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We have 878 titles on Sculpture. Item Number: 145497
Title: The Tyrant Slayers of Ancient Athens : A Tale of Two Statues
Author: Azoulay, Vincent ; Janet Lloyd (trans) ; Paul Cartledge (foreword)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780190663568     More information

Item Number: 143892
Title: Evergreen: The Garrett Family, Collectors and Connoisseurs
Author: Abbott, James Archer (et al)
Price: $44.95     ISBN: 9781421421698     More information

Item Number: 144247
Title: ADEL ABDESSEMED : Works 1988-2015
Author: Belting, Hans (et al)
Price: $250.00     ISBN: 9783863359539     More information

Item Number: 125539
Title: Forenza Barocca
Author: Acanfora, Elisa
Price: $62.50     ISBN: 9788897083504     More information

Item Number: 144373
Title: No Idle Hands: The Myths and Meanings of Tramp Art
Author: Addison, Laura M. (ed)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780890136225     More information

Item Number: 48853
Title: Guida all'arte della Calanca. Kunstführer Calancatal
Price: $3.25     ISBN: 8877134135     More information

Item Number: 144954
Title: Order and Confusion : The Twelfth-century Choir of St. Servatius Church in Maastricht
Author: Ahsmann, Fred
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9789075616132     More information

Item Number: 145354
Title: Art and Archaeology of Ancient India: Earliest Times to the Sixth Century
Author: Ahujua, Naman P
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781910807170     More information

Item Number: 141258
Title: Il Metodo del Conoscitore: Approcci, limiti, prospettive
Author: Albl, Stefan ; Alina Aggujaro (eds)
Price: $19.98     ISBN: 9788875752576     More information

Item Number: 125309
Title: Memorie per servire alla storia de’ pittori, scultori e architetti milanesi
Author: Albuzzi, Antonio Francesco ; Stefano Bruzzese (ed)
Price: $23.80     ISBN: 9788897737124     More information

Item Number: 145303
Title: ALEXANDER : New Dimensions in Art
Author: Lucie-Smith, Edward ; Peter Frank
Price: $37.95     ISBN: 9781910787762     More information

Item Number: 146050
Title: Settecento romano : Reti del Classicismo arcadico
Author: Alfonzetti, Beatrice (ed)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9788867288571     More information

Item Number: 142443
Title: Cosmos and Community in Early Medieval Art
Author: Anderson, Benjamin
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300219166     More information

Item Number: 146811
Title: Mod Art
Author: Anderson, Paul
Price: $32.95     ISBN: 9781468314991     More information

Item Number: 134103
Title: Le cattedrali segni delle radici cristiane in Europa : atti del I convegno, Orvieto, 11-13 novembre 2005 : Le cattedrali segni delle radici cristiane in Europa : il ciclo scultoreo degli Apostoli e dell'Annunciazione nel Duomo di Orvieto : atti del II convegno, Orvieto, 16-17 novembre 2007
Author: Andreani, Laura ; Alessandra Cannistra
Price: $11.70     ISBN: 9788896434079     More information

Item Number: 135992
Title: Custode della citta : Il Duomo di Lodi e i suoi tesori
Author: Anelli, Luca ; Alessandro Beltrami
Price: $15.50     ISBN: 9788878272699     More information

Item Number: 144680
Title: Byzantine Head Reliquaries and their Perception in the West after 1204 : A Case Study of the Reliquary of St. Anastasios the Persian in Aachen and Related Objects
Author: Angar, Mabi
Price: $98.00     ISBN: 9783447107006     More information

Item Number: 144128
Title: Reconstructing the Lansdowne Collection of Classical Marbles
Author: Angelicoussis, Elizabeth
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9783777428178     More information

Item Number: 146694
Title: Supports in Roman Marble Sculpture : Workshop Practice and Modes of Viewing
Author: Anguissola, Anna
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9781108418430     More information

Item Number: 48699
Title: I motivi figurativi delle Banat 'Ad nei templi sudarabici
Price: $7.15     More information

Item Number: 144779
Title: Il secolo d’oro del museo capitolino 1733-1838 : Nascita e formazione della prima collezione pubblica di antichità
Author: Arata, Francesco Paolo
Price: $69.50     ISBN: 9788898229796     More information

Item Number: 141902
Title: The Sculpture of KENNETH ARMITAGE : with a Complete Inventory of Works
Author: Scott, James ; Claudia Milburn
Price: $109.99     ISBN: 9781848221789     More information

Item Number: 128018
Title: Sculpture and Coins : Margarete Bieber as Scholar and Collector
Author: Arnold-Biucchi, Carmen ; Martin Beckmann (eds)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780674428379     More information

Item Number: 44646
Title: Arte in Ticino 1803-2003, 4: Il superamento delle avanguardie 1953-2003
Price: $11.50     ISBN: 8879671170     More information

Item Number: 140199
Title: The Cults of Sainte Foy and the Cultural Work of Saints
Author: Ashley, Kathleen
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9780754657330     More information

Item Number: 135960
Title: The Grand Ducal Medici and their Archive (1537-1743)
Author: Assonitis, Alessio ; Brian Sandberg (eds)
Price: $111.00     ISBN: 9781909400344     More information

Item Number: 128872
Title: Broken Idols of the English Reformation
Author: Aston, Margaret
Price: $200.00     ISBN: 9780521770187     More information

Item Number: 127371
Title: 1511-2011 : Cinquecento anni della diocesi di Saluzzo : I documenti e le arti
Author: Avagnina, Chiara (et al)
Price: $3.50     More information

Item Number: 140560
Title: Sculpture and the Nordic Region
Author: Ayres, Sara ; Elettra Carbone (eds)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472483652     More information

Item Number: 146451
Title: Das Freiburger Münster und seine Juden : Historische, ikonographische und hermeneutische Beobachtungen
Author: Bachmann, Michael
Price: $63.00     ISBN: 9783795432621     More information

Item Number: 139208
Title: Seeking Salvation: Commemorating the Dead in the Late Medieval English Parish
Author: Badham, Sally
Price: $34.00     ISBN: 9781907730474     More information

Item Number: 145231
Title: Metropolitan Museum Journal, Volume 52, 2017
Author: Baetjer, Katharine (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780226536842     More information

Item Number: 145454
Title: NAIRY BAGHRAMIAN : Déformation Professionnelle
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791356464     More information

Item Number: 140659
Title: A Feast for the Senses : Art and Experience in Medieval Europe
Author: Bagnoli, Martina (ed)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300222951     More information

Item Number: 144261
Title: Art of Mesopotamia
Author: Bahrani, Zainab
Price: $97.25     ISBN: 9780500292754     More information

Item Number: 143773
Title: DAVID BAILEY : Sculpture
Author: Harrison, Martin (intro)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780956049162     More information

Item Number: 146013
Title: Large Scale Rhodian Sculpture of Hellenistic and Roman Times
Author: Bairami, Kalliope
Price: $160.00     ISBN: 9781784915766     More information

Item Number: 145793
Title: Being Modern: Building the Collection of The Museum of Modern Art
Author: Bajac, Quentin (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781633450462     More information

Item Number: 145658
Title: JOACHIM BANDAU : Early Sculptures 1967-1974
Author: Kraus, Eva ; Thomas Heyden (eds)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9783903131859     More information

Item Number: 142717
Title: Les Bronzes BARBEDIENNE : L'Oeuvre d'une dynastie de fondeurs
Author: Rionnet, Florence
Price: $160.00     ISBN: 9782903239589     More information

Item Number: 146437
Title: Sculptures du XVIIe au XXe siècle : Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon
Author: Barbillon, Claire (et al)
Price: $89.95     ISBN: 9782757212691     More information

Item Number: 142972
Title: Potaissa : L’arte romana in una città della Dacia
Author: Barbulescu, Mihai
Price: $250.00     ISBN: 9788891311146     More information

Item Number: 141544
Author: Biterli, Konrad (et al)
Price: $36.00     ISBN: 9783903004702     More information

Item Number: 145972
Author: Dexter, Emma
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781911164678     More information

Item Number: 143736
Title: La actividad escultorica en Ourense, del Renacimiento al Barroco
Author: Barriocanal Lopez, Yolanda
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9788400101084     More information

Item Number: 106013
Title: Guia de Esculturas : Donostia-San Sebastian
Author: Kortadi Olano, Edorta
Price: $5.25     ISBN: 9788461349388     More information

Item Number: 143976
Title: ALBERT BARTHOLOME (1848–1928) : La redécouverte d’un grand sculpteur
Author: Burollet, Therese
Price: $145.00     ISBN: 9782903239572     More information

Item Number: 141903
Title: The Ince Blundell Collection of Classical Sculpture, Volume 3: The Ideal Sculpture
Author: Bartman, Elizabeth
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9781781383100     More information

Item Number: 145081
Title: Delirious : Art at the Limits of Reason, 1950-1980
Author: Baum, Kelly (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781588396334     More information

Item Number: 145455
Title: The Revolution is dead. Long live the Revolution! From Malevich to Judd, from Deineka to Bartana
Author: Baumgartner, Michael (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791356358     More information

Item Number: 145843
Title: Emotion and the Seduction of the Senses, Baroque to Neo-Baroque
Author: Beaven, Lisa Margaret ; Angela Ndalianis (eds)
Price: $119.00     ISBN: 9781580442718     More information

Item Number: 144694
Title: Khajuraho : Indian Temples and Sensuous Sculptures
Author: Beguin, Gilles
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9788874397785     More information

Item Number: 143369
Title: This Was Tomorrow: The Invention of Pop Art in Great Britain
Author: Beil, Ralf ; Uta Ruhkamp (eds)
Price: $64.95     ISBN: 9783868323597     More information

Item Number: 140059
Title: L’ arte degli intagliatori della pietra : Palazzo Ajutamicristo e le sue collezioni
Author: Bellanca, Lina ; Maddalena De Luca
Price: $10.00     ISBN: 9788861643383     More information

Item Number: 140877
Title: The Neapolitan Crèche at the Art Institute of Chicago
Author: Bellenger, Sylvain (et al)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780300222357     More information

Item Number: 146697
Title: Madonne Bardini : I rilievi mariani del secondo Quattrocento fiorentino
Author: Belli, Eleonora ; Antonella Nesi (ed)
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9788870385540     More information

Item Number: 137069
Title: Il Rinascimento oltre l'immagine. Donatello, Verrocchio, Della Robbia, Veronese, Giambologna e i grandi maestri del Rinascimento. I tesori della Collezione Bellini come non si sono mai visti
Author: Bellini, L. (et al)
Price: $11.00     ISBN: 9788898980376     More information

Item Number: 146610
Title: Milano : Museo e Tesoro del Duomo : Catalogo generale
Author: Benati, Giulia
Price: $175.00     ISBN: 9788836637263     More information

Item Number: 139043
Title: El comercio romano de ornamentos artesanales en el norte de la Comunidad Valenciana
Author: Benedito Nuez, Jose
Price: $5.99     ISBN: 9788415444930     More information

Item Number: 145435
Author: Princenthal, Nancy
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781944316044     More information

Item Number: 141194
Title: Il Gianicolo : Il colle "aureo" della cultura internazionale della sacralità e della memoria
Author: Benocci, Carla ; Marcello Fagiolo (eds)
Price: $115.00     ISBN: 9788875752453     More information

Item Number: 56211
Title: Arte a Bologna : Bollettino dei Musei Civici d'Arte Antica, 6/2007
Author: Bernardini, Carla et al (eds)
Price: $3.85     ISBN: 9788836609758     More information

Item Number: 143699
Title: Pietro and Gian Lorenzo BERNINI : Bust of the Savior
Author: Bacchi, Andrea
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780989149013     More information

Item Number: 145807
Author: Bacchi, Andrea ; Anna Coliva
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9788899765569     More information

Item Number: 129295
Title: La Liberta di BERNINI : La sovranità dell'artista e le regole del potere
Author: Montanari, Tomaso
Price: $62.50     ISBN: 9788806203498     More information

Item Number: 104424
Title: BERNINI : All His Works from All Over the World
Author: Zanella, Andrea (ed)
Price: $1.35     ISBN: 9788860601001     More information

Item Number: 146153
Title: Hijo del Laocoonte : ALONSO BERRUGUETE y la Antigüedad pagana
Author: Arias Martinez, Manuel (ed)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9788481816792     More information

Item Number: 56406
Title: Restituzioni 2008: Tesori d'arte restaurati. Quattordicesima edizione
Author: Bertelli, Carlo (ed)
Price: $16.88     ISBN: 9788831795418     More information

Item Number: 112149
Title: Restituzioni 2011. Tesori d'arte restaurati : Quindicesima edizione
Author: Bertelli, Carlo (ed)
Price: $15.70     ISBN: 978883170951     More information

Item Number: 105984
Title: Culto divino e culto del bello : Gli arredi restaurati di Santa Croce di Rivoli
Author: Bertolino, Cristina ; Claudio Bertolotto ; Edoardo Zanone Poma (eds)
Price: $2.50     ISBN: 9788895899442     More information

Item Number: 139876
Title: The Essential JOSEPH BEUYS
Author: Borer, Alain
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780500092675     More information

Item Number: 107053
Title: Fontane a Vittorio Veneto
Author: Bevilacqua, Silvia et al (eds)
Price: $2.75     ISBN: 9788886089647     More information

Item Number: 137419
Title: Picta et inaurata : scultura in legno tra Gotico e Rinascimento in provincia di Varese ; atti del convegno tenutosi al Castello di Masnago nel dicembre 2009
Author: Bianchi, Elisabetta (et al)
Price: $18.00     ISBN: 9788898249329     More information

Item Number: 146273
Title: Church Monuments in South Wales, c.1200-1547
Author: Biebrach, Rhianydd
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9781783272648     More information

Item Number: 146730
Title: Chefs-d'Oeuvre d'orfevrerie allemande : Renaissance et baroque
Author: Bimbenet-Privat, Michele ; Alexis Kugel
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9782878442359     More information

Item Number: 143279
Title: The Image of the Black in African and Asian Art
Author: Bindman, David (et al)
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9780674504394     More information

Item Number: 117561
Title: Il Crocifisso di Fuligno : Storia, studi, conservazione
Author: Bisceglia, Anna (ed)
Price: $2.79     ISBN: 9788883476334     More information

Item Number: 145991
Title: Hic Iacet Regina : Form und Funktion figürlicher Königinnengrabmäler von 1200 bis 1450
Author: Blaser-Meier, Susanna
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9783731904397     More information

Item Number: 145617
Title: Motherhood and Meaning in Medieval Sculpture: Representations from France, C.1100-1500
Author: Bleeke, Marian
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9781783272501     More information

Item Number: 141581
Author: Conto, Agostino ; Francesca Rossi
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9788899473273     More information

Item Number: 144677
Title: Survivals, revivals, rinascenze : Studi in onore di Serena Romano
Author: Bock, Nicolas (et al)
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9788867287819     More information

Item Number: 144893
Title: The Framing of Sacred Space : The Canopy and the Byzantine Church
Author: Bogdanovic, Jelena
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780190465186     More information

Item Number: 143376
Title: Reclaiming the Roman Capitol: Santa Maria in Aracoeli from the Altar of Augustus to the Franciscans, c. 500-1450
Author: Bolgia, Claudia
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781409417613     More information

Item Number: 129587
Title: Bollettino d'Arte, Serie VII, Anno 2012, ottobre-dicembre, n. 16
Price: $14.50     ISBN: 9788865571545     More information

Item Number: 145601
Author: Banach, Joan (et al)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9783960980667     More information

Item Number: 137853
Title: Tesori di fede. Luoghi di culto a Chaporcher
Author: Bordon, Roberta ; Cesare Cossavella
Price: $6.59     ISBN: 9788870329254     More information

Item Number: 135233
Title: Essays in Honour of Stefania Mason
Author: Borean, Linda ; William K. Barcham (eds)
Price: $28.00     More information

Item Number: 145685
Title: CARLO BORER : Transformers Clouds and Spaceships
Author: Lodermeyer, Peter (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9783735603333     More information

Item Number: 107217
Title: Winnipeg Art Gallery : Guide to the Collections
Author: Borys, Stephen (ed)
Price: $10.00     ISBN: 9780889150034     More information

Item Number: 143177
Title: Chicago's Fabulous Fountains
Author: Borzo, Greg ; Julia Thiel (photos)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780809335794     More information

Item Number: 141214
Title: BOUCHARDON : Royal Artist of the Enlightenment
Author: Demas, Anne-Lise ; Gilhelm Scherf (et al)
Price: $79.95     ISBN: 9781606065068     More information

Item Number: 142564
Title: Art et societe a Tours au debut de la Renaissance
Author: Boudon-Machuel, Marion ; Pascale Charron (eds)
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9782503569307     More information

Item Number: 145401
Title: LOUISE BOURGEOIS : Structures of Existence: The Cells
Author: Lorz, Julienne (et al)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9783791365701     More information

Item Number: 136064
Title: Intimate Geometries: The Art and Life of LOUISE BOURGEOIS
Author: Storr, Robert
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781580933636     More information

Item Number: 145013
Title: LOUIS BOURGEOIS : An Unfolding Portrait
Author: Wye, Deborah
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781633450417     More information

Item Number: 144277
Title: CAROL BOVE : Polka Dots
Author: Burton, Johanna
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781941701515     More information

Item Number: 144692
Title: Kulango Figurines: Wild and Mysterious Spirits from the Collection of Pierluigi Peroni
Author: Boyer, Alain-Michel
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9788874397808     More information

Item Number: 130253
Title: Historia de la Pintura y la Escultura del Siglo xx en España, II: 1940-2010
Author: Bozal Urzaiz, Valeriano
Price: $9.90     ISBN: 9788477749486     More information

Item Number: 145727
Title: JOE BRADLEY : Krasdale
Author: Rosenthal, Sir Norman ; Anne Pontegnie
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9781938748417     More information

Item Number: 145850
Title: BRANCUSI : An Afterlife
Author: Croitoru, Alexandra
Price: $22.00     ISBN: 9783943620405     More information

Item Number: 128395
Title: Mit allen Sinnen : Reisewege zum Barock in Rheinland-Pfalz
Author: Bratner, Luzie (ed)
Price: $7.80     ISBN: 9783795428372     More information

Item Number: 141346
Title: Die Bauplastik von Saint-Thiebaut in Thann und die spätgotische Skulptur am Oberrhein
Author: Breisig, Eva Maria
Price: $135.00     ISBN: 9783731900610     More information

Item Number: 143571
Title: Histoire du Louvre
Author: Bresc-Bautier, Geneviève ; Guillaume Fonkenell (eds)
Price: $260.00     ISBN: 9782213671116     More information

Item Number: 145042
Title: Gods in Color: Polychromy in the Ancient World
Author: Brinkmann, Vinzenz (et al)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9783791357072     More information

Item Number: 143009
Title: Of Modernism
Author: Brockington, Grace (et al)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781911300137     More information

Item Number: 144757
Title: Roma-Parigi : Accademie a confronto - L'Accademia di San Luca e gli artisti francesi
Author: Brook, Carolina (et al)
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9788897610175     More information

Item Number: 145629
Title: The Art of Death in Byzantium: Funerary Art and Architecture, 1204-1453
Author: Brooks, Sarah T
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9780754668152     More information

Item Number: 135796
Title: Art of the Islands: Celtic, Pictish, Anglo-Saxon and Viking Visual Culture, c. 450-1050
Author: Brown, Michelle P
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781851244461     More information

Item Number: 146428
Title: The Museum by the Park: 14 Queen Anne’s Gate
Author: Bryant, Max
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781911300328     More information

Item Number: 118623
Title: Citta di Greci : Culture in dialogo : Museo-Biblioteca Europea Giuseppe Vedovato
Author: Bucarelli, Ottavio ; Giulio Cipollone (eds)
Price: $8.50     ISBN: 9788849221626     More information

Item Number: 117406
Title: Paulo Apostolo Martyri : L'apostolo San Paolo nella storia, nell'arte e nell'archeologia
Author: Bucarelli, Ottavio ; Martin M. Morales (ed)
Price: $13.99     ISBN: 9788878391406     More information

Item Number: 144273
Title: UBS Art Collection : To Art its Freedom
Author: Buchhart, Dieter ; Mary Rozell
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9783775742474     More information

Item Number: 141097
Title: Renaissance and Reformation : German Art in the Age of Dürer and Cranach
Author: Buck, Stephanie (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783791355399     More information

Item Number: 144423
Title: The Art and Science of the Church Screen in Medieval Europe : Making, Meaning, Preserving
Author: Bucklow, Spike (et al)
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9781783271238     More information

Item Number: 140003
Title: La Città di Ercole. Mitologia e Politica
Author: Bulst, Wolfger ; Francesca De Luca, (et al)
Price: $17.50     ISBN: 9788865987308     More information

Item Number: 119912
Title: Carditello Ritrovato
Author: Buonuomo , Salvatore (et al)
Price: $11.50     ISBN: 9788875751623     More information

Item Number: 140195
Title: The British School of Sculpture, c.1760-1832
Author: Burnage, Sarah ; Jason Edwards (eds)
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781472435767     More information

Item Number: 146394
Title: Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon
Author: Burton, Johanna (ed)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780915557165     More information

Item Number: 144923
Title: POL BURY : Time in Motion
Author: Marquenie, Gilles (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780300229127     More information

Item Number: 146525
Title: Soli Deo Gloria : JOHANN BÖHM (1595–1667) und die westsächsische Bildhauerkunst zwischen Manierismus und Barock
Author: Vogel, Gerd-Helge (ed)
Price: $69.50     ISBN: 9783867322683     More information

Item Number: 143835
Title: La bottega CADORIN : Una dinastia di artisti veneziani
Author: Ferretti, Daniela
Price: $57.50     ISBN: 9788899657574     More information

Item Number: 146565
Title: Fired Up! Ready to Go!: Finding Beauty, Demanding Equity. The African American Art Collections of Peggy Cooper Cafritz
Author: Cafritz, Peggy Cooper (et al)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780847860586     More information

Item Number: 145761
Title: CALDER : The Conquest of Time: The Early Years: 1898-1940
Author: Perl, Jed
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780307272720     More information

Item Number: 146301
Author: Turner, Elizabeth M. ; Sarah Hamill
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9783906915036     More information

Item Number: 142851
Title: Crossing Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Art, Material Culture, Language and Literature of the Early Medieval World
Author: Cambridge, Eric ; Jane Hawkes (eds)
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9781785703072     More information

Item Number: 138515
Title: Sceaux de la collection Georges Zacos au Musée d'art et d'histoire de Genève
Author: Campagnolo-Pothitou, Maria ; Jean-Claude Cheynet
Price: $58.00     ISBN: 9788874397075     More information

Item Number: 144817
Title: Italian Renaissance Art
Author: Campbell, Stephen J. ; Michael W. Cole
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9780500293348     More information

Item Number: 145334
Title: The Artist Project: What Artists See When They Look at Art
Author: Campbell, Thomas B. (intro)
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9780714873541     More information

Item Number: 102548
Title: Il ritorno di Napoleone. Il gesso di CANOVA a Brera restauro
Author: Ceriana, Matteo (ed)
Price: $7.00     ISBN: 9788837070960     More information

Item Number: 143069
Title: CANOVA : Grazia e bellezza
Author: Ericani, Giuliana ; Francesco Leone
Price: $42.50     ISBN: 9788860607300     More information

Item Number: 146490
Title: CANOVA's George Washington
Author: Salomon, Xavier F. (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781911282174     More information

Item Number: 51905
Title: Os Capitulos da Irmandade: Peregrinacion y conflicto social en la Galicia del siglo XV
Price: $4.85     ISBN: 9788445342756     More information

Item Number: 146114
Title: Caroline, soeur de Napoleon : Reine des Arts
Author: Caracciolo, Maria Teresa ; Jehanne Lazaj
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9788836636426     More information

Item Number: 141186
Title: The Atlas of Ancient Rome : Biography and Portraits of the City
Author: Carandini, Andrea (ed)
Price: $199.50     ISBN: 9780691163475     More information

Item Number: 134076
Title: Hic iacet vir magnus et extrenuus : Il gisant del sepolcro Tibaldeschi nella chiesa di San Pietro Martire in Ascoli Piceno
Author: Carfagna, Bernardo
Price: $5.99     ISBN: 9788866450313     More information

Item Number: 111472
Title: Pietre vecchie ma non antiche. Compendio di scultura medievale pisana fino all'età di Giotto
Author: Carletti Lorenzo ; Cristiano Giometti
Price: $5.50     ISBN: 9788863152401     More information

Item Number: 58882
Title: Palazzo Marconi a Frascati : Da casino di delizie a sede municipale, 1687-1880
Author: Carloni, Rosella
Price: $18.13     ISBN: 8888168249     More information

Item Number: 144664
Title: ANTHONY CARO : First Drawings Last Sculptures
Author: Bryant, Julius
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780988618893     More information

Item Number: 123036
Title: Arte y arquitectura conventual en Tarazona en los siglos XVII y XVIII
Author: Carretero Calvo, Rebeca
Price: $23.00     ISBN: 9788499111926     More information

Item Number: 143644
Title: Art House: The Collaboration of Chara Schreyer and Gary Hutton
Author: Carroll, Alisa (et al)
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9781614285366     More information

Item Number: 144693
Title: I Have Longed to Move Away : LAWRENCE CARROLL, Works 1985-2017
Author: Mina, Gianna (ed)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9788874397723     More information

Item Number: 144785
Title: FERNANDO CASASEMPERE : Works / Obras 1991-2016
Author: Graves, Alun ; Clare Lilley
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9783775742429     More information

Item Number: 111772
Title: Omaggio ai Maestri Intelvesi : Ercole Ferrata e Carlo Innocenzo Carloni. Sculture e Dipinti dal Museo Diocesano di Scaria Intelvi
Author: Casati, M. Letizia ; Pescarmona, Daniele
Price: $7.50     ISBN: 9788885680609     More information

Item Number: 137418
Title: Scultura medievale per l’arredo liturgico a Como
Author: Casati, Maria Letizia (et al)
Price: $22.49     ISBN: 9788885680319     More information

Item Number: 132685
Title: L'Arte di studiare l'arte : Scritti degli amici di Regina Poso
Author: Casciaro, Raffaele (ed)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9788867660544     More information

Item Number: 143506
Title: Making Magnificence : Architects, Stuccatori, and the Eighteenth-Century Interior
Author: Casey, Christine
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300225778     More information

Item Number: 145889
Title: The Primacy of the Image in Northern European Art, 1400-1700 : Essays in Honor of Larry Silver
Author: Cashion, Debra Taylor ; Henry Luttikhuizen ; Ashley D. West (eds)
Price: $229.00     ISBN: 9789004354104     More information

Item Number: 122466
Title: General guide to the Vatican City
Author: Cassanelli, Roberto ; Antonio Paolucci ; Cristina Pantanella (eds)
Price: $23.00     ISBN: 9788816691247     More information

Item Number: 125956
Title: The Shipwreck of St. Paul
Author: Cassar, Robert ; Ray Bondin
Price: $56.00     ISBN: 9789990985481     More information

Item Number: 140206
Title: Remembering the Crusades and Crusading
Author: Cassidy-Welch, Megan (ed)
Price: $145.00     ISBN: 9781138811140     More information

Item Number: 140207
Title: Remembering the Crusades and Crusading
Author: Cassidy-Welch, Megan (ed)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781138811157     More information

Item Number: 131351
Title: El Cardenal Aragon y el Convento de las Capuchinas
Author: Castro, Juan Nicolau
Price: $11.50     ISBN: 9788494266904     More information

Item Number: 134560
Title: MACHADO DE CASTRO : da utilidade da escultura
Author: Figueira de Faria, Miguel (ed)
Price: $17.90     ISBN: 9789896582623     More information

Item Number: 146440
Title: Cathedrale de Bourges
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9782869064928     More information

Item Number: 130466
Title: Finding, Fixing, Faking, Making: Supplying Sculpture in ‘400 Florence
Author: Catterson, Lynn
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9878885311787     More information

Item Number: 123312
Title: La Cattedrale di Crema. Assetti originari e opere disperse
Author: Cavallini, Gabriele ; Matteo Facchi
Price: $9.70     ISBN: 9788889546192     More information

Item Number: 118441
Title: La Cattedrale di Crema : Le trasformazioni nei secoli : Liturgia, devozione e rappresentazione : Atti della giornata di studi Crema, Sala Conferenze del Centro Giovanile San Luigi, 7 maggio 2011
Author: Cavallini, Gabriele ; Matteo Facchi (eds)
Price: $9.70     ISBN: 9788889546215     More information

Item Number: 134973
Title: "Su questa pietra…" Nuovi studi e ricerche sull’abbazia benedettina di San Pietro in Modena : Giornata di studi
Author: Cavicchioli, Sonia ; Vincenzo Vandelli (eds)
Price: $9.00     ISBN: 9788857008738     More information

Item Number: 142577
Title: Arte nei Monasteri, arte per i Monasteri. Scrittura, arte e architettura presso i Benedettini e altri ordini religiosi
Author: Cavicchioli, Sonia ; Vincenzo Vandelli (eds)
Price: $42.50     ISBN: 9788857011394     More information

Item Number: 129629
Title: Virginia Dwan and Dwan Gallery
Author: Celant, Germano
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9788857222493     More information

Item Number: 146434
Title: BENVENUTO CELLINIS Saliera : Die Biographie eines Kunstwerks
Author: Haag, Sabine ; Paulus Rainer (eds)
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9783902976987     More information

Item Number: 139531
Title: Sculture a Roma 1534-1621 : da Paolo III Farnese a Paolo V Borghese
Author: Cera, Adriano
Price: $76.00     ISBN: 9788899680008     More information

Item Number: 138401
Title: How does it feel?: Inquiries into Contemporary Sculpture
Author: Ceruti, Mary (et al)
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9781910433683     More information

Item Number: 146407
Title: Who Cares? : Inquiries Into Contemporary Sculpture
Author: Ceruti, Mary ; Ruba Katrib (eds)
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9781911164899     More information

Item Number: 145017
Title: CHAGALL and Music
Author: Gauthier, Ambre ; Meret Meyer
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9782072701184     More information

Item Number: 139030
Title: Antonio e Giuseppe CHIATTONE : “Scultori che godono meritata fama fra noi e all’estero...”
Author: Ginex, Giovanna
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9788857227535     More information

Item Number: 112217
Title: Il Genio di Palermo : contesti urbani e immagini scultoree
Author: Chiazza, Antonella
Price: $12.30     ISBN: 9788896569085     More information

Item Number: 145643
Title: CHIHULY : Forms in Nature
Author: Groarke , Joanna L. (ed)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9783791356129     More information

Item Number: 144713
Title: CHIHULY : An Artist Collects
Author: Wolfson, Mitchell ; Bruce Helander
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781419727627     More information

Item Number: 144703
Title: TANABE CHIKUUNSAI IV, TADAYUKI MINAMOTO : Godai : Bamboo Art / Art du Bambou
Author: Maezaki, Shinya ; Tadayuki Minamoto (photos)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9788874397815     More information

Item Number: 145258
Title: Greek Art and Aesthetics in the Fourth Century B.C
Author: Childs, William A.P
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780691176468     More information

Item Number: 139808
Title: EDUARDO CHILLIDA : Catálogo razonado de escultura : eskulturaren katalogo arrazoitua : catalogue raisonné of sculpture, Vol. 2
Author: Chillda Belzunce, Ignacio ; Alberto Cobo
Price: $144.00     ISBN: 9788415042860     More information

Item Number: 144526
Title: European art and the wider world 1350-1550
Author: Christian, Kathleen ; Leah Clark (eds)
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9781526122902     More information

Item Number: 143965
Title: English Gothic Misericord Carvings : History from the Bottom Up
Author: Chunko-Dominguez, Betsy
Price: $129.00     ISBN: 9789004341180     More information

Item Number: 127403
Title: Lo spedale del Ceppo. Storia, arte, cultura
Author: Cipriani, Alberto (et al)
Price: $9.50     ISBN: 9788873365150     More information

Item Number: 145777
Title: The Social Lives of Figurines : Recontextualizing the Third-Millennium-BC Terracotta Figurines from Harappa
Author: Clark, Sharri R
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9780873652155     More information

Item Number: 145976
Title: GEOFFREY CLARKE : A Catalogue Raisonne
Author: LeGrove, Judith
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781848222540     More information

Item Number: 141339
Title: Heiligengräber im Frankenreich : Ein Beitrag zur Kunstgeschichte des Frühmittelalters
Author: Claussen, Hilde ; Uwe Lobbedey
Price: $69.50     ISBN: 9783731902683     More information

Item Number: 135371
Title: A Golden Age of European Art : Celebrating Fifty Years of the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation
Author: Clifton, James (ed)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300207811     More information

Item Number: 143493
Title: The Jazz Age : American Style in the 1920s
Author: Coffin, Sarah D. ; Stephen Harrison
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780300224054     More information

Item Number: 105728
Title: Aquila dalla fondazione alla renovatio urbis
Author: Colapietra, Raffaele ; Mario Centofanti
Price: $20.00     ISBN: 9788887132595     More information

Item Number: 145083
Title: Maternity : Mothers and Children in the Arts of Africa
Author: Cole, Herbert M
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9780300229158     More information

Item Number: 145600
Author: Holborn, Mark
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9783958292680     More information

Item Number: 118788
Title: Storia dell'Arte della Sicilia sud-orientale, Vol. III : L'Ottocento e il Primo Novecento. Schemi delle lezioni (quinta e sesta serie)
Author: Colombo, Giorgio (ed)
Price: $49.00     More information

Item Number: 143904
Title: Artisti e committenti a Loreto (1538-1590) : Nuovi documenti
Author: Coltrinari, Francesca
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9788879708135     More information

Item Number: 140591
Title: Seduction and Celebrity: The Spectacular Life of Emma Hamilton
Author: Colville, Quintin ; Kate Williams
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780500252208     More information

Item Number: 146082
Author: Fetzer, Fanni (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783037644911     More information

Item Number: 118200
Title: Il restauro del cinquecentesco Crocifisso in cartapesta del Museo Diocesano di Palermo
Author: Di Natale, Maria Concetta ; Mauro Sebastianelli
Price: $9.00     ISBN: 9788890423826     More information

Item Number: 118217
Title: RAFFAELLO CONSORTINI nel territorio volterrano
Author: Casazza, Ornella (ed)
Price: $13.70     ISBN: 9788863153491     More information

Item Number: 144938
Title: Outliers and American Vanguard Art
Author: Cooke, Lynne (ed)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780226522272     More information

Item Number: 143682
Title: The Cubism Seminars
Author: Cooper, Harry (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780300226188     More information

Item Number: 141375
Title: Au rendez-vous des amis : Convegno-Esposizione internazionale
Author: Cora, Bruno (ed)
Price: $35.18     ISBN: 9788894063967     More information

Item Number: 115769
Title: L'escultura sublimada : Sant Pere dels Bigats de Vallfogona de Riucorb
Author: Corbella i Llobet, Domenec
Price: $4.30     ISBN: 9788447534616     More information

Item Number: 123387
Title: Corpus de la Statuaire médiévale et Renaissance de Champagne méridionale. Volume VI : Canton de Brienne-le-Château (Aube)
Author: Corbet, Patrick ; Pierre Sesmat
Price: $15.99     ISBN: 9782878255140     More information

Item Number: 48247
Title: Cose piacentine d'arte offerte a Ferdinando Arisi
Price: $4.40     ISBN: 8886806094     More information

Item Number: 146015
Title: Grave Landscapes : The Nineteenth-Century Rural Cemetery Movement
Author: Cothran, James R. ; Erica Danylchak
Price: $49.99     ISBN: 9781611177992     More information

Item Number: 53019
Title: All the Emperor's Men: Roman Soldiers and Barbarians on Trajan's Column
Author: Coulston, J.C.N
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9781842173008     More information

Item Number: 145877
Title: ANTHONY CRAGG : Works on Paper Volume I
Author: Buchmann, Andre
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9783960981169     More information

Item Number: 143174
Title: TONY CRAGG : Unnatural Selection
Author: Pohl, Klaus-D. ; Tony Cragg ; Jon Wood
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9783777427072     More information

Item Number: 137939
Title: PATRICIA CRONIN : Shrine for Girls, Venice
Price: $6.59     ISBN: 9788836632190     More information

Item Number: 146121
Title: Public Sculpture of Lancashire and Cumbria
Author: Cross, David A. ; Peter Needham (photos) ; Richard Needham (photos)
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9781786940315     More information

Item Number: 145572
Title: Promote, Tolerate, Ban: Culture and Art in Cold War Hungary
Author: Cuevas-Wolf, Cristina ; Isotta Poggi (eds)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9781606065396     More information

Item Number: 144379
Title: ROBERTO CUOGHI 1996-2016
Author: Bellini, Andrea (ed)
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9783775742764     More information

Item Number: 144232
Title: Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome, Vol. 59 (2014) / 60 (2015)
Author: Curran, Brian A. (ed)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781879549227     More information

Item Number: 145162
Title: Reynolda: Her Muses, Her Stories
Author: Curry, David Park (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780998681726     More information

Item Number: 145090
Title: Sculpture Vertical, Horizontal, Closed, Open
Author: Curtis, Penelope
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780300227222     More information

Item Number: 130935
Title: Le tombe dei vescovi di Belluno
Author: Da Rif, Ausilio
Price: $4.59     ISBN: 9788898639106     More information

Item Number: 142944
Title: Malleable Anatomies : Models, Makers, and Material Culture in Eighteenth-Century Italy
Author: Dacome, Lucia
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9780198736189     More information

Item Number: 145578
Title: Artistry in Bronze: The Greeks and Their Legacy XIXth International Congress on Ancient Bronzes
Author: Daehner, Jens M. (et al)
Price: $82.50     ISBN: 9781606065419     More information

Item Number: 134141
Title: Doni Preziosi : Immagini ed oggetti dalle collezioni museali
Author: Dal Pra, Laura ; Francesca de Gramatica
Price: $42.50     ISBN: 978889413528     More information

Item Number: 134512
Title: Fasti e Linguaggi Sacri : Il Barocco Leccese tra Riforma e Controriforma
Author: Danieli, Francesco
Price: $7.50     ISBN: 9788898175529     More information

Item Number: 145681
Author: Prince, Nigel (ed)
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781910433041     More information

Item Number: 144888
Title: A Reservoir of Ideas: Essays in Honour of Paul Williamson
Author: Davies, Glyn ; Eleanor Townsend (eds)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781911300168     More information

Item Number: 145262
Title: Visuality and Virtuality: Images and Pictures from Prehistory to Perspective
Author: Davis, Whitney
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780691171944     More information

Item Number: 134110
Title: Recondita armonia : Lectura hermética de la fachada de las Escuelas Mayores de la Universida
Author: de Andres Bravo, Pablo
Price: $10.50     ISBN: 9788489384897     More information

Item Number: 139957
Title: Architettura e scultura monumentale del ventennio fascista in Terra di Bari : Acquaviva delle Fonti - Adelfia - Alberobello - Altamura - Andria - Barletta - Binetto - Bisceglie - Bitetto - Bitonto - Bitritto - Canosa di Puglia - Capurso - Carbonara - Casamassima - Cassano Murge - Castellana Grotte - Cellamare - Cisternino - Conversano - Corato - Fasano - Gioia del Colle - Giovinazzo - Gravina in Puglia - Grumo Appula - Locorotondo - Minervino Murge - Modugno - Mola di Bari - Molfetta - Monopoli - Noci - Noicattaro - Palo del Colle - Polignano a Mare - Putignano - Rutigliano - Ruvo di Puglia - Sammichele di Bari - Sannicandro di Bari - Santeramo in Colle - Spinazzola - Terlizzi - Toritto - Torre a Mare - Trani - Triggiano - Turi - Valenzano
Author: De Bartolo, Simone
Price: $14.00     ISBN: 9788890954948     More information

Item Number: 139017
Title: I crocefissi lignei riminesi : Redenti dalla sua carne e dal suo sangue
Author: De Carolis, Stefano (et al)
Price: $14.00     ISBN: 9788880497479     More information

Item Number: 105279
Title: ETTORE DE CONCILIIS : Il parco della pace. The park of peace
Author: Pizzioli, Marina ; Fulco Pratesi
Price: $11.00     More information

Item Number: 116381
Title: La Mortola e Thomas Hanbury : Atti della Giornata di studi, 23 novembre 2007
Author: De Cupis, Francesca ; Elena Ragusa (eds)
Price: $7.00     ISBN: 9788842218821     More information

Item Number: 146626
Title: Vite de' pittorii, scultori ed architetti napoletani
Author: De Dominici, Bernardo ; Fiorella Sricchia Santoro (ed) ; Andrea Zezza (ed)
Price: $340.00     ISBN: 9788899130336     More information

Item Number: 107546
Title: Jose Marin y Lamas y el patronazgo artistico
Author: De La Pena Velasco, Concepcion (et al)
Price: $1.50     ISBN: 9788496308855     More information

Item Number: 138504
Title: JOSEPH DE LEVIS and Company: Renaissance Bronze-Founders in Verona
Author: Avery, Charles
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781781300480     More information

Item Number: 144001
Title: Santa Maria Novella, La basilica e il convento, II. Dalla Trinita di Masaccio alla meta del Cinquecento
Author: de Marchi, Andrea (ed)
Price: $82.50     ISBN: 9788874613151     More information

Item Number: 143672
Title: Counterpoint : Sculpture, Music, and WALTER DE MARIA's Large Rod Series
Author: Delahunty, Gavin (ed)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9780300225730     More information

Item Number: 145345
Title: (DE MARIA) At the Lightning Field
Author: Raicovich, Laura
Price: $12.95     ISBN: 9781566894661     More information

Item Number: 146768
Title: Il Laocoonte di VINCENZO DE' ROSSI
Author: Heikamp, Detlef ; Caterina Napoleone (ed)
Price: $42.50     ISBN: 9788859617839     More information

Item Number: 144446
Title: RICHARD DEACON : What You See Is What You Get
Author: Plotek, Ariel (ed)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780937108550     More information

Item Number: 145858
Title: Winckelmann: Moderne Antike
Author: Decultotm Elisabeth (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783777427560     More information

Item Number: 128843
Title: DEGAS' Little Dancer Aged Fourteen : The Earlier Version That Helped Spark the Birth of Modern Art
Author: Hedberg, Gregory
Price: $135.00     ISBN: 9783897903920     More information

Item Number: 141515
Title: Le regole del corpo. Norma e libero arbitrio : Dalla tradizione di studio nell'Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna ai linguaggi contemporanei della video arte e della performance
Author: Deggiovanni, Piero (et al)
Price: $13.00     ISBN: 9788873818595     More information

Item Number: 124848
Title: Venturi, Tura, Sacilotto : 170 anni di lavorazione del marmo tra Bologna, Pietrasanta e Caracas
Author: Degiovanni, Cecilia ; Roberto Martorelli (eds)
Price: $6.50     More information

Item Number: 120730
Title: Relations artistiques entre Italie et anciens Pays-Bas (XVIe et XVIIIe siècles) : Bilan et perspectives. Artistieke relaties tussen Italië en de Nederlanden (16de- 18de eeuw): Status quaestionis en vooruitzichten
Author: Dekoninck, Ralph (ed)
Price: $29.75     ISBN: 9789074461771     More information

Item Number: 139925
Title: Spazi della Preghiera. Spazi della Bellezza : Il Complesso Abbaziale di Santa Maria di Farfa
Author: Del, Isabella (ed)
Price: $23.98     ISBN: 9788860607072     More information

Item Number: 105911
Title: Catalogo Illustrato della Glittica nella Collezione Santarelli
Author: Del Bufalo, Dario
Price: $13.00     ISBN: 9788882655310     More information

Item Number: 143257
Title: Precious Portraits : Tiny sculpture masterpieces of Imperial Rome, the Renaissance Taste and the Antique
Author: Del Bufalo, Dario
Price: $160.00     ISBN: 9788842224273     More information

Item Number: 141448
Title: Una rara "pietà": l'Angelo con la testa del Battista
Author: Del Serra, Maura
Price: $7.00     ISBN: 9788873366102     More information

Item Number: 81432
Title: I pensieri si sono fatti roccia : GINO DEL ZOZZO
Author: Vescovo, Maria (ed)
Price: $4.83     More information

Item Number: 135455
Title: Forme che volano : 1630 - 1738 ; il Barocco nelle province di Novara e del Verbano Cusio Ossola ; atti delle giornate di studio, Archivio di Stato di Novara, 17 - 19 maggio 2012
Author: Dell'Omo, Marina ; Sergio Monferrini (eds)
Price: $17.00     ISBN: 9788894012705     More information

Item Number: 137135
Title: Storia di Orvieto, IV : Seicento e settecento
Author: Della Fina, Giuseppe M. ; Corrado Fratini (eds)
Price: $28.00     ISBN: 9788890576232     More information

Item Number: 141298
Title: DELLA ROBBIA : Sculpting with Color in Renaissance Florence
Author: Cambareri, Marietta (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780878468416     More information

Item Number: 120263
Title: Il racconto del Presepe di Vaglia di GIOVANNI DELLA ROBBIA : Due furti, due restauri e una contraffazione
Author: Paolini, Claudio (ed)
Price: $2.39     ISBN: 9788859611264     More information

Item Number: 146329
Title: La Visitazione: LUCA DELLA ROBBIA : nella Chiesa di San Leone : in the church of San Leone
Author: Tardelli, Fausto ; Lucia Cecchi (et al)
Price: $42.95     ISBN: 9788898888085     More information

Item Number: 129031
Title: La Scuola di Spoleto : Immagini dipinte e scolpite nel Trecento tra Valle Umbra e Valnerina
Author: Delpriori, Alessandro
Price: $32.50     ISBN: 9788889398869     More information

Item Number: 143151
Title: Richard Demarco & Joseph Beuys : A Unique Partnership
Author: Demarco, Richard
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781910745601     More information

Item Number: 59146
Title: La diocesi di Piacenza e il monasterio di Bobbio
Author: Destefanis, Eleonora
Price: $22.00     ISBN: 9788879889339     More information

Item Number: 145670
Title: Sculptural Photographs : From the Calotype to Digital Technologies
Author: di Bello, Patrizia
Price: $114.00     ISBN: 9781350028227     More information

Item Number: 121533
Title: Sacralità domestica : Santi in terracotta tra Ottocento e Novecento nella Collezione Vestita
Author: Di Palo, Francesco ; Simone Mirto
Price: $7.30     ISBN: 9788884314949     More information

Item Number: 146503
Title: Ornament and Figure in Graeco-roman Art: Rethinking Visual Ontologies in Classical Antiquity
Author: Dietrich, Nikolaus ; Michael Squire (eds)
Price: $137.99     ISBN: 9783110460155     More information

Item Number: 146487
Title: Genoveva von Brabant : Ein romantisches Schlüsselthema in der bildenden Kunst des 19. Jahrhunderts
Author: Dingerdissen, Ulf
Price: $80.99     ISBN: 9783110521108     More information

Item Number: 144691
Title: Intimate Conversations: African Miniatures
Author: Dintenfass, Nicole ; John Dintenfass
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9788874397747     More information

Item Number: 123061
Title: Quinterni, 5 : Dipartimento di Studi Stroico-Artistici, Archeologici e sulla Conservazione: Giornata dell Ricerca 2011, ROma, 7-8 giugno 2011
Author: Dolce, Rita ; Antonella Frongia (eds)
Price: $4.50     ISBN: 9788897684084     More information

Item Number: 139008
Title: DONATELLO : Maria Mater Gratiae Mater Misericordiae : La Madonna col Bambino e quattro cherubini di Donatello nel Duomo di Siena
Author: Bechi, Andrea (et al)
Price: $9.95     ISBN: 9788883478260     More information

Item Number: 127003
Title: Forme del legno. Intagli e tarsie fra Gotico e Rinascimento : Atti del convegno Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, 30-31 ottobre 2009
Author: Donati, Gabriele (et al)
Price: $20.63     ISBN: 9788876424809     More information

Item Number: 144026
Title: La chiesa di Santa Lucia a Serra San Quirico
Author: Donnini, Giampiero ; Ugo Paoli
Price: $54.50     ISBN: 9788890947643     More information

Item Number: 146529
Title: The Lithic Garden : Nature and the Transformation of the Medieval Church
Author: Doquang, Mailan S
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9780190631796     More information

Item Number: 59087
Title: La pinacoteca del Museo Nazionale "G.A. Sanna" di Sassari : Catalogo Storico-Documentario
Author: Dore, Gianpietro
Price: $27.50     ISBN: 9788880168898     More information

Item Number: 145931
Title: JUAN DOWNEY : Radiant Nature
Author: Anthes, Bill (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780996644525     More information

Item Number: 143715
Title: Bodies of Evidence : Ancient Anatomical Votives Past, Present and Future
Author: Draycott, Jane ; Emma-Jayne Graham
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781472450807     More information

Item Number: 145423
Title: Sacred to the Touch : Nordic and Baltic Religious Wood Carving
Author: Dubois, Thomas A
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9780295742410     More information

Item Number: 145593
Title: The Photograph Albums of JEAN DUBUFFET
Author: Lombardi, Sarah ; Vincent Monod
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9788874397969     More information

Item Number: 145794
Title: Some Aesthetic Decisions: A Centenary Celebration of MARCEL DUCHAMP's Fountain
Author: Clearwater, Bonnie (ed)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9788857234793     More information

Item Number: 145542
Title: MARCEL DUCHAMP : Porte-bouteilles
Author: Debray, Cecile ; Paul B. Franklin
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9782910055745     More information

Item Number: 141689
Title: The Apparently Marginal Activities of MARCEL DUCHAMP
Author: Filipovic, Elena
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780262034821     More information

Item Number: 144443
Title: DUCHAMP, MAN RAY and the Conundrum of the Replica : Remaking the Readymade
Author: Kamien-Kazhdan, Adina
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472478160     More information

Item Number: 140282
Title: Colour and Light in Ancient and Medieval Art
Author: Duckworth, Chloë N. ; Anne E. Sassin (eds)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472478399     More information

Item Number: 140132
Title: Art Deco Sculpture
Author: Duncan, Alastair
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9780500239483     More information

Item Number: 141554
Title: JIMMIE DURHAM : At the Center of the World
Author: Ellegood, Anne (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791355689     More information

Item Number: 145763
Title: JIMMIE DURHAM : God's Children, God's Poems
Author: Munder, Heike (ed)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783037644980     More information

Item Number: 143939
Author: Snauwaert, Dirk (et al)
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9780714874012     More information

Item Number: 138680
Title: Treasures of Durham University Art Collections
Author: Dyson, Henry
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781785510243     More information

Item Number: 144213
Title: Museum of the Southwest : Selections from the Permanent Collection
Author: Earle, Wendy (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780997858907     More information

Item Number: 145989
Title: The Artist between Court and City (1300–1600) / L’artiste entre la Cour et la Ville / Der Künstler zwischen Hof und Stadt
Author: Eichberger, Dagmar (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783731903918     More information

Item Number: 146044
Title: The Routledge Companion to Art Deco
Author: Elliott, Bridget ; Michael Windover (eds)
Price: $165.00     ISBN: 9781472485144     More information

Item Number: 140204
Title: The Politics of Water in the Art and Festivals of Medici Florence : From Neptune Fountain to Naumachia
Author: Else, Felicia M
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781472410795     More information

Item Number: 139968
Title: Musee Granet : Dix ans d'acquisitions 2006-2016
Author: Ely, Bruno ; Pamela Grimaud
Price: $11.25     ISBN: 9782854956337     More information

Item Number: 145181
Title: TRACEY EMIN : Works 2007-2017
Author: Jones, Jonathan
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780847860166     More information

Item Number: 143178
Title: A New American Sculpture, 1914-1945 : Lachaise, Laurent, Nadelman, and Zorach
Author: Eschelbacher, Andrew (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300226218     More information

Item Number: 108525
Title: Recrucificando a Cristo : Los Judios de la Passio Imaginis en la isla de Mallorca
Author: Espi Forcen, Carlos
Price: $3.79     ISBN: 9788492562411     More information

Item Number: 120676
Title: E l’informe infine si fa forma… Studi intorno a Santa Maria del Fiore in ricordo di Patrizio Osticresi
Author: Fabbri, Lorenzo ; Annamaria Giusti (eds)
Price: $9.00     ISBN: 9788874611805     More information

Item Number: 125989
Title: ATTO FABRONI e il Crocifisso di Sant’Ignazio : Storia, restauro e documenti
Author: Agostini, Anna ; Maria Camilla Pagnini
Price: $4.90     ISBN: 9788859612872     More information

Item Number: 128929
Title: Nel Segno dell'acqua.Santuari e bronzi votivi della Sardegna nuragica
Author: Fadda, Maria Ausilia
Price: $28.50     ISBN: 9788871387239     More information

Item Number: 118190
Title: Monte Mario : dal medioevo alle idee di parco
Author: Fagiolo, Marcello ; Alessandro Mazza (eds)
Price: $115.00     ISBN: 9788875751562     More information

Item Number: 145390
Title: Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-1985
Author: Fajardo-Hill, Cecilia (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791356808     More information

Item Number: 141995
Title: Omaggio a / Homage to CLAIRE FALKENSTEIN
Author: Massimo Barbero, Luca (ed)
Price: $30.00     More information

Item Number: 145936
Author: Dirie, Clement (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783037644942     More information

Item Number: 116375
Title: Francesco di Virgilio FANELLI : King Charles I : A Unique Bronze Statuette
Author: Avery, Charles
Price: $5.00     ISBN: 887623098X     More information

Item Number: 138037
Title: Arnolfo di Cambio Tino di Camaino e il duomo di Firenze
Author: Fattorini, Gabriele ; Tiziana Barbavara di Gravellona
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9783981727807     More information

Item Number: 107725
Title: Artistas Asturianos, IX : Escultores
Author: Feas Costilla, Luis (ed)
Price: $27.50     ISBN: 8486723507     More information

Item Number: 142617
Title: Irish Fine Art in the Early Modern Period: New Perspectives on Artistic Practice, 1620–1820
Author: Fenlon, Jane (et al)
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9781911024262     More information

Item Number: 79783
Title: Documents FENOSA
Author: Fenosa, Nicole, Bertrand Tillier
Price: $4.85     ISBN: 9788434310827     More information

Item Number: 132782
Title: GREGORIO FERNANDEZ : La expresión de dolor en la escultura castellana
Author: Orueta, Ricardo de
Price: $7.50     ISBN: 9788461623419     More information

Item Number: 142086
Title: Escultura barroca española : las historias de la escultura barroca española : nuevas lecturas desde los siglos de oro a la sociedad del conocimiento, Vol. 1: La atemporalidad de un arte : entre el barroco y el siglo XXI : esculturas, personas y sociedades
Author: Fernandez Paradas, Antonio (ed)
Price: $89.95     ISBN: 9788416110780     More information

Item Number: 142087
Title: Escultura barroca española : las historias de la escultura barroca española : nuevas lecturas desde los siglos de oro a la sociedad del conocimiento, Vol. 2: Escultura barroca andaluza : de las grandes construcciones historiográficas a la diversidad de los microrelatos
Author: Fernandez Paradas, Antonio (ed)
Price: $72.50     ISBN: 9788416110803     More information

Item Number: 142088
Title: Escultura barroca española : las historias de la escultura barroca española : nuevas lecturas desde los siglos de oro a la sociedad del conocimiento, Vol. 3: Las historia de la escultura barroca española
Author: Fernandez Paradas, Antonio (ed)
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9788416110827     More information

Item Number: 145791
Title: Making Space: Women Artists and Abstraction, 1945-1970
Author: Figura, Starr ; Sarah Hermanson Meister,
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781633450479     More information

Item Number: 146404
Title: RICHARD FILIPOWSKI : Art and Design Beyond the Bauhaus
Author: Bartolucci, Marisa (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781580935098     More information

Item Number: 144208
Title: The Eerdmans Encyclopedia of Early Christian Art and Archaeology
Author: Finney, Paul Corby (ed)
Price: $495.00     ISBN: 9780802838117     More information

Item Number: 139598
Title: Museo d'Arte Antica del Castello Sforzesco, Scultura lapidea, tomo 4
Author: Fiorio, Maria Teresa ; Graziano Alfreco Vergani (et al)
Price: $74.00     ISBN: 9788891806321     More information

Item Number: 141851
Title: DAN FLAVIN : Corners, Barriers and Corridors
Author: Auping, Michael
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781941701188     More information

Item Number: 140679
Title: Myth and Mystique: Cleveland’s Gothic Table Fountain
Author: Fliegel, Stephen N. ; Elina Gertsman
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781907804946     More information

Item Number: 107352
Title: Anima del Fuoco : Da Eraclito a Tiziano, Da Previati a Plessi
Author: Fonseca, Cosimo Damiano et al (eds)
Price: $26.00     More information

Item Number: 105124
Title: DOMENICO FONTANA : Mastro ferraro nel Settecento e l'arte del ferro a Napoli dal '400 al '700
Author: Colonnesi, Diodato
Price: $19.50     ISBN: 9788860260796     More information

Item Number: 139463
Title: Fu formata di pezzi trovati sotterra : La colonna di Banzi e la crux viaria in Basilicata
Author: Fontana, Mauro Vincenzo
Price: $13.98     ISBN: 9788884316110     More information

Item Number: 143992
Title: Visionaries: Creating a Modern Guggenheim
Author: Fontanella, Megan (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780892075263     More information

Item Number: 115817
Title: [GIUSEPPE FRANCHI] Enea sulle rive del Lario : Riflessioni intorno a un ciclo di bassorilievi con scene dell'Eneide
Author: Aquilini, Paolo ; Serena Bertolucci (eds)
Price: $5.79     ISBN: 9788871851952     More information

Item Number: 113182
Title: I viaggi dell'assunta : La protezione del patrimonio artistico veneziano durante i conflitti mondiali
Author: Franchi, Elena
Price: $11.79     ISBN: 9788884927026     More information

Item Number: 116065
Title: Scultura lignea rinascimentale a Gandino. "...omnes vero auro ornate"
Author: Franci, Andrea ; Silvio Tomasini
Price: $6.50     More information

Item Number: 145374
Title: DIANNA FRID + Richard Rezac : Split Complementary
Author: Girson, Matthew
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780985096021     More information

Item Number: 143068
Title: Postcolonising the Medieval Image
Author: Frojmovic, Eva ; Catherine E. Karkov (eds)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472481665     More information

Item Number: 137213
Author: Kissane, Sean (ed)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9781909792111     More information

Item Number: 139665
Title: Die farbige Kathedrale : 700 Jahre Farbgestaltung im Regensburger Dom
Author: Fuchs, Friedrich ; Achim Hubel (eds)
Price: $63.00     ISBN: 9783795430955     More information

Item Number: 145191
Title: GEORGE FULLARD : Sculpture and Survival
Author: Bird, Michael
Price: $89.99     ISBN: 9780957041738     More information

Item Number: 146681
Title: GUNTHER FÖRG : A Fragile Beauty
Author: Delahunty, Gavin
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780300229226     More information

Item Number: 146270
Title: Napoli e la Spagna nel Cinquecento. Le opere, gli artisti, la storiografia
Author: Gaeta, Letizia (ed)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9788867661756     More information

Item Number: 142862
Title: La sculpture romaine en Occident : Nouveaux regards - Actes des rencontres autour de la sculpture romaine (colloque d'Arles, 2012)
Author: Gaggadis-Robin, Vassiliki ; Pascale Picard
Price: $72.50     ISBN: 9782877725996     More information

Item Number: 146519
Title: Art of Libation in Classical Athens
Author: Gaifman, Milette
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300192278     More information

Item Number: 131131
Title: Sotto il segno di Antonio Abate : Arte e devozione a Mele (secoli XVI-XX)
Author: Galella, Ignazio (ed)
Price: $8.50     ISBN: 9788863732856     More information

Item Number: 123927
Title: L'immagine tra materiale e virtuale : Contributi in onore di Silvia Bordini
Author: Gallo, Francesca ; Claudio Zambianchi (eds)
Price: $9.50     ISBN: 9788888168883     More information

Item Number: 129834
Title: Il senso del decoro : La scultura in pietra nell'Abruzzo Angioino e Aragonese (1274-1496)
Author: Gandolfo, Francesco
Price: $32.00     ISBN: 9788875751975     More information

Item Number: 123363
Title: Arte medievale in Irpinia
Author: Gandolfo, Francesco ; Giuseppe Muollo
Price: $22.00     ISBN: 9788875751715     More information

Item Number: 106779
Title: Del silencio de la cartuja al fragor de la orden militar
Author: Garcia de Cortazar, Jose Angel ; Ramon Teja
Price: $11.90     ISBN: 9788489483651     More information

Item Number: 144559
Title: Tiempo de estrategias : la asociacion de artistas plasticos y el arte comprometido espanol en los setenta
Author: Garcia Garcia, Isabel
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9788400101466     More information

Item Number: 143689
Title: Los tipos iconograficos de la tradicion cristiana, 2.1 : La Gloria y sus Jerarquias
Author: Garcia Mahiques, Rafael
Price: $31.80     ISBN: 9788490551462     More information

Item Number: 118019
Title: Ficciones y Realidades : Arte Espanol de los 2000 en la Coleccion Arte Contemporaneo ,
Author: de Corral, Maria
Price: $10.50     ISBN: 9788496286207     More information

Item Number: 137358
Title: Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria : Dipinti e sculture dal XIII al XV secolo. Catalogo generale, I
Author: Garibaldi, Vittoria
Price: $135.00     ISBN: 9788889398579     More information

Item Number: 145456
Title: The Everywhere Studio
Author: Gartenfeld, Alex (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791356914     More information

Item Number: 143093
Title: San Lorenzo: A Florentine Church
Author: Gaston, Robert W. ; Louis A. Waldman (eds)
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9780674975675     More information

Item Number: 145175
Title: THEASTER GATES : Heavy Sketches
Author: English, Darby
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9788857234786     More information

Item Number: 141047
Title: HENRI GAUDIER-BRZESKA : The London Years, 1911-1914
Author: Wilkinson, David
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780718894597     More information

Item Number: 143499
Title: GAUGUIN : Artist as Alchemist
Author: Groom, Gloria (ed)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300217018     More information

Item Number: 142515
Title: Medieval Art, Architecture and Archaeology in the Dioceses of Aberdeen and Moray
Author: Geddes, Jane (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781138640672     More information

Item Number: 113027
Title: Statue vestite e snodate. Un percorso
Author: Genovese, Valeria E
Price: $10.90     ISBN: 9788876423925     More information

Item Number: 133550
Title: VESPASIANO GENUINO : Il restauro e la musealizzazione del Crocifisso di San Francesco della Scarpa
Author: Casciaro, Raffaele (ed)
Price: $6.90     ISBN: 9788842223481     More information

Item Number: 143148
Title: ISA GENZKEN : Sculpture as World Receiver
Author: Lee, Lisa
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780226409979     More information

Item Number: 144518
Title: Il patrimonio artistico in Italia centrale dopo il sisma del 2016
Author: Gerardo, Simone ; Emanuele Pellegrini (eds)
Price: $34.50     ISBN: 9788846747112     More information

Item Number: 143014
Title: Mumuye Sculpture from Nigeria: The Human Figure Reinvented
Author: Herreman, Frank ; Constantine Petridis
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9788874397433     More information

Item Number: 142591
Title: ALBERTO GIACOMETTI : Beyond Bronze : Masterworks in Plaster and Other Materials
Author: Buttner, Philippe (et al)
Price: $59.00     ISBN: 9783858817853     More information

Item Number: 146209
Title: Substance and Shadow - ALBERTO GIACOMETTI Sculptures And Their Photographs by Peter Lindbergh
Author: Lindbergh, Peter ; Catherine Grenier
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781938748448     More information

Item Number: 141480
Title: ALBERTO GIACOMETTI : A Line Through Time
Author: Milburn, Claudia ; Calvin Winner
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9781350004313     More information

Item Number: 145795
Author: Morris, Frances ; Lena Fritsch (et al)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781849765046     More information

Item Number: 145749
Author: Schlicht, Esther (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783864421808     More information

Item Number: 137110
Title: GIAMBOLOGNA : Il Ratto delle Sabine e il suo restauro
Author: Falletti, Franca (ed)
Price: $27.50     ISBN: 9788883478055     More information

Item Number: 143754
Title: JEAN BOLOGNE et les jardins d'Henri IV
Author: Rudiger, Alexander ; Blanca Truyols
Price: $57.50     ISBN: 9782901837640     More information

Item Number: 146433
Title: Tomb – Memory – Space : Concepts of Representation in Premodern Christian and Islamic Art
Author: Giese, Francine (et al)
Price: $80.99     ISBN: 9783110515893     More information

Item Number: 113499
Title: Un inedito "teatrino plastico" della societa GIGLIONI-SCAGLIA
Author: Mancini, Francesco Federico
Price: $7.00     ISBN: 9788890572630     More information

Item Number: 139432
Title: La Grande Madre. Donne, Maternità e Potere nell'Arte e nella Cultura Visiva, 1900-2015
Author: Gioni, Massimiliano
Price: $26.00     ISBN: 9788857229560     More information

Item Number: 144012
Title: Espana viste a la francesa : la historia de un traje de moda de la segunda mitad del siglo XVII
Author: Giorgi, Arianna
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9788416551460     More information

Item Number: 115310
Title: GIOVANNI DA NOLA : San Girolamo penitente : storia e restauro di una tavola di marmo
Author: Naldi, Riccardo
Price: $5.79     ISBN: 9788856901962     More information

Item Number: 143698
Title: FRA GIOVANNI DA VERONA e la Scuola Olivetana dall'Intarsio Ligneo
Author: Bagatin, P. Luigi
Price: $52.50     ISBN: 9788897336518     More information

Item Number: 144259
Title: Gara radinieki / Elective Affinities / Wahlverwandtschaften: German Art since the Late 1960s
Author: Gisbourne, Mark
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783735602589     More information

Item Number: 131202
Title: Die kurfürstlichen Marmorkamine des 18. Jahrhunderts im Schloss Augustusburg in Brühl : Eine Studie zum Projekt UNESCO-Weltkulturerbestätten in Nordrhein-Westfalen
Author: Glade, Ilona
Price: $11.70     ISBN: 9783828833234     More information

Item Number: 128972
Title: De Sint-Jan te s'Hertogenbosch : bouwsculptuur en bouwgeschiedenis 1250-1550
Author: Glaudemans, Ronald ; Gerard van Wezel (ed)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9789462580114     More information

Item Number: 145458
Title: Aztlán to Magulandia : The Journey of Chicano Artist GILBERT “MAGU” LUJAN
Author: Glicksman, Hal ; Constance Cortez (eds)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783791356884     More information

Item Number: 131219
Title: Classicità ed Europa, il destino della Grecia e dell’Italia
Author: Godart, Louis (ed)
Price: $19.70     More information

Item Number: 140706
Title: Modern Art Collection : The Musée Unterlinden from Alechinsky to Zack
Author: Goerig-Hergott, Frederique
Price: $18.00     ISBN: 9782854956283     More information

Item Number: 114182
Title: Pastor Sanctus Virtutis Cultor : El legado del Patriarca Juan de Ribera, IV Centenario
Author: Goerlich, Daniel Benito ; Miguel Navarro Sorni ; Jose Luis Villacanas (eds)
Price: $15.50     ISBN: 9788493834746     More information

Item Number: 142290
Title: The Unfinished Exhibition : Visualizing Myth, Memory, and the Shadow of the Civil War in Centennial America
Author: Gold, Susanna W
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781472480668     More information

Item Number: 144711
Title: ANDY GOLDSWORTHY : Projects
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9781419722226     More information

Item Number: 145179
Author: Caiger-Smith, Martin ; Antony Gormley
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9780847860135     More information

Item Number: 140697
Title: PIERRE GOUTHIERE : Virtuoso Gilder at the French Court
Author: Vignon, Charlotte (et al)
Price: $79.95     ISBN: 9781907804618     More information

Item Number: 145968
Title: Form, Model, Syntax, Display: TERENCE GOWER Sulpture Works
Author: Gower, Terence (ed)
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9781911164487     More information

Item Number: 145055
Title: WERNER GRAEFF : Ein Bauhauskünstler berichtet : Recollection of a Bauhaus Artist
Author: Zieglgänsberger, Roman ; Evelyn Bergner (eds)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783777427973     More information

Item Number: 145630
Title: Chiaroscuro als ästhetisches Prinzip : Kunst und Theorie des Helldunkels 1300–1500
Author: Gramaccini, Norberto (et al)
Price: $80.99     ISBN: 9783110500356     More information

Item Number: 142267
Title: Syria's Monuments: Their Survival and Destruction
Author: Greenhalgh, Michael
Price: $210.00     ISBN: 9789004329577     More information

Item Number: 146516
Title: Transatlantic Encounters : Latin American Artists in Paris between the Wars
Author: Greet, Michele
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780300228427     More information

Item Number: 133350
Title: Culto, devozione e immagine di sant'Antonio di Padova nella diocesi di Molfetta-Ruvo-Giovinazzo-Terlizzi
Author: Grieco, Onofrio
Price: $7.50     More information

Item Number: 135010
Title: La Raccolta Guandalini : Rilievi e sculture
Author: Grimaldi Fava, Cristina ; Antonella Mampieri
Price: $22.00     More information

Item Number: 103453
Title: Todi storica e artistica
Author: Grondona, Carlo ; Marco Grondona
Price: $7.24     More information

Item Number: 141836
Title: RED GROOMS : Traveling Correspondent
Author: Pacini, Marina ; Susan W. Knowles
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780997249262     More information

Item Number: 135483
Title: ANDREA GUARDI : Uno scultore di costa nell'Italia del Quattrocento
Author: Donati, Gabriele
Price: $21.00     ISBN: 9788867415113     More information

Item Number: 146432
Title: Il valore del gesso : come modello, calco, copia per la realizzazione della scultura. Atti del quarto convegno internazionale sulle gipsoteche (Possagno, 2-3 ottobre 2015)
Author: Guderzo, Mario ; Tomas Lochman (eds)
Price: $54.50     ISBN: 9788899657482     More information

Item Number: 106119
Title: Santi e chiese : itinerario devozionale a Ferrara : Sculture e disegni di MIRELLA GUIDETTI GIACOMELLI
Author: Nalini Montanari, Gina
Price: $2.75     ISBN: 9788896604090     More information

Item Number: 143371
Title: Le chateau des ducs de Bretagne : Entre grandeur et renouveau. Huit siècles d'histoire
Author: Guillet, Bertrand ; Aurelien Armide (eds)
Price: $37.80     ISBN: 9782753548794     More information

Item Number: 145104
Title: Das italienische Sakramentstabernakel im 16. Jahrhundert: Tempietto-Architekturen en miniature zur Aufbewahrung der Eucharistie
Author: Guinomet, Claire
Price: $98.00     ISBN: 9783777425993     More information

Item Number: 145750
Title: Sculptures Made of Paper : From Kurt Schwitters to Karla Black
Author: Gundel, Marc ; Kerstin Skrobanek
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783864421945     More information

Item Number: 144861
Title: The Benin Plaques, A 16th Century Imperial Monument
Author: Gunsch, Kathryn Wysocki
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472451552     More information

Item Number: 144710
Title: Indian Temple Sculpture
Author: Guy, John
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781851779192     More information

Item Number: 139119
Title: Das ungefasste Altarretabel : Programm oder Provisorium
Author: Habenicht, Georg
Price: $57.50     ISBN: 9783731903178     More information

Item Number: 135174
Title: Naples
Author: Hall, Marcia B. ; Thomas Willette (eds)
Price: $180.00     ISBN: 9780521780001     More information

Item Number: 145289
Author: Woelk, Moritz (ed)
Price: $52.00     ISBN: 9783777427928     More information

Item Number: 145573
Title: Photography and Sculpture: The Art Object in Reproduction
Author: Hamill, Sarah (ed)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781606065341     More information

Item Number: 135385
Title: The Spolia Churches of Rome : Recycling Antiquity in the Middle Ages
Author: Hansen, Maria Fabricius
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9788771242102     More information

Item Number: 140478
Title: The HARDY Family of Artists
Author: Hardy, Kimber G
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781851498260     More information

Item Number: 134484
Title: De bouwsculptuur van de Utrechtse Dom : Een andere kijk op de bouwgesechiedenis
Author: den Hartog, Elizabeth
Price: $18.75     ISBN: 9789462580732     More information

Item Number: 133613
Title: Taste and the Antique: The Lure of Classical Sculpture 1500-1900. Revised and Extended Edition
Author: Haskell, Francis ; Nicholas Penny
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9781909400252     More information

Item Number: 141231
Title: MONA HATOUM : Expanded and Revised Edition
Author: Spector, Nancy ; Brett Guy
Price: $69.96     ISBN: 9780714870441     More information

Item Number: 146508
Title: MONA HATOUM : Terra Infirma
Author: White, Michelle (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300233148     More information

Item Number: 146633
Title: Still Facing Infinity : Sculpture by ERWIN HAUER
Author: Hill, John (ed)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781864707410     More information

Item Number: 146398
Title: Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture Volume XIII : Derbyshire and Staffordshire
Author: Hawkes, Jane ; Philip C. Sidebottom
Price: $117.00     ISBN: 9780197266212     More information

Item Number: 134080
Title: Die 'Berliner Göttin' – Schicksale einer archaischen Frauenstatue in Antike und Neuzeit
Author: Heilmeyer, Wolf-Dieter ; Wolfgang Massmann (eds)
Price: $17.99     ISBN: 9783898709286     More information

Item Number: 146543
Title: BARBARA HEPWORTH : The Sculptor in the Studio
Author: Bowness, Sophie
Price: $21.95     ISBN: 9781849765268     More information

Item Number: 146120
Title: CHRISTIAN HERDEG : Lyrical Minimalism
Author: Schaschl, Sabine (ed)
Price: $46.95     ISBN: 9783868323658     More information

Item Number: 130730
Title: Todo el Románico de Valladolid
Author: Hernando Garrido, Jose Luis (et al)
Price: $7.50     ISBN: 9788415072713     More information

Item Number: 144265
Title: Ancient Ivory : Masterpieces of the Assyrian Empire
Author: Herrmann, Georgina
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780500051917     More information

Item Number: 144322
Title: Highlights from the National Gallery of Art, Washington
Price: $16.95     ISBN: 9780894683992     More information

Item Number: 143680
Title: The Art of Brutalism : Rescuing Hope from Catastrophe in 1950s Britain
Author: Highmore, Ben
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9780300222746     More information

Item Number: 145606
Title: DAMIEN HIRST : Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable
Author: Geuna, Elena (et al)
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9781906967802     More information

Item Number: 144409
Title: Chester Cathedral
Author: Hodge, Jessica
Price: $14.95     ISBN: 9781785510793     More information

Item Number: 146047
Title: RAYNER HOFF : The Life of a Sculptor
Author: Beck, Deborah
Price: $49.99     ISBN: 9781742235325     More information

Item Number: 146822
Title: The Pre-Raphaelites and Science
Author: Holmes, John
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300232066     More information

Item Number: 145451
Title: Going North : RONI HORN
Author: Rales, Emily Wei ; Ali Nemerov
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9783791356600     More information

Item Number: 144496
Author: Vischer, Theodora
Price: $15.00     ISBN: 9783775742511     More information

Item Number: 142211
Title: The Routledge Companion to Medieval Iconography
Author: Hourihane, Colum (ed)
Price: $240.00     ISBN: 9781472459473     More information

Item Number: 144461
Title: CHARLES HOWARD : A Margin of Chaos
Author: DiQuinzio, Apsara (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780983881322     More information

Item Number: 142566
Title: Studies on Florence and the Italian Renaissance in Honour of F.W. Kent
Author: Howard, Peter F. ; Cecilia Hewlett (eds)
Price: $156.00     ISBN: 9782503552767     More information

Item Number: 115900
Title: Un mondo tra le mani : Bronzi e Placchette della Collezione Cicognani
Author: Huber, Antonella
Price: $3.25     ISBN: 9788873956495     More information

Item Number: 142759
Title: Modelo, copia y evocación en el románico hispano
Author: Huerta Huerta, Pedro Luis (ed)
Price: $39.50     ISBN: 9788415072928     More information

Item Number: 144747
Author: Gribaudo, Paola ; Scott Indrisek
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9788857232843     More information

Item Number: 146000
Title: IKEMURA und Nolde
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783954762002     More information

Item Number: 146662
Title: IKON 10/2017 : Christian Iconography in Modern and Contemporary Art
Author: The University of Rijeka (ed.)
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9782503571751     More information

Item Number: 103631
Title: Villa Altieri sull'Esquilino a Roma
Author: Indrio, Lauro ; Bruna Amendolea
Price: $9.79     ISBN: 9788875974039     More information

Item Number: 137486
Title: Artdeco y criselefantinas : colleccio de la Fundacio privada de les Arts i els Artistes
Author: Infiesta, Jose Manuel
Price: $11.50     ISBN: 9788494383809     More information

Item Number: 142050
Title: Imagery and Ingenuity in Early Modern Europe : Essays in Honor of Jeffrey Chipps Smith
Author: Ingersoll, Catharine (et al)
Price: $170.00     ISBN: 9782503568607     More information

Item Number: 120157
Title: GIOVANNI INSOM (1775-1855) : Uno scultore trentino a Firenze
Author: Dal Pra, Laura ; Luciana Giacomelli
Price: $1.85     ISBN: 9788877023261     More information

Item Number: 141857
Title: ALEX ISRAELat The Huntington
Author: Kraus, Chris (et al)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780692527351     More information

Item Number: 145322
Title: Thresholds and Boundaries: Liminality in Netherlandish Art (1385-1530)
Author: Jacobs, Lynn F
Price: $109.95     ISBN: 9781472457813     More information

Item Number: 145599
Title: THEO JANSEN : The Great Pretender
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9789462083448     More information

Item Number: 144836
Title: ODA JAUNE : White Sculptures
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9783775742979     More information

Item Number: 145057
Title: CONSTANTIN JAXY : Schwebschrauben und Scheinblüten/ hovering screws and sham blossoms
Author: Heil, Alexander L. (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9783735603272     More information

Item Number: 145848
Title: The Routledge Handbook of Early Christian Art
Author: Jensen, Robin M. ; Mark D. Ellison (eds)
Price: $250.00     ISBN: 9781138857223     More information

Item Number: 145245
Title: Terracotta Army : Legacy of the First Emperor of China
Author: Jian, Li ; Hou-mei Sung
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300230567     More information

Item Number: 143064
Title: JASPER JOHNS : Catalogue Raisonné of Painting and Sculpture
Author: Bernstein, Roberta (et al)
Price: $1,500.00     ISBN: 9780300227420     More information

Item Number: 141422
Title: DONALD JUDD : Writings
Author: Judd, Flavin ; Caitlin Murray (eds)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781941701355     More information

Item Number: 144919
Author: Raskin, David
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300228687     More information

Item Number: 144153
Title: Nestle Art Collection
Author: Julliard, Julie Enckell (ed)
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9783037640388     More information

Item Number: 134192
Title: HANS JUNCKER und die Aschaffenburger Schlosskapelle
Author: Helmberger, Werner (et al)
Price: $7.00     ISBN: 9783941637276     More information

Item Number: 146170
Title: The Gothic Screen : Space, Sculpture, and Community in the Cathedrals of France and Germany, ca.1200–1400
Author: Jung, Jacqueline E
Price: $39.99     ISBN: 9781108430760     More information

Item Number: 127602
Title: Personajes ilustres y populares en la escultura de Málaga
Author: Jurado Soto, Juan Jose
Price: $9.99     ISBN: 9788415329503     More information

Item Number: 145983
Title: Elfenbeinkunst im Grünen Gewölbe zu Dresden : Geschichte einer Sammlung. Wissenschaftlicher Bestandskatalog – Statuetten, Figurengruppen, Reliefs, Gefäße, Varia
Author: Kappel, Jutta
Price: $112.95     ISBN: 9783954982264     More information

Item Number: 146125
Title: Stone Carving of the Hospitaller Period in Rhodes: Displaced pieces and fragments
Author: Kasdagli, Anna-Maria
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9781784914783     More information

Item Number: 146378
Title: Netherlandish Culture of the Sixteenth Century : Urban Perspectives
Author: Kavaler, Ethan Matt ; Anne-Laure Van Bruaene (eds)
Price: $124.00     ISBN: 9782503575827     More information

Item Number: 146692
Title: Netherlandish Sculpture of the 16th Century
Author: Kavaler, Ethan Matt ; Frits Scholten ; Joanna Woodall (eds)
Price: $154.00     ISBN: 9789004360730     More information

Item Number: 144416
Title: Early Greek Portraiture: Monuments and Histories
Author: Keesling, Catherine M
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9781107162235     More information

Item Number: 136231
Title: Romanische Bestiensäulen
Author: Keil, Wilfried E
Price: $77.50     ISBN: 9783867322195     More information

Item Number: 118701
Title: Sculpture Now : A Collection of Contemporary Artists' Writings and Interviews
Author: Kelly, Julia ; Jon Wood
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783775733472     More information

Item Number: 141300
Author: Blazwick, Iwona (eds)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780854882502     More information

Item Number: 144093
Title: Chinese Ivory Carvings: The Sir Victor Sassoon Collection
Author: Kerr, Rose (et al)
Price: $79.95     ISBN: 9781785510854     More information

Item Number: 144688
Title: KIEFER-Rodin: Cathedrales
Author: Mattiussi, Veronique (ed)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9782072730023     More information

Item Number: 144944
Title: The Greek and Roman Trophy : From Battlefield Marker to Icon of Power
Author: Kinnee, Lauren
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9780415788380     More information

Item Number: 140853
Title: J. LOCKWOOD KIPLING : Arts & Crafts in the Punjab and London
Author: Bryant, Julius (et al)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300221596     More information

Item Number: 145855
Title: Skulpturen von der ägäischen Frühzeit bis zum Ende des Hellenismus
Author: Knoll, Kordelia ; Christiane Vorster (eds)
Price: $78.00     ISBN: 9783777428291     More information

Item Number: 143095
Title: Studies in Aegean Art and Culture: A New York Aegean Bronze Age Colloquium in Memory of Ellen N. Davis
Author: Koehl, Robert B. (ed)
Price: $36.00     ISBN: 9781931534864     More information

Item Number: 146062
Title: KIKI KOGELNIK : Inner Life
Author: Sorkin, Jenni ; Wendy Vogel
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9783775743372     More information

Item Number: 118753
Title: ALESSANDRO KOKOCINSKI : Una voce al silenzio dei vinti
Author: Mancini, Francesco Federico
Price: $11.00     ISBN: 9788890563508     More information

Item Number: 144889
Title: KOKUSAI THE GENIUS and Stag-antler Carving in Japan
Author: Moss, Paul
Price: $1,000.00     ISBN: 9781912168033     More information

Item Number: 141855
Title: JEFF KOONS : Now
Author: Archer, Michael ; Hugh Allan
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9781906967765     More information

Item Number: 146412
Author: Gagosian, Larry (intro)
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9781938748455     More information

Item Number: 144666
Title: Der Magdeburger Reiter : Bestandsaufnahme - Restaurierung - Forschung
Author: Köster, Gabriele (ed)
Price: $63.00     ISBN: 9783795432027     More information

Item Number: 144665
Author: Galguera, Hilario (ed)
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9783775742689     More information

Item Number: 142225
Title: The Afterlives of Greek Sculpture : Interaction, Transformation, and Destruction
Author: Kousser, Rachel
Price: $99.99     ISBN: 9781107040724     More information

Item Number: 145722
Author: Redzisz, Kasia ; Stephanie Straine
Price: $27.95     ISBN: 9781849764926     More information

Item Number: 134356
Title: Visualizing Portuguese Power : The Political Use of Images in Portugal and its Overseas Empire (16th–18th Century)
Author: Krass, Urte (ed)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9783037347423     More information

Item Number: 144260
Title: Cloud & Crystal : The Dorothee and Konrad Fischer Collection
Author: Kruszynski, Anette (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9783735602978     More information

Item Number: 146526
Title: Künstliche Grotten des 18. und 19. Jahrhunderts in den preussischen Königsschlössern : Stil | Technologie | Erhaltung
Author: Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten (ed)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 978386322836     More information

Item Number: 138631
Title: The Cathedral of St. Vitus at Prague Castle
Author: Kuthan, Jiri ; Jan Royt
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9788024631295     More information

Item Number: 145994
Title: Vesperbilder in Bayern : von 1380 bis 1430 zwischen Import und einheimischer Produktion
Author: Kvapila, Ludmila
Price: $145.00     ISBN: 9783731904670     More information

Item Number: 139617
Title: Lienzos del recuerdo : estudios en homenaje a Jose Maria Martinez Frias
Author: Lahoz, Lucia ; Perez Hernandez (et al)
Price: $14.60     ISBN: 9788490125410     More information

Item Number: 113047
Title: Foligno : Citta d'Arte
Author: Lai, Piero
Price: $6.88     ISBN: 9788896591512     More information

Item Number: 143860
Title: GERALD LAING : A Catalogue Raisonne
Author: Knight, David
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781848222106     More information

Item Number: 142692
Author: Baumann, Daniel (et al)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780847859061     More information

Item Number: 129072
Title: Il Cacciatore di ZANOBI LASTRICATI Giardino di Boboli: storia e restauro
Author: Nesi, Alessandro (et al)
Price: $2.99     More information

Item Number: 142253
Title: Votive Reliefs
Author: Lawton, Carol L
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9780876612385     More information

Item Number: 130045
Title: Sculpteurs sur pierre en Basse-Bretagne : Les ateliers du XVe siècle au XVIIIe siècle
Author: Le Seach, Emmanuelle
Price: $11.50     ISBN: 9782753533097     More information

Item Number: 144114
Title: Pissing Figures 1280–2014
Author: Lebensztejn, Jean-Claude ; Jeff Nagy (ed)
Price: $14.95     ISBN: 9781941701546     More information

Item Number: 143147
Author: Pola, Francesca (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780300225969     More information

Item Number: 142631
Author: Hobbs, Robert
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781942607182     More information

Item Number: 129054
Title: Bagliori d'antico : bronzetti al Castello del Buonconsiglio
Author: Leithe-Jasper, Manfred ; Francesca de Gramatica
Price: $36.25     ISBN: 9788890698521     More information

Item Number: 145261
Title: Plaster Monuments: Architecture and the Power of Reproduction
Author: Lending, Mari
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780691177144     More information

Item Number: 142024
Title: Il Museo Abbaziale di Montevergine : Catalogo delle opere
Author: Leone de Castris, Pierluigi
Price: $31.00     ISBN: 9788899130305     More information

Item Number: 126835
Title: Artisti, committenti, opere e luoghi : Arte e architettura a Cremona negli atti dei notai (1440-1468)
Author: Leoni, Valeria ; Monica Visioli (eds)
Price: $9.00     ISBN: 9788846736642     More information

Item Number: 134888
Title: Trajan's Column
Author: Leppard, Frank ; Sheppard Frere
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9781781554036     More information

Item Number: 140077
Title: Forli
Author: Levoni, Gianfranco
Price: $56.00     ISBN: 9788864623726     More information

Item Number: 135666
Title: Conferences de l'Academie royale de Peinture et de Sculpture, Tome VI, vol. 3, 1752-1792
Author: Lichtenstein, Jacqueline ; Christian Michel
Price: $18.50     ISBN: 9782840564553     More information

Item Number: 128790
Title: In Girolamini. un quadrato di tesori d’arte
Author: Liguori, Sergio ; Luciano Pedicini (phtoos)
Price: $1.00     ISBN: 9788856904284     More information

Item Number: 145331
Title: Vitamin C: Clay and Ceramic in Contemporary Art
Author: Lilley, Clare
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9780714874609     More information

Item Number: 138154
Title: The Howards and the Tudors. Studies in Science and Heritage
Author: Lindley, Phillip (ed)
Price: $11.98     ISBN: 9781907730443     More information

Item Number: 145045
Title: A Different Way to Move : Minimalismes, New York, 1960–1980
Author: Lista, Marcella (ed)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9783775742917     More information

Item Number: 133621
Title: The Vatican Museums : The Classical Marble Sculpture photographed by Massimo Listri
Author: Paolucci, Antonio
Price: $17.00     ISBN: 9788882713348     More information

Item Number: 55986
Title: Jornada congresuales : Homenaje a Michaela Portilla Vitoria. Actas de las Jornadas Congresuales, Otsailak 21,22,23 y 24 de febrero 2007
Author: Llanos Ortiz de Landaluze, Armando et al
Price: $4.50     ISBN: 9788478216956     More information

Item Number: 132663
Title: Roma Eterna : 2000 Jahre Skulptur aus den Sammlungen Santarelli und Zeri
Author: Lochman, Tomas (et al)
Price: $7.00     More information

Item Number: 82534
Title: ALFONSO LOMBARDI : Lo scultore a Bologna
Author: Campanini, Graziano, Daniela Sinigalliesi (eds)
Price: $13.63     ISBN: 9788877945853     More information

Item Number: 142412
Title: Heads and Tails - Tales and Bodies : Engraving the human figure from Antiquity to the Early Modern Period
Author: Losbak, Marina (et al)
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9789492321312     More information

Item Number: 113645
Title: Il palazzo della Farnesina e le sue collezioni
Author: Luciani, Roberto
Price: $4.50     ISBN: 9788860603579     More information

Item Number: 144183
Title: Sammlung Viehof. Internationale Kunst der Gegenwart. Viehof Collection : International Contemporary Art
Author: Luckow, Dirk (ed)
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9783864421822     More information

Item Number: 138585
Title: Castel Sant'Angelo tra '800 e '900 : storia, collezioni e cimeli
Author: Ludovico, Emilia (et al)
Price: $19.00     ISBN: 9788865572771     More information

Item Number: 110959
Title: La Cattedra lignea di San Pietro [museo storico artistico del tesoro di San Pietro]
Author: Maccarrone, Michele
Price: $3.79     ISBN: 9788863390179     More information

Item Number: 145054
Title: HEINZ MACK : Zero Painting. Catalogue Raisonné 1956–1966
Author: Fleck, Robert (ed)
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9783777428185     More information

Item Number: 137945
Title: Rome, Travel and the Sculpture Capital, c.1770-1825
Author: Macsotay, Tomas (ed)
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781472420350     More information

Item Number: 140915
Title: La chiesa di San Bartolomeo in Albino : arte e storia
Author: Madornali, Marialuisa ; Amalia Pacia
Price: $13.18     ISBN: 9788895984070     More information

Item Number: 109136
Title: Cow Parade, Roma 2010 : La piu originale e divertente mostra internazionale contemporanea
Author: Maestosi, Giulia Luna (photos)
Price: $3.85     ISBN: 9788896483077     More information

Item Number: 140147
Title: Obras emblematicas del taller de orfebreria medieval de Silos : "El MAESTRO DE LAS AVES" y su circulo
Author: de Sanjose Llongueras, Lourdes
Price: $34.00     ISBN: 9788460699729     More information

Item Number: 143816
Title: MAESTRO MATEO en el Museo del Prado
Author: Yzquiero Peiro, Ramon (ed)
Price: $37.95     ISBN: 9788484803829     More information

Item Number: 142441
Title: ANTONIETTA RAPHAEL MAFAI : Catalogo generale della scultura
Author: Appella, Giuseppe
Price: $54.00     ISBN: 9788842223672     More information

Item Number: 141853
Author: Adler, Dan (et al)
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9783037644744     More information

Item Number: 145106
Author: Molesworth, Helen (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791356860     More information

Item Number: 140191
Title: Architecture, Death and Nationhood : Monumental Cemeteries of Nineteenth-Century Italy
Author: Malone, Hannah
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9781472446817     More information

Item Number: 128966
Title: Museo della città in palazzo Eroli a Narni
Author: Manacorda, Daniele (et al)
Price: $27.00     ISBN: 9788809022294     More information

Item Number: 135433
Title: Toscana ’900 : Guida ai musei
Author: Mannini, Lucia
Price: $8.50     ISBN: 9788857228365     More information

Item Number: 135990
Title: Romanico, gotico e Rinascimento ad Almenno : Guida dialogata
Author: Manzoni, Paolo
Price: $3.50     ISBN: 9788878272620     More information

Item Number: 128459
Title: Il patrimonio artistico dell'Immacolata di Pegli. La Madonna del MARAGLIANO
Author: Di Natale Galinta, Grazia ; Gianluca Zanelli
Price: $3.90     ISBN: 9788863732641     More information

Item Number: 51779
Title: Le Marche e il XX secolo: Atlante degli artisti
Price: $21.00     More information

Item Number: 101844
Title: L'Arma per l'Arte : Archeologia che ritorna
Author: Marchetti, Cristiana (ed)
Price: $4.25     ISBN: 9788883474156     More information

Item Number: 117553
Title: I periboli funerari nell’Attica classica: lo specchio di una ‘borghesia’
Author: Marchiandi, Daniela
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9788887744354     More information

Item Number: 144981
Title: Art of Renaissance Rome : Artists and Patrons in the Eternal City
Author: Marciari, John
Price: $34.99     ISBN: 9781786270559     More information

Item Number: 146248
Title: Iconologie :Studi in onore di Claudia Cieri Via
Author: Miarelli Mariani, Ilaria (et al)
Price: $52.50     ISBN: 9788898229840     More information

Item Number: 141954
Title: Aqva. Las Edades del Hombre : Toro 2016
Author: Martin Martin, Montserrat (et al)
Price: $39.80     ISBN: 9788488265882     More information

Item Number: 142246
Title: Sculptural Materiality in the Age of Conceptualism : International Experiments in Italy
Author: Sullivan, Marin
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472465986     More information

Item Number: 116846
Title: Zwischen Steinbruch und Studio : Die Bildhauerwerkstatt von Orazio MARINALI und Giacomo Cassetti (1683–1754)
Author: Carmellini, Silvia
Price: $15.50     ISBN: 9783828826830     More information

Item Number: 106523
Title: Lacuna : Riflessioni sulle esperienze dell'Opificio delle Pietre Dure. Atti del convegni del 7 aprile 2002 e del 5 aprile 2003 (Salone dell'arte del Restauro e della Conservazione dei Beni Culturali e Ambientali, Ferrara)
Author: Mariotti, Elena (ed)
Price: $13.00     ISBN: 9788879703345     More information

Item Number: 145475
Title: Hard Bodies: Contemporary Japanese Lacquer Sculpture
Author: Marks, Andreas
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781517904173     More information

Item Number: 144215
Title: HELEN MARTEN : Drunk Brown House
Author: Jeppesen, Travis (et al)
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9783960980056     More information

Item Number: 139677
Title: Early Cycladic Sculpture in Context
Author: Marthari, Marissa (et al)
Price: $59.99     ISBN: 9781785701955     More information

Item Number: 144236
Title: The Art of Contact : Comparative Approaches to Greek and Phoenician Art
Author: Martin, S. Rebecca
Price: $59.95     ISBN: 9780812249088     More information

Item Number: 137980
Title: Tresors de masques du musée du quai Branly
Author: Martin, Stephane (pref.)
Price: $11.40     ISBN: 9782732469959     More information

Item Number: 100444
Title: I MARTINORI : Scalpellini, inventory, imprenditori dalla citta dei papi a Roma capitale
Author: Ciranne, Simeontta
Price: $8.50     ISBN: 9788889505106     More information

Item Number: 140054
Title: Arte en España, 1939-2015 : ideas, prácticas, políticas
Author: Marzo, Jorge Luis ; Patricia Mayayo
Price: $33.80     ISBN: 9788437634838     More information

Item Number: 52801
Title: Affinità e complementi : Opere dai musei svizzeri in dialogo con la collezione del Museo Cantonale d'Arte Lugano
Author: Mason, Rainer Michael
Price: $11.60     More information

Item Number: 125331
Title: Il luogo di culto di monte Papalucio ad Oria. Vol. 1: La fase arcaica
Author: Mastronuzzi, Giovanni
Price: $18.50     ISBN: 9788872286951     More information

Item Number: 141749
Title: La Scuola Grande di San Marco a Venezia
Author: Matino, Gabriele (et al)
Price: $98.50     ISBN: 9788857011332     More information

Item Number: 131870
Title: Monza memoria o storia? L’evangelicatorio della basilica di San Giovanni Battista e il problematico percorso artistico di MATTEO DA CAMPIONE
Author: Fassina, Giuseppe
Price: $9.50     ISBN: 9788867871407     More information

Item Number: 144106
Title: Masterworks: Rare and Beautiful Chess Sets of the World
Author: McClain, Dylan Loeb (ed)
Price: $47.50     ISBN: 9780993191169     More information

Item Number: 146534
Title: Women, Art, and Architecture in Northern Italy, 1520–1580: Negotiating Power
Author: McIver, Katherine A
Price: $54.95     ISBN: 9781138275737     More information

Item Number: 141838
Author: Elms, Anthony (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780942949438     More information

Item Number: 58709
Title: Modern Memorial Brasses 1880-2001
Author: Meara, David
Price: $7.50     ISBN: 9781900289856     More information

Item Number: 122221
Title: Encuentros con los años 30
Author: Mendelson, Jordana
Price: $14.50     ISBN: 9788415303916     More information

Item Number: 137950
Title: Ecija (Provincia de Sevilla. Hispania Ulterior Baetica)
Author: Merchan Garcia, Maria Jose
Price: $13.90     ISBN: 9788447217595     More information

Item Number: 144442
Title: MESSERSCHMIDT Character Heads : Maddening Sculpture and the Writing of Art History
Author: Yonan, Michael
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781138213432     More information

Item Number: 143362
Title: MICHELANGELO and the Viewer in his Time
Author: Barnes, Bernadine
Price: $22.50     ISBN: 9781780237404     More information

Item Number: 144042
Author: Cole, Alison
Price: $16.95     ISBN: 9781910350669     More information

Item Number: 144586
Author: Corsaro, Antonio ; Giorgio Masi (eds)
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9788845282911     More information

Item Number: 140881
Title: MICHELANGELO's Tomb for Julius II : Genesis and Genius
Author: Frommel, Christoph Luitpold (et al)
Price: $79.95     ISBN: 9781606065037     More information

Item Number: 135195
Title: MICHELANGELO : La Pieta Rondanini nell'ospedale spagnolo del Castello Sforzesco
Author: Salsi, Claudio (et al)
Price: $3.00     ISBN: 9788897737698     More information

Item Number: 146725
Title: MICHELANGELO's Sculpture
Author: Steinberg, Leo ; Sheila Schwartz (ed) ; Richard Neer (intro)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780226482576     More information

Item Number: 146300
Title: Double Vision: The Unerring Eye of Art World Avatars Dominique and John de Menil
Author: Middleton, William
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780375415432     More information

Item Number: 55569
Title: Actitudes gestuales en la iconografía del románico peninsular hispano : El sueño, el dolor espiritual y otras expresiones similares
Author: Miguelez Cavero, Alicia
Price: $3.45     ISBN: 8497733649     More information

Item Number: 145810
Title: JOHN MILLER : I Stand I Fall
Author: Gartenfeld, Alex (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783960980506     More information

Item Number: 146145
Title: Marble mania : Kavaliersreisen und der römische Antikenhandel
Author: Miller, Norbert
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9783422074439     More information

Item Number: 116820
Title: Lettere all'Immaginifico Comandante (con 6 missive di Gabriele D'Annunzio)
Price: $5.79     More information

Item Number: 122530
Title: La fiesta barroca : los virreinatos americanos, 1560-1808
Author: Mínguez, Víctor ; María Inmaculada Rodríguez Moya ; P. Gonzale Tornel ; J. Chiva Beltran
Price: $62.00     ISBN: 9788480218474     More information

Item Number: 55196
Title: Vom Kloster zur Residenz: Dynastische Memoria und Represäntation im spätmittelalterlichen und frühneuzeitlichen Mecklenburg
Author: Minneker, Ilka
Price: $37.00     ISBN: 9783930454785     More information

Item Number: 138661
Title: Baroque Visual Rhetoric
Author: Minor, Vernon Hyde
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9781442648791     More information

Item Number: 142407
Title: Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Institutes in Florenz, LVIII. Band - 2016 - Heft 1
Price: $21.00     More information

Item Number: 141735
Title: Columna Traiani - Trajanssäule : Siegesmonument und Kriegsbericht in Bildern : Beiträge der Tagung in Wien anlässlich des 1900. Jahrestages der Einweihung, 9.–12. Mai 2013
Author: Mitthof, Fritz ; Günther Schörner (eds)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9783902976536     More information

Item Number: 144065
Title: MOCHI's Edge and Bernini's Baroque
Author: Lingo, Estelle
Price: $181.00     ISBN: 9781909400801     More information

Item Number: 136409
Title: Libri dipinti statue : Rapporti e relazioni tra raccolte librarie, collezionismo e produzione artistica a Genova tra XVI e XVIII secolo
Author: Montanari, Giacomo (ed)
Price: $6.00     ISBN: 9788897752493     More information

Item Number: 128155
Title: (MONTORSOLI) I marmi giustiziati. Il ritorno a Palazzo delle due statue colossali dei Doria
Author: Spalla, Giovanni ; Gianni Ansaldi
Price: $3.50     ISBN: 9788896430651     More information

Item Number: 143180
Title: HENRY MOORE : An European Impulse
Author: Arnhold, Hermann (ed)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783777426822     More information

Item Number: 145046
Title: Becoming HENRY MOORE
Author: Barassi, Sebastiano ; Jon Wood ; Tania Moore
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781908970329     More information

Item Number: 145126
Title: HENRY MOORE : Vision, Creation, Obsession
Author: Kornhoff, Olive R. (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9783777427935     More information

Item Number: 140812
Title: The Making of HENRY MOORE on Film : A Cultural History
Author: Loukopoulou, Katerina
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781409452836     More information

Item Number: 59473
Title: La Recuperacion de la Ecclesiae Primitivae Forma en la Escultura del Panteon Real de San Isidoro de Leon
Author: Morais Moran, Jose Alberto
Price: $7.50     ISBN: 9788497733991     More information

Item Number: 58458
Title: La recuperacion de la ecclesiae primitiv forma en la escultura del Panteon Real de San Isidoro de Leon
Author: Morais Moran, Jose Alberto
Price: $13.50     ISBN: 8497733991     More information

Item Number: 105822
Title: Congreso Internacional Andalucia Barroca : Actas
Author: Morales, Alfredo J. (et al)
Price: $76.80     ISBN: 9788482668369     More information

Item Number: 146541
Title: The Culture of Bronze : Making and Meaning in Italian Renaissance Sculpture
Author: Motture, Peta
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781851779659     More information

Item Number: 140321
Title: The Advent of Abstraction: Russia, 1914-1923
Author: Nakov, Andrei
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9788874397471     More information

Item Number: 132014
Title: Magnificence of Marble : Bartolomé Ordóñez and Diego de Silóe
Author: Naldi, Riccardo
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9783777423296     More information

Item Number: 143507
Title: Pietro Bembo and the Intellectual Pleasures of a Renaissance Writer and Art Collector
Author: Nalezyty, Susan
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9780300219197     More information

Item Number: 103047
Title: Le Arche Scaligere di Verona
Author: Napione, Ettore
Price: $23.00     ISBN: 9788842217442     More information

Item Number: 144998
Title: From Rodin to Plensa: Modern Sculpture at the Meadows Museum
Author: Nash, Steven A. ; Laura Wilson (photos)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781785511059     More information

Item Number: 119534
Title: Der NAUMBURGER MEISTER : Bildhauer und Architekt im Europa der Kathedralen, Band 3 : Ergänzungsband zum Ausstellungskatalog der Landesausstellung Sachsen-Anhalt 2011
Author: Krohm, Hartmut ; Holger Kunde (eds)
Price: $25.90     ISBN: 9783865687425     More information

Item Number: 145327
Title: Art, Aesthetics and Mysticism: Interfaces between Art and Mysticism in the Medieval and Modern Periods
Author: Nelstrop, Louise ; Helen Appleton (eds)
Price: $149.95     ISBN: 9781138718388     More information

Item Number: 146810
Title: MANUEL NERI and the Assertion of Modern Figurative Sculpture
Author: Nemerov, Alexander (intro) ; Bruce Nixon
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781503605480     More information

Item Number: 146823
Title: MANUEL NERI : The Human Figure in Plaster and on Paper
Author: Reynolds, Jock
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780300233025     More information

Item Number: 140324
Title: Portraits of a Collection
Author: Neuburger, Robert (et al)
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9788874397440     More information

Item Number: 140585
Title: LOUISE NEVELSON : Light and Shadow
Author: Wilson, Laurie
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9780500094013     More information

Item Number: 142228
Title: Queen Hedwig Eleonora and the Arts : Court Culture in Seventeenth-Century Northern Europe
Author: Neville, Kristoffer ; Lisa Skogh (eds)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472489609     More information

Item Number: 140681
Title: Greek Myths in Roman Art and Culture : Imagery, Values and Identity in Italy, 50 BC–AD 250
Author: Newby, Zahra
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9781107072244     More information

Item Number: 144077
Title: The Pursuit of Immortality: Masterpieces from the Scher Collection of Portrait Medals
Author: Ng, Aimee
Price: $19.95     ISBN: 9781911282068     More information

Item Number: 133235
Title: Maestri Alemanni e NICOLA DA GUARDIAGRELE Una risistematizzazione del Tardogotico in Abruzzo secondo Antonio Cadei
Author: Cadei, Antonio
Price: $11.70     ISBN: 9788897131113     More information

Item Number: 143760
Title: Sacri simboli di luce : Tarsie marmoree del periodo romanico a Firenze e in Toscana
Author: Matteuzzi, Nicoletta
Price: $67.50     ISBN: 9788886975858     More information

Item Number: 146640
Title: Life Death & Revelry: The Farnese Sarcophagus
Author: Nielsen, Christina (et al)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781911300403     More information

Item Number: 132234
Title: L'Arte nella Sicilia Sud Orientale. 1. Fra Tardo-gotico e Rinascimento. Il Seicento
Author: Nifosì, Paolo ; Giorgio Colombo (ed)
Price: $28.00     More information

Item Number: 129865
Title: L'Arte nella Sicilia Sud Orientale. 2. La grande ricostruzione settecentesca
Author: Nifosì, Paolo
Price: $49.00     More information

Item Number: 143176
Title: ISAMU NOGUCHI : Archaic / Modern
Author: Hart, Dakin
Price: $44.95     ISBN: 9781911282044     More information

Item Number: 137368
Title: Trebisacce – Studi sul patrimonio artistico (secoli XV -XVIII)
Author: Nola, Ludovico
Price: $7.99     ISBN: 9788898063789     More information

Item Number: 146627
Title: PRUNE NOURRY : Serendipity
Author: Ansermet, Francois
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9782330078614     More information

Item Number: 146053
Title: Nuovi Studi, rivista di arte antica e moderna, 22 2016
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9788899910075     More information

Item Number: 145545
Title: A Tragic Fate: Law and Ethics in the Battle Over Nazi-Looted Art
Author: O'Donnell, Nicholas
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781634257336     More information

Item Number: 137140
Title: Mapping New Territories in Art and Architectural Histories : Essays in honour of Roger Stalley
Author: O'Donovan, Danielle (et al)
Price: $157.00     ISBN: 9782503564623     More information

Item Number: 58159
Title: Estetica : Forma & Segno
Author: Occhipinti, Carlo (ed)
Price: $5.00     More information

Item Number: 105587
Title: Giardino delle Esperidi : Le tradizioni del mito e la storia di Villa d'Este a Tivoli
Author: Occhipinti, Carmelo
Price: $17.90     ISBN: 9788843052400     More information

Item Number: 83403
Title: "Figure a rilievo, e cosi al vivo": sculture di MAFFEO e ANDREA OLIVIERI
Author: Strocchi, Claudio
Price: $3.85     ISBN: 9788877022196     More information

Item Number: 143901
Title: Fondi nel Medioevo
Author: D'Onofrio, Mario ; Manuela Gianandrea (eds)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9788849233384     More information

Item Number: 141500
Title: OPPENHEIM : Object
Author: Lanchner, Carolyn
Price: $14.95     ISBN: 9781633450196     More information

Item Number: 113044
Title: Montefalco : Citta d'Arte
Author: Orazi, Maila
Price: $6.88     ISBN: 9788896591536     More information

Item Number: 127695
Title: Santuari d'Italia: Romagna
Author: Orselli, Alba Maria ; Raffaele Savigni ; Martina Caroli
Price: $44.00     ISBN: 9788865571491     More information

Item Number: 142909
Title: The Parthenon Frieze. The Ritual Communication between the Goddess and the Polis
Author: Osada, Toshihiro (ed)
Price: $97.50     ISBN: 9783851611243     More information

Item Number: 140080
Title: OTEIZA : Catalogue Raisonné of Sculpture
Author: Badiola, Txomin
Price: $158.00     ISBN: 9788415042877     More information

Item Number: 145755
Title: DJORDJE OZBOLT : Questions of Faith
Author: Basciano, Oliver
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783952446195     More information

Item Number: 143231
Title: Una Bibbia in avorio : Arte mediterranea nella Salerno dell’XI secolo
Author: Pace Valentino
Price: $62.50     ISBN: 9788852604973     More information

Item Number: 41131
Title: L'orma del Bello: I calchi di statue antiche nell'Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna
Price: $10.38     ISBN: 8873810535     More information

Item Number: 142701
Author: Celant, Germano
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9788857232218     More information

Item Number: 145426
Title: Complementary Contrasts : The Glass and Steel Structures of ALBERT PALEY
Author: Oldknow, Tina ; Paul Greenhalgh
Price: $44.95     ISBN: 9780972664943     More information

Item Number: 116097
Title: La fuente de San Jose : los misterios de la vida del santo Patrono de la Iglesia reflejados en las aguas de esta obra de arte benedecida por SS. el Papa Benedicto XVI en los Jardines Vaticanos
Author: Palmeros Ramos, Rafael
Price: $10.00     ISBN: 9788483533765     More information

Item Number: 142049
Title: Commentators on Medieval Italian Sculpture (14th-19th c.) : Difficult to Make, Hard to Talk About
Author: Palozzi, Luca
Price: $157.00     ISBN: 9781909400405     More information

Item Number: 139998
Title: Dalla natura all'artificio. Villa Caristo dai Lamberti ai Clemente : Strategie insediative tra economia e potere nel regio demanio di stilo
Author: Panarello, Fulco ; Alfredo Fulco
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9788849843156     More information

Item Number: 132824
Title: Personaggi svelati : la perduta galleria di "uomini illustri" di Casa Savoia
Author: Panto, Gabriella
Price: $8.50     More information

Item Number: 127900
Title: Alluminio : tra futurismo e contemporaneità, un percorso nella scultura italiana sul filo della materia
Author: Panzetta, Alfonso (ed)
Price: $11.70     ISBN: 9788875421922     More information

Item Number: 100406
Title: Le "Maesta" di Comano
Author: Paoletti, Giancarlo
Price: $2.25     More information

Item Number: 144018
Author: Herrmann, Daniel F. (ed)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780854882533     More information

Item Number: 144489
Title: Il Braccio Nuovo : I volti del restauro
Author: Paolucci, Antonio (et al)
Price: $17.50     ISBN: 9788882713966     More information

Item Number: 143492
Author: Candela, Iria (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781588396167     More information

Item Number: 145754
Author: Fer, Brony ; Daniel Birnbaum
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783952446133     More information

Item Number: 134520
Title: Arte-Vita a Roma negli anni '60 e '70 : Ritratti dei protagonisti e storie inedite
Author: Paparatti, Anna ; Guglielmo Gigliotti
Price: $7.50     ISBN: 9788865572245     More information

Item Number: 118289
Title: Venite Genti Tutte : Universalismo e segni celesti nell'Epifania del Signore
Author: Parlani, Antonella (ed)
Price: $5.79     ISBN: 9788896591819     More information

Item Number: 138656
Title: Curiosa itinera : Scritti per Daniela Gallavotti Cavallero
Author: Parlato, Enzo (ed)
Price: $31.98     ISBN: 9788898158843     More information

Item Number: 55444
Title: La Parola Scolpita: La Bibbia alle origini dell'arte cristiana. Vangelo di Marco e Libro di Giona. Traduzione interconfessionale in lingua corrente
Price: $9.00     ISBN: 882373424X     More information

Item Number: 134907
Title: La Via degli Abruzzi e le arti nel medioevo (secc. XIII-XV)
Author: Pasqualetti, Cristiana
Price: $11.50     ISBN: 9788889568392     More information

Item Number: 84107
Title: GIOVANNI PASZKOWSKI : L'ora sospesa
Author: Natali, Antonio
Price: $3.00     More information

Item Number: 143649
Title: The Tombs of the Doges of Venice : from the Beginning of the Serenissima to 1907
Author: Paul, Benjamin (ed)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9788867285594     More information

Item Number: 139973
Title: Calouste S. Gulbenkian and English taste
Author: Paulino, Carla (ed)
Price: $18.00     ISBN: 9789898758170     More information

Item Number: 136800
Title: Ricche Minere, Rivista semestrale di storia dell’arte, n. 3/2015
Author: Pavanello, Giuseppe (ed)
Price: $10.50     ISBN: 9788898877324     More information

Item Number: 140044
Title: Ricche Minere, Rivista semestrale di storia dell’arte, n. 4/2015
Author: Pavanello, Giuseppe (ed)
Price: $21.00     ISBN: 9788898877485     More information

Item Number: 142755
Title: Ricche Minere, Rivista semestrale di storia dell’arte, n. 5/2016
Author: Pavanello, Giuseppe (ed)
Price: $48.50     ISBN: 9788898877638     More information

Item Number: 144697
Title: Ricche Minere, Rivista semestrale di storia dell’arte, n. 6/2016
Author: Pavanello, Giuseppe (ed)
Price: $48.50     ISBN: 9788898877775     More information

Item Number: 106812
Title: Committenza e collezionismo nel Cinquecento : La famiglia Corsi a Firenze tra musica e scultura
Author: Pegazzano, Donatella (ed)
Price: $3.79     ISBN: 9788879704519     More information

Item Number: 144754
Title: GIUSEPPE PENONE : Matrice
Author: Gioni, Massimiliano
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780847861057     More information

Item Number: 83764
Title: Athena in Athenaeum : ONOFRIO PEPE
Author: Gurrieri, Francesco (ed)
Price: $4.00     ISBN: 9788859603771     More information

Item Number: 135956
Title: Images of Discord ; Poetics and Politics of the Sacred Image in 15th century Spain
Author: Pereda, Felipe
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781909400337     More information

Item Number: 108268
Title: ALDO PERESSA : Cappella fanti
Author: Lazzarini, Francesco (ed) ; Daniele Domenicali (photos)
Price: $4.50     ISBN: 9788871156859     More information

Item Number: 144396
Title: Greek Art in Context : Archaeological and Art Historical Perspectives
Author: Perez, Diane Rodriguez (ed)
Price: $140.00     ISBN: 9781472457455     More information

Item Number: 143508
Title: The Ivory Mirror : The Art of Mortality in Renaissance Europe
Author: Perkinson, Stephen (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300225952     More information

Item Number: 141990
Title: Fourth Plinth: How London Created the Smallest Sculpture Park in the World
Author: Perry, Grayson ; Isabel de Vasconcellos
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781908970282     More information

Item Number: 146824
Title: Luluwa : Central African Art Between Heaven and Earth
Author: Petridis, Constantine
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9780300222487     More information

Item Number: 125612
Title: San Miliano : culto e iconografia del patrono della citta` di Trevi
Author: Petrini, Carlo Roberto
Price: $6.00     ISBN: 9788866620310     More information

Item Number: 118874
Title: Memorie dal passato di Iulia Concordia : Un percorso attraverso le forme del riuso e del reimpiego dell'antico
Author: Petteno, E. ; F. Rinaldi
Price: $11.70     ISBN: 9788889524763     More information

Item Number: 141316
Title: JUAN PICARDO (1506 – c.1576)
Author: Sanchez del Barrio, Antonio
Price: $4.78     ISBN: 9788460857471     More information

Item Number: 144759
Author: Buscalo-Mussely, Serena ; Virginia Perdrisot
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9782080203151     More information

Item Number: 124664
Title: 50 years of the Museu PICASSO in Barcelona: Origins
Author: Domenech, Silvia
Price: $5.00     ISBN: 9788498504521     More information

Item Number: 142450
Title: Painting 1909: Pablo PICASSO, Gertrude Stein, Henri Bergson, Comics, Albert Einstein, and Anarchy
Author: Folgarait, Leonard
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300218015     More information

Item Number: 145180
Title: Through the Eyes of Picasso: Face to Face with African and Oceanic Art
Author: Le Fur, Yves
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9782080203199     More information

Item Number: 113043
Title: Nocera Umbra : Citta d'Arte
Author: Picuti, Arnaldo (et al)
Price: $6.88     ISBN: 9788896591574     More information

Item Number: 137851
Title: Il Monastero di San Benedetto in Bergamo, Vol. 3: Architettura e arte
Author: Pilato, Andrea (ed)
Price: $45.00     More information

Item Number: 142877
Title: Venezia epicentro del pensiero del Novecento in Europa. Restituzioni XVII
Author: Pilo, Giuseppe Maria (ed)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9788865124857     More information

Item Number: 114405
Title: Santa Croce : origini : Firenze 1300, frammenti di un discorso sugli prnato e sugli spazi
Author: Pinelli, Antonio et al (eds)
Price: $11.00     ISBN: 9788843056415     More information

Item Number: 145108
Title: MICHELANGELO PISTOLETTO : The Minus Objects 1965-1966
Author: Varghese, Lisa (ed)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783791356785     More information

Item Number: 142388
Title: The Frame in Classical Art : A Cultural History
Author: Platt, Verity J. ; Michael Squire
Price: $135.00     ISBN: 9781107162365     More information

Item Number: 143181
Title: JAUME PLENSA : Das innere Sicht : The Inner View
Author: Sommer, Achim (ed)
Price: $57.95     ISBN: 9783868323603     More information

Item Number: 113046
Title: Bevagna : Citta d'Arte
Author: Ponti, Antonio Carlo
Price: $6.88     ISBN: 9788896591475     More information

Item Number: 146348
Title: Art of the Northern Renaissance : Courts, Commerce, and Devotion
Author: Porras, Stephanie
Price: $39.99     ISBN: 9781786271655     More information

Item Number: 124131
Title: Musée Cantini: musée d’Art contemporain: Guide des collections
Author: Poullain, Christine (et al)
Price: $9.00     ISBN: 9782854955163     More information

Item Number: 146024
Title: Saints and Cults in Medieval England. Proceedings of the 2015 Harlaxton Symposium
Author: Powell, Susan (ed)
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9781907730597     More information

Item Number: 115050
Title: La huella del Cister en Santa Maria de Valbuena
Author: Pradas, Jose Maria Vicente (ed)
Price: $6.00     ISBN: 9788488265371     More information

Item Number: 120876
Title: El sueno de Mateo : La creacion del Portico de la Gloria
Author: Prado-Vilar, Francisco ; Rodrigo Chao (illus)
Price: $2.99     ISBN: 9788497520676     More information

Item Number: 146707
Title: Niederländische Skulpturen von 1130 bis 1600
Author: Preising, Dagmar ; Michael Rief (eds)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783731906063     More information

Item Number: 48555
Title: Presencias / Espaciales: Escultura Espanola del S. XX en la Coleccion Capa
Price: $2.75     ISBN: 8477972389     More information

Item Number: 144867
Title: KEN PRICE : A Survey of Sculptures and Drawings
Author: Schimmel. Paul (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791356136     More information

Item Number: 145834
Title: Gemalte Skulpturenretabel : Zur Intermedialität mitteleuropäischer Tafelmalerei des 15. Jahrhunderts
Author: Prinz, Felix
Price: $137.99     ISBN: 9783110438871     More information

Item Number: 145962
Title: The Best of PROCTOR’s West : An In-Depth Study of Eleven of Proctor’s Bronzes
Author: Hassrick, Peter H
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9780931618710     More information

Item Number: 113048
Title: Spello : Citta d'Arte
Author: Proietti Bocchini, Giulio
Price: $2.75     ISBN: 9788896591550     More information

Item Number: 143478
Title: Renaissance Art & Science @ Florence
Author: Puett, Susan B. ; J. David Puett
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781612481852     More information

Item Number: 129124
Title: Retrato de una Dama: Sevillla en Cien Retratos de Mujer
Author: Puig, Teresa (et al)
Price: $11.00     ISBN: 9788494059292     More information

Item Number: 106352
Title: Restauri a Santa Cecilia : 25 anni di interventi dell'Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione ed il Restauro
Author: Radeglia, Daila (ed)
Price: $7.50     ISBN: 9788879704182     More information

Item Number: 112687
Title: Etruschi : Il privilegio della bellezza
Author: Rafanelli, Simona ; Paola Spaziani
Price: $9.50     ISBN: 9788895642611     More information

Item Number: 100556
Title: L'Abbazia di Chiaravalle di Fiastra : La cultura dell'antico
Author: Rainini, Ivan
Price: $19.00     More information

Item Number: 145682
Title: ALEXANDRA RANNER : Karmakollaps
Author: Berg, Stephan (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783903131682     More information

Item Number: 84265
Title: ANTONIO RANOCCHIA e la sua terra
Author: Mannaioli, Deanna (ed)
Price: $2.00     ISBN: 9788887288984     More information

Item Number: 142969
Title: MAN RAY : Continued and Noticed
Author: Naumann, Francis M
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780989549455     More information

Item Number: 143205
Title: The Profane Arts: Norms and Transgressions
Author: Kline, Naomi Reed ; Paul Hardwick (eds)
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9782503569239     More information

Item Number: 143417
Author: Rachline, Francois
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9788874397525     More information

Item Number: 144668
Author: Coelewij, Leontine (ed)
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9783037644829     More information

Item Number: 146446
Title: 1800-1900
Author: Reynaerts, Jenny (ed)
Price: $53.50     ISBN: 9789462084001     More information

Item Number: 132074
Title: GERHARD RICHTER : Catalogue Raisonné. Band 2: Werknummern Nos. 199-388 1968-1976
Author: Elger, Dietmar (ed)
Price: $375.00     ISBN: 9783775719797     More information

Item Number: 141015
Title: GERHARD RICHTER : Catalogue Raisonné. Band 5: Werknummern Nos.806-899-8 1994-2006
Author: Elger, Dietmar (ed)
Price: $325.00     ISBN: 9783775732307     More information

Item Number: 141016
Title: GERHARD RICHTER : Catalogue Raisonné. Band 6: Werknummern Nos. 900-0000 2007-2019
Author: Elger, Dietmar (ed)
Price: $325.00     ISBN: 9783775737142     More information

Item Number: 138265
Title: Die Renaissance der 'Kauernden Venus' : Ihr Nachleben zwischen Aktualisierung und Neumodellierung von 1500 bis 1570
Author: Richter, Mandy
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9783447104722     More information

Item Number: 39314
Title: La ricomposizione di un tabernacolo da San Francesco al Prato a Perugia: Un Crocifisso da San Crispolto di Bettona e otto Angeli di Benedetto Bonfigli
Price: $1.38     ISBN: 8885962734     More information

Item Number: 143694
Author: Weniger, Matthias
Price: $42.50     ISBN: 9783731904755     More information

Item Number: 47613
Title: Capitelli ed Edicole Votive in Este e nel suo territorio
Price: $8.50     More information

Item Number: 143626
Title: Sculptures : Etudes sur la sculpture (XIXe-XXIe siecle), no. 3 : Qu’est-ce que la sculpture moderne, contemporaine?
Author: Rinuy, Paul-Louis (ed)
Price: $21.00     ISBN: 9791024007717     More information

Item Number: 127791
Title: Mysterium Crucis : Il mistero della Croce
Author: Risaliti, Sergio ; Timothy Verdon
Price: $7.70     ISBN: 9788874612086     More information

Item Number: 142342
Title: Sculpture Parks in Europe : A Guide to Art and Nature
Author: Rispa, Raul
Price: $42.00     ISBN: 9783035611168     More information

Item Number: 145577
Title: Keep It Moving?: Conserving Kinetic Art
Author: Rivenc, Rachel ; Reinhard Bak (eds)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9781606065389     More information

Item Number: 142391
Title: L’officina di Leopoldo Cicognara : La creazione delle immagini per la Storia della Scultura
Author: Rizzioli, Elisabetta G
Price: $135.00     ISBN: 9788874982554     More information

Item Number: 135358
Title: Rome 1600 : The City and the Visual Arts under Clement VIII
Author: Robertson, Clare
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780300215298     More information

Item Number: 145585
Title: Bauhaus Masterworks
Author: Robinson, Michael
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781786645432     More information

Item Number: 144173
Title: The Sculpture of AUGUSTE RODIN at the Legion of Honor
Author: Chapman, Martin
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9783791356334     More information

Item Number: 140109
Title: RODIN & Dance: The Essence of the Movement
Author: Gerstein, Alexandra (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781907372995     More information

Item Number: 133649
Title: RODIN : Metamorphoses
Author: Lapeyre de Cabanes, Xavier (et al)
Price: $15.00     ISBN: 9789542815167     More information

Item Number: 137314
Title: Non-finito als Topos der Moderne : Die Marmorskulpturen von AUGUSTE RODIN
Author: Wohlrab, Christiane
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9783770559855     More information

Item Number: 139900
Title: Homenaje a la profesora Constanza Negrín Delgado
Author: RodrIguez Morales, Carlos (ed)
Price: $18.00     ISBN: 9788461730278     More information

Item Number: 143017
Title: The Seven Ancient Wonders in the Early Modern World
Author: Rodriguez Moya, Inmaculada ; Victor Minguez
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472467287     More information

Item Number: 140420
Title: Mujeres de Roma : Seductoras, maternales, excesivas : Colecciones del Museo del Louvre
Author: Roger, Daniel ; Aurelie Pieriou
Price: $33.80     ISBN: 9788499001371     More information

Item Number: 142493
Title: Portails romans et gothiques menacés par les intempéries. Le relevé laser au service du patrimoine
Author: Rollier-Hanselmann Juliette (ed)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9782356131584     More information

Item Number: 145892
Title: Maria Theresa and the Arts
Author: Rollig, Stella ; Georg Lechner
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783777429236     More information

Item Number: 111911
Author: De Castris, Pierluigi Leone
Price: $19.90     ISBN: 9788897083153     More information

Item Number: 137976
Title: RONDONI e BALASSI : I ritratti del Marchese Giovanni Corsi
Author: Bacchi, Andrea (et al)
Price: $11.70     ISBN: 9788894112009     More information

Item Number: 138674
Title: Thai Buddhist Art : Discover Thai Art
Author: Rooney, Dawn F
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9786167339696     More information

Item Number: 134196
Title: Le commanditaire, l’artiste et l’oeuvre : histoire de la commande artistique en Rouergue et dans ses marges (XVe-XVIIIe siècle). Actes du colloque d'histoire de l'art (Rodez et Conques, 9-11 Juin 2011)
Author: Rosenberg, Pierre (ed)
Price: $19.00     ISBN: 9782908570168     More information

Item Number: 53819
Title: Antologia di restauri : Arte in Valle d'Aosta tra Medioevo e Rinascimento
Author: Rossetti Brezzi, Elena (ed)
Price: $8.50     ISBN: 9788870328011     More information

Item Number: 146344
Title: Alla corte del re di Francia (1505-1535) Alberto Pio e gli artisti di Carpi nei cantieri del Rinascimento francese
Author: Rossi, Manuela (ed)
Price: $69.50     ISBN: 9788889109939     More information

Item Number: 144513
Title: Rosslyn Chapel
Author: The Earl and Countess of Rosslyn
Price: $39.95     ISBN: 9781785510489     More information

Item Number: 143484
Title: A Moment's Monument : MEDARDO ROSSO and the International Origins of Modern Sculpture
Author: Hecker, Sharon
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9780520294486     More information

Item Number: 145716
Title: MEDARDO ROSSO : Experiments in Light and Form
Author: Hecker, Sharon (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780997690156     More information

Item Number: 106834
Title: Il patrimonio artistico di banca Carige : Sculture, ceramiche, stampe, arredi
Author: Rotondi Terminiello, Giovanna
Price: $9.35     ISBN: 9788836615438     More information

Item Number: 145173
Title: Miro and Calder's Constellations
Author: Rowell, Margit ; Mildred Glimcher (et al)
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9780847859856     More information

Item Number: 144663
Author: Fox, James (ed)
Price: $36.95     ISBN: 9781771621298     More information

Item Number: 131674
Title: El poder de la imagen : la [imagen] del poder
Author: Ruiz Maldonado, Margarita (et al)
Price: $7.99     ISBN: 9788490123577     More information

Item Number: 118232
Title: Lo stato dell'Arte 9, XIX Congresso Nazionale IGIIC. Volume degli Atti, Cosenza, Palazzo Arnone, 13-15 ottobre2011
Author: Rullo, Daniela (ed)
Price: $15.50     ISBN: 9788840441993     More information

Item Number: 109536
Title: I grandi bronzi del Battistero : GIOVANFRANCESCO RUSTICI e Leonardo
Author: Mozzati, Tommaso ; Beatrice Paolozzi Strozzi ; Philippe Sénéchal (eds)
Price: $34.00     ISBN: 9788809750210     More information

Item Number: 142769
Title: KATHY RUTTENBERG : Nature of the Beast
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781938461293     More information

Item Number: 142100
Title: La basilica di sant'Antonio. Itinerario artistico e religioso
Author: Ruzza, Salvatore
Price: $21.00     ISBN: 9788895908052     More information

Item Number: 144036
Title: BETYE SAAR : Still Tickin'
Author: Cochran, Sara
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780979893667     More information

Item Number: 145753
Author: Schmuckli, Claudia ; Johanna Burton
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781941366127     More information

Item Number: 49798
Title: Sacri Legni: Sculture da Fabriano e dalla Marca Picena
Price: $2.85     ISBN: 884043948X     More information

Item Number: 138136
Title: GUILLEM SAGRERA : de la pedra al cisell
Author: Vibot, Tomas
Price: $7.50     ISBN: 9788494285561     More information

Item Number: 144767
Title: Ich bin eine Kämpferin : Frauenbilder der NIKI DE SAINT PHALLE. I'm a Fighter : Images of Women by Niki de Saint Phalle
Author: Krempel, Ulrich (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783775742436     More information

Item Number: 140991
Title: DORIS SALCEDO : The Materiality of Mourning
Author: Enriquez, Mary Schneider
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780300222517     More information

Item Number: 144062
Title: Tusculana marmora: escultura clásica en el antiguo Tusculano
Author: Salcedo Garces, Fabiola
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9788400101282     More information

Item Number: 142490
Title: L'Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia : Il Novecento
Author: Salvagnini, Sileno (ed)
Price: $84.00     ISBN: 9788899657086     More information

Item Number: 113749
Title: FRANCESCO SALZILLO : Vida y obra a traves de sus documentos : Repertorio de documentos del archivio historico provincial de Murcia
Author: Herrero Pascual, Ana Maria (ed)
Price: $9.00     ISBN: 9788461140275     More information

Item Number: 141276
Title: FRANCISCO SALZILLO y la Escuela de Escultura de Caravaca
Author: Pozo Martanez, Indalecio ; Cristobal Belda Navarro
Price: $17.00     ISBN: 9788416551293     More information

Item Number: 109512
Title: Dictionnaire de l'Union des Femmes peintres et sculpteurs 1882 - 1965 : Repertoire des Artistes et Liste de Leurs Oeuvres
Author: Sanchez, Pierre
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9782359680126     More information

Item Number: 144120
Title: FRED SANDBACK : Vertical Constructions
Author: Alain-Bois, Yve (et al
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9781941701577     More information

Item Number: 143823
Title: Aspects : FRED SANDBACK's Sculpture
Author: Vazquez, Edward A
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780226407906     More information

Item Number: 142082
Title: SANSOVINO's Venice
Author: Hart, Vaughan ; Peter Hicks
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780300175066     More information

Item Number: 142084
Title: ANDREA SANSOVINO profeta in patria
Author: Refice, Paola (et al)
Price: $42.50     ISBN: 9788898633104     More information

Item Number: 57850
Title: Tra luce e tenebre : Letti funerari in osso da Lazio e Abruzzo
Author: Sapelli Ragni, Marina (ed)
Price: $3.50     ISBN: 9788837063726     More information

Item Number: 144312
Title: Lordship and Faith : The English Gentry and the Parish Church in the Middle Ages
Author: Saul, Nigel
Price: $110.00     ISBN: 9780198706199     More information

Item Number: 141166
Title: LEONARDO SCAGLIA : Sculptor gallicus tra Umbria e Marche intorno alla metà del Seicento
Author: Mancini, Francesco Federico
Price: $165.00     ISBN: 9788897738756     More information

Item Number: 146554
Title: Francois Ier et l'Art des Pays-Bas
Author: Scaillierez, Cecile (ed)
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9782757213049     More information

Item Number: 131277
Title: Holzwege : Schweizer Kunst aus der Sammlung der Mobiliar : Sentieri erranti : arte svizzera dalla collezione della Mobiliare
Author: Schenini, Elio ; Liselotte Wirth Schnöller
Price: $19.70     ISBN: 9788887934137     More information

Item Number: 145615
Title: Fame and Immortality : The Scher Collection of Portrait Medals
Author: Scher, Stephen K. (et al)
Price: $250.00     ISBN: 9781907804878     More information

Item Number: 145077
Title: The Horse in Ancient Greek Art
Author: Schertz, Peter ; Nicole Stribling (eds)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300230574     More information

Item Number: 140533
Title: Fountains and Water Culture in Byzantium
Author: Shilling, Brooke ; Paul Stephenson (eds)
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9781107105997     More information

Item Number: 143612
Title: Di pietra e d'oro : il Ponte Vecchio di Firenze : sette secoli di storia e di arte
Author: Schmidt, Eike (et al)
Price: $79.95     ISBN: 9788890670893     More information

Item Number: 144020
Title: Small Wonders: Late Gothic Boxwood Microcarvings from the Low Countries
Author: Scholten, Frits (et al)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9789491714931     More information

Item Number: 138167
Title: 1100-1600
Author: Scholten, Fritz (ed)
Price: $22.00     ISBN: 9789071450907     More information

Item Number: 125584
Title: Festive Funerals in Early Modern Italy : The Art and Culture of Conspicuous Commemoration
Author: Schraven, Minou
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780754665243     More information

Item Number: 146787
Title: Demetrio Poliorcetes, un bronce helenístico recuperado
Author: Schröder , Stephan F. ; Elena Arias
Price: $22.95     ISBN: 9788484803690     More information

Item Number: 145535
Title: The History of Venetian Renaissance Sculpture (ca. 1410-1530)
Author: Schulz, Anne
Price: $250.00     ISBN: 9781909400733     More information

Item Number: 143094
Title: Dom Museum Wien. Collection Highlights : Medieval Treasures and Modern Masterpiece
Author: Schwanberg, Johanna (ed)
Price: $18.00     ISBN: 9783110482515     More information

Item Number: 140561
Title: Dom Museum Wien Art, Religion, Society
Author: Schwanberg, Johanna ; Monika Sommer
Price: $54.00     ISBN: 9783110482508     More information

Item Number: 145842
Title: The Fonte Gaia from Renaissance to Modern Times: A History of Construction, Preservation, and Reconstruction in Siena
Author: Scappini, Chiara E. ; David Boffa
Price: $100.00     ISBN: 9789462984592     More information

Item Number: 138698
Title: Der Codex Montalto : Präsentation und Rezeption der Antikensammlung Peretti Montalto
Author: Seidel, Anna
Price: $95.00     ISBN: 9783447105156     More information

Item Number: 146066
Title: SERPOTTA e il suo tempo
Author: Abbate, Vincenzo
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9788836637249     More information

Item Number: 142716
Title: RICHARD SERRA: Notebooks Vol. 2
Price: $700.00     ISBN: 9783869309750     More information

Item Number: 145174
Author: Fer, Briony
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9780847861194     More information

Item Number: 139355
Title: RICHARD SERRA : Forged Sculpture
Author: Shiff, Richard
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781941701171     More information

Item Number: 145879
Title: RICHARD SERRA : Drawings 2015–2017
Author: Stocchi, Francesco ; Neil Cox
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9783958293496     More information

Item Number: 52989
Title: El convent de les Agustines de Dénia i la Santíssima Sang : 400 anys de presència a Dénia
Author: Seser Pérez, Rosa, Vicent Canet Llidó et al (eds)
Price: $5.70     ISBN: 9788493345815     More information

Item Number: 139959
Title: Sul Buono e sul Cattivo Uso dei Bronzi di Riace
Author: Settis, Salvatore ; Maurizio Paoletti (et al)
Price: $14.00     ISBN: 9788868432225     More information

Item Number: 144602
Author: Barlow, Phyllida (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781944379100     More information

Item Number: 146831
Title: JOEL SHAPIRO : Plaster, Paper, Wood, and Wire
Author: Franks, Pamela
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9780300233865     More information

Item Number: 145790
Author: Schiff, Richard
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9788857232898     More information

Item Number: 145581
Title: A Rothschild Renaissance: A New Look at the Waddesdon Bequest in the British Museum
Author: Pippa, Shirley ; Dora Thornton (eds)
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9780861592128     More information

Item Number: 112734
Title: Contratti di artisti in epoca barocca
Author: Sicca, Cinzia Maria (ed)
Price: $22.00     ISBN: 9788843056408     More information

Item Number: 145066
Title: The Silver Caesars: A Renaissance Mystery
Author: Siemon, Julia ; Mary Beard ; Xavier F. Salomon (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781588396396     More information

Item Number: 51451
Title: Fanano Sacra: Cielo e Terra d'appennino
Price: $5.50     More information

Item Number: 146244
Title: Il cardinale Gianfrancesco Albani e le arti tra Roma e Urbino : Il ritratto ritrovato. Cardinal Gianfrancesco Albani and the arts between Rome and Urbino : A rediscovered portrait
Author: Simonato, Lucia
Price: $56.50     ISBN: 9788836637690     More information

Item Number: 140202
Title: Figural Sculpture in Eleventh-Century Dalmatia : Patronage, Architectural Context, History
Author: Skoblar, Magdalena
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472466037     More information

Item Number: 145565
Title: Romano-Celtic Mask Puzzle Padlocks: A Study in their Design, Technology and Security
Author: Slocum, Jerry ; Dic Sonneveld
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9781784915643     More information

Item Number: 144738
Title: KIKI SMITH : Procession
Author: Giloy-Hirtz, Petra (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9783791356266     More information

Item Number: 144822
Title: BOSCO SODI : Clay Cubes
Author: Hart, Darin ; Mark Gisbourne
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9783775742771     More information

Item Number: 107102
Title: 9cento : Napoli 1910-1980 per un museo in progress
Author: Spinosa, Nicola ; Angela Tecce (eds)
Price: $11.00     ISBN: 9788837075330     More information

Item Number: 145811
Title: PHILIPP SOLDAN : Bildhauer der Reformation
Author: Hauer, Kirsten (et al)
Price: $47.50     ISBN: 9783731905752     More information

Item Number: 113049
Title: Trevi : Citta d'Arte
Author: Sperandio, Bernardino
Price: $6.88     ISBN: 9788896591499     More information

Item Number: 144799
Author: Gygax, Raphael ; Nadia Veronese
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783903131361     More information

Item Number: 146550
Title: Hemba
Author: Spina, Luigi (photos) ; Constantine Petridis (intro.)
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9788874398034     More information

Item Number: 146489
Title: Mythical Diary: Sculptures from the Farnese Collection
Author: Spina, Luigi ; Phlippe Daverio (pref.)
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9788874398010     More information

Item Number: 144700
Title: I Capricorni di Pietro Leopoldo : INNOCENZO SPIANZZI e le sculture di Boboli in eta` neoclassica
Author: Capecchi, Gabriel
Price: $49.50     More information

Item Number: 140677
Title: How to Read Medieval Art
Author: Stein, Wendy A
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9781588395979     More information

Item Number: 145022
Title: Wunder Roms : Im Blick des Nordens : Von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart
Author: Stiegemann, Christoph (ed)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9783731904410     More information

Item Number: 143794
Title: Persepolis : Chef-d’oeuvre des Grecs en Iran
Author: Stierlin, Henri
Price: $92.50     ISBN: 9782708410176     More information

Item Number: 145844
Title: L'Arc d'Orange
Author: Stilp, Florian
Price: $57.00     ISBN: 9782251446165     More information

Item Number: 143940
Author: Schwabsky, Barry (et al)
Price: $69.95     ISBN: 9780714872070     More information

Item Number: 145792
Title: From Anselm to Zilla: The Peter and Elisabeth Bosshard Collection of the Stiftung Kunst(Zeug)Haus
Author: Stohler, Peter (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783037785478     More information

Item Number: 128335
Title: Paint and Piety: collected essays on medieval painting and polychrome sculpture
Author: Streeton, Noelle ; Kaja Kollandsrud (eds)
Price: $22.00     ISBN: 9781909492103     More information

Item Number: 145184
Title: HIROSHI SUGIMOTO : Gates of Paradise
Author: Erdmann, Mark ; Timothy Verdon (et al)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780847860692     More information

Item Number: 146347
Title: Making The Americas Modern : Hemispheric Art 1910-1960
Author: Sullivan, Edward
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9781786271556     More information

Item Number: 145738
Title: Age of Empires : Art of the Qin and Han Dynasties
Author: Sun, Zhixin Jason (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781588396174     More information

Item Number: 145873
Title: The Iconography of the Satyr in Greece and Rome
Author: Surtees, Allison
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781472465672     More information

Item Number: 146803
Title: Roman Artists, Patrons, and Public Consumption: Familiar Works Reconsidered
Author: Swetnam-Burland, Maria ; Diana Ng (et al)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780472130658     More information

Item Number: 146682
Title: Like Life : Sculpture, Color, and the Body
Author: Syson, Luke ; Sheena Wagstaff (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781588396440     More information

Item Number: 115633
Title: La Rioja alavesa en la historia del arte = Arabako errioxa artearen historian
Author: Tabar Anitua, Fernando
Price: $9.79     ISBN: 9788478217342     More information

Item Number: 146726
Title: SOPHIE TAEUBER-ARP and the Avant-Garde : A Biography
Author: Mair, Roswitha
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780226311210     More information

Item Number: 111436
Title: Tesoros artísticos de Toledo : sus templos, monasterios, palacios y casas
Author: Takkenberg-Krohn, Renate
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9788481988390     More information

Item Number: 145538
Title: TAL R. : Flamingo Flametti
Author: Bogner, Sarah (et al)
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9783903131255     More information

Item Number: 145961
Title: Borderless : The Art of LUIS TAPIA
Author: Chavez, Denise (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780980108088     More information

Item Number: 129268
Title: El pessebre gotic de Girona
Author: Tarres i Fontan, Josep
Price: $22.00     ISBN: 9788484961925     More information

Item Number: 145481
Title: Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago
Author: Tatiana Flores, Michelle ; Ann Stephens (eds)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9781934491577     More information

Item Number: 124094
Title: 50 anos : Basilica de Santa Maria La Mayor : Pontevedra
Author: Teofilo Pineiro, Jose Luis
Price: $10.90     ISBN: 9788494075704     More information

Item Number: 56972
Title: Benedetto XIV e la facciata della Cattedrale di Bologna: Storia, documentazione e restauro
Author: Terra, Roberto; Guido Cavina (eds)
Price: $16.25     ISBN: 9788895062471     More information

Item Number: 34259
Title: Un tesoro rivelato: Capolavori dalla Collezione Carlo De Carlo
Price: $9.99     ISBN: 8809021533     More information

Item Number: 141638
Title: GIOVANNI TEUTONICO : Scultura lignea tedesca nell'Italia del secondo Quattrocento
Author: Cavatorti, Sara
Price: $52.50     ISBN: 9788897738763     More information

Item Number: 142332
Title: JAMES "SON FORD" THOMAS : The Devil and His Blues
Author: Serlin, David (et al)
Price: $25.00     ISBN: 9781942607380     More information

Item Number: 141766
Title: THORVALDSENS Museum : Directors Choice
Author: Miss, Stigg
Price: $14.95     ISBN: 9781785510632     More information

Item Number: 129158
Title: Scultura e pittura del Medioevo a Treviso, 1 : le sculture dell’Alto Medioevo (dal VI secolo al 1141) a Treviso, nel suo territorio e in aree che con esso ebbero rapporti : tentativo di contestualizzazione storica
Author: Tigler, Guido
Price: $29.00     ISBN: 9788895368184     More information

Item Number: 145276
Title: Memory and Redemption : Public Monuments and the Making of Late Medieval Landscape
Author: Timmermann, Achim
Price: $132.00     ISBN: 9782503546520     More information

Item Number: 144218
Title: Meta Harmony : Music Machines and Machine Music in JEAN TINGUELY’s Oeuvre
Author: Reimann, Sandra Beate (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783735602695     More information

Item Number: 110042
Title: Artistes à Genève : De 1400 à nos jours
Author: Tissot, Karine (ed)
Price: $62.00     ISBN: 9782940408153     More information

Item Number: 140546
Title: Il Bardo ad Aquileia : tesori dal Museo nazionale del Bardo al Museo archeologico nazionale di Aquielia. Le Bardo à Aquilée : trésors du Musée National du Bardo au Musée archéologique national de Aquilée
Author: Tiussi, Cristiano (et al)
Price: $11.00     ISBN: 9788842223832     More information

Item Number: 142477
Title: Leoni e tori dall'antica Persia ad Aquileia : Tesori ori e sculture achemenidi e sasanidi dal museo di Tehran e da Persepoli. Lions and Bulls from Ancient Persia in Aquileia. : Achaemenid and Sasanid gold works and sculptures from the museum of Tehran and Persepolis
Author: Tiussi, Cristiano (et al)
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9788842224105     More information

Item Number: 144481
Title: Lorenzo Tenchini e le sue maschere : Una collezione anatomica clinica di fine Ottocento tra le università di Parma e Torino. Lorenzo Tenchini and His Masks : An Anatomical Clinical Collection of the Late 19th Century At the Universities of Parma and Turin
Author: Toni, Roberto
Price: $72.50     ISBN: 9788857230597     More information

Item Number: 103827
Title: 2003-2007 Catalogo de Obras Restauradas : Centro de Conservacion y Resaturacion de Bienes Culturales de Castilla y Leon
Author: Toquero Mateo, Javier ; Isabel Saenz de Buruaga Dans ; Santiago Franco Tejedor (eds)
Price: $10.00     ISBN: 9788497185639     More information

Item Number: 146775
Title: Cast: Art and Objects Made Using Humanity’s Most Transformational Process
Author: Townsend, Jen ; Renee Zettle-Sterling
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9780764353383     More information

Item Number: 145920
Title: TUOTILO : Archäologie eines frühmittelalterlichen Künstlers
Author: Ganz, David ; Cornel Dora (eds)
Price: $123.00     ISBN: 9783906819198     More information

Item Number: 145804
Title: GAVIN TURK : Who What When Where How & Why
Author: Beard, Jason (ed)
Price: $70.00     ISBN: 9781906967789     More information

Item Number: 146012
Title: CRISTINA LUCAS : Wavelength : Longitud de onda
Author: Mosquera, Gerardo (et al)
Price: $30.00     ISBN: 9788416714483     More information

Item Number: 144158
Author: Tompkins, Cade (et al)
Price: $50.00     ISBN: 9780692032756     More information

Item Number: 145751
Title: GÜNTHER UECKER : Verletzte Felder - Wounded Fields
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9781944379117     More information

Item Number: 145472
Author: Chae-Duporge, Okyang
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9782702210598     More information

Item Number: 146030
Title: KAARI UPSON : Good Thing You Are Not Alone
Author: Norton, Margot (ed)
Price: $24.00     ISBN: 9780915557134     More information

Item Number: 146196
Title: Palazzo Spada : Il percorso ritrovato : Nuovi studi sulle decorazioni cinquecentesche
Author: Urciuoli, Saverio
Price: $52.50     ISBN: 9788865573471     More information

Item Number: 58314
Title: Um português em Roma, um italiano em Lisboa : os escultores setecentistas José de Almeida e João António Bellini
Author: Vale, Teresa Leonor M
Price: $5.79     ISBN: 9789722415729     More information

Item Number: 116204
Title: Residenze imperiali nel Lazio : Atti del I Giornata di Studio, Monte Porzio Catone, 3 aprile 2004
Author: Valenti, Massimiliano (ed)
Price: $13.00     ISBN: 9788800005975     More information

Item Number: 115798
Title: Insetti e opere lignee d'arte e d'architettura : Degradi e restauro : Atti del Symposium Internazionale, Reggio Calabria, 8 luglio 2010, Universita degli studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria
Author: Caltieri, Simonetta ; Vincenzo Vacante (eds)
Price: $7.00     ISBN: 9788895064482     More information

Item Number: 104261
Title: Quotidien des Dieux et des Hommes : La Vie Religieuse dans les Cités du Vésuve à l'Epoque Romaine
Author: Van Andringa, William
Price: $29.00     ISBN: 9782728308439     More information

Item Number: 116737
Title: Laudas flamencas en España : 'Flemish' monumental brasses in Spain
Author: Van Belle, Ronald
Price: $11.00     ISBN: 9788492629411     More information

Item Number: 146223
Title: Engraved Gems : From antiquity to the present
Author: van den Bercken, Ben ; Vivian Baan (eds)
Price: $240.00     ISBN: 9789088905063     More information

Item Number: 146224
Title: Engraved Gems : From antiquity to the present
Author: van den Bercken, Ben ; Vivian Baan (eds)
Price: $80.00     ISBN: 9789088905056     More information

Item Number: 144294
Title: Idols and Museum Pieces : The Nature of Sculpture, its Historiography and Exhibition History 1640-1880
Author: van Eck, Caroline (ed)
Price: $57.99     ISBN: 9783110406917     More information

Item Number: 121699
Title: The Road to VAN EYCK
Author: Kemperdick, Stephan ; Friso Lammertse (eds)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9789069182629     More information

Item Number: 146804
Title: Gehouwen, gesneden, geschonken : Middeleeuwse beelden uit de collectie Schoufour-Martin
Author: van Vlierden, Marieke (et al)
Price: $35.00     ISBN: 9789069182995     More information

Item Number: 111645
Title: PIETRO VANNINI scultore orafo del Quattrocento
Author: Clerici, Giuseppe
Price: $11.70     ISBN: 9788897066101     More information

Item Number: 112589
Title: La topografia artistica di GIORGIO VASARI (Appendice, Indice dei luoghi delle Vite vasariane)
Author: Caleca, Antonino ; Andrea Del Grosso ; Margherita Melani
Price: $14.50     ISBN: 9788890578199     More information

Item Number: 145612
Title: The Collector of Lives: GIORGIO VASARI and the Invention of Art
Author: Rowland, Ingrid ; Noah Charney
Price: $29.95     ISBN: 9780393241310     More information

Item Number: 137682
Title: Europäische Hofkünstler in St. Petersburg in der ersten Hälfte des 18. Jahrunderts : Bildhauer Bartolomeo Carlo Rastrelli, Maler Johann Gottfried Tannauer und Louis Caravaque. Ein Beitrag zur "Europäisierung" Russlands
Author: Vasser, Larissa
Price: $12.60     ISBN: 9783832539733     More information

Item Number: 145876
Title: VEDOVA de America : Paintings 1976-1977
Author: Celant, Germano
Price: $135.00     ISBN: 9788857233581     More information

Item Number: 122160
Title: Mirada endins. Talles medievals revelades per la càmera de Domi Mora
Author: Velez, Pilar (et al)
Price: $13.90     More information

Item Number: 49143
Title: La Venere di Pitinum Mergens per il Museo di Cagli: Donazione di Enzo e Franca Mancini in memoria di Giovanni Mochi
Price: $3.35     ISBN: 8839207449     More information

Item Number: 139214
Title: Il Grande Museo del Duomo di Firenze. Vol. 1: The Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Bell Tower
Author: Verdon, Timory
Price: $27.50     ISBN: 9788874612642     More information

Item Number: 142959
Title: E la Parola si fece bellezza : Convegno internazionale sugli amboni istoriati toscani : Barga, Pisa, Pistoia, Siena, Firenze, 19-20-21-27-28 maggio 2016
Author: Verdon, Timothy (ed)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9788874613175     More information

Item Number: 146740
Title: Bomarzo : Ein Garten gegen Gott und die Welt
Author: Vergeiner, Renate
Price: $62.50     ISBN: 9783035612035     More information

Item Number: 146584
Title: Depression-Era Sculpture of the Bay Area
Author: Veronico, Nicholas A. ; Betty S. Veronico
Price: $22.99     ISBN: 9781467125741     More information

Item Number: 113359
Title: FABIO VIALE : Cavour ["Cercasi sosia di Cavour"]
Author: Ratti, Daniele (photos)
Price: $9.50     ISBN: 9788842219132     More information

Item Number: 112684
Title: La statua della liberta : Una storia globale
Author: Viano, Francesca Lidia
Price: $11.00     ISBN: 9788842094746     More information

Item Number: 144134
Title: Treasures from the Oxus: The Art and Civilization of Central Asia
Author: Vidale, Massimo
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9781784537722     More information

Item Number: 131494
Title: Dalla tarsia alla Cattedrale di Pisa : Il cantiere dei Miracoli in oltre 950 anni di storia (AD 1064-AD 2014)
Author: Villani, Maurizio
Price: $9.70     ISBN: 9788846739995     More information

Item Number: 144801
Title: ADRIAN VILLAR ROJAS : The Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden Commission
Author: Galilee, Beatrice
Price: $9.95     ISBN: 9781588396211     More information

Item Number: 119228
Author: La Monica, Marcella
Price: $4.50     ISBN: 9788896569160     More information

Item Number: 142360
Title: Legni preziosi : Sculture, busti, reliquiari e tabernacoli dal Medioevo al Settecento nel Cantone Ticino
Author: Villata, Edoardo (ED)
Price: $22.00     ISBN: 9788836634767     More information

Item Number: 146104
Title: Foundation Beyeler: Die Sammlung : The Collection : It Might Turn out Well if The Sunshine Lasts
Author: Vischer, Theodora (ed)
Price: $125.00     ISBN: 9783775743334     More information

Item Number: 51159
Title: Visioni: 20 artisti a Sant'Agostino
Price: $6.50     ISBN: 9788836608348     More information

Item Number: 142927
Title: La collezione della Pontificia Insigne Accademia di Belle Arti e Lettere dei virtuosi al Pantheon : dipinti e sculture
Author: Vitaliano, Tiberia ; Adriana Capriotti ; Paolo Castellani
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9788890965753     More information

Item Number: 146698
Title: Tesori di una collezione privata : Intagli, cammei, gioielli, objets de vertu
Author: Vitellozzi, Paolo
Price: $135.00     ISBN: 9788889024850     More information

Item Number: 83556
Title: ALESSANDRO VITTORIA e Palladio : Un modello per le statue della Rotonda
Author: Bacchi, Andrea
Price: $5.50     More information

Item Number: 146060
Author: Patterson, Karen (ed)
Price: $55.00     ISBN: 9780998681702     More information

Item Number: 145748
Author: Manchev, Boyan (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9783735602220     More information

Item Number: 146002
Title: AMELIE VON WULFFEN : Bilder 1998-2016 : Works 1998-2016
Author: Podeschwa, Isabel (et al)
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9783960980605     More information

Item Number: 140703
Title: PETER VOULKOS : The Breakthrough Years
Author: Adamson, Glenn (et al)
Price: $34.95     ISBN: 9781910433898     More information

Item Number: 144459
Title: Report on the Aeginetan Sculptures. With Historical Supplements
Author: Wagner, Johann Martin ; F.W.J. Schelling (ed) ; Louis A. Ruprecht, Jr. (trans)
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9781438464817     More information

Item Number: 140704
Title: Consuming Stories : KARA WALKER and the Imagining of American Race
Author: Peabody, Rebecca
Price: $49.95     ISBN: 9780520288928     More information

Item Number: 141842
Title: FRANZ ERHARD WALTHER : The Body Draws
Author: Croquer, Luis (et al)
Price: $40.00     ISBN: 9780935558555     More information

Item Number: 144669
Title: Shaping the Lotus Sutra : Buddhist Visual Culture in Medieval China
Author: Wang, Eugene Y
Price: $90.00     ISBN: 9780295996356     More information

Item Number: 144670
Title: Shaping the Lotus Sutra : Buddhist Visual Culture in Medieval China
Author: Wang, Eugene Y
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780295986852     More information

Item Number: 146515
Title: Mirroring China's Past : Emperors, Scholars, and their Bronzes
Author: Wang, Tao (ed)
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9780300228632     More information

Item Number: 126431
Title: Kampf um Rom. Bilder und Texte zum Nachleben der Antike
Author: Wangenheim, Wolfgang von
Price: $7.80     ISBN: 9783447069304     More information

Item Number: 140458
Title: 3-D WARHOL : The Sculptural Work of Andy Warhol
Author: Evans, Thomas Morgan
Price: $99.00     ISBN: 9781784534271     More information

Item Number: 131261
Title: Medieval and Renaissance Sculpture in the Ashmolean Museum
Author: Warren, Jeremy
Price: $675.00     ISBN: 9781854442314     More information

Item Number: 138283
Title: The Wallace Collection : Catalogue of Italian Sculpture
Author: Warren, Jeremy
Price: $380.00     ISBN: 9780900785764     More information

Item Number: 142237
Title: Facing the Future: Art in Europe 1945-1968
Author: Weibel, Peter ; Eckhart Gillen (et al)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9789401437080     More information

Item Number: 138660
Title: Prayer-Nuts, Private Devotion and Early Modern Art Collecting
Author: Wetter, Evelin ; Frits Scholten (eds)
Price: $135.00     ISBN: 9783905014648     More information

Item Number: 141852
Author: Celant, Germano
Price: $60.00     ISBN: 9781941701249     More information

Item Number: 125603
Title: Novecento mai visto : Capolavori della Daimler Art Collection : From Albers to Warhol to (now)
Author: Wiehager, Renate
Price: $6.90     ISBN: 9788873858821     More information

Item Number: 144945
Title: National Identity and Nineteenth-Century Franco-Belgian Sculpture
Author: Wijnsouw, Jana
Price: $150.00     ISBN: 9781138712515     More information

Item Number: 143179
Title: Lumia : THOMAS WILFRED and the Art of Light
Author: Orgeman, Keely (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780300215182     More information

Item Number: 128599
Title: Eye and Art in Ancient Greece : Studies in Archaeoaesthetics
Author: Witcombe, Christopher
Price: $97.00     ISBN: 9781909400030     More information

Item Number: 143849
Title: Neklidna Figura : Exprese v ceskem socharstvi 1880-1914. The Restless Figure: Expression in Czech Sculpture 1880-1914
Author: Wittlich, Petr (et al)
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9788024634289     More information

Item Number: 145906
Title: Museum Schnütgen in Cologne : A Survey of the Collection
Author: Woelk, Moritz ; Manuela Beer (eds)
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9783777428963     More information

Item Number: 51916
Title: Wonders of Italy
Price: $13.50     ISBN: 8882654117     More information

Item Number: 135580
Title: Cut in Alabaster: a Material of Sculpture 1330-1530
Author: Woods, Kim
Price: $157.00     ISBN: 9781909400269     More information

Item Number: 144227
Title: Baroque Seville : Sacred Art in a Century of Crisis
Author: Wunder, Amanda
Price: $84.95     ISBN: 9780271076645     More information

Item Number: 144678
Title: ERWIN WURM : One Minute Sculptures 1996–2017
Author: Steinle, Christa (ed)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9783775742535     More information

Item Number: 145186
Title: Learning to See: Renaissance and Baroque Masterworks from the Phoebe Dent Weil and Mark S. Weil Collection
Author: Wyckoff, Elizabeth ; Judith Walker Mann
Price: $45.00     ISBN: 9780891780014     More information

Item Number: 144892
Title: Carved Wooden Torah Arks of Eastern Europe
Author: Yaniv, Bracha
Price: $67.50     ISBN: 9781906764371     More information

Item Number: 140620
Title: A Life with Artists: Hannelore and Rudolph Schulhof
Author: Yau, John (et al)
Price: $75.00     ISBN: 9780847849451     More information

Item Number: 108200
Title: Il Catalogo de' bronzi e degli altri metalli antichi di Luigi Lanzi : Dal collezionismo mediceo al museo pubblico lorense (Firenze, Biblioteca degli Uffizi, ms. 105) Con edizione anastatica delle tavole di Francesco Marchissi (Firenze, Biblioteca degli Uffizi, mss. 234 e 235)
Author: Zaccagnino, Cristiana
Price: $88.00     ISBN: 9788889254042     More information

Item Number: 128881
Title: Alma ars. Estudios de arte e historia en homenaje al Dr. Salvador Andrés Ordax
Author: Zalama Rodriguez, Miguel Angel ; Pilar Mogollon Cano-Cortes (eds)
Price: $13.90     ISBN: 9788484487616     More information

Item Number: 142009
Title: La Cattedrale di Padova. Archeologia Storia Arte Architettura
Author: Zampieri, Girolamo (ed)
Price: $96.25     ISBN: 9788891310163     More information

Item Number: 131382
Title: La Salute e la Fede. Il patrimonio artistico, archivistico, librario degli Ospedali di Padova
Author: Zanardi, Maria Cristina
Price: $7.79     ISBN: 9788864480633     More information

Item Number: 140874
Title: Roman Portraits : Sculptures in Stone and Bronze in the Collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Author: Zanker, Paul
Price: $65.00     ISBN: 9781588395993     More information

Item Number: 138583
Title: Collezione Alessandro Marabottini
Author: Zappia, Caterina (et al)
Price: $68.00     ISBN: 9788865572719     More information

Item Number: 136860
Title: Memorias olvidadas. Imágenes de la escultura gótica valenciana – Memòries oblidades. Imatges de l’escultura gòtica valenciana
Author: Zaragoza Catalan, Arturo (ed)
Price: $7.00     ISBN: 9788448260170     More information

Item Number: 57042
Title: Marks of Identity: New Perspectives on Sixteenth-Century Italian Sculpture
Author: Zikos, Dimitrios (ed)
Price: $17.50     ISBN: 9781934772874     More information

Item Number: 144769
Title: ELYN ZIMMERMAN : Sculpture
Author: Castle, Susan Forrest (et al)
Price: $85.00     ISBN: 9780996200721     More information

Item Number: 140504
Title: "The Most Noble of the Senses" : Anamorphosis, Trompe-L'Oeil, and Other Optical Illusions in Early Modern Art
Author: Zirpolo, Lilian H. (ed)
Price: $120.00     ISBN: 9780997244618     More information

Item Number: 131203
Title: Die Cappella Gregoriana : Der erste Innenraum von Neu-Sankt-Peter in Rom und seine Genese
Author: Zollikofer, Kaspar
Price: $165.00     ISBN: 9783796533501     More information

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