Number: 143839
Title: Splendours of the Subcontinent: A Prince's Tour of India, 1875-6
Author: Meghani, Kajal
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781909741423     More information

Item Number: 112669
Title: LUIGI FEDERICO MENABREA (1809-1896) : Scienza, ingegneria e architettura militare dal Regno di Sardegna al Regno d’Italia
Author: Fara, Amelio
Price: $9.90     ISBN: 9788822260703     More information

Item Number: 147499
Title: The California Missions
Author: Mendoza, Ruben G. ; Melba Levick (photos)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780847861514     More information

Item Number: 143916
Title: ADOLPH MENZEL : The Quest for Reality
Author: Busch, Werner
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781606065174     More information

Item Number: 148293
Title: Le conservatoire des arts et métiers : des origines à la fin de la restauration (1794-1830)
Author: Mercier, Alain
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9789461614254     More information

Item Number: 146423
Title: Tour de Suisse: Schweizer Kleinmeister aus der Sammlung Bernhard Neher
Author: Meyer, Monique ; Matthias Fischer (eds)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9783777429175     More information

Item Number: 117481
Title: Via Etnea e i suoi palazzi : Antica pianta del piano di Gioeni (1823), L'ultima gabella di palazzo Paterno alla Collegiata (1689), Dati catastalli (1844)
Author: Micciche, Elio
Price: $1.90     ISBN: 9788889930045     More information

Item Number: 147322
Title: GEORGES MICHEL 1763-1843, Le paysage sublime
Author: Luigjten, Ger ; Magali Briat-Philippe
Price: $52.50     ISBN: 9789078655268     More information

Item Number: 146493
Author: Milroy, Sarah ; Ian A.C. Dejardin (eds)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781781300619     More information

Item Number: 148471
Title: The MINARD System: The Graphical Works of Charles-Joseph Minard
Author: Rendgen, Sandra
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781616896331     More information

Item Number: 134107
Title: Napoleón y el espejo de la Antigüedad : arqueología de las imágenes del poder
Author: Minguez, Victor ; Inmaculada Rodríguez Moya (eds)
Price: $11.00     ISBN: 9788437094656     More information

Item Number: 142698
Title: A Day with CLAUDE MONET in Giverny
Author: Goetz, Adrien (et al)
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9782080203069     More information

Item Number: 124665
Title: Verso MONET: Storia del paesaggio dal Seicento al Novecento
Author: Goldin, Marco
Price: $22.00     ISBN: 9788836626281     More information

Item Number: 140859
Title: MONET : The Early Years
Author: Shackelford, George T.M. (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300221855     More information

Item Number: 145307
Title: MONET : Framing Life
Author: Shaw, Jill
Price: $20.00     ISBN: 9780300229172     More information

Item Number: 146680
Title: MONET & Architecture
Author: Thomson, Richard
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781857096170     More information

Item Number: 85366
Title: MICHELE MONTRONE e la pittura devota dell'Ottocento. Catalogo delle opere
Author: Cortone, Nicola
Price: $7.58     ISBN: 9788874700783     More information

Item Number: 146167
Title: High culture and tall chimneys : Art institutions and urban society in Lancashire, 1780–1914
Author: Moore, James
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9781784991470     More information

Item Number: 146966
Title: BERTHE MORISOT, Woman Impressionist
Author: Patry, Sylvie (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780847861316     More information

Item Number: 144132
Title: WILLIAM MORRIS and His Palace of Art: Architecture, Interiors and Design at Red House
Author: Wild, Tessa
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781781300558     More information

Item Number: 141949
Title: Byron Wolfe & Scott Brady: Phantom Skies and Shifting Ground : Landscape, Culture, and Rephotography in EADWEARD MUYBRIDGE's Lost Illustrations of Central America
Author: Brady, Scott ; Byron Wolfe
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781942185147     More information

Item Number: 146323
Title: The Great NADAR : The Man Behind the Camera
Author: Begley, Adam
Price: $28.00     ISBN: 9781101902608     More information

Item Number: 147230
Title: Black Out : Silhouettes Then and Now
Author: Naeem, Asma (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780691180588     More information

Item Number: 142027
Title: I disegni dell’orto botanico di Napoli
Author: Natale, Domenico
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9788856905045     More information

Item Number: 106530
Title: GIAMBATTISTA NICASTRO (1832-1903) : La vita e le opere
Author: Nicastro, Sikelia
Price: $34.00     ISBN: 9788889539163     More information

Item Number: 141918
Title: All Great Art is Praise: Art and Religion in John Ruskin
Author: Nichols, Aidan
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780813228921     More information

Item Number: 144313
Title: After 1851 : The material and visual cultures of the Crystal Palace of Sydenham
Author: Nichols, Kate ; Sarah Victoria Turner
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9780719096495     More information

Item Number: 146213
Title: Misère : The Visual Representtion of Misery in the 19th Century
Author: Nochlin, Linda
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780500239698     More information

Item Number: 148553
Title: MARIANNE NORTH : The Collection at Kew
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781842466650     More information

Item Number: 140872
Title: NOTMAN Visionary Photographer
Author: Samson, Helene ; Suzanne Sauvage
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300223675     More information

Item Number: 146957
Title: American Illuminations : Urban Lighting, 1800-1920
Author: Nye, David E
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780262037419     More information

Item Number: 148668
Title: Coming Home: Art and the Great Hunger
Author: O'Sullivan, Niamh (ed)
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9780997837483     More information

Item Number: 145690
Title: The Best Planned City in the World: OLMSTED, Vaux, and the Buffalo Park System
Author: Kowsky, Francis R
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781625342911     More information

Item Number: 145531
Title: Power and Posterity : American Art at Philadelphia’s 1876 Centennial Exhibition
Author: Orcutt, Kimberly
Price: $89.95     ISBN: 9780271078366     More information

Item Number: 148175
Title: John Ruskin : Le pietre di Venezia
Author: Ottani Cavina, Anna (ed)
Price: $59.50     ISBN: 9788831712651     More information

Item Number: 143367
Title: PELAGIO PALAGI : Decorateur des palais royaux de Turin et du Piemont (1832-1856)
Author: de Royere, Bertrand
Price: $115.00     ISBN: 9791092054675     More information

Item Number: 147335
Title: FANNY PALMER : The Life and Works of a Currier & Ives Artist
Author: Rubinstein, Charlotte Streifer ; Diann Benti (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780815610953     More information

Item Number: 144541
Title: Orientalist Lives : Western Artists in the Middle East, 1830-1920
Author: Parry, James
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9789774168352     More information

Item Number: 148224
Title: PASINI e l’Oriente : Luci e colori di terre lontane
Author: Roffi, Stefano
Price: $47.50     ISBN: 9788836639335     More information

Item Number: 146524
Title: Revision, Revival and Return : The Renaissance in the 19th Century
Author: Payne, Alina ; Linz Bolzoni
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9788899765491     More information

Item Number: 147687
Title: Air: Visualising the Invisible in British Art 1768-2017
Author: Payne, Christian ; Gemma Brace
Price: $42.50     ISBN: 9781911408130     More information

Item Number: 145068
Title: The Art of the PEALES in the Philadelphia Museum of Art : Adaptations and Innovations
Author: Soltis, Carol Eaton
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300229363     More information

Item Number: 144458
Title: Victorian and Edwardian British Industrial Architecture
Author: Pearson, Lynn
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781785001895     More information

Item Number: 147651
Title: Voglia d’Italia : il collezionismo internazionale nella Roma del Vittoriano
Author: Pellegrini, Emanuele (ed)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9788856906066     More information

Item Number: 140694
Title: CHARLES PERCIER : Architecture and Design in an Age of Revolutions
Author: Garric, Jean-Philippe (et al)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300221589     More information

Item Number: 140809
Title: The Architecture of PERCIER and Fontaine and the Struggle for Sovereignty in Revolutionary France
Author: Moon, Iris
Price: $160.00     ISBN: 9781472480163     More information

Item Number: 134068
Title: HENRY THOMAS PETERS e l'industria del mobile nell'Ottocento
Author: Rathschüler, Antonella
Price: $5.50     ISBN: 9788896430675     More information

Item Number: 116356
Title: Brera incontra il Puškin : Collezionismo russo tra Renoir e Matisse
Author: Petuchov, Aleksej ; Marina Bessonova
Price: $8.50     ISBN: 9788857210865     More information

Item Number: 148720
Title: Past Time: Geology in European and American Art
Author: Phagan, Patricia (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781911282365     More information

Item Number: 144585
Title: La Caricature, 1830-1835 : Lithographies complètes. An Illustrated Catalogue Raisonné of the Lithographs
Author: Philipon, Charles (et al)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781556603488     More information

Item Number: 145163
Title: Grand Illusions: Painted Interiors and North Carolina Architecture
Author: Phillips, Laura A.W
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780865264915     More information

Item Number: 147252
Title: Elegy Landscapes: Constable and Turner and the Intimate Sublime
Author: Plumly, Stanley
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780393651508     More information

Item Number: 110106
Title: Designs for Churches and Chapels
Author: POCOCK, W.F
Price: $8.00     ISBN: 9781904965299     More information

Item Number: 117716
Title: La sala dell'immacolata di Francesco PODESTI : storia di una committenza e di un restauro
Author: Forti, Micol
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9788882710859     More information

Item Number: 144719
Title: Florence: Capital of the Kingdom of Italy, 1865-71
Author: Poettinger, Monika ; Piero Roggi (eds)
Price: $122.00     ISBN: 9781350013988     More information

Item Number: 143684
Title: Modern Painters, Old Masters : The Art of Imitation from the Pre-Raphaelites to the First World War
Author: Prettejohn, Elizabeth
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300222753     More information

Item Number: 147566
Title: Victorian Giants : The Birth of Art Photography
Author: Prodger, Phillip
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781855147065     More information

Item Number: 143221
Title: Gothic Revival Worldwide : A.W.N. PUGIN’s Global Influence
Author: Brittain-Catlin, Timothy (et al)
Price: $79.00     ISBN: 9789462700918     More information

Item Number: 145444
Title: Victorian Watercolours
Author: Raissis, Peter
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781741741315     More information

Item Number: 120292
Title: Hermione rejetant Oreste, école française XIXe siècle
Author: Ramade, Patrick ; Christine d'Anterroches
Price: $4.50     ISBN: 9782901296256     More information

Item Number: 147924
Title: ODILON REDON : Literature and Music
Author: Gamboni, Dario ; Ted Gott (et al)
Price: $41.00     ISBN: 9789462084223     More information

Item Number: 147813
Title: REDOUTE : The Book of Flowers
Author: Lack, H. Walter
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9783836568937     More information

Item Number: 148732
Title: Photographic Literacy : Cameras in the Hands of Russian Authors
Author: Reischl, Katherine M. H
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781501724367     More information

Item Number: 148655
Title: OSCAR G. REJLANDER : Artist Photographer
Author: Pauli, Lori
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300237092     More information

Item Number: 145271
Title: RENOIR and Friends: Luncheon of the Boating Party
Author: Rathbone, Eliza E. (et al)
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9781911282006     More information

Item Number: 144961
Title: RENOIR : An Intimate Biography
Author: White, Barbara Ehrlich
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780500239575     More information

Item Number: 146446
Title: 1800-1900
Author: Reynaerts, Jenny (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9789462084001     More information

Item Number: 114577
Title: Historia del Palacio de la Isla de Burgos (1883-2010) : Del hotel de los Muguiro al Instituto Castellano y Leones de la Lengua
Author: Rilova Perez, Isaac
Price: $7.90     ISBN: 9788492909094     More information

Item Number: 148841
Title: L'art du pastel de Degas à Redon : Catalogue des collections de pastels du Petit Palais
Author: Rio, Gaelle
Price: $72.50     ISBN: 9782759603688     More information

Item Number: 140868
Title: Australia's Impressionists
Author: Riopelle, Christopher (et al)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781857096125     More information

Item Number: 147099
Title: Designers and Jewellery 1850–1940 : Jewellery and Metalwork from the Fitzwilliam Museum
Author: Ritchie, Helen
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9781781300671     More information

Item Number: 145862
Title: AUGUSTE RODIN : Erotische Aquarelle : Aquarelles erotiques : Erotic Watercolours
Author: Bonnet, Anne-Marie
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9783829608121     More information

Item Number: 144173
Title: The Sculpture of AUGUSTE RODIN at the Legion of Honor
Author: Chapman, Martin
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9783791356334     More information

Item Number: 146940
Title: RODIN and the art of ancient Greece: Inspiration for a modern master
Author: Farge, Celeste ; Benedicte Garnier ; Ian Jenkins
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780500480304     More information

Item Number: 140109
Title: RODIN & Dance: The Essence of the Movement
Author: Gerstein, Alexandra (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781907372995     More information

Item Number: 133649
Title: RODIN : Metamorphoses
Author: Lapeyre de Cabanes, Xavier (et al)
Price: $15.00     ISBN: 9789542815167     More information

Item Number: 147161
Author: Rilke, Rainer Maria ; Alexandria Parigoris (intro)
Price: $10.95     ISBN: 9781606065617     More information

Item Number: 146321
Title: Chief Engineer : WASHINGTON ROEBLING, The Man Who Built the Brooklyn Bridge
Author: Wagner, Erica
Price: $28.00     ISBN: 9781620400517     More information

Item Number: 147689
Title: JUANA ROMANI, La petite italienne : Da modella a pittrice nella parigi fin-de-siècle
Author: Nocca, Mauro (et al)
Price: $135.00     ISBN: 9788891316110     More information

Item Number: 146370
Title: Suffragist Artists in Partnership : Gender, Word and Image
Author: Rose, Lucy Ella
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9781474421454     More information

Item Number: 148072
Title: The Pont-Aven School - Cradle of the Modern Sensibility
Author: Rouart, Jean-Marie ; Estelle Guille des Buttes ; Adrien Goetz
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9788874398171     More information

Item Number: 125883
Title: Petite promenade en compagnie d’Eve
Author: Rousseau, Eloi
Price: $3.90     ISBN: 9788836626656     More information

Item Number: 147165
Title: Recollections of HENRI ROUSSEAU
Author: Uhde, Wilhelm ; Nancy Ireson (intro)
Price: $10.95     ISBN: 9781606065679     More information

Item Number: 145076
Title: An Album of Artists' Drawings from Qajar Iran
Author: Roxburgh, David J. (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300229189     More information

Item Number: 145096
Title: Technologies of the Image : Art in 19th-Century Iran
Author: Roxburgh, David J. ; Mary McWilliams (eds)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300229196     More information

Item Number: 140848
Title: National Gallery Technical Bulletin, Volume 37
Author: Roy, Ashok (et al)
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9781857096101     More information

Item Number: 137873
Title: Arte en Murcia : del romanticismo a la posmodernidad. Narración : del relato romántico al documentalismo contemporáneo
Author: Ruiz, Nacho (ed)
Price: $7.50     ISBN: 9788475646466     More information

Item Number: 131812
Title: L’oro nei secoli dalla collezione Castellani
Author: Russo, Alfonsina ; Ida Caruso (eds)
Price: $7.50     ISBN: 9788860606051     More information

Item Number: 118197
Title: Artedonna. Cento anni di arte femminile in Sicilia 1850-1950
Author: Ruta, Anna Maria
Price: $22.00     ISBN: 9788897298045     More information

Item Number: 144984
Title: Women Walking: Freedom, Adventure, Independence
Author: Sagner, Karin
Price: $22.95     ISBN: 9780789212863     More information

Item Number: 139116
Title: La mode retrouvée : Les robes trésors de la comtesse Greffulhe
Author: Saillard, Olivier (et al)
Price: $33.75     ISBN: 9782759603053     More information

Item Number: 147247
Title: The Andrew Low House
Author: Sammons, Tania
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9780820353982     More information

Item Number: 102221
Title: Les catalogues des Salons XV (1887-1889)
Author: Sanchez, Pierre
Price: $29.00     ISBN: 9782913224797     More information

Item Number: 139682
Title: Les Salons de Nantes (1825-1920) : Repertoire des exposants et liste de leurs oeuvres (Series: Les Salons de Province, 6-7)
Author: Sanchez, Pierre
Price: $82.50     ISBN: 9782359680638     More information

Item Number: 104656
Title: La Division de la Romana. Un Ejercito Ilustrado
Author: Sanchez Fajardo, Ignacio (ed)
Price: $29.00     ISBN: 9788493505493     More information

Item Number: 83568
Title: FILIPPO SANTI e le decorazioni del Palazzo dei Governatori a Urbania
Author: Eusebi, Eleonora
Price: $3.50     More information

Item Number: 144360
Title: SARGENT's Women: Four Lives Behind the Canvas
Author: Lucey, Donna M
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780393079036     More information

Item Number: 138326
Title: JOHN SINGER SARGENT : Figures and Landscapes 1914–1925 : Complete Paintings, Vol. IX
Author: Ormond, Richard ; Elaine Kilmurray
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9780300177374     More information

Item Number: 138327
Title: JOHN SINGER SARGENT : The Complete Paintings, Vol. X : Cumulative Index to Volumes I–IX
Author: Ormond, Richard ; Elaine Kilmurray
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780300219203     More information

Item Number: 143063
Title: SARGENT : The Watercolours
Author: Ormond, Richard ; Elaine Kilmurray
Price: $44.95     ISBN: 9781911282075     More information

Item Number: 124710
Title: Stampe di Valchiavenna : vedute dal XVI al XIX secolo
Author: Sceffer, Oscar ; Guido Scaramellini
Price: $30.00     More information

Item Number: 145815
Title: WILHELM SCHADOW : Werkverzeichnis der Gemälde mit den dazugehörigen Zeichnungen und Druckgraphiken
Author: Grewe, Cordula ; Bettina Baumgärtel (ed) ; Hans Paffrath (ed)
Price: $115.00     ISBN: 9783731905004     More information

Item Number: 144550
Title: SCHINKEL : A Meander Through His Life and Work
Author: Forster, Kurt W
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9783035607789     More information

Item Number: 145016
Title: Vertige de la couleur : L'estampe en France a la fin du XIXe siecle. Enraptured by Color: Printmaking in Late 19th-Century France
Author: Schmidlin, Laurence
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783858817983     More information

Item Number: 143854
Author: Stutzer, Beat
Price: $49.00     ISBN: 9783858817839     More information

Item Number: 123718
Title: Donne e Fiori nel Mezzaro Genovese "la raccolta Bignami"
Author: Seitun, Stella (ed)
Price: $13.70     ISBN: 9788864052380     More information

Item Number: 148158
Title: The Collector : Sergei Shchukin and the Birth of Modern Art
Author: Semonova, Natalya ; Andre-Marc Delocque-Fourcaud
Price: $32.50     ISBN: 9780300234770     More information

Item Number: 148427
Title: Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore : Visitors’ book from 13 October 1870 to 12 May 1890 : Nomi di coloro che visitarono dal 13 ottobre 1870 al 12 maggio 1890 2016
Author: Senecal, Robert (ed)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780992734237     More information

Item Number: 143890
Title: Restaurar, Ristaurare, Rifare a una cosa le parti guaste : Atti del IV Seminario di Formazione per gli Insegnanti
Author: Serlupi Crescenzi, Maria ; Teresa Calvano (eds)
Price: $24.98     ISBN: 9788882713904     More information

Item Number: 116671
Title: Visiones de la Real Fabrica : El sitio de la Universidad de Sevilla
Author: Serrano Martin de Eugenio, Luis (photos)
Price: $15.50     ISBN: 9788447213139     More information

Item Number: 142446
Title: SEURAT's Circus Sideshow
Author: Thomson, Richard
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781588396150     More information

Item Number: 146915
Title: Rediscovering the Peredvizhniki of Late Imperial Russia : A Partnership of Artists
Author: Shabanov, Andrey
Price: $210.00     ISBN: 9781501335525     More information

Item Number: 141383
Title: Wild Spaces, Open Seasons : Hunting and Fishing in American Art
Author: Sharp, Kevin (ed)
Price: $18.00     ISBN: 9780806154626     More information

Item Number: 144846
Title: The Great Exhibition, 1851 : A sourcebook
Author: Shears, Jonathan
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9780719099120     More information

Item Number: 144847
Title: The Great Exhibition, 1851 : A sourcebook
Author: Shears, Jonathan
Price: $25.95     ISBN: 9780719099137     More information

Item Number: 148916
Title: Study in Black and White: Photography, Race, Humor
Author: Sheehan, Tanya
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780271081106     More information

Item Number: 141993
Title: ALEXANDER ROBEY SHEPHERD : The Man Who Built the Nation’s Capital
Author: Richardson, John P
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9780821422496     More information

Item Number: 144463
Title: Creating the Countryside: The Rural Idyll 1600-2017
Author: Shirley, Rosemary ; Verity Elson (eds)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781911300106     More information

Item Number: 147894
Title: British Houses in Late Mughal Delhi
Author: Shorto, Sylvia
Price: $115.00     ISBN: 9781783272082     More information

Item Number: 145534
Title: In the Looking Glass : Mirrors and Identity in Early America
Author: Shrum, Rebecca K
Price: $54.95     ISBN: 9781421423128     More information

Item Number: 143919
Title: First Exposures: Writings from the Beginning of Photography
Author: Siegel, Steffen (ed)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781606065242     More information

Item Number: 147101
Title: The Royal Academy of Arts: History and Collections
Author: Simon, Robin ; MaryAnne Stevens (eds)
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9780300232073     More information

Item Number: 142667
Title: Motherland and Progress: Hungarian Architecture and Design 1800-1900
Author: Sisa, Jozsef
Price: $112.00     ISBN: 9783035610093     More information

Item Number: 140845
Title: ALFRED SISLEY : Impressionist Master
Author: Stevens, MaryAnne (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300215571     More information

Item Number: 143375
Title: The Cloud-Capped Towers: Shakespeare in SOANE's Architectural Imagination
Author: Coane, Stephanie (et al)
Price: $8.50     ISBN: 9780993204128     More information

Item Number: 140641
Title: Death and Memory: SOANE and the Architecture of Legacy
Author: Dorey, Helen (et al)
Price: $16.95     ISBN: 9780993204111     More information

Item Number: 148230
Title: SOROLLA and Fashion
Author: Martínez de la Pera, Eloy (et al)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9788417173128     More information

Item Number: 134508
Title: Pollice verso. Storia di un arazzo : Arte e industria nella Milano di fine Ottocento
Author: Squatriti, Fausta (ed)
Price: $9.50     ISBN: 9788840441887     More information

Item Number: 143582
Title: Brera 1891 : L’Esposizione che rivoluzionò l’arte moderna
Author: Staudacher, Elisabetta (et al)
Price: $11.00     More information

Item Number: 145765
Title: Inside the Royal Wardrobe : A Dress History of Queen Alexandra
Author: Strasdin, Kate
Price: $102.00     ISBN: 9781474269933     More information

Item Number: 146312
Title: WILLIAM STRICKLAND and the Creation of an American Architecture
Author: Russell, Robert
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781621903468     More information

Item Number: 141502
Title: THOMAS SULLY : George Washington and The Passage of the Delaware
Author: Davis, Elliot Bostwick
Price: $9.95     ISBN: 9780878468331     More information

Item Number: 145707
Title: WILLIAM HENRY FOX TALBOT and the Promise of Photography
Author: Leers, Dan
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9780880390606     More information

Item Number: 126067
Title: L'Umbria nell'eta napoleonica : Atti del Convegno di Studi. Perugia - Spoleto, 1-2 dicembre 2010
Author: Tedeschi, Paola (ed)
Price: $6.90     ISBN: 9788889274286     More information

Item Number: 147666
Title: The Final Spectacle : Military Painting under the Second Empire, 1855-1867
Author: Thoma, Julia
Price: $68.99     ISBN: 9783110486681     More information

Item Number: 145511
Title: First Modern: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Author: Thomas, George E. (et al)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780943836430     More information

Item Number: 148092
Title: Nineteenth-Century Illustration and the Digital : Studies in Word and Image
Author: Thomas, Julia
Price: $54.99     ISBN: 9783319581477     More information

Item Number: 146265
Title: Tattoos in Japanese Prints
Author: Thompson, Sarah E
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9780878468461     More information

Item Number: 147311
Title: L'art du XIXe siècle, un nouveau regard
Author: Thuillier, Jacques ; Serge Lemoine (ed)
Price: $79.50     ISBN: 9782878442298     More information

Item Number: 144224
Title: Henry James and American Painting
Author: Toibin, Colm ; Marc Simpson ; Declan Kiely
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780271078526     More information

Item Number: 132001
Title: Armi bianche napoletane, 1800-1860
Author: Tonelli, Tiziano
Price: $15.00     ISBN: 9788897661047     More information

Item Number: 144229
Title: Freedom and the Cage : Modern Architecture and Psychiatry in Central Europe, 1890–1914
Author: Topp, Leslie
Price: $99.95     ISBN: 9780271077109     More information

Item Number: 148774
Title: Pin-Ups : TOULOUSE-LAUTREC and the Art of Celebrity
Author: Fowle, Frances ; Hannah Brockehurst
Price: $28.00     ISBN: 9781911054214     More information

Item Number: 140562
Title: TOULOUSE-LAUTREC Illustrates the Belle Époque
Author: Goldfarb, Hilliard T. ; Gilles Genty
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780300223668     More information

Item Number: 145151
Title: Studying the European Visual Arts: Paintings, Sculpture, Interiors and Art on Paper
Author: Townsend, Joyce H. ; Abbie Vandivere (eds)
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781909492523     More information

Item Number: 140189
Title: Afton Villa : The Birth and Rebirth of a Ninteenth-Century Louisiana Garden
Author: Trimble, Genevieve Munson
Price: $15.98     ISBN: 9780807162378     More information

Item Number: 148541
Title: Christina Rossetti : Poetry in Art
Author: Tromans, Nicholas ; Susan Owens
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780300234862     More information

Item Number: 145494
Title: Azerbaijan & Caucasian Weavings: The Raoul E Tschebull Collection
Author: Tschebull, Raoul E. ; Don Tuttle (photos)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781898113614     More information

Item Number: 144808
Title: J.M.W. TURNER : The Vaughan Bequest
Author: Baker, Christopher
Price: $15.95     ISBN: 9781911054092     More information

Item Number: 143144
Title: J.M.W. TURNER : The 'Skies' Sketchbook
Author: Brown, David Blayney
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9781849764902     More information

Item Number: 145624
Title: TURNER & the Whale
Author: Edwards, Jason
Price: $10.00     ISBN: 9781784422851     More information

Item Number: 142449
Title: TURNER's Modern and Ancient Ports : Passages through Time
Author: Galassi, Susan Grace (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300223149     More information

Item Number: 114209
Title: Exposed : Photography & The Classical Nude
Author: Turner, Michael (et al)
Price: $15.00     ISBN: 9781742102061     More information

Item Number: 116244
Title: Historia de la Real Fabrica de Municiones de Orbaizeta
Author: Txapar, Malli
Price: $13.30     ISBN: 9788476816875     More information

Item Number: 140518
Title: Studio Of The South : VAN GOGH in Provence
Author: Bailey, Martin
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780711236677     More information

Item Number: 139060
Title: VINCENT VAN GOGH : The enigma of the Protestant barn : L'enigma del Fienile p;rotestante ; L'enigme du Fenil protestant
Author: Costarelli, Alessio (et al)
Price: $11.99     More information

Item Number: 141901
Title: Reading VINCENT VAN GOGH : A Thematic Guide to the Letters
Author: Grant, Patrick
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9781771991872     More information

Item Number: 148354
Title: VAN GOGH : A Life in Places
Author: Heslewood, Juliet
Price: $22.95     ISBN: 9781911604648     More information

Item Number: 143685
Title: The Thannhauser Gallery : Marketing VAN GOGH
Author: Koldehoff, Stefan ; Chris Stolwijk (eds)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300226591     More information

Item Number: 145375
Title: Calme et Exaltation : Van Gogh dans la Collection Bührle
Author: Misteli, David ; Alex Weintraub
Price: $33.00     ISBN: 9791094966068     More information

Item Number: 147284
Title: VAN GOGH among the Philosophers : Painting, Thinking, Being
Author: Nichols, David P. (ed)
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9781498531351     More information

Item Number: 147401
Title: VINCENT's portraits : Paintings and Drawings by van Gogh
Author: Skea, Ralph
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9780500519660     More information

Item Number: 144629
Title: VINCENT VAN GOGH : Starry Night
Author: Thomson, Richard
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9781633450424     More information

Item Number: 147162
Title: A Memoir of VINCENT VAN GOGH
Author: van Gogh-Bonger, Jo ; Martin Gayford (intro)
Price: $12.95     ISBN: 9781606065600     More information

Item Number: 147050
Title: VAN GOGH and the Seasons
Author: van Heugten, Sjraar
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780691179711     More information

Item Number: 146675
Title: VAN GOGH & Japan
Author: van Tilborgh, Louis (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300233261     More information

Item Number: 146837
Title: VAN GOGH and Music : A Symphony in Blue and Yellow
Author: Veldhorst, Natascha ; Diane Webb (trans)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780300228335     More information

Item Number: 146038
Title: Drawn from History: Architectural Drawings from Nineteenth-Century New Orleans
Author: Van Zante, Gary ; James O'Gorman
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9781455620081     More information

Item Number: 137356
Title: A pintura mural do Real Paço da Ajuda : 1796 - 1833 : imagens do poder. The Mural Painting at Ajuda Royal Palace, 1796-1833 : Images of Power
Author: Vaz, Joao
Price: $9.50     ISBN: 9789898410450     More information

Item Number: 148871
Title: Maternal Breast-Feeding and Its Substitutes in Nineteenth-Century French Art
Author: Ventura, Gal
Price: $228.00     ISBN: 9789004366824     More information

Item Number: 112684
Title: La statua della liberta : Una storia globale
Author: Viano, Francesca Lidia
Price: $11.00     ISBN: 9788842094746     More information

Item Number: 148145
Title: Sentinel : The Unlikely Origins of the Statue of Liberty
Author: Viano, Francesca Lidia
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780674975606     More information

Item Number: 104032
Title: CORIOLANO VIGHI 1852-1905
Author: Barberini Mengoli, Nicoletta (et al)
Price: $14.63     More information

Item Number: 146561
Title: Home on the Range: Gender, Identity and Belonging in the American West
Author: Vollenbroker, Nina
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781784538491     More information

Item Number: 148195
Title: ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT : The Complete Drawings from the American Travel Diaries
Author: Ette, Ottmar ; Julia Bayerl
Price: $195.00     ISBN: 9783791383545     More information

Item Number: 145409
Title: Housing the New Romans : Architectural Reception and Classical Style in the Modern World
Author: von Stackelberg, Katharine T. ; Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis (eds)
Price: $74.00     ISBN: 9780190272333     More information

Item Number: 146959
Title: Rather Elegant Than Showy: The Classical Furniture of ISAAC VOSE
Author: Mussey, Robert D., Jr. ; Clark Pearche
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781567926194     More information

Item Number: 148517
Title: Maman: VUILLARD and Madame Vuillard
Author: Berry, Francesca ; Mathias Chivot
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9781911300465     More information

Item Number: 143489
Title: East of the Mississippi : Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Photography
Author: Waggoner, Diane (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780300224016     More information

Item Number: 144298
Title: FREDERICK WALKER and the Idyllists
Author: Esposito, Donato
Price: $79.99     ISBN: 9781848221628     More information

Item Number: 148356
Title: Pre-Raphaelite Girl Gang: Fifty Makers, Shakers and Heartbreakers from the Victorian Era
Author: Walker, Kirsty Stonell ; Kingsley Nebechi
Price: $22.95     ISBN: 9781911604631     More information

Item Number: 148475
Title: Grammars of Approach: Landscape, Narrative, and the Linguistic Picturesque
Author: Wall, Cynthia
Price: $105.00     ISBN: 9780226467832     More information

Item Number: 148476
Title: Grammars of Approach: Landscape, Narrative, and the Linguistic Picturesque
Author: Wall, Cynthia
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780226467832     More information

Item Number: 145775
Title: The Portrait and the Book : Illustration and Literary Culture in Early America
Author: Walsh, Megan
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781609385026     More information

Item Number: 148910
Title: Town & Country: The Architecture of JAMES E. WARE & Sons
Author: Wing, Patrick D
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781587761959     More information

Item Number: 148693
Title: CARLETON WATKINS : Making the West American
Author: Green, Tyler
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9780520287983     More information

Item Number: 143891
Title: The Diary of MARY WATTS 1887-1904: Victorian Progressive and Artistic Visionary
Author: Greenhow, Desna (ed)
Price: $59.99     ISBN: 9781848222014     More information

Item Number: 143008
Title: The Art of G.F. WATTS
Author: Tromans, Nicholas
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781911300076     More information

Item Number: 145154
Title: Painter of Pedigree: THOMAS WEAVER of Shrewsbury Animal Artist of the Agricultural Revolution
Author: Weaver, LAwrence Trevelyan
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781910787670     More information

Item Number: 143368
Title: Toward a New 19th-Century Art: Selections from the Radichel Collection
Author: Weisberg, Gabriel (et al)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780997876307     More information

Item Number: 147930
Title: Dibujos de ROSARIO WEISS (1814-1843)
Author: Sanchez Diez, Carlos
Price: $89.50     ISBN: 9788415245742     More information

Item Number: 148326
Title: The Showcasing Science : The History of Teylers Museum in the Nineteenth Century
Author: Weiss, Martin P.M
Price: $130.00     ISBN: 9789462982246     More information

Item Number: 148770
Title: THEODORE WENDEL : True Notes of American Impressionism
Author: Buckley, Laurene ; William H. Gerdts (intro)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780996200769     More information

Item Number: 145185
Title: Malkunst im 19. Jahrhundert : Die Sammlung der Nationalgalerie
Author: Wesenberg, Angelika (et al)
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9783731904588     More information

Item Number: 144170
Title: Impressionism : The Art of Landscape
Author: Westheider, Ortrud ; Michael Philipp (eds)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783791356297     More information

Item Number: 148932
Title: WHISTLER and nature
Author: de Montfort, Patricia ; Clare Willsdon
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781911300496     More information

Item Number: 145767
Title: Unlocking the Church : The lost secrets of Victorian sacred space
Author: Whyte, William
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9780198796152     More information

Item Number: 146449
Title: Aesthetics, Industry, and Science : Hermann von Helmholtz and the Berlin Physical Society
Author: Wise, M. Norton
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780226531359     More information

Item Number: 143849
Title: Neklidna Figura : Exprese v ceskem socharstvi 1880-1914. The Restless Figure: Expression in Czech Sculpture 1880-1914
Author: Wittlich, Petr (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9788024634289     More information

Item Number: 147336
Title: J.S. WOOLEY : Adirondack Photographer
Author: Timberlake, Richard ; Philip Terrie (eds)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780815610960     More information

Item Number: 146206
Title: Clothing and Landscape in Victorian England: Working-Class Dress and Rural Life
Author: Worth, Rachel
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9781784533960     More information

Item Number: 144079
Title: Glass: Masterworks in Glass from the Chrysler Museum of Art
Author: Wright, Diane (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780692788356     More information

Item Number: 115988
Title: Au Fil des Collections : de Tiepolo a Degas
Author: Wuhrmann Sylvie (ed)
Price: $13.70     ISBN: 9788874396214     More information

Item Number: 144456
Title: Gothic Revival Architecture
Author: Yorke, Trevor
Price: $14.00     ISBN: 9781784422288     More information

Item Number: 146746
Title: Victorian Pumping Stations
Author: Yorke, Trevor
Price: $14.00     ISBN: 9781784422684     More information

Item Number: 147991
Title: Ideals of the Body : Architecture, Urbanism, and Hygiene in Postrevolutionary Paris
Author: Park, Sun-Young
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780822945284     More information

Item Number: 148209
Title: The Material Culture of Tableware : Staffordshire Pottery and American Values
Author: Zarucchi, Jeanne Morgan
Price: $114.00     ISBN: 9781350041271     More information

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