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We have 44 titles on Flemish. Item Number: 140450
Title: Divine Interiors : Experience churches in the age of Rubens
Author: Baisier, Claire (ed)
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9789085867265     More information

Item Number: 142189
Title: BRUEGEL : Defining a Destiny
Author: Scott, Jennifer ; Amy Orrock
Price: $29.50     ISBN: 9781781300527     More information

Item Number: 135964
Title: JAN DE BEER : Gothic Renewal in Renaissance Antwerp
Author: Ewing, Dan
Price: $195.00     ISBN: 9782503555317     More information

Item Number: 127500
Title: ROBERTO DE LONGE (detto Il Fiammingo)
Author: Arisi, Ferdinando
Price: $30.00     More information

Item Number: 142162
Title: De l’expertise artistique à la vulgarisation au siècle des Lumières : JEAN-BAPTISTE DESCAMPS (1715-1791) et la peinture flamande, hollandaise et allemande
Author: Maes, Gaetane
Price: $165.00     ISBN: 9782503567709     More information

Item Number: 106256
Title: Il gran teatro barocco : I FIAMMINGHINI e i Trionfi dei santi Faustino e Giovita
Author: Fusari, Giuseppe
Price: $7.50     ISBN: 9788884864109     More information

Item Number: 143564
Title: Il compromesso dello sguardo : CORNELIS GIJSBRECHTS e le ossessioni barocche
Author: Grillo, Eduardo
Price: $27.50     ISBN: 9788860747983     More information

Item Number: 137932
Title: From Floris to Rubens : Master drawings from a belgian private collection
Author: Hautekeete, Stefaan (ed)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9789461612717     More information

Item Number: 144926
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9783775741736     More information

Item Number: 135758
Title: JACQUES JORDAENS (1593 - 1678) : Allegories of Fruitfulness and Abundance
Author: Schaudies, Irene (et al)
Price: $14.95     ISBN: 9788836627820     More information

Item Number: 139165
Title: Rekonstruktion der Gesellschaft aus Kunst : Antwerpener Malerei und Graphik in und nach den Katastrophen des späten 16. Jahrhunderts
Author: Leuschner, Eckhard ; Nils Büttner ; Ulrich Heine (eds)
Price: $67.50     ISBN: 9783731900733     More information

Item Number: 143012
Title: Das Paradies auf Erden : Flämische Landschaften von Bruegel bis Rubens
Author: Neidhardt, Uta (et al)
Price: $69.50     ISBN: 9783954982523     More information

Item Number: 141450
Title: Quentin, Joachim, Joos et les autres. : Un triptyque méconnu attribué à l’atelier de JOACHIM PATINIR
Author: Fontaine, Patrice
Price: $11.25     ISBN: 9782954821771     More information

Item Number: 141969
Title: The Art of CLARA PEETERS
Author: Vergara, Alejandro (ed)
Price: $42.50     ISBN: 9788484803249     More information

Item Number: 111660
Title: Il Demoniaco nell'arte Fiamminga (Quattrocento e Cinquecento) : Excursus Teoretico su Enrico Castelli I
Author: Pettenuzzo, Raffaele
Price: $5.30     ISBN: 9788820984625     More information

Item Number: 114471
Title: FRANS POURBUS le jeune (1569-1622) : Le portrait d'apparat à l'aube du Grand siècle Entre Habsbourg, Médicis et Bourbons
Author: Ducos, Blaise
Price: $185.00     ISBN: 9782878441512     More information

Item Number: 144879
Title: (RUBENS) The Life of Christ before the Passion, 2: The Ministry of Christ
Author: Bulckens, K
Price: $188.00     ISBN: 9781909400863     More information

Item Number: 106328
Title: RUBENS e i fiamminghi
Author: Gaddi, Sergio ; Renata Trnek
Price: $26.00     ISBN: 9788836616756     More information

Item Number: 119014
Title: RUBENS and Britain
Author: Hearn, Karen
Price: $14.95     ISBN: 9781854379733     More information

Item Number: 141919
Title: (RUBENS) Portraits After Existing Prototypes
Author: Jonckheere, Koenraad
Price: $195.00     ISBN: 9781909400580     More information

Item Number: 144432
Title: RUBENS and the Eloquence of Drawing
Author: Lusheck, Catherine H
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781472477125     More information

Item Number: 144323
Title: PETER PAUL RUBENS and the Counter-Reformation Crisis of the Beati moderni
Author: Noyes, Ruth S
Price: $119.95     ISBN: 9781472484796     More information

Item Number: 113797
Title: Der katholische RUBENS : Heilige und Märtyrer
Author: Sauerländer, Willibald
Price: $14.50     ISBN: 9783406623622     More information

Item Number: 135160
Title: RUBENS in private : The Master portrays his family
Author: van Beneden, Ben (ed)
Price: $67.50     ISBN: 9780500093962     More information

Item Number: 126004
Title: De Geboorte van RUBENS : The Birth of Rubens
Author: Van de Velde, Carl
Price: $7.70     ISBN: 9789461610980     More information

Item Number: 138822
Title: (RUBENS) Works in Collaboration : Jan Brueghel I & II
Author: Van Mulders, Christine
Price: $195.00     ISBN: 9781909400436     More information

Item Number: 145121
Title: PETER PAUL RUBENS : The Power of Transformation
Author: Weppelmann, Stefan ; Jochen Sander
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783777428581     More information

Item Number: 145087
Title: Reflections : Van Eyck and the Pre-Raphaelites
Author: Smith, Alison (et al)
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9781857096194     More information

Item Number: 140039
Title: PETER SNAYERS (1592-1667) : Between Remembrance and Glorification: A Contextual Study of the Topographical Battle Paintings for the Habsburg Elite
Author: Kelchtermans, Leen
Price: $200.00     ISBN: 9782503567280     More information

Item Number: 135582
Title: MICHAEL SWEERTS (1618-1664): Shaping the Artist and the Academy in Rome and Brussels
Author: Yeager-Crasselt, Lara
Price: $165.00     ISBN: 9782503555300     More information

Item Number: 116620
Title: Flamandtsy glazami Tenirsa Mladshego (1610-1690) : bkatalog vystavki = Flemings through the eyes of David TENIERS the Younger (1610-1690)
Author: Babina, Natalia
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9785935723712     More information

Item Number: 137920
Title: L’immagine dei giardini e delle ville medicee Nelle lunette attribuite a GIUSTO UTENS
Author: Acidini, Cristina ; Alessandro Griffo (eds)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9788859615477     More information

Item Number: 116737
Title: Laudas flamencas en España : 'Flemish' monumental brasses in Spain
Author: Van Belle, Ronald
Price: $11.00     ISBN: 9788492629411     More information

Item Number: 138039
Title: VAN DYCK : The Anatomy of Portraiture
Author: Alsteens, Stijn ; Adam Eaker ; Xavier F. Salomon (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300212051     More information

Item Number: 144596
Title: VAN EYCK Studies : Papers presented at the Eighteenth Symposium for the Study of Underdrawing and Technology in Panting, Brussels, 19-21 September 2012
Author: Currie, Christina (et al)
Price: $188.00     ISBN: 9789042934153     More information

Item Number: 121699
Title: The Road to VAN EYCK
Author: Kemperdick, Stephan ; Friso Lammertse (eds)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9789069182629     More information

Item Number: 142269
Title: Connecting Art Markets : Guilliam Forchondt’s Dealership in Antwerp (c.1632–78) and the Overseas Paintings Trade
Author: van Ginhoven, Sandra
Price: $149.00     ISBN: 9789004319745     More information

Item Number: 141736
Title: Die Brüder Frederik und Gillis VAN VALCKENBORCH : Zwei Italo-Flamen im deutschen Exil
Author: Wied, Alexander
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9783902976697     More information

Item Number: 144840
Title: OTTO VAENIUS : Physicae et Theologicae Conclusiones by Vaenius (1621)
Author: Guiderdoni-Brusle, A. (et al)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9782503569666     More information

Item Number: 140279
Title: The Century of the Flemish Primitives : Late Medieval Art in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp
Author: Vandenbroeck, Paul
Price: $42.50     ISBN: 9789085867272     More information

Item Number: 142910
Title: L’Odyssée des animaux : Les peintres animaliers flamands au XVIIe siècle
Author: Vezilier, Sandrien ; Cecile Laffon
Price: $59.50     ISBN: 9789461613387     More information

Item Number: 134294
Title: New Perspectives on Flemish Illumination : Papers presented at the Colloquium held in Brussels, Royal Library of Belgium, November 16-18, 2011
Author: Watteeuw, L. (et al)
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9789042932036     More information

Item Number: 126335
Title: Corporate Splendour. A Typological, Iconographic and Social Approach to Civic Group Portraits in Brabant 1585-1800
Author: Wolters van der Wey, Beatrijss
Price: $88.40     ISBN: 9782503550374     More information

Item Number: 119495
Title: From the Psalter to the Book of Hours: The Iconography of Franco-Flemish Prayer Books of the Early Gothic Period (1240–1320)
Author: Zietkiewicz - Kotz, J
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9782503543437     More information

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