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We have 682 titles published in USA. Item Number: 138355
Title: Artek and the AALTOS : Furnishing the World
Author: Stritzler-Levine, Nina ; Timo Riekko (eds)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300209679     More information

Item Number: 143892
Title: Evergreen: The Garrett Family, Collectors and Connoisseurs
Author: Abbott, James Archer (et al)
Price: $44.95     ISBN: 9781421421698     More information

Item Number: 142158
Title: Walk Through Walls: A Memoir
Price: $28.00     ISBN: 9781101905043     More information

Item Number: 140656
Title: Origins, Invention, Revision : Studying the History of Art and Architecture
Author: Ackerman, James S
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300218718     More information

Item Number: 143665
Title: ROBERT ADAM : Country House Design, Decoration, and the Art of Elegance
Author: Musson, Jeremy ; Paul Barker (photos)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780847848515     More information

Item Number: 140473
Title: Comfort and Glory: Two Centuries of American Quilts from the Briscoe Center
Author: Adams, Katherine Jean
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781477309186     More information

Item Number: 144920
Title: Things of Beauty Growing : British Studio Pottery
Author: Adamson, Glenn (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300227468     More information

Item Number: 144464
Title: Material Imagination: Art in Europe, 1946-72
Author: Adamson, Natalie ; Steven Harris (eds)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781119328575     More information

Item Number: 144373
Title: No Idle Hands: The Myths and Meanings of Tramp Art
Author: Addison, Laura M. (ed)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780890136225     More information

Item Number: 140856
Title: Hardwick Hall : A Great Old Castle of Romance
Author: Adshead, David ; David Taylor (eds)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9780300218909     More information

Item Number: 140992
Title: Paint the Revolution : Mexican Modernism, 1910–1950
Author: Affron, Matthew (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300215229     More information

Item Number: 144660
Title: The Strip : Las Vegas and the Architecture of the American Dream
Author: Al, Stefan
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9780262035743     More information

Item Number: 144898
Title: Mosques: Splendors of Islam
Author: Alami, Mohammed Hamdouni ; Sussan Babaie ; Walter B Denny
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780847860357     More information

Item Number: 143822
Title: Abstraction in Reverse: The Reconfigured Spectator in Mid-Twentieth-Century Latin American Art
Author: Alberro, Alexander
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780226393957     More information

Item Number: 144382
Title: JOSEF ALBERS : Midnight and Moon
Author: Fox Weber, Nicholas (intro)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781941701621     More information

Item Number: 143671
Title: Small-Great Objects : Anni and Josef ALBERS in the Americas
Author: Reynolds-Kaye, Jennifer
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9780300225693     More information

Item Number: 140624
Title: Gay Gotham: Art and Underground Culture in New York
Author: Albrecht, Donald
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780847849406     More information

Item Number: 143086
Title: Fabriano : City of Medieval and Renaissance Papermaking
Author: Albro, Sylvia
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781584563518     More information

Item Number: 144743
Title: Summer of Love : Art, Fashion, and Rock and Roll
Author: D'Alessandro, Jill (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780520294820     More information

Item Number: 140470
Title: Tudor Place : America's Story Lives Here
Author: Allen, William (et al)
Price: $49.00     ISBN: 9781931917568     More information

Item Number: 143679
Title: Orchestrating Elegance : ALMA-TADEMA and the Marquand Music Room
Author: Morris, Kathleen M. ; Alexis Goodin (eds)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780300226676     More information

Item Number: 143320
Title: Fragile Legacies: The Photographs of SOLOMON OSAGIE ALONGE
Author: Staples, Amy J. ; Flora S. Kaplan
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781907804991     More information

Item Number: 141597
Title: KAI ALTHOFF : and then leave me to the common swifts
Author: Althoff, Kai (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781633450189     More information

Item Number: 144634
Title: American Photography 32
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781886212466     More information

Item Number: 142443
Title: Cosmos and Community in Early Medieval Art
Author: Anderson, Benjamin
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300219166     More information

Item Number: 140661
Title: Early Modern Merchants as Collectors
Author: Anderson, Christina M
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472469823     More information

Item Number: 141608
Title: Lives of the Great Gardeners
Author: Anderton, Stephen
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780500518564     More information

Item Number: 143915
Title: THOMAS ANNAN : Photographer of Glasgow
Author: Maddox, Amanda ; Sara Stevenson
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781606065235     More information

Item Number: 144116
Title: IDA APPLEBROOG : Mercy Hospital
Author: Applin, Jo
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781942607595     More information

Item Number: 143302
Title: NOBUYOSHI ARAKI : Eros Diary
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780996725903     More information

Item Number: 138323
Title: DIANE ARBUS : in the beginning
Author: Rosenheim, Jeff L
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781588395955     More information

Item Number: 140849
Title: The Concrete Body : Yvonne Rainer, Carolee Schneemann, Vito Acconci
Author: Archias, Elise
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300217971     More information

Item Number: 128018
Title: Sculpture and Coins : Margarete Bieber as Scholar and Collector
Author: Arnold-Biucchi, Carmen ; Martin Beckmann (eds)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780674428379     More information

Item Number: 136637
Author: Hickey, Dave
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781934435991     More information

Item Number: 140876
Title: Assyria to Iberia : A Metropolitan Museum of Art Symposia
Author: Aruz, Joan ; Michael Seymour (eds)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781588396068     More information

Item Number: 144258
Title: French Moderns: Monet to Matisse 1850-1950
Author: Aste, Richard (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781785510724     More information

Item Number: 139345
Title: Could Have, Would Have, Should Have : Inside the World of the Art Collector
Author: Atencio, Tiqui
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781908970244     More information

Item Number: 143995
Title: ATGET : Postcards of a Lost Paris
Author: Weiss, Benjamin
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9780878468447     More information

Item Number: 143415
Title: AVEDON's France: Old World, New Look
Author: Rubin, Robert M. ; Marianne Le Galliard
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781419726002     More information

Item Number: 140560
Title: Sculpture and the Nordic Region
Author: Ayres, Sara ; Elettra Carbone (eds)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472483652     More information

Item Number: 141799
Title: DONALD BAECHLER : Early Work 1980 to 1984
Author: Rimanelli, David
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781944316006     More information

Item Number: 143943
Title: Graffiti from the Basilica in the Agora of Smyrna
Author: Bagnall, Roger S. (et al)
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9781479864645     More information

Item Number: 140659
Title: A Feast for the Senses : Art and Experience in Medieval Europe
Author: Bagnoli, Martina (ed)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300222951     More information

Item Number: 144590
Title: Treasures from the Nationalmuseum of Sweden: The Collections of Count Tessin
Author: Bailey, Colin B. ; Carina Fryklund ; John Marciari ; Magnus Olausson ; Jennifer Tonkovich
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780875981796     More information

Item Number: 142689
Title: ENRICO BAJ : The Artist's Home
Author: Reynolds, Michael (ed)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780847858996     More information

Item Number: 142019
Title: The Shape of Things : Photographs from Robert B. Menschel
Author: Bajac, Quentin ; Sarah Hermanson Meister
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781633450226     More information

Item Number: 143681
Title: JOHN BALDESSARI Catalogue Raisonne : Volume Four : 1994-2004
Author: Pardo, Patrick ; Robert Dean (eds)
Price: $200.00     ISBN: 9780300225051     More information

Item Number: 141978
Title: Telling Tales : Contemporary Narrative Photography
Author: Barilleaux, Rene Paul (et al)
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9780916677602     More information

Item Number: 135827
Title: The Sanctuary of Athena at Sounion
Author: Barletta, Barbara A
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780876619674     More information

Item Number: 140869
Author: Spector, Nancy ; Maggie Nelson
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300223699     More information

Item Number: 141063
Title: Detroit After Dark
Author: Barr, Nancy W. (et al)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780300218428     More information

Item Number: 142044
Author: Littman, Brett (ed)
Price: $7.00     ISBN: 9780942324952     More information

Item Number: 144150
Title: GEORG BASELITZ : Jumping Over My Shadow Catalogue
Author: Enwezor, Okwui
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9781938748332     More information

Item Number: 141908
Title: A Brush with Nature: Abstract Naturalism and the Painting of Life
Author: Beard, Alex ; Nick Paumgarten
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781943876334     More information

Item Number: 144619
Title: BEARDEN's Odyssey : Poets Respond to the Art of Romare Bearden
Author: Dawes, Kwame ; Matthew Shenoda (eds)
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9780810134898     More information

Item Number: 144856
Title: Visualizing the Text : From Manuscript Culture to the Age of Caricature
Author: Beck, Lauren ; Christina Ionescu (eds)
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9781611496451     More information

Item Number: 140696
Title: MAX BECKMANN in New York
Author: Rewald, Sabine
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781588396006     More information

Item Number: 143277
Title: Sign and Design : Script as Image in Cross-Cultural Perspective (300–1600 CE)
Author: Bedos-Rezak, Brigitte Miriam ; Jeffrey F. Hamburger (eds)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780884024071     More information

Item Number: 141222
Title: Roman Mosaics in the J. Paul Getty Museum
Author: Belis, Alexis
Price: $20.00     ISBN: 9781606064979     More information

Item Number: 140877
Title: The Neapolitan Crèche at the Art Institute of Chicago
Author: Bellenger, Sylvain (et al)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780300222357     More information

Item Number: 143857
Title: Face and Mask: A Double History
Author: Belting, Hans
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780691162355     More information

Item Number: 143486
Title: Radical Bodies : Anna Halprin, Simone Forti, and Yvonne Rainer in California and New York, 1955-1972
Author: Bennahum, Ninotchka (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780520293366     More information

Item Number: 141236
Title: Public Painting and Visual Culture in Early Republican Florence
Author: Bent, George
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9781107139763     More information

Item Number: 142767
Title: Landscapes: John Berger on Art
Author: Berger, John
Price: $26.95     ISBN: 9781784785840     More information

Item Number: 143278
Title: The Art of Philosophy: Visual Thinking in Europe from the Late Renaissance to the Early Enlightenment
Author: Berger, Susanna
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780691172279     More information

Item Number: 143065
Title: The BERLIN PAINTER and His World: Athenian Vase-Painting in the Early Fifth Century B.C
Author: Padgett, J. Michael (ed)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300225938     More information

Item Number: 144627
Author: Nadel, Dan
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780998523217     More information

Item Number: 143699
Title: Pietro and Gian Lorenzo BERNINI : Bust of the Savior
Author: Bacchi, Andrea
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780989149013     More information

Item Number: 141713
Title: Practicable: From Participation to Interaction in Contemporary Art
Author: Bianchini, Samuel (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780262034753     More information

Item Number: 143279
Title: The Image of the Black in African and Asian Art
Author: Bindman, David (et al)
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9780674504394     More information

Item Number: 141084
Title: The Black Figure in the European Imaginary
Author: Libby, Susan H. (et al)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781907804496     More information

Item Number: 144375
Title: Spectacular Modernity : Dictatorship, Space, and Visuality in Venezuela, 1948–1958
Author: Blackmore, Lisa
Price: $28.95     ISBN: 9780822964384     More information

Item Number: 143313
Title: KARL BLOSSFELDT : Masterworks
Author: Wilde, Ann (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781942884132     More information

Item Number: 143382
Title: Genealogy of the Pagan Gods, Volume 2 : Books VI–X
Author: Boccaccio, Giovanni ; Jon Solomon (trans)
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780674975590     More information

Item Number: 141943
Title: United Arab Emirates: Architectural Guide
Author: Bohle, Hendrik ; Jan Dimog
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783869225081     More information

Item Number: 143177
Title: Chicago's Fabulous Fountains
Author: Borzo, Greg ; Julia Thiel (photos)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780809335794     More information

Item Number: 135739
Title: Beyond BOSCH : The Afterlife of a Renaissance Master in Print
Author: Bass, Marisa ; Elizabeth Wyckoff (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780891780991     More information

Item Number: 135883
Title: BOSCH in Detail
Author: Borchert, Till-Holger
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781419718342     More information

Item Number: 141183
Title: BOSCH and Bruegel : From Enemy Painting to Everyday Life
Author: Koerner, Joseph Leo
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780691172286     More information

Item Number: 144436
Title: BOTTICELLI and the Search for the Divine : Florentine Painting between the Medici and the Bonfires of the Vanities
Author: Spike, John T. ; Alessandro Cecchi
Price: $44.50     ISBN: 9780996804134     More information

Item Number: 141214
Title: BOUCHARDON : Royal Artist of the Enlightenment
Author: Demas, Anne-Lise ; Gilhelm Scherf (et al)
Price: $79.95     ISBN: 9781606065068     More information

Item Number: 141216
Title: The Learned Draftsman : EDME BOUCHARDON
Author: Kopp, Edouard
Price: $64.95     ISBN: 9781606065044     More information

Item Number: 129394
Title: Genius & Grace: FRANCOIS BOUCHER and the Generation of 1700
Author: Clark, Alvin L. Jr
Price: $34.99     ISBN: 9780991262502     More information

Item Number: 136064
Title: Intimate Geometries: The Art and Life of LOUISE BOURGEOIS
Author: Storr, Robert
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781580933636     More information

Item Number: 144277
Title: CAROL BOVE : Polka Dots
Author: Burton, Johanna
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781941701515     More information

Item Number: 144228
Title: Buying Baroque : Italian Seventeenth-Century Paintings Come to America
Author: Bowron, Edgar Peters (ed)
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9780271077277     More information

Item Number: 144522
Title: MARK BRADFORD : Tomorrow Is Another Day
Author: Bedford, Chris (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781941366141     More information

Item Number: 144034
Author: Chaffee, Cathleen (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781887457224     More information

Item Number: 143141
Title: Shooting Lincoln : MATHEW BRADY, Alexander Gardner, and the Photographs That Electrified a Nation
Author: Pistor, Nicholas
Price: $27.00     ISBN: 9780306824692     More information

Item Number: 140621
Title: The Fauve Paintings of GEORGES BRAQUE : A Joyful Revelation
Author: Wayne, Kenneth (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780847849536     More information

Item Number: 143873
Title: Reuniting the Masters: European Drawings from West Coast Collections
Author: Breazeale, William ; Cara Dufour Denison
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781600521331     More information

Item Number: 144551
Title: American Libraries 1730-1950
Author: Breisch, Kenneth
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780393731606     More information

Item Number: 142451
Title: The Los Angeles Central Library: Building an Architectural Icon, 1872-1933
Author: Breisch, Kenneth A
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781606064900     More information

Item Number: 140114
Title: The Evolution of Taste in American Collecting. A critical edition, translated from the French – L’Évolution du goût aux États-Unis, d’après l’histoire des collections
Author: Brimo, Rene ; Kenneth Haltman (ed., trans)
Price: $79.95     ISBN: 9780271073248     More information

Item Number: 140558
Title: Three Centuries of American Prints
Author: Brodie, Judith (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780500239520     More information

Item Number: 143687
Title: Oxfordshire : North and West
Author: Brooks, Alan ; Jennifer Sherwood ; Nikolaus Pevsner
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9780300209303     More information

Item Number: 143913
Title: The Lure of Italy: Artists' Views
Author: Brooks, Julian
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9781606065198     More information

Item Number: 141221
Title: Refashioning and Redress: Conserving and Displaying Dress
Author: Brooks, Mary M. ; Dinah D. Eastop (eds)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781606065112     More information

Item Number: 144445
Title: The Well-Dressed Window: Curtains at Winterthur
Author: Brown, Sandy
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781580934589     More information

Item Number: 141869
Title: CECILY BROWN : Rehearsal
Author: Gilman, Claire ; David Salle
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780942324990     More information

Item Number: 140608
Title: CAPABILITY BROWN : Designing English Landscapes and Gardens
Author: Phibbs, John ; Joe Cornish (photos)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780847848836     More information

Item Number: 140658
Title: English Medieval Embroidery : Opus Anglicanum
Author: Browne, Clare (et al)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300222005     More information

Item Number: 143852
Title: Circulation
Author: Brunet, Francois (ed)
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9780932171610     More information

Item Number: 143819
Title: Fray: Art and Textile Politics, 1970s-1990s
Author: Bryan-Wilson, Julia
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780226077819     More information

Item Number: 139853
Title: MATTHIAS BUCHINGER : “The Greatest German Living”
Author: Jay, Ricky
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781938221125     More information

Item Number: 144257
Title: LOUIS BUNCE : Dialogue with Modernism
Author: Hull, Roger
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781930957749     More information

Item Number: 140622
Title: Rural Modern: American Art Beyond the City
Author: Burdan, Amanda C. (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780847849727     More information

Item Number: 143739
Title: Exiles and Expatriates in the History of Knowledge, 1500–2000
Author: Burke, Peter
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781512600322     More information

Item Number: 143740
Title: Exiles and Expatriates in the History of Knowledge, 1500–2000
Author: Burke, Peter
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781512600384     More information

Item Number: 144772
Title: The Finest Building in America : The New York Crystal Palace, 1853-1858
Author: Burrows, Edwin G
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9780190681210     More information

Item Number: 142778
Title: Public Servants: Art and the Crisis of the Common Good
Author: Burton, Johanna (et al)
Price: $44.95     ISBN: 9780262034814     More information

Item Number: 144923
Title: POL BURY : Time in Motion
Author: Marquenie, Gilles (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780300229127     More information

Item Number: 139870
Title: Mycenae: From Myth to History
Author: Cacouri, Athina ; Robert McCabe (photos)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780789212542     More information

Item Number: 144715
Title: The Routledge History of the Renaissance
Author: Caferro, William (ed)
Price: $250.00     ISBN: 9781138898851     More information

Item Number: 140655
Title: The Art of GUIDO CAGNACCI
Author: Salomon, Xavier F
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9781785510571     More information

Item Number: 143826
Title: Exist Otherwise: The Life and Works of CLAUDE CAHUN
Author: Shaw, Jennifer L
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781780237282     More information

Item Number: 141217
Title: GUSTAVE CAILLEBOTTE : Painting the Paris of Naturalism, 1872-1887
Author: Marrinan, Michael
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9781606065075     More information

Item Number: 144408
Title: Erskine Caldwell, Margaret Bourke-White, and the Popular Front : Photojournalism in Russia
Author: Caldwell, Jay E
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780820350226     More information

Item Number: 144623
Title: Looking at Men : Art, Anatomy and the Modern Male Body
Author: Callen, Anthea
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780300112948     More information

Item Number: 140455
Title: Brick : A World History
Author: Campbell, James W.P. ; Will Pryce
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780500343197     More information

Item Number: 138366
Title: Court and Cosmos : The Great Age of the Seljuqs
Author: Canby, Sheila R. (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781588395894     More information

Item Number: 141186
Title: The Atlas of Ancient Rome : Biography and Portraits of the City
Author: Carandini, Andrea (ed)
Price: $199.50     ISBN: 9780691163475     More information

Item Number: 140567
Title: CARAVAGGIO and the Creation of Modernity
Author: Thomas, Troy
Price: $22.50     ISBN: 9781780236766     More information

Item Number: 140311
Title: CARAVAGGIO in Detail
Author: Zuffi, Stefano
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781419722646     More information

Item Number: 144664
Title: ANTHONY CARO : First Drawings Last Sculptures
Author: Bryant, Julius
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780988618893     More information

Item Number: 144793
Title: Down Below
Author: CARRINGTON, LEONORA ; Marina Warner (intro)
Price: $14.00     ISBN: 9781681370606     More information

Item Number: 143644
Title: Art House: The Collaboration of Chara Schreyer and Gary Hutton
Author: Carroll, Alisa (et al)
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9781614285366     More information

Item Number: 143871
Title: Nude : From Modigliani to Currin
Author: Cary, Michael
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9781938748363     More information

Item Number: 143506
Title: Making Magnificence : Architects, Stuccatori, and the Eighteenth-Century Interior
Author: Casey, Christine
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300225778     More information

Item Number: 144249
Title: Arts and Crafts Metalwork: From the Collection of the Two Red Roses Foundation
Author: Cathers, David ; Jonathan Clancy
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780615988696     More information

Item Number: 141916
Title: Inclinations : A Critique of Rectitude
Author: Cavarero, Adriana
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9780804792189     More information

Item Number: 140873
Title: PIERRE CHAREAU : Modern Architecture and Design
Author: da Costa Meyer, Esther (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780300165791     More information

Item Number: 144155
Title: OLGA CHERNYSHEVA: Vague Accent
Author: Benway, Nova
Price: $20.00     ISBN: 9780942324983     More information

Item Number: 144713
Title: CHIHULY : An Artist Collects
Author: Wolfson, Mitchell ; Bruce Helander
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781419727627     More information

Item Number: 144765
Title: Spectacle and Leisure in Paris : Degas to Mucha
Author: Childs, Elizabeth C. (ed)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780936316437     More information

Item Number: 142349
Author: Griffin, Tim
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781944379070     More information

Item Number: 143303
Title: Season's Greetings: Holiday Cards by Celebrated Artists from the Monroe Wheeler Archive
Author: Gianni, Vincent (ed)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781942084228     More information

Item Number: 144403
Title: The Artist's Sketch: A Biography of Painter KATE FREEMAN CLARK
Author: Brown, Carolyn J
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781496810144     More information

Item Number: 144857
Title: Stealing History : Art Theft, Looting, and Other Crimes Against our Cultural Heritage
Author: Clarke, Colleen Margaret ; Eli Jacob Szydlo
Price: $36.00     ISBN: 9781442260795     More information

Item Number: 142912
Title: ALDUS MANUTIUS : A Legacy More Lasting than Bronze
Author: Clemons, G. Scott ; H. George Fletcher
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781605830612     More information

Item Number: 135371
Title: A Golden Age of European Art : Celebrating Fifty Years of the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation
Author: Clifton, James (ed)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300207811     More information

Item Number: 141185
Title: Chinese Painting and Its Audiences
Author: Clunas, Craig
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780691171937     More information

Item Number: 143493
Title: The Jazz Age : American Style in the 1920s
Author: Coffin, Sarah D. ; Stephen Harrison
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780300224054     More information

Item Number: 144243
Title: The Detroit Public Library : An American Classic
Author: Cohn, Barbara Madgy ; Patrice Rafail Merritt
Price: $34.99     ISBN: 9780814342329     More information

Item Number: 143363
Title: St. Albans and the Markyate Psalter : Seeing and Reading in Twelfth-Century England
Author: Collins, Kristen ; Matthew Fisher (eds)
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9781580442589     More information

Item Number: 143682
Title: The Cubism Seminars
Author: Cooper, Harry (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780300226188     More information

Item Number: 139331
Title: WILLIAN N. COPLEY : An American Close to Paris : Longpont-sur-Orge
Author: Rabinowitz, Cay Sophie ; Nick Olney
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780986166549     More information

Item Number: 144858
Title: The Heart of the Mission: Latino Art and Politics in San Francisco
Author: Cordova, Cary
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780812249309     More information

Item Number: 143501
Author: McKinley, Mary Clare
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9781588396273     More information

Item Number: 143096
Title: Madonnas and Miracles: The Holy Home in Renaissance Italy
Author: Corry, Maya ; Deborah Howard ; Mary Laven
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781781300534     More information

Item Number: 143381
Title: Clerical Households in Late Medieval Italy
Author: Cossar, Roisin
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780674971899     More information

Item Number: 132039
Title: Ancient City of Rome
Author: Coulston, J.C.N. (et al)
Price: $135.00     ISBN: 9780415182454     More information

Item Number: 140660
Title: World War I and American Art
Author: Cozzolino, Roberto (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780691172699     More information

Item Number: 144402
Title: Fallen Glory : The Lives and Deaths of History's Greatest Buildings
Author: Crawford, James
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781250118295     More information

Item Number: 143772
Title: Art in Unexpected Places II
Author: Crown, Paula (et al)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780934324731     More information

Item Number: 144232
Title: Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome, Vol. 59 (2014) / 60 (2015)
Author: Curran, Brian A. (ed)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781879549227     More information

Item Number: 143865
Title: Lasting Impressions: The Artist of CURRIER & IVES
Author: Delamaire, Marie-Stephanie
Price: $12.95     More information

Item Number: 144667
Title: ALEX DA CORTE : A Man Full of Trouble
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781942607601     More information

Item Number: 140852
Title: Centre Pompidou : Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers, and the Making of a Modern Monument
Author: Dal Co, Francesco
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780300221299     More information

Item Number: 144686
Title: MOYRA DAVEY : Les Goddesses / Hemlock Forest
Author: Kelly, Karen ; Barbara Schroeder (eds)
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780998632605     More information

Item Number: 144511
Title: American Modernism at Mid-Century: The Work of MORRIS DAVIDSON
Author: Murphy, Kevin D
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781625342881     More information

Item Number: 142776
Title: The Arts and Culture of the American Civil War
Author: Davis, James A. (ed)
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781472454515     More information

Item Number: 143911
Title: Where Three Worlds Met: Sicily in the Early Medieval Mediterranean
Author: Davis-Secord, Sarah
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781501704642     More information

Item Number: 144523
Title: Prints in Paris: From the Elite to the Street
Author: de Carvalho, Fleur Roos Rosa ; Marije Vellekoop
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300229134     More information

Item Number: 143485
Title: Of Dogs and Other People : The Art of ROY DE FOREST
Author: Landauer, Susan
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780520292208     More information

Item Number: 139365
Title: Caere
Author: de Grummon, Nancy Thomson ; Lisa Pieraccini
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781477308431     More information

Item Number: 144736
Title: Praetorian : The Rise and Fall of Rome's Imperial Bodyguard
Author: de la Bedoyere, Guy
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780300218954     More information

Item Number: 143672
Title: Counterpoint : Sculpture, Music, and WALTER DE MARIA's Large Rod Series
Author: Delahunty, Gavin (ed)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780300225730     More information

Item Number: 140196
Title: In the Light of Naples : The Art of FRANCESCO DE MURA
Author: Blumenthal, Arthur R. (ed)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781907804854     More information

Item Number: 143936
Title: Co-Art: Artists on Creative Collaboration
Author: De Wachter, Ellen Mara
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780714872889     More information

Item Number: 144446
Title: RICHARD DEACON : What You See Is What You Get
Author: Plotek, Ariel (ed)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780937108550     More information

Item Number: 144624
Title: Facture: Conservation, Science, Art History, Volume 3 : DEGAS
Author: Barbour, Daphne ; Suzanne Quillen Lomax (eds)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780300230116     More information

Item Number: 144115
Title: DEGAS and his Model
Author: Michel, Alice ; Jeff Nagy (trans)
Price: $12.95     ISBN: 9781941701553     More information

Item Number: 144770
Title: ADOLF DEHN : Midcentury Manhattan
Author: Eliasoph, Philip
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9780996200714     More information

Item Number: 144643
Title: Collecting the World : Hans Sloane and the Origins of the British Museum
Author: Delbourgo, James
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780674737334     More information

Item Number: 141298
Title: DELLA ROBBIA : Sculpting with Color in Renaissance Florence
Author: Cambareri, Marietta (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780878468416     More information

Item Number: 142690
Title: Painting a Nation: American Art at Shelburne Museum
Author: Denenberg, Thomas (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780847859580     More information

Item Number: 144370
Title: Theology and Form : Contemporary Orthodox Architecture in America
Author: Denysenko, Nicholas
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780268100124     More information

Item Number: 141184
Title: Montaigne: A Life
Author: Desan, Philippe
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780691167879     More information

Item Number: 144777
Title: The Landmarks of New York: An Illustrated, Comprehensive Record of New York City's Historic Buildings. Sixth Edition
Author: Diamonstein-Spielvogel, Barbaralee
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781479883011     More information

Item Number: 144495
Title: KIM DICKEY : Words are Leaves
Author: Abrams, Nora Burnett (ed)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780692762219     More information

Item Number: 140128
Title: The Surviving Image: Phantoms of Time and Time of Phantoms: Aby Warburg's History of Art
Author: Didi-Huberman, Geroges ; Harvey Mendelsohn (trans)
Price: $79.95     ISBN: 9780271072081     More information

Item Number: 140604
Author: Shiff, Richard ; Catherine Lampert
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780847849796     More information

Item Number: 143505
Title: The Medici's Painter : CARLO DOLCI and Seventeenth-Century Florence
Author: Straussman-Pflanzer, Eve (ed)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780300226881     More information

Item Number: 141277
Title: A Cloud of Unusual Size and Shape : Meditations on Ruin and Redemption
Author: Donovan, Matt
Price: $17.95     ISBN: 9781595347602     More information

Item Number: 140662
Title: Angelica's Book and the World of Reading in Late Renaissance Italy
Author: Dooley, Brendan
Price: $114.00     ISBN: 9781474270311     More information

Item Number: 142648
Title: The Paintings and Drawings of JOHN DOS PASSOS : A Collection and Study
Author: Pizer, Donald (et al)
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9781942954217     More information

Item Number: 144157
Title: Rousseau and Dignity : Art Serving Humanity
Author: Douthwaite, Julia V. (ed)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780268100360     More information

Item Number: 144019
Title: ARTHUR DOVE : A Reassessment
Author: Pensler, Alan (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780692762202     More information

Item Number: 141689
Title: The Apparently Marginal Activities of MARCEL DUCHAMP
Author: Filipovic, Elena
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780262034821     More information

Item Number: 140282
Title: Colour and Light in Ancient and Medieval Art
Author: Duckworth, Chloë N. ; Anne E. Sassin (eds)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472478399     More information

Item Number: 141762
Title: Theater and Spectacle in the Art of the Roman Empire
Author: Dunbabin, Katherine M.D
Price: $99.95     ISBN: 9780801454059     More information

Item Number: 139362
Title: GEORGE DUREAU : The Photographs
Author: Gefte, Philip
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781597112840     More information

Item Number: 143939
Author: Snauwaert, Dirk (et al)
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9780714874012     More information

Item Number: 144239
Title: The Quest for the Christ Child in the Later Middle Ages
Author: Dzon, Mary
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780812248845     More information

Item Number: 140870
Title: ALBRECHT DÜRER : A Documentary Biography
Author: Ashcroft, Jeffrey
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9780300210842     More information

Item Number: 140563
Title: ALBRECHT DÜRER and the Epistolary Mode of Address
Author: Brisman, Shira
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780226354750     More information

Item Number: 144213
Title: Museum of the Southwest : Selections from the Permanent Collection
Author: Earle, Wendy (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780997858907     More information

Item Number: 140959
Title: Spotlights: Collected by the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum
Author: Eckmann, Sabine
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780936316420     More information

Item Number: 141606
Title: The Persian Carpet : A Survey of the Carpet-Weaving Industry of Persia
Author: Edwards, A. Cecil
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781468313680     More information

Item Number: 142317
Title: WILLIAM EGGLESTON : The Democratic Forest
Author: Nemerov, Alexander ; Eudora Welty
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781941701423     More information

Item Number: 144521
Title: Slavery in the City: Architecture and Landscapes of Urban Slavery in North America
Author: Ellis, Clifton ; Rebecca Ginsburg (eds)
Price: $32.50     ISBN: 9780813940052     More information

Item Number: 142159
Title: Retro Photo An Obsession : A Personal Selection of Vintage Cameras and the Photographs They Take
Author: Ellwand, David
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780763692506     More information

Item Number: 142288
Title: Comparativism in Art History
Author: Elsner, Jas (et al)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472418845     More information

Item Number: 140933
Title: 1971 : A Year in the Life of Color
Author: English, Darby
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780226131054     More information

Item Number: 143178
Title: A New American Sculpture, 1914-1945 : Lachaise, Laurent, Nadelman, and Zorach
Author: Eschelbacher, Andrew (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300226218     More information

Item Number: 141220
Title: The Restoration of Paintings in Paris, 1750-1815: Practice, Discourse, Materiality
Author: Etienne, Noemie
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9781606065167     More information

Item Number: 144195
Title: FABERGE : The Mcferrin Collection
Author: McFerrin, Dorothy ; Jennifer McFerrin-Bohner
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9780692762172     More information

Item Number: 140640
Title: Foreign Trends in American Gardens: A History of Exchange, Adaptation, and Reception
Author: Fabiani Giannetto, Raffaella (ed)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780813939131     More information

Item Number: 138815
Title: L'Affichomania: The Passion for French Posters
Author: Falino, Jeannine (et al)
Price: $32.50     ISBN: 9780578168029     More information

Item Number: 141210
Title: The Art of the Qur'an: Treasures from the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts
Author: Farhad, Massumeh ; Simon Rettig (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781588345783     More information

Item Number: 141708
Title: The Silk Industries of Medieval Paris : Artisanal Migration, Technological Innovation, and Gendered Experience
Author: Farmer, Sharon
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9780812248487     More information

Item Number: 143614
Title: Chaucer : Visual Approaches
Author: Fein, Susanna ; David Raybin (eds)
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9780271074801     More information

Item Number: 141783
Title: Cuban Art in the 20th Century: Cultural Identity and the International Avant Garde
Author: Fernandez, Segundo J. (et al)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781889282329     More information

Item Number: 143383
Title: Commentary on Plotinus, Volume 4 : Ennead III, Part 1
Author: Ficino, Marsilio ; Stephen E. Gersh (trans)
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780674974982     More information

Item Number: 143948
Title: Luke Wadding's Art: Irish Franciscan Patronage in Seventeenth Century Rome
Author: Fidanza, Giovan Battista
Price: $79.95     ISBN: 9781576594018     More information

Item Number: 144208
Title: The Eerdmans Encyclopedia of Early Christian Art and Archaeology
Author: Finney, Paul Corby (ed)
Price: $495.00     ISBN: 9780802838117     More information

Item Number: 140648
Title: Animism and Shamanism in Twentieth-Century Art : Kandinsky, Ernst, Pollock, Beuys
Author: Firestone, Evan R
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472477347     More information

Item Number: 141851
Title: DAN FLAVIN : Corners, Barriers and Corridors
Author: Auping, Michael
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781941701188     More information

Item Number: 140679
Title: Myth and Mystique: Cleveland’s Gothic Table Fountain
Author: Fliegel, Stephen N. ; Elina Gertsman
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781907804946     More information

Item Number: 143992
Title: Visionaries: Creating a Modern Guggenheim
Author: Fontanella, Megan (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780892075263     More information

Item Number: 141223
Title: Hungarian Art: Confrontation and Revival through the 20th Century: Avant-garde and Modern Movements
Author: Forgacs, Eva
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780997003413     More information

Item Number: 143337
Title: American Watercolor in the Age of Homer and Sargent
Author: Foster, Kathleen A
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300225891     More information

Item Number: 144682
Author: Nadel, Dan (ed)
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9780998523200     More information

Item Number: 144252
Title: Manifestos and Polemics in Latin American Modern Art
Author: Frank, Patrick (ed)
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9780826357878     More information

Item Number: 144253
Title: Manifestos and Polemics in Latin American Modern Art
Author: Frank, Patrick (ed)
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780826357885     More information

Item Number: 144415
Author: Verchere, Laure ; Harald Gottschalk (photos)
Price: $195.00     ISBN: 9781614285526     More information

Item Number: 142694
Title: Line into Color, Color into Line: HELEN FRANKENTHALER, Paintings 1962-1987
Author: Elderfield, Francine (et al)
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9780847859375     More information

Item Number: 144914
Title: As in Nature : HELEN FRANKENTHALER Paintings
Author: Schwartz, Alexandra
Price: $22.00     ISBN: 9780300229288     More information

Item Number: 141048
Title: Mediterranean Encounters: Artists Between Europe and the Ottoman Empire, 1774-1839
Author: Fraser, Elisabeth
Price: $89.95     ISBN: 9780271073200     More information

Item Number: 142021
Title: Promesse du Bonheur
Author: Fried, Michael ; James Welling (photos)
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9781941701430     More information

Item Number: 140403
Title: LEE FRIEDLANDER : Western Landscapes
Author: Benson, Richard
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300223019     More information

Item Number: 143413
Title: Music, Sound, and Architecture in Islam
Author: Frishkopf, Michael ; Federico Spinetti (eds)
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9781477312452     More information

Item Number: 143068
Title: Postcolonising the Medieval Image
Author: Frojmovic, Eva ; Catherine E. Karkov (eds)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472481665     More information

Item Number: 144539
Title: Ninth Street Women: Lee Krasner, Elaine de Kooning, Grace Hartigan, Joan Mitchell, and Helen Frankenthaler: Five Painters and the Movement
Author: Gabriel, Mary
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780316226189     More information

Item Number: 138771
Title: Painting as Medicine in Early Modern Rome : Giulio Mancini and the Efficacy of Art
Author: Gage, Frances
Price: $89.95     ISBN: 9780271071039     More information

Item Number: 141432
Title: MARIO GARCIA JOYA : A la plaza con Fidel
Author: Villaro, Leandro
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781935004400     More information

Item Number: 143093
Title: San Lorenzo: A Florentine Church
Author: Gaston, Robert W. ; Louis A. Waldman (eds)
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9780674975675     More information

Item Number: 141423
Title: PAUL GAUGUIN : Ramblings of a Wannabe Painter
Author: Grau, Donatien (intro)
Price: $12.95     ISBN: 9781941701393     More information

Item Number: 143499
Title: GAUGUIN : Artist as Alchemist
Author: Groom, Gloria (ed)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300217018     More information

Item Number: 144225
Title: Theophilus and the Theory and Practice of Medieval Art
Author: Gearhart, Heidi C
Price: $94.95     ISBN: 9780271077154     More information

Item Number: 143148
Title: ISA GENZKEN : Sculpture as World Receiver
Author: Lee, Lisa
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780226409979     More information

Item Number: 142442
Title: Two Centuries of American Still-Life Painting : The Frank and Michelle Hevrdejs Collection
Author: Gerdts, William H
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300225914     More information

Item Number: 142696
Title: ALBERTO GIACOMETTI, YVES KLEIN : In Search of the Absolute
Author: Pissarro, Joachim (et al)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9780847859269     More information

Item Number: 143941
Title: Ornament is Crime: Modernist Architecture
Author: Gibberd, Matt ; Albert Hill
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780714874166     More information

Item Number: 143987
Title: JERONIMO ANTONIO GIL and the Idea of the Spanish Enlightenment
Author: Donahue-Wallace, Kelly
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780826357342     More information

Item Number: 144016
Title: Kantha
Author: Gillow, John (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781942185192     More information

Item Number: 143825
Title: Communist Posters
Author: Ginsberg, Mary
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781780237244     More information

Item Number: 139432
Title: La Grande Madre. Donne, Maternità e Potere nell'Arte e nella Cultura Visiva, 1900-2015
Author: Gioni, Massimiliano
Price: $26.00     ISBN: 9788857229560     More information

Item Number: 128861
Title: When GIORGIONE Died: A Rebildungsroman
Author: Kury, Gloria
Price: $14.00     ISBN: 9781934772317     More information

Item Number: 142290
Title: The Unfinished Exhibition : Visualizing Myth, Memory, and the Shadow of the Civil War in Centennial America
Author: Gold, Susanna W
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781472480668     More information

Item Number: 143075
Title: Candy/A Good and Spacious Land
Author: Goldberg, Jim ; Donovan Wylie
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9780300222999     More information

Item Number: 141877
Title: SAMARA GOLDEN : The Flat Side of the Knife
Author: Locks, Mia (ed)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780989985932     More information

Item Number: 143379
Title: The Roots of Urban Renaissance : Gentrification and the Struggle over Harlem
Author: Goldstein, Brian D
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780674971509     More information

Item Number: 144711
Title: ANDY GOLDSWORTHY : Projects
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9781419722226     More information

Item Number: 138678
Title: Capital Houses Historic Residences of Washington D.C. and Its Environs, 1735-1965
Author: Goode, James M. ; Bruce M. White (photos)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780926494916     More information

Item Number: 140697
Title: PIERRE GOUTHIERE : Virtuoso Gilder at the French Court
Author: Vignon, Charlotte (et al)
Price: $79.95     ISBN: 9781907804618     More information

Item Number: 144230
Title: All About Process : The Theory and Discourse of Modern Artistic Labor
Author: Grant, Kim
Price: $74.95     ISBN: 9780271077444     More information

Item Number: 141066
Title: The Book on the Floor: André Malraux and the Imaginary Museum
Author: Grasskamp, Walter
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781606065013     More information

Item Number: 142768
Title: EZIO GRIBAUDO : The Man in the Middle of Modernism
Author: Surliuga, Victoria
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781943876266     More information

Item Number: 143502
Title: My Soul Has Grown Deep : Art from the Black South
Author: Griffey, Randall (et al
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781588396099     More information

Item Number: 141836
Title: RED GROOMS : Traveling Correspondent
Author: Pacini, Marina ; Susan W. Knowles
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780997249262     More information

Item Number: 144092
Title: Aesthetic Transcendentalism in Emerson, Peirce, and Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Painting
Author: Guardiano, Nicholas
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9781498524537     More information

Item Number: 141237
Title: Word of Mouth : Fama and Its Personifications in Art and Literature from Ancient Rome to the Middle Ages
Author: Guastella, Gianni
Price: $135.00     ISBN: 9780198724292     More information

Item Number: 143162
Title: Breathless Days, 1959-1960
Author: Guilbaut, Serge (et al)
Price: $99.95     ISBN: 9780822360230     More information

Item Number: 143748
Title: Breathless Days, 1959-1960
Author: Guilbaut, Serge (et al)
Price: $26.95     ISBN: 9780822360414     More information

Item Number: 144076
Title: There Was a Whole Collection Made : Photography from Lester and Betty Guttman
Author: Letinsky, Laura ; Jessica Moss (eds)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780935573565     More information

Item Number: 141691
Title: Working Conditions : The Writings of HANS HAACKE
Author: Haacke, Hans ; Alexander Alberro (ed)
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9780262034838     More information

Item Number: 140919
Title: Beyond Words : Illuminated Manuscripts in Boston Collections
Author: Hamburger, Jeffrey F. (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781892850263     More information

Item Number: 110405
Title: The Ruined Bridge: Studies in Barberini Patronage of Music and Spectacle 1631-1679
Author: Hammond, Frederick
Price: $22.00     ISBN: 9780899901510     More information

Item Number: 140932
Title: The Public Image: Photography and Civic Spectatorship
Author: Hariman, Robert ; John Louis Lucaites
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780226342931     More information

Item Number: 144915
Title: Yorkshire West Riding : Sheffield and the South
Author: Harman, Ruth ; Nikolaus Pevsner
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9780300224689     More information

Item Number: 143062
Author: Griffey, Randall (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781588396136     More information

Item Number: 143274
Title: The Roman Street : Urban Life and Society in Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Rome
Author: Hartnett, Jeremy
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9781107105706     More information

Item Number: 141231
Title: MONA HATOUM : Expanded and Revised Edition
Author: Spector, Nancy ; Brett Guy
Price: $69.96     ISBN: 9780714870441     More information

Item Number: 141819
Title: The Paintings of PAUL HAVAS
Author: Kangas, Matthew
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780997249248     More information

Item Number: 144672
Author: Weinger, Camille Mary (ed)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780991488957     More information

Item Number: 143955
Title: A Magnificent Faith : Art and Identity in Lutheran Germany
Author: Heal, Bridget
Price: $105.00     ISBN: 9780198737575     More information

Item Number: 142688
Title: The Hidden Art: Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Self-Taught Artists from the Audrey B. Heckler Collection
Author: Heckler, Audrey ; Jane Kallir (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780847859023     More information

Item Number: 139439
Title: MICHAEL HEIZER : Altars
Author: Fine, Ruth ; Kara Vander Weg
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780847847679     More information

Item Number: 134736
Title: ROBERT HENRI'S California: Realism, Race and Region 1914-1925
Author: Cartwright, Derrick R. (et al)
Price: $2.50     ISBN: 9780935314861     More information

Item Number: 144729
Title: The Law School at the University of Virginia : Architectural Expansion in the Realm of Thomas Jefferson
Author: Herrington, Philip Mills
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780813939308     More information

Item Number: 144105
Title: OSCAR HEYMAN : The Jewelers' Jeweler
Author: Markowitz, Yvonne J. ; Elizabeth Hamilton
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780878468362     More information

Item Number: 143824
Title: Artistic License: The Philosophical Problems of Copyright and Appropriation
Author: Hick, Darren Hudson
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9780226460109     More information

Item Number: 141976
Title: TODD HIDO : Intimate Distance: Twenty-Five Years of Photographs, a Chronological Album
Author: Campany, David ; Katya Tylevich
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781597113601     More information

Item Number: 144322
Title: Highlights from the National Gallery of Art, Washington
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9780894683992     More information

Item Number: 143680
Title: The Art of Brutalism : Rescuing Hope from Catastrophe in 1950s Britain
Author: Highmore, Ben
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9780300222746     More information

Item Number: 143265
Title: Former West : Art and the Contemporary after 1989
Author: Hlavajova, Maria ; Simon Sheikh (eds)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780262533836     More information

Item Number: 144358
Title: HOWARD HODGKIN : In the Pink
Author: Lawrence, James
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9781938748370     More information

Item Number: 143264
Title: The Arcades: Contemporary Art and Walter Benjamin
Author: Hoffmann, Jens (et al)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780300221992     More information

Item Number: 142444
Title: HANS HOFMANN : Works on Paper
Author: Wilkin, Karen (et al)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780300223156     More information

Item Number: 140398
Title: WILLIAM HOGARTH : A Complete Catalogue of the Paintings
Author: Einberg, Elizabeth
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9780300221749     More information

Item Number: 144492
Title: Securing the Shadow: Posthumous Portraiture in America
Author: Hollander, Sacy C. ; Gary Laderman (et al)
Price: $38.00     ISBN: 9780912161327     More information

Item Number: 144304
Title: For Art's Sake : The Aesthetic Movement in Print & Beyond 1870-1890, from the Collection of Eric Holzenber
Author: Holzenberg, Eric
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781605830643     More information

Item Number: 125197
Title: DENNIS HOPPER: Drugstore Camera Newspaper
Price: $4.00     ISBN: 9781935263791     More information

Item Number: 143167
Title: Art for an Undivided Earth: The American Indian Movement Generation
Author: Horton, Jessica L
Price: $94.95     ISBN: 9780822369547     More information

Item Number: 142003
Title: A Matter of Memory: Photography as Object in the Digital Age
Author: Hostetler, Lisa ; William T. Green
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780935398182     More information

Item Number: 144461
Title: CHARLES HOWARD : A Margin of Chaos
Author: DiQuinzio, Apsara (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780983881322     More information

Item Number: 141238
Title: The Poetics of Ruins in Renaissance Literature
Author: Hui, Andrew
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9780823273355     More information

Item Number: 141239
Title: The Poetics of Ruins in Renaissance Literature
Author: Hui, Andrew
Price: $28.00     ISBN: 9780823274314     More information

Item Number: 143747
Title: Nazi-Looted Art and Its Legacies
Author: Huyssen, Andreas (et al)
Price: $16.00     ISBN: 9780822368649     More information

Item Number: 141857
Title: ALEX ISRAELat The Huntington
Author: Kraus, Chris (et al)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780692527351     More information

Item Number: 143266
Title: Photography, Trace, and Trauma
Author: Iversen, Margaret
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9780226370026     More information

Item Number: 143820
Title: Photography, Trace, and Trauma
Author: Iversen, Margaret
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780226370163     More information

Item Number: 143280
Title: Gardens of Court and Country : English Design 1630-1730
Author: Jacques, David
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300222012     More information

Item Number: 144909
Title: The Bench in the Garden: An Inquiry Into the Scopic History of a Bench
Author: Jakob, Michael
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781939621795     More information

Item Number: 141768
Title: Boston Furniture, 1700-1900
Author: Jobe, Brock ; Gerald W.R. Ward (eds)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780985254384     More information

Item Number: 143064
Title: JASPER JOHNS : Catalogue Raisonné of Painting and Sculpture
Author: Bernstein, Roberta (et al)
Price: $1,500.00     ISBN: 9780300227420     More information

Item Number: 141377
Title: CHARLES ELLIS JOHNSON and the Erotic Mormon Image
Author: Campbell, Mary
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780226373690     More information

Item Number: 143774
Title: Time and Cosmos in Greco-Roman Antiquity
Author: Jones, Alexander R. (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780691174402     More information

Item Number: 143020
Title: Drawing on the Victorians: The Palimpsest of Victorian and Neo-Victorian Graphic Texts
Author: Jones, Anna Maria ; Rebecca N. Mitchell (eds)
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9780821422472     More information

Item Number: 140934
Title: The Global Work of Art : World’s Fairs, Biennials, and the Aesthetics of Experience
Author: Jones, Caroline A
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780226291741     More information

Item Number: 140454
Title: The Grammar of Ornament : A Visual Reference of Form and Colour in Architecture and the Decorative Arts
Author: Jones, Owen
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780691172064     More information

Item Number: 143559
Author: Wildhagen Gjessing, Oda (ed)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300226584     More information

Item Number: 143746
Title: The Artist, the Censor and the Nude: A Tale of Morality and Appropriation : Artwork by PAMELA JOSEPH
Author: Harcourt, Glenn ; Francis Naumann (intro)
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9780997003420     More information

Item Number: 141422
Title: DONALD JUDD : Writings
Author: Judd, Flavin ; Caitlin Murray (eds)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781941701355     More information

Item Number: 144919
Author: Raskin, David
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300228687     More information

Item Number: 144927
Title: WYATT KAHN : Object Paintings
Author: Slifkin, Robert
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780988997042     More information

Item Number: 144231
Title: Color in the Age of Impressionism : Commerce, Technology, and Art
Author: Kalba, Laura Anne
Price: $84.95     ISBN: 9780271077000     More information

Item Number: 140945
Title: Photography and Humour
Author: Kaplan, Louis
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781780236513     More information

Item Number: 144462
Title: ALLAN KAPROW and CLAES OLDENBURG : Art, Happenings, and Cultural Politics
Author: Haywood, Robert E
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780300222609     More information

Item Number: 143894
Author: Roberts, Veronica (ed)
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9781477311516     More information

Item Number: 141419
Title: KAWS : Where the End Starts
Author: Karnes, Andrea (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780929865362     More information

Item Number: 143283
Title: Animal Skins and the Reading Self in Medieval Latin and French Bestiaries
Author: Kay, Sarah
Price: $49.00     ISBN: 9780226436739     More information

Item Number: 144152
Author: McDonough, Tom (et al)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781941753101     More information

Item Number: 144416
Title: Early Greek Portraiture: Monuments and Histories
Author: Keesling, Catherine M
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9781107162235     More information

Item Number: 141924
Title: Binding the Absent Body in Medieval and Modern Art : Abject, Virtual, and Alternate Bodies
Author: Kelley, Emiliy ; Elizabeth Richard Rivenbark
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472459367     More information

Item Number: 143074
Author: Krauss, Rosalind E. (ed)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780262036177     More information

Item Number: 143821
Title: WILLIAM KENTRDIGE : Being Led by the Nose
Author: Taylor, Jane
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780226791203     More information

Item Number: 143912
Title: Eyewitness Views: Making History in Eighteenth-Century Europe
Author: Kerber, Peter Björn
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781606065259     More information

Item Number: 144745
Title: Elastic Architecture : FREDERICK KIESLER and Design Research in the First Age of Robotic Culture
Author: Phillips, Stephen J
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780262035736     More information

Item Number: 144730
Title: Governor's and State Houses in British Colonial America 1607-1783 : An Historical, Architectural and Archaeological Survey
Author: Kimball, Hoke P. ; Bruce Henson
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780786470518     More information

Item Number: 141421
Title: YVES KLEIN : In/Out Studio
Author: Koddenberg, Matthias
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781942884095     More information

Item Number: 142678
Title: MART KLETT : Camino del Diablo
Author: Pumpelly, Raphael
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781942185017     More information

Item Number: 143153
Title: JEFF KOONS : Gazing Ball Paintings
Author: Pissarro, Joachim ; Donatien Grau
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9780847859825     More information

Item Number: 141187
Title: America's National Gallery of Art
Author: Kopper, Philip
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780691172880     More information

Item Number: 143165
Title: The Insistence of Art : Aesthetic Philosophy after Early Modernity
Author: Kottman, Paul A. (ed)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9780823275731     More information

Item Number: 143166
Title: The Insistence of Art : Aesthetic Philosophy after Early Modernity
Author: Kottman, Paul A. (ed)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780823275809     More information

Item Number: 143962
Title: PETER KRASNOW : Maverick Modernist
Author: Duncan, Michael
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9780935314748     More information

Item Number: 143276
Title: The New Testament in Byzantium
Author: Krueger, Derek ; Robert S. Nelson (eds)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780884024149     More information

Item Number: 142836
Title: Art Installations: A Visual Guide
Author: Krysa, Danielle (intro)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781909399884     More information

Item Number: 143944
Title: Architects' Gravesites: A Serendipitous Guide (USA)
Author: Kuehn, Henry H
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9780262533478     More information

Item Number: 141706
Title: Japanese Landscapes and Gardens, 1650-1950
Author: Kuitert, Wybe
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9780812244748     More information

Item Number: 142684
Title: The Palazzo della Civilta Italiana in Rome
Author: La Cecla, Franco
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780847859252     More information

Item Number: 143643
Title: RICHARD F. LACK : Catalogue Raisonne 1943-1998
Author: Christensen, Gary B
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9781890434908     More information

Item Number: 142692
Author: Baumann, Daniel (et al)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780847859061     More information

Item Number: 143677
Title: The Philosophy Chamber : Art and Science in Harvard's Teaching Cabinet, 1766–1820
Author: Lasser, Ethan W. (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780300225921     More information

Item Number: 144685
Title: Woman Power : MARIA LASSNIG in New York 1968–1980
Author: Latham, Janine (ed)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780986323089     More information

Item Number: 141211
Title: Eccentric Modernisms: Making Differences in the History of American Art
Author: Latimer, Tirza True
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780520288867     More information

Item Number: 132790
Title: An Allegory of Divine Love: The Netherlandish Blockbook "Canticum Canticorum"
Author: Lavin, Marilyn Aronberg
Price: $34.00     ISBN: 9780916101794     More information

Item Number: 144113
Title: LOUISE LAWLER : Receptions
Author: Marcoci, Roxana (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781633450233     More information

Item Number: 144072
Title: Chandigarh Revealed : LE CORBUSIER's City Today
Author: Fynn, Shaun
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781616895815     More information

Item Number: 140281
Title: Towards a Public Space: LE CORBUSIER and the Greco-Latin Tradition in the Modern City
Author: Sequeira, Marta
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781472475916     More information

Item Number: 138332
Title: The Brothers LE NAIN : Painters of Seventeenth-Century France
Author: Dickerson, C.D, III ; Esther Bell
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300218886     More information

Item Number: 136747
Title: Topographical Stories : Studies in Landscape and Architecture
Author: Leatherbarrow, David
Price: $11.98     ISBN: 9780812223507     More information

Item Number: 144114
Title: Pissing Figures 1280–2014
Author: Lebensztejn, Jean-Claude ; Jeff Nagy (ed)
Price: $12.95     ISBN: 9781941701546     More information

Item Number: 144411
Title: The Rockefeller Family Gardens : An American Legacy
Author: Lederman, Larry
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781580934879     More information

Item Number: 142631
Author: Hobbs, Robert
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781942607182     More information

Item Number: 140931
Title: Giza and the Pyramids : The Definitive History
Author: Lehner, Mark ; Zahi Hawass
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780226425696     More information

Item Number: 143272
Title: Young LEONARDO : The Evolution of a Revolutionary Artist, 1472-1499
Author: Isbouts, Jean-Pierre ; Christopher Heath Brown
Price: $26.99     ISBN: 9781250129352     More information

Item Number: 144292
Title: Ernst Kantorowicz: A Life
Author: Lerner, Robrt E
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780691172828     More information

Item Number: 144186
Title: Aesthetic Pursuits : Essays in Philosophy of Art
Author: Levinson, Jerrold
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780198767213     More information

Item Number: 143263
Title: Whitney Biennial 2017
Author: Lew, Christopher Y. ; Mia Locks
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780300223095     More information

Item Number: 142045
Title: Drawing Dialogues : Selections from the SOL LEWITT Collection
Author: Gilman, Claire ; Beatrice Gross
Price: $14.00     ISBN: 9780942324969     More information

Item Number: 143171
Title: LICHTENSTEIN in New York: A Pop Art Life
Author: Bernardo, Mark P
Price: $17.95     ISBN: 9781938901553     More information

Item Number: 140678
Title: Beyond Resemblance: Abstract Art in the Age of Global Conceptualism
Author: Linsley, Robert
Price: $27.00     ISBN: 9781780236322     More information

Item Number: 140647
Title: The Paragone in Nineteenth-Century Art
Author: Lippert, Sarah
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781472430953     More information

Item Number: 143380
Title: Aesthetic Life : Beauty and Art in Modern Japan
Author: Lippit, Miya Elise Mizuta
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780674975163     More information

Item Number: 142185
Title: Moment by Moment : Photographs by JOHN LOENGARD
Author: Loengard, John
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780500970775     More information

Item Number: 140850
Title: The New Space : Movement and Experience in Viennese Modern Architecture
Author: Long, Christopher
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300218282     More information

Item Number: 142355
Title: The Carved Line: Block Printmaking in New Mexico
Author: Lopez, Josie
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780890136218     More information

Item Number: 140619
Author: Sandler, Irving (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780847858248     More information

Item Number: 144117
Title: LEE LOZANO : Private Book 1
Price: $18.00     ISBN: 9781942607557     More information

Item Number: 144118
Title: LOZANO : c. 1962
Author: Molesworth, Helen ; Bob Nickas
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781942607588     More information

Item Number: 143154
Title: DORA MAAR : Paris in the Time of Man Ray, Jean Cocteau, and Picasso
Author: Baring, Louise
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780847858538     More information

Item Number: 140879
Title: French Art of the Eighteenth Century : The Michael L. Rosenberg Lecture Series at the Dallas Museum of Art
Author: MacDonald, Heather (et al)
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9780300220179     More information

Item Number: 143281
Title: Another World : Nineteenth-Century Illustrated Print Culture
Author: Mainardi, Patricia
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300219067     More information

Item Number: 144426
Title: Companions to the History of Architecture
Author: Mallgrave, Harry Francis
Price: $650.00     ISBN: 9781444338515     More information

Item Number: 136415
Title: MIKE MANDEL : Good 70s
Author: Mandel, Mike ; Jason Fulford (et al)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9780989531146     More information

Item Number: 143384
Title: Against the Jews and the Gentiles, Books I–IV
Author: Manetti, Giannozzo ; Stefano U. Baldassarri (ed) ; Daniela Pagliara (ed)
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780674974975     More information

Item Number: 141180
Title: Humanism and the Latin Classics
Author: Manutius, Aldus ; John N. Grant (trans)
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780674971639     More information

Item Number: 138853
Title: PIERO MANZONI : An Artist's Life
Author: Gualdoni, Flaminio ; Marguerite Shore (ed) ; Peter Benson Miller (trans)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780847849130     More information

Item Number: 142844
Title: WPA Buildings: Architecture and Art of the New Deal
Author: Maresca, Joseph
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780764352119     More information

Item Number: 142685
Title: The Garden of Peter Marino
Author: Marino, Peter (et al)
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9780847858781     More information

Item Number: 143938
Author: Gaines, Charles ; Greg Tate ; Laurence Rassel
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780714871554     More information

Item Number: 138330
Title: Baroque Naples and the Industry of Painting : The World in the Workbench
Author: Marshall, Christopher R
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300174502     More information

Item Number: 126590
Title: Critical Practice: Artists, museums, ethics
Author: Marstine, Janet
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9780415658546     More information

Item Number: 141695
Title: AGNES MARTIN : Night Sea
Author: Hudson, Suzanne P
Price: $18.00     ISBN: 9781846381713     More information

Item Number: 144236
Title: The Art of Contact : Comparative Approaches to Greek and Phoenician Art
Author: Martin, S. Rebecca
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9780812249088     More information

Item Number: 143284
Title: Pater the Classicist : Classical Scholarship, Reception, and Aestheticism
Author: Martindale, Charles (et al)
Price: $105.00     ISBN: 9780198723417     More information

Item Number: 143918
Title: Practical Discourses on the Most Noble Art of Painting
Author: Martinez, Jusepe ; Zahira Veliz (ed., trans.) ; David McGrath (trans)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781606065280     More information

Item Number: 144741
Title: Phulkari : The Embroidered Textiles of Punjab from the Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz Collection
Author: Mason, Darielle (ed)
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780300225907     More information

Item Number: 141215
Title: The Dawn of Christian Art in Panel Paintings and Icons
Author: Mathews, Thomas (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781606065099     More information

Item Number: 143150
Title: MATISSE in the Studio
Author: McBreen, Ellen ; Helen Burhnam (eds)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780878468430     More information

Item Number: 143676
Title: Art and Myth of the Ancient Maya
Author: Mazariegos, Oswaldo Chinchilla
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300207170     More information

Item Number: 144916
Title: Captain Cook and the Pacific : Art, Exploration and Empire
Author: McAleer, John ; Nigel Rigby
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300207248     More information

Item Number: 140947
Title: The Space Within: Interior Experience as the Origin of Architecture
Author: McCarter, Robert
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9781780236605     More information

Item Number: 143318
Title: Boredom
Author: McDonough, Tom
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9780262533447     More information

Item Number: 144383
Title: ADAM MCEWEN : I Think I'm in Love
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780934324786     More information

Item Number: 143664
Title: RYAN MCGINLEY : The Kids Were Alright
Author: Abrams, nora Burnett
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780847859702     More information

Item Number: 140865
Title: American Silver in the Art Institute of Chicago
Author: McGoey, Elizabeth (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300222364     More information

Item Number: 140118
Title: The Art of the Bible : Illuminated Manuscripts from the Medieval World
Author: McKendrick, Scot ; Kathleen Doyle
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9780500239476     More information

Item Number: 144223
Title: Art and Celebrity in the Age of Reynolds and Siddons
Author: McPherson, Heather
Price: $89.95     ISBN: 9780271074078     More information

Item Number: 143990
Title: Arbus Friedlander Winogrand: New Documents, 1967
Author: Meister, Sarah Hermanson (ed)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780870709555     More information

Item Number: 142007
Title: HANS MEMLING : Portraiture, Piety, and a Reunited Altarpiece
Author: Marciari, John (ed)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781911300083     More information

Item Number: 143916
Title: ADOLPH MENZEL : The Quest for Reality
Author: Busch, Werner
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781606065174     More information

Item Number: 144622
Title: MARGUERITA MERGENTIME : American Textiles, Modern Ideas
Author: Ghelerter, Donna (ed)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780692768273     More information

Item Number: 144187
Title: Lasting Impressions : The Legacies of Impressionism in Contemporary Culture
Author: Matz, Jessica
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780231164061     More information

Item Number: 140930
Title: Dwan Gallery: Los Angeles to New York, 1959–1971
Author: Meyer, James (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780226425108     More information

Item Number: 140881
Title: MICHELANGELO's Tomb for Julius II : Genesis and Genius
Author: Frommel, Christoph Luitpold (et al)
Price: $79.95     ISBN: 9781606065037     More information

Item Number: 133246
Title: What's in a Name? MICHELANGELO and the Art of Signature
Author: Smith, Carl
Price: $3.99     ISBN: 9780692020890     More information

Item Number: 142405
Title: SARAH MICHELSON : Moma Dance
Author: Velasco, David (ed)
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781633450080     More information

Item Number: 142775
Title: The Arts Club of Chicago at 100: Art and Culture, 1916-2016
Author: Mileaf, Janine ; Susan F. Rossen (eds)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781891925467     More information

Item Number: 143910
Title: History and Its Objects : Antiquarianism and Material Culture since 1500
Author: Miller, Peter N
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780801453700     More information

Item Number: 143989
Title: Revolution: Russian Art 1917–1932
Author: Milner, John (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781910350430     More information

Item Number: 144216
Title: JOAN MITCHELL : Drawing to Painting
Author: Rosenthal, Mark
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781944316051     More information

Item Number: 144921
Title: MODIGLIANI Unmasked
Author: Klein, Mason
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300225495     More information

Item Number: 140859
Title: MONET : The Early Years
Author: Shackelford, George T.M. (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300221855     More information

Item Number: 144628
Title: CLAUDE MONET : Water Lilies
Author: Temkin, Ann
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9781633450431     More information

Item Number: 143414
Title: The Mobility of Modernism: Art and Criticism in 1920s Latin America
Author: Montgomery Harper
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9781477312537     More information

Item Number: 141927
Title: Openings: A Memoir from the Women’s Art Movement, New York City 1970-1992
Author: Moore, Sabra ; Lucy R. Lippard ; Margaret Randall
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9781613320181     More information

Item Number: 144038
Title: GIORGIO MORANDI : Late Paintings
Author: Mattioli, Laura (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781941701560     More information

Item Number: 144716
Title: The Enlightenment Rediscovery of Egyptology : Vitaliano Donati's Egyptian Expedition, 1759–63
Author: Morecroft, Angela
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781409447771     More information

Item Number: 144226
Title: Nature’s Experiments and the Search for Symbolist Form
Author: Morehead, Allison
Price: $89.95     ISBN: 9780271076744     More information

Item Number: 144728
Title: Castles: Their History and Evolution in Medieval Britain
Author: Morris, Marc
Price: $27.95     ISBN: 9781681773599     More information

Item Number: 143498
Title: EDVARD MUNCH : Between the Clock and the Bed
Author: Garrels, Gary (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781588396235     More information

Item Number: 144245
Title: Skyscraper Gothic : Medieval Style and Modernist Buildings
Author: Murphy, Kevin D. ; Lisa Reilly (eds)
Price: $39.50     ISBN: 9780813939728     More information

Item Number: 141949
Title: Byron Wolfe & Scott Brady: Phantom Skies and Shifting Ground : Landscape, Culture, and Rephotography in EADWEARD MUYBRIDGE's Lost Illustrations of Central America
Author: Brady, Scott ; Byron Wolfe
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781942185147     More information

Item Number: 143504
Title: Art and Nature in the Middle Ages
Author: Myers, Nicole R. (et al)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780300227055     More information

Item Number: 134572
Title: Annotations and Meditations on the Gospel, Volume IV: Cumulative Index
Author: Nadal, Jerome, S.J. ; Frederick A. Hofmann, S.J. (ed)
Price: $15.98     ISBN: 978091601626     More information

Item Number: 143507
Title: Pietro Bembo and the Intellectual Pleasures of a Renaissance Writer and Art Collector
Author: Nalezyty, Susan
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9780300219197     More information

Item Number: 144449
Title: ALICE NEEL : Uptown
Author: Als, Hilton
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781941701607     More information

Item Number: 144077
Title: The Pursuit of Immortality: Masterpieces from the Scher Collection of Portrait Medals
Author: Ng, Aimee
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9781911282068     More information

Item Number: 141918
Title: All Great Art is Praise: Art and Religion in John Ruskin
Author: Nichols, Aidan
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780813228921     More information

Item Number: 143742
Title: Seizing Jerusalem: The Architectures of Unilateral Unification
Author: Nitzan-Shiftan, Alona
Price: $160.00     ISBN: 9780816694273     More information

Item Number: 143743
Title: Seizing Jerusalem: The Architectures of Unilateral Unification
Author: Nitzan-Shiftan, Alona
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780816694280     More information

Item Number: 143840
Title: Classicisms
Author: Nornam, Larry F. ; Anne Leonard (eds)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780935573572     More information

Item Number: 140872
Title: NOTMAN Visionary Photographer
Author: Samson, Helene ; Suzanne Sauvage
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300223675     More information

Item Number: 140310
Author: Barson, Tanya (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781419722745     More information

Item Number: 143986
Title: Letters Like the Day: On Reading Georgia O'KEEFFE
Author: Sinor, Jennifer
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9780826357830     More information

Item Number: 140851
Title: ALBERTO OEHLEN : Woods Near Oehle
Author: Thuring, Reto (et al)
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9780300218404     More information

Item Number: 143942
Author: Olszewski, Edward J
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9780821422717     More information

Item Number: 140857
Title: European Art : A Neuroarthistory
Author: Onians, John
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300212792     More information

Item Number: 141500
Title: OPPENHEIM : Object
Author: Lanchner, Carolyn
Price: $14.95     ISBN: 9781633450196     More information

Item Number: 144768
Author: Galloway Alexander R. ; Laurent Stalder
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781881390565     More information

Item Number: 144922
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9782851171832     More information

Item Number: 144123
Author: Zuckerman, Heidi
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780934324779     More information

Item Number: 144376
Title: Colonialism and Modern Architecture in Germany
Author: Osayimwese, Itohan
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780822945086     More information

Item Number: 143275
Title: Visualizing Community: Art, Material Culture, and Settlement in Byzantine Cappadocia
Author: Ousterhout, Robert G
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9780884024132     More information

Item Number: 122605
Title: Decade: Contemporary Collecting, 2002-2012
Author: Pagel, David (et al)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781887457132     More information

Item Number: 143163
Title: Photography and Collaboration : From Conceptual Art to Crowdsourcing
Author: Palmer, Daniel
Price: $112.00     ISBN: 9781474233460     More information

Item Number: 143164
Title: Photography and Collaboration : From Conceptual Art to Crowdsourcing
Author: Palmer, Daniel
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781350008311     More information

Item Number: 142645
Title: GIULIO PAOLINI: Hypothesis for an Exhibition
Author: Yasar, Begum (et al)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781944379087     More information

Item Number: 143492
Author: Candela, Iria (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781588396167     More information

Item Number: 130066
Title: PARMIGIANINO's Madonna of the Long Neck: A Grace Beyond the Reach of Art
Author: Olszewski, Edward J
Price: $20.00     ISBN: 9780871692696     More information

Item Number: 144512
Title: DFW Deco: Modernistic Architecture of Northeast Texas
Author: Parson, Jim ; David Bush
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780875656359     More information

Item Number: 143954
Title: Electing the Pope in Early Modern Italy, 1450-1700
Author: Pattenden, Miles
Price: $112.50     ISBN: 9780198797449     More information

Item Number: 144714
Title: Versailles: The Great and Hidden Splendors of the Sun King's Palace
Author: Pegard, Catherine (et al)
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9780865653429     More information

Item Number: 143183
Title: ZHANG PEILI : Record. Repeat
Author: Cacchione, Orianna (et al)
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9780300226225     More information

Item Number: 143495
Title: Tastemaker : Elizabeth Gordon, House Beautiful, and the Postwar American Home
Author: Penick, Monica
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300221763     More information

Item Number: 143491
Title: IRVING PENN : Centennial
Author: Hambourg, Maria Morris ; Jeff L. Rosenheim
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9781588396181     More information

Item Number: 144754
Title: GIUSEPPE PENONE : Matrice
Author: Gioni, Massimiliano
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780847861057     More information

Item Number: 140694
Title: CHARLES PERCIER : Architecture and Design in an Age of Revolutions
Author: Garric, Jean-Philippe (et al)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300221589     More information

Item Number: 144396
Title: Greek Art in Context : Archaeological and Art Historical Perspectives
Author: Perez, Diane Rodriguez (ed)
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781472457455     More information

Item Number: 143508
Title: The Ivory Mirror : The Art of Mortality in Renaissance Europe
Author: Perkinson, Stephen (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300225952     More information

Item Number: 141219
Title: Explodity: Sound, Image, and Word in Russian Futurist Book Art
Author: Perloff, Nancy
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781606065082     More information

Item Number: 141181
Title: Selected Letters, Volume 1
Author: Petrarca, Francesco ; Elaine Fantham (trans)
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780674058347     More information

Item Number: 141182
Title: Selected Letters, Volume 2
Author: Petrarca, Francesco ; Elaine Fantham (trans)
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780674971622     More information

Item Number: 143937
Title: RAYMOND PETTIBON : A Pen of All Work
Author: Gioni, Massimilano ; Gary Carrion-Myrayari (eds)
Price: $89.95     ISBN: 9780714873695     More information

Item Number: 140605
Author: Rugoff, Ralph (ed)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780847858255     More information

Item Number: 144460
Title: ELIZABETH PEYTON : Dark Incandescence
Author: Bell, Kirsty
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780847858552     More information

Item Number: 144585
Title: La Caricature, 1830-1835 : Lithographies complètes. An Illustrated Catalogue Raisonné of the Lithographs
Author: Philipon, Charles (et al)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781556603488     More information

Item Number: 140880
Title: FRANCIS PICABIA : Catalogue Raisonne : Volume 2 (1915-1927)
Author: Calté, Beverley (et al)
Price: $250.00     ISBN: 9780300222463     More information

Item Number: 144913
Title: PICASSO | Encounters : Printmaking and Collaboration
Author: Clarke, Jay A. ; Marilyn McCully
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9780300229271     More information

Item Number: 142450
Title: Painting 1909: Pablo PICASSO, Gertrude Stein, Henri Bergson, Comics, Albert Einstein, and Anarchy
Author: Folgarait, Leonard
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300218015     More information

Item Number: 144758
Title: PICASSO : Minotaurs and Matadors
Author: Richardson, John ; Gerte Utley ; Clemente Marconi (et al)
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9780847861101     More information

Item Number: 141926
Title: PICASSO / Picault, Picault / Picasso: A Magic Moment in Vallauris 1948-1953
Author: Vautier, Sylvie
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9781938461330     More information

Item Number: 138632
Title: City of the Soul: Rome and the Romantics
Author: Pinto, John A
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780875981710     More information

Item Number: 139374
Title: Medieval Islamic Maps : An Exploration
Author: Pinto, Karen C
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780226126968     More information

Item Number: 140639
Title: Russian Splendor: Sumptuous Fashions of the Russian Court
Author: Piotrovsky, Mikhail Borisovich (et al)
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9780847849468     More information

Item Number: 140680
Title: Primitive: The Art and Life of HORACE H PIPPIN
Author: Harrington, Janice N
Price: $16.00     ISBN: 9781942683209     More information

Item Number: 143920
Title: When Galleries Shake: Earthquake Damage Mitigation for Museum Collections
Author: Podany, Jerry
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781606065228     More information

Item Number: 142687
Title: American Treasures: The Brandywine River Museum of Art
Author: Podmaniczky, Christine
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780847859610     More information

Item Number: 144450
Title: SIGMAR POLKE : Eine Winterreise
Author: Hoberman, J. ; Katharina Schmidt
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781941701539     More information

Item Number: 144630
Author: Lanchner, Carolun
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9781633450455     More information

Item Number: 144918
Title: POLLOCK's Modernism
Author: Schreyach, Michael
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300223262     More information

Item Number: 142319
Title: IGGY POP : Life Class
Author: Deller, Jeremy
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9780993316135     More information

Item Number: 140607
Title: FAIRFIELD PORTER : Selected Masterworks
Author: Wilmerding, John (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780847848744     More information

Item Number: 142178
Title: Master Builder of the Lower Rio Grande : HEINRICH PORTSCHELLER
Author: Geoge, W. Eugene ; Mary Carolyn Hollers George (ed)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781623494520     More information

Item Number: 140559
Title: The Prado : Masterpieces
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9780500970744     More information

Item Number: 143684
Title: Modern Painters, Old Masters : The Art of Imitation from the Pre-Raphaelites to the First World War
Author: Prettejohn, Elizabeth
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300222753     More information

Item Number: 141834
Title: KEN PRICE : Drawings
Author: Criqui, Jean-Pierre
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781880146996     More information

Item Number: 141940
Title: Trousdale Estates: Midcentury to Modern in Beverly Hills
Author: Price, Steven M
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781941393376     More information

Item Number: 142320
Title: Chardin and Rembrandt
Author: Proust, Marcel ; Jennie Feldman (trans) ; Alain Madeleine-Perdrillat, afterword
Price: $12.95     ISBN: 9781941701508     More information

Item Number: 144371
Title: Michael Psellos on Literature and Art : A Byzantine Perspective on Aesthetics
Author: Psellos, Michael ; Charles Barber (ed) ; Stratis Papaioannou (ed)
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9780268100483     More information

Item Number: 144372
Title: Michael Psellos on Literature and Art : A Byzantine Perspective on Aesthetics
Author: Psellos, Michael ; Charles Barber (ed) ; Stratis Papaioannou (ed)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780268100490     More information

Item Number: 143478
Title: Renaissance Art & Science @ Florence
Author: Puett, Susan B. ; J. David Puett
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781612481852     More information

Item Number: 142287
Title: W.J.T. Mitchell's Image Theory : Living Pictures
Author: Purgar, Kreimir (ed)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781138185562     More information

Item Number: 144726
Title: Borderwall as Architecture : A Manifesto for the U.S.-Mexico Boundary
Author: Rael, Ronald (et al)
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780520283947     More information

Item Number: 141816
Title: Migrating the Black Body : The African Diaspora and Visual Culture
Author: Raiford, Leigh ; Heike Raphael-Hernandez (eds)
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9780295999562     More information

Item Number: 140113
Title: A Saving Science: Capturing the Heavens in Carolingian Manuscripts
Author: Ramirez-Weaver, Eric M
Price: $89.95     ISBN: 9780271071268     More information

Item Number: 140843
Title: RAPHAEL's Tapestries : The Grotesques of Leo X
Author: Karafel, Lorraine
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300181999     More information

Item Number: 141416
Author: Dickerman, Leah (ed)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781633450202     More information

Item Number: 143678
Title: RAUSCHENBERG/ Dante : Drawing a Modern Inferno
Author: Krcma, Ed
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300221565     More information

Item Number: 143487
Title: Slow Art : The Experience of Looking, Sacred Images to James Turrell
Author: Reed, Arden
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780520285507     More information

Item Number: 142695
Title: Painting Paintings (DAVID REED) 1975
Author: Siegel, Katy ; Christopher Wool (eds)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780847859368     More information

Item Number: 135828
Title: The Philadelphia Country House: Architecture and Landscape in Colonial America
Author: Reinberger, Mark ; Elizabeth McLean
Price: $27.98     ISBN: 9781421411637     More information

Item Number: 143066
Title: REMBRANDT's Religious Prints : The Feddersen Collection at the Snite Museum of Art
Author: Rosenberg, Charles M
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9780253025876     More information

Item Number: 143815
Title: REMBRANDT’s Paintings Revisited - A Complete Survey : A Reprint of A Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings VI
Author: Van de Wetering, Ernst (ed)
Price: $109.00     ISBN: 9789402410273     More information

Item Number: 105971
Title: REMBRANDT's People
Author: Zafran, Eric
Price: $1.20     ISBN: 9780918333018     More information

Item Number: 144214
Title: DEBORAH REMINGTON : A Life in Drawing
Author: Mendelsohn, John ; Lilly Wei
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9780692757857     More information

Item Number: 141501
Title: PAUL REVERE : Sons of Liberty Bowl
Author: Ward, Gerald W.R
Price: $9.95     ISBN: 9780878468324     More information

Item Number: 57410
Title: Clothing Art: The Visual Culture of Fashion 1600-1914
Author: Ribeiro, Aileen
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300119077     More information

Item Number: 144718
Title: EUGENE RICHARDS : The Run-On of Time
Author: Hostetler, Lisa ; April M. Watson
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300227178     More information

Item Number: 140646
Title: Revolt and Reform in Architecture's Academy: Urban Renewal, Race, and the Rise of Design in the Public Interest
Author: Richards, William
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781138121812     More information

Item Number: 143738
Title: Free as Gods: How the Jazz Age Reinvented Modernism
Author: Riley, Charles A., II
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781611688504     More information

Item Number: 106860
Title: The Waters of Rome: Aqueducts, Fountains, and the Birth of the Baroque City
Author: Rinne, Katherine Wentworth
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300155303     More information

Item Number: 141230
Title: PIPILOTTI RIST : Pixel Forest
Author: Gioni, Massimiliano
Price: $79.95     ISBN: 9780714872766     More information

Item Number: 142184
Title: Shot in Alabama: A History of Photography, 1839–1941, and a List of Photographers
Author: Robb, Frances Osborn
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9780817318789     More information

Item Number: 143759
Title: Scale
Author: Roberts, Jennifer L. (ed)
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9780932171597     More information

Item Number: 144865
Title: New York Art Deco: A Guide to Gotham's Jazz Age Architecture
Author: Robins, Anthony W. (ed)
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9781438463964     More information

Item Number: 130898
Title: What If...?: The Architecture and Design of DAVID ROCKWELL
Author: Pearlman, Chee (ed)
Price: $9.00     ISBN: 9781938922565     More information

Item Number: 140637
Title: Looking Beyond Borderlines: North America's Frontier Imagination
Author: Rodney, Lee
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781138842243     More information

Item Number: 141870
Author: Carrier, David ; Elaine Mehalakes
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781882011643     More information

Item Number: 143497
Title: Paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago : Highlights of the Collection
Author: Rondeau, James (ed)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780300225723     More information

Item Number: 143484
Title: A Moment's Monument : MEDARDO ROSSO and the International Origins of Modern Sculpture
Author: Hecker, Sharon
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780520294486     More information

Item Number: 144361
Title: ROTHKO : The Color Field Paintings
Author: Ashton, Dore ; Janet Bishop
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781452156590     More information

Item Number: 143744
Title: Asking the Audience : Participatory Art in 1980s New York
Author: Rounthwaite, Adair
Price: $108.00     ISBN: 9780816698721     More information

Item Number: 143745
Title: Asking the Audience : Participatory Art in 1980s New York
Author: Rounthwaite, Adair
Price: $27.00     ISBN: 9780816698738     More information

Item Number: 144242
Title: Designing Detroit : Wirt Rowland and the Rise of Modern American Architecture
Author: Smith, Michael G
Price: $44.99     ISBN: 9780814339794     More information

Item Number: 143673
Title: Reassessing RUDOLPH
Author: Rohan, Timothy M. (ed)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780300225860     More information

Item Number: 139171
Title: Arcadian Visions: Pastoral Influences on Poetry, Painting and the Design of Landscape
Author: Ruff, Allan R
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781909686663     More information

Item Number: 143378
Title: Sound and Scent in the Garden
Author: Ruggles, D. Fairchild (ed)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780884024224     More information

Item Number: 144750
Title: ED RUSCHA : Extremes and In-betweens
Author: Bois, Yve-Alain ; Ben Eastham
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9780847860845     More information

Item Number: 141906
Title: OLIVE RUSH : Finding Her Place in the Santa Fe Art Colony
Author: Gilmore, Jann Haynes
Price: $39.35     ISBN: 9780890136201     More information

Item Number: 142769
Title: KATHY RUTTENBERG : Nature of the Beast
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781938461293     More information

Item Number: 143494
Author: Martin, Courtney J. ; Stephen Hoban (eds)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300226713     More information

Item Number: 144036
Title: BETYE SAAR : Still Tickin'
Author: Cochran, Sara
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780979893667     More information

Item Number: 140946
Title: Canada
Author: Sabatino, Michelangelo ; Rhodri Windsor Liscombe
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781780236339     More information

Item Number: 143686
Title: Survey of London: Battersea, Volumes 51-52 : South-East Marylebone
Author: Temple, Philip ; Colin thorm (eds)
Price: $300.00     ISBN: 9780300221978     More information

Item Number: 140991
Title: DORIS SALCEDO : The Materiality of Mourning
Author: Enriquez, Mary Schneider
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300222517     More information

Item Number: 140494
Title: How to See: Looking, Talking, and Thinking about Art
Author: Salle, David
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780393248135     More information

Item Number: 144120
Title: FRED SANDBACK : Vertical Constructions
Author: Alain-Bois, Yve (et al
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781941701577     More information

Item Number: 143823
Title: Aspects : FRED SANDBACK's Sculpture
Author: Vazquez, Edward A
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780226407906     More information

Item Number: 140938
Title: AUGUST SANDER Landscapes 1926-1946
Author: Kemp, Wolfgang ; Rose Rittenhouse (trans)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780226399461     More information

Item Number: 140553
Title: RICHARD SANDLER : The Eyes of the City
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781576877876     More information

Item Number: 144251
Title: Of Texas Rivers and Texas Art
Author: Sanson, Andrew ; William E. Reaves
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781623495343     More information

Item Number: 142082
Title: SANSOVINO's Venice
Author: Hart, Vaughan ; Peter Hicks
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780300175066     More information

Item Number: 142573
Title: Epic Tales from Ancient India : Paintings from The San Diego Museum of Art
Author: Sardar, Marika (ed)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300223729     More information

Item Number: 144360
Title: SARGENT's Women: Four Lives Behind the Canvas
Author: Lucey, Donna M
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780393079036     More information

Item Number: 138326
Title: JOHN SINGER SARGENT : Figures and Landscapes 1914–1925 : Complete Paintings, Vol. IX
Author: Ormond, Richard ; Elaine Kilmurray
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9780300177374     More information

Item Number: 138327
Title: JOHN SINGER SARGENT : The Complete Paintings, Vol. X : Cumulative Index to Volumes I–IX
Author: Ormond, Richard ; Elaine Kilmurray
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780300219203     More information

Item Number: 141896
Title: The Sun Placed in the Abyss
Author: Sawyer, Dres (ed)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780918881731     More information

Item Number: 142848
Title: KENNY SCHAFT: In Absence of Myth
Author: Daichendt, G. James
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781937359911     More information

Item Number: 143859
Title: Cultural Exchange: Jews, Christians, and Art in the Medieval Marketplace
Author: Shatzmiller, Joseph
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9780691176185     More information

Item Number: 143273
Title: Artists and Artistic Production in Ancient Greece
Author: Schultz, Peter ; Kristen Seaman (eds)
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9781107074460     More information

Item Number: 143329
Title: Rome: A Study in Urban Architectural Formation and Transformation
Author: Schwarting, Jon Michael
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781939621702     More information

Item Number: 143914
Title: Illuminating Women in the Medieval World
Author: Sciacca, Christine
Price: $24.95     ISBN: 9781606065266     More information

Item Number: 141052
Title: Art: Authenticity, Restoration, Forgery
Author: Scott, David A
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781938770081     More information

Item Number: 139355
Title: RICHARD SERRA : Forged Sculpture
Author: Shiff, Richard
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781941701171     More information

Item Number: 140565
Title: If Venice Dies
Author: Settis, Salvatore ; Andre Naffis-Sahely (trans)
Price: $16.95     ISBN: 9781939931375     More information

Item Number: 142446
Title: SEURAT's Circus Sideshow
Author: Thomson, Richard
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781588396150     More information

Item Number: 131390
Title: Seeking Beauty : Paintings by JAMES JEBUSA SHANNON
Author: Gallati, Barbara Dyer
Price: $11.98     More information

Item Number: 143683
Title: The Recording Machine : Art and Fact during the Cold War
Author: Shannon, Joshua
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300187274     More information

Item Number: 144602
Author: Barlow, Phyllida (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781944379100     More information

Item Number: 141383
Title: Wild Spaces, Open Seasons : Hunting and Fishing in American Art
Author: Sharp, Kevin (ed)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780806154626     More information

Item Number: 143675
Title: Subversion and Surrealism in the Art of HONORE SHARRER
Author: Wolfe, M. Melissa (ed)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300223132     More information

Item Number: 144820
Title: JIM SHAUGHNESSY Essential Witness : Sixty Years of Railroad Photography
Author: Keefe, Kevin P
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780500544860     More information

Item Number: 144238
Title: CHARLES SHEELER : Fashion, Photography, and Sculptural Form
Author: Jensen, Kirsten M. (ed)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781512821482     More information

Item Number: 141993
Title: ALEXANDER ROBEY SHEPHERD : The Man Who Built the Nation’s Capital
Author: Richardson, John P
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9780821422496     More information

Item Number: 143358
Title: TARAS SHEVCHENKO : A Portrait in Four Sittings
Author: Grabowicz, George G
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781932650143     More information

Item Number: 144448
Title: STEPHEN SHORE : Selected Works, 1973-1981
Author: Anderson, Wes (et al)
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9781597113885     More information

Item Number: 143919
Title: First Exposures: Writings from the Beginning of Photography
Author: Siegel, Steffen (ed)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781606065242     More information

Item Number: 143917
Title: Real Birds in Imagined Gardens: Mughal Painting between Persia and Europe
Author: Singh, Kavita
Price: $15.00     ISBN: 9781606065181     More information

Item Number: 140845
Title: ALFRED SISLEY : Impressionist Master
Author: Stevens, MaryAnne (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300215571     More information

Item Number: 141161
Title: Flatbed Press at 25
Author: Smith, Mark Lesly ; Katherine Brimberry
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781477310083     More information

Item Number: 143262
Title: Photography and the Optical Unconscious
Author: Smith, Shawn Michelle (et al)
Price: $99.95     ISBN: 9780822363811     More information

Item Number: 144180
Title: One and Five Ideas: On Conceptual Art and Conceptualism
Author: Smith, Terry ; Robert Bailey
Price: $79.95     ISBN: 9780822361121     More information

Item Number: 144181
Title: One and Five Ideas: On Conceptual Art and Conceptualism
Author: Smith, Terry ; Robert Bailey
Price: $22.95     ISBN: 9780822361312     More information

Item Number: 143946
Title: Not Quite Architecture: Writing Around Alison and Peter SMITHSON
Author: Boyer, M. Christine
Price: $44.95     ISBN: 9780262035514     More information

Item Number: 143851
Title: RAFAEL SORIANO : The Artist as Mystic/El artista como místico
Author: Goizueta, Elizabeth T. (et al)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781892850270     More information

Item Number: 141067
Title: North of Dixie: Civil Rights Photography Beyond the South
Author: Speltz, Mark
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781606065051     More information

Item Number: 140492
Title: Of Arms and Artists: The American Revolution Through Painters' Eyes
Author: Staiti, Paul
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781632864659     More information

Item Number: 144374
Title: Instill and Inspire : The John and Vivian Hewitt Collection of African-American Art
Author: Stanislaus, Grace C
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780822945048     More information

Item Number: 140677
Title: How to Read Medieval Art
Author: Stein, Wendy A
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9781588395979     More information

Item Number: 143496
Title: Along the Lines : Selected Drawings by SAUL STEINBERG
Author: Ware, Chris ; Mark Pascale
Price: $18.95     ISBN: 9780300226362     More information

Item Number: 137192
Title: Taxonomies of Knowledge : Information and Order in Medieval Manuscripts
Author: Steiner, Emily ; Lynn Ransom (eds)
Price: $18.00     ISBN: 9780812247596     More information

Item Number: 144293
Title: Arts of Korea : Histories, Challenges, and Perspectives
Author: Steuber, Jason ; Allysa B. Peyton (eds)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781683400004     More information

Item Number: 140990
Title: Developing Expertise : Architecture and Real Estate in Metropolitan America
Author: Stevens, Sara
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300209938     More information

Item Number: 143940
Author: Schwabsky, Barry (et al)
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9780714872070     More information

Item Number: 143674
Title: Orthographs : The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center
Author: Storr, Katharine ; Robert Storr ; Renzo Piano ; Yiorgis Yerolymbos (photos)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300226812     More information

Item Number: 139804
Title: Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists
Author: Storr, Robert ; Leslie Buchbinder
Price: $18.00     ISBN: 9780692481400     More information

Item Number: 140117
Title: Kenneth Clark : Life, Art and Civilisation
Author: Stourton, James
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780385351171     More information

Item Number: 143811
Title: Humor and Violence : Seeing Europeans in Central African Art
Author: Strother, Z.S
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 978025322677     More information

Item Number: 141502
Title: THOMAS SULLY : George Washington and The Passage of the Delaware
Author: Davis, Elliot Bostwick
Price: $9.95     ISBN: 9780878468331     More information

Item Number: 143812
Title: Art, Animals, and Experience : Relationships to Canines and the Natural World
Author: Sutton, Elizabeth
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781138241954     More information

Item Number: 144798
Title: SARAH SZE : Timekeeper
Author: Bedford, Christopher (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781941366134     More information

Item Number: 134765
Title: Modernity : Enlightenment and Revolution - ideal and unforseen consequence
Author: Tadgell, Christopher
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780415813297     More information

Item Number: 142169
Title: Illuminating TARBELL : Life and Art on the Piscataqua and Legacy in Action
Author: Fogg, Jeremy G. ; Alastair Dacey
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780915819430     More information

Item Number: 144359
Title: AL TAYLOR : Early Paintings
Author: Yau, John
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781941701584     More information

Item Number: 136754
Title: Qing Encounters: Artistic Exchanges between China and the West
Author: ten-Doesschate Chu, Petra ; Ning Ding (eds)
Price: $22.00     ISBN: 9781606064573     More information

Item Number: 142332
Title: JAMES "SON FORD" THOMAS : The Devil and His Blues
Author: Serlin, David (et al)
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9781942607380     More information

Item Number: 139546
Title: GIAMBATTISTA and DOMENICO TIEPOLO : Master Drawings from the Anthony J. Moravec Collection
Author: Gealt, Adelheid M. ; George Knox
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780253022905     More information

Item Number: 144078
Title: TIFFANY's Glass Mosaics
Author: Conway, Kelly A. ; Lindy R. Parrott (eds)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780872902107     More information

Item Number: 142691
Title: MARK TOBEY : Threading Light
Author: Balken, Debra Bricker
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780847859047     More information

Item Number: 144224
Title: Henry James and American Painting
Author: Toibin, Colm ; Marc Simpson ; Declan Kiely
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780271078526     More information

Item Number: 144229
Title: Freedom and the Cage : Modern Architecture and Psychiatry in Central Europe, 1890–1914
Author: Topp, Leslie
Price: $99.95     ISBN: 9780271077109     More information

Item Number: 141607
Title: Chairs by Architects
Author: Toromanoff, Agata
Price: $26.95     ISBN: 9780500292501     More information

Item Number: 140847
Title: Landscapes of Modern Architecture : Wright, Mies, Neutra, Aalto, Barragan
Author: Treib, Marc
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300208412     More information

Item Number: 140189
Title: Afton Villa : The Birth and Rebirth of a Ninteenth-Century Louisiana Garden
Author: Trimble, Genevieve Munson
Price: $15.98     ISBN: 9780807162378     More information

Item Number: 144530
Title: Moscow Vanguard Art 1922-1992
Author: Tupitsyn, Margarita
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300179750     More information

Item Number: 142449
Title: TURNER's Modern and Ancient Ports : Passages through Time
Author: Galassi, Susan Grace (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300223149     More information

Item Number: 140539
Title: Remembered Light : CY TWOMBLY in Lexington
Author: Mann, Sally ; Simon Schama
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781419722721     More information

Item Number: 144158
Author: Tompkins, Cade (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780692032756     More information

Item Number: 140566
Title: VALENTIN DE BOULOGNE : Beyond Caravaggio
Author: Lemoine, Annick ; Keith Christiansen (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781588396020     More information

Item Number: 141905
Title: Breaking VAN GOGH : Saint-Remy, Forgery, and the $95 Million Fake at the Met
Author: Grundvig, James Ottar
Price: $24.99     ISBN: 9781510707801     More information

Item Number: 143685
Title: The Thannhauser Gallery : Marketing VAN GOGH
Author: Koldehoff, Stefan ; Chris Stolwijk (eds)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300226591     More information

Item Number: 144629
Title: VINCENT VAN GOGH : Starry Night
Author: Thomson, Richard
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9781633450424     More information

Item Number: 142172
Title: VINCENT VAN GOGH : The Lost Arles Sketchbook
Author: Welsh-Ovcharov, Bogomila
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9781419725944     More information

Item Number: 144414
Title: The Power of Objects in Eighteenth-Century British America
Author: Van Horn, Jennifer
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781469629568     More information

Item Number: 143282
Title: The End Again: Degeneration and Visual Culture in Modern Spain
Author: Vazquez, Oscar E
Price: $84.95     ISBN: 9780271071213     More information

Item Number: 144712
Title: VERMEER in Detail
Author: Schwartz, Gary
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781419727641     More information

Item Number: 142447
Title: VERMEER and the Masters of Genre Painting : Inspiration and Rivalry
Author: Waiboer, Adriaan E. ; Arthur K. Wheelock (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780300222937     More information

Item Number: 143097
Title: HORACE VERNET and the Thresholds of Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture
Author: Harkett, Daniel ; Katie Hornstein (eds)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781512600421     More information

Item Number: 143741
Title: HORACE VERNET and the Thresholds of Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture
Author: Harkett, Daniel ; Katie Hornstein (eds)
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781512600414     More information

Item Number: 143818
Title: Palmyra: An Irreplaceable Treasure
Author: Veyne, Paul ; Teresa Lavender Fagan (trans)
Price: $22.50     ISBN: 9780226427829     More information

Item Number: 142729
Title: Sacred and Stolen: Confessions of a Museum Director
Author: Vikan, Gary
Price: $22.95     ISBN: 9781590793930     More information

Item Number: 144801
Title: ADRIAN VILLAR ROJAS : The Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden Commission
Author: Galilee, Beatrice
Price: $9.95     ISBN: 9781588396211     More information

Item Number: 141224
Title: Vitamin P3: New Perspectives in Painting: New Perspectives in Painting
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9780714871455     More information

Item Number: 143945
Title: Beyond Objecthood: The Exhibition as a Critical Form since 1968
Author: Voorhies, James
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9780262035521     More information

Item Number: 143489
Title: East of the Mississippi : Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Photography
Author: Waggoner, Diane (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780300224016     More information

Item Number: 144459
Title: Report on the Aeginetan Sculptures. With Historical Supplements
Author: Wagner, Johann Martin ; F.W.J. Schelling (ed) ; Louis A. Ruprecht, Jr. (trans)
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9781438464817     More information

Item Number: 140704
Title: Consuming Stories : KARA WALKER and the Imagining of American Race
Author: Peabody, Rebecca
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780520288928     More information

Item Number: 143503
Title: The Ecstasy of St. Kara : KARA WALKER, New Work
Author: Thüring, Reto (et al)
Price: $20.00     ISBN: 9780300227154     More information

Item Number: 103056
Title: Museum Branding : How to Create and Maintain Image, Loyalty, and Support
Author: Wallace, Margot A
Price: $8.25     ISBN: 9780759109926     More information

Item Number: 144037
Title: FRANK WALTER : The Last Universal Man, 1926–2009
Author: Paca, Barbara
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781942185185     More information

Item Number: 141842
Title: FRANZ ERHARD WALTHER : The Body Draws
Author: Croquer, Luis (et al)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780935558555     More information

Item Number: 144669
Title: Shaping the Lotus Sutra : Buddhist Visual Culture in Medieval China
Author: Wang, Eugene Y
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9780295996356     More information

Item Number: 144670
Title: Shaping the Lotus Sutra : Buddhist Visual Culture in Medieval China
Author: Wang, Eugene Y
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780295986852     More information

Item Number: 144631
Author: Lanchner, Carolun
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9781633450448     More information

Item Number: 144017
Title: ANDY WARHOL : Prints. From the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and his Family Foundation
Author: Vaughn, Carolyn (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780692764473     More information

Item Number: 140643
Title: The Autobiography of a Snake : Drawings by ANDY WARHOL
Author: Warhol, Andy ; Teddy Edelman ; Arthur Edelman
Price: $21.95     ISBN: 9780500519257     More information

Item Number: 142572
Title: Ima Hogg : The Extraordinary Cultural Patron behind the Unusual Name
Author: Warren, David B
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780300222975     More information

Item Number: 143966
Title: The Archival Exhibition: A Decade of Research at the Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery, 2006–2016
Author: Wasiuta, Mark
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781941332344     More information

Item Number: 143858
Title: GILLIAN WEARING and CLAUDE CAHUN : Behind the Mask, Another Mask
Author: Howgate, Sarah ; Dawn Ades
Price: $39.50     ISBN: 9780691176628     More information

Item Number: 144452
Title: Freud’s Trip to Orvieto : The Great Doctor’s Unresolved Confrontation with Antisemitism, Death, and Homoeroticism; His Passion for Paintings; and the Writer in His Footsteps
Author: Weber, Nicholas Fox
Price: $26.99     ISBN: 9781942658269     More information

Item Number: 144237
Title: The Sunshade Chapel of Meritaten from the House-of-Waenre of Akhenaten
Author: Wegner, Josef
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781934536872     More information

Item Number: 141928
Title: Interpreting Visual Art : A Survey of Cognitive Research about Pictures
Author: Weir, Catherine ; Evans Mandes
Price: $79.95     ISBN: 9781412864008     More information

Item Number: 143368
Title: Toward a New 19th-Century Art: Selections from the Radichel Collection
Author: Weisberg, Gabriel (et al)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780997876307     More information

Item Number: 138466
Title: Fashioning the Early Modern : Dress, Textiles, and Innovation in Europe, 1500-1800
Author: Welch, Evelyn (ed)
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9780198738176     More information

Item Number: 144240
Title: FREDERICK WEYGOLD : Artist and Ethnographer of North American Indians
Author: Feeste, Christian F. ; C. Ronald Corum (eds)
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9783981841206     More information

Item Number: 141852
Author: Celant, Germano
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781941701249     More information

Item Number: 140846
Title: Venice and Drawing 1500-1800 : Theory, Practice and Collecting
Author: Whistler, Catherine
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300187731     More information

Item Number: 144035
Title: CHARLES WHITE : Black Pope
Author: Adler, Esther
Price: $26.95     ISBN: 9781633450271     More information

Item Number: 144917
Title: Cottages ornés : The Charms of the Simple Life
Author: White, Roger
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300226775     More information

Item Number: 143184
Title: DAVID WIESNER and the Art of Wordless Storytelling
Author: Roeder, Katherine (et al)
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780300226010     More information

Item Number: 143179
Title: Lumia : THOMAS WILFRED and the Art of Light
Author: Orgeman, Keely (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300215182     More information

Item Number: 144821
Title: Plywood
Author: Wilk, Christopher
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780500519400     More information

Item Number: 144217
Title: KENT WILLIAMS : Via Lactea. His Drawings and Paintings of the Artist Soey Milk
Author: Ebelt, Ryan
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781934298138     More information

Item Number: 135898
Title: Heart of Europe: A History of the Holy Roman Empire
Author: Wilson, Peter H
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780674058095     More information

Item Number: 143500
Title: Revoliutsiia! Demonstratsiia! Soviet Art Put to the Tes
Author: Witkovsky, Matthew S. ; Devin Fore (eds)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300225716     More information

Item Number: 142330
Title: JONAS WOOD : Portraits
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781942607403     More information

Item Number: 143988
Title: FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT : Unpacking the Archive
Author: Bergdoll, Barry ; Jennifer Gray (eds)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781633450264     More information

Item Number: 143269
Title: The Guggenheim : FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT's Iconoclastic Masterpiece
Author: Dal Co, Francesco
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780300226058     More information

Item Number: 144401
Author: Fawsette-Yeske, Maxine ; Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781939621597     More information

Item Number: 144071
Title: WRIGHT Sites : A Guide to Frank Lloyd Wright Public Places
Author: Hoglund, Joe ; Jack Quinan
Price: $22.95     ISBN: 9781616895778     More information

Item Number: 144220
Title: JIMMY WRIGHT : Bathhouse, Meatpacking District and the Dream Cards : New York Underground 1973–1990
Author: Letourneau, Emily (ed)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780997499520     More information

Item Number: 143856
Title: WRIGHT on Exhibit: Frank Lloyd Wright's Architectural Exhibitions
Author: Smith, Kathryn
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780691167220     More information

Item Number: 144079
Title: Highlights of the Chrysler Museum Glass Collection
Author: Wright, Diane (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780692788356     More information

Item Number: 144227
Title: Baroque Seville : Sacred Art in a Century of Crisis
Author: Wunder, Amanda
Price: $84.95     ISBN: 9780271076645     More information

Item Number: 142686
Title: ANDREW WYETH : People and Places
Author: Baumgartner, Karen
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9780847859085     More information

Item Number: 143490
Title: ANDREW WYETH : In Retrospect
Author: Junker, Patricia (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780300223958     More information

Item Number: 140620
Title: A Life with Artists: Hannelore and Rudolph Schulhof
Author: Yau, John (et al)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780847849451     More information

Item Number: 144191
Title: Long Live the Glorious May 7 Directive
Author: Yinghua, Carol (et al)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781935004424     More information

Item Number: 129209
Title: Architectural Involutions: Writing, Staging, and Building Space, c. 1435-1650
Author: Yiu, Mimi
Price: $35.98     ISBN: 9780810129863     More information

Item Number: 140878
Title: Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate : Consuming the World
Author: You, Yao-Fen (et al)
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9780300222500     More information

Item Number: 140874
Title: Roman Portraits : Sculptures in Stone and Bronze in the Collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Author: Zanker, Paul
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781588395993     More information

Item Number: 144769
Title: ELYN ZIMMERMAN : Sculpture
Author: Castle, Susan Forrest (et al)
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9780996200721     More information

Item Number: 144657
Title: The History of Quilting: From Ancient Egypt to 18th Century Provence
Author: Zirpolo, Lilian H
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9780997244601     More information

Item Number: 140731
Title: Encountering the Renaissance : Celebrating Gary M. Radke and 50 Years of the Syracuse University Graduate Program in Renaissance Art
Author: Zirpolo, Lilian H (ed)
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9780978546120     More information

Item Number: 140504
Title: "The Most Noble of the Senses" : Anamorphosis, Trompe-L'Oeil, and Other Optical Illusions in Early Modern Art
Author: Zirpolo, Lilian H. (ed)
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9780997244618     More information

Item Number: 141946
Title: Building Chicago: The Architectural Masterworks
Author: Zukowsky, John
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9780847848706     More information

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