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Item Number 145664: Found 1 title

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Item Number: 145664
Title: Making Majesty: The Throne Room at Dublin Castle, a Cultural History
Author: Campbell, Myles (et al)
Price: $85.00
ISBN: 9781911024736
Record created on 05/16/17
Description: Newbridge: Irish Academic Press, 2017. 23cm., hardcover, 343pp. illus. Exhibition to be held at Dublin Castle.

Summary: The Throne Room in Dublin Castle was the ultimate focus of vice-regal ceremony, royal visits and many great state occasions both before and after Irish independence in 1922. It has been a touchstone of British occupation and Irish autonomy that can be analysed through the details of its form and furnishing. 'Making Majesty' is an extraordinary collection of essays by leading Irish art and architectural historians that collectively cover an impossible breadth of detail in order to restore our understanding of this tremendously lavish space, shedding new light on the major and minor figures who created, ornamented, decorated and used it, and the motivations that prompted the room's awe-inspiring transformations. 'Making Majesty' is also rife with original findings that are set to overthrow any preconceptions about the nature of the presence of the British monarchy in Ireland. With deeply insightful analysis that draws upon uniquely accessed materials, Campbell and Derham bring to light every aspect of how Dublin Castle's authorities wished to be perceived and how that changed according to the whims of imperious Viceroys, renowned craftsmen, and an Irish state wishing to secure an image of its newfound self-determination. This fascinating work is of immediate interest to anyone with a passion for the history of Ireland, its art, design and architecture.

Contents: The Seventeenth-Century Presence Chamber, Jane Fenlon ; The Regalia of the Presence Chamber, Angus Petterson ; The Lost Presence Chamber, 1684-1788, Patricia McCarthy ; The New Presence Chamber, 1788-1838, Myles Campbell ; The Presence Chamber and Royal Processions, 1821-1911, Kathryn Milligan ; The 'Union' Presence Chamber, 1838-1911, Graham Hickey ; The Gaetano Gandolfi Paintings, Ludovica Neglie ; Catholics, Nationalists and the Presence Chamber, 1795-1921, Sylvie Kleinman ; The Presence Chamber, Irish Textiles and Elite Patronage, 1841-1921, Éimear O'Connor ; From Presence Chamber to Throne Room, 1911-2011, William Derham.

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Item Number 145664: Found 1 title

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