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Item Number 145797: Found 1 title

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Item Number: 145797
Title: Turin and the British in the Age of the Grand Tour
Author: Bianchi, Paola ; Karin E. Wolfe (eds)
Price: $135.00
ISBN: 9781107147706
Record created on 05/25/17
Description: Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017. 25cm., hardcover, 487pp. illus.

Contents: 1. England and Savoy - dynastic intimacy and cultural relations under the early Stuarts, Toby Osborne. 2. Marriage proposals - seventeenth-century Stuart-Savoy matrimonial prospects and politics, Andrea Pennini. 3. The court of Turin and the English succession, 1712-20, Edward Corp. 4. The British diplomatic presence in Turin - diplomatic culture and British élite identity, 1688-1789/98, Christopher Storrs. 5. The British at the Turin Royal Academy - cosmopolitanism and religious pragmatism, Paola Bianchi. 6. Thomas Coke in Turin and the Turin Royal Academy, Andrew Moore. 7. 'Never a more favorable reception than in the present juncture' - British residents and travellers in and about Turin, 1747-8, Edoardo Piccoli. 8. The British and Freemasonry in eighteenth-century Turin, Andrea Merlotti. 9. John Molesworth - British envoy and cultural intermediary in Turin, Karin Wolfe. 10. Silver from London and Turin - diplomacy by display and George Hervey, Earl of Bristol, Envoy Extraordinary to the Court of Savoy 1755-8, James Rothwell. 11. The 'Savoyard' - the painter Domenico Duprà and his British sitters, Jonathan Yarker. 12. The culture of confession - the Sardinian chapel in London in the eighteenth century, Paola Cozzo. 13. Architects and kings in Grand Tour Europe, Tomasso Manfredi . 14. A homage from Turin - Filippo Juvarra's sketches for Lord Burlington, Cristina Ruggero. 15. Crossing borders - the pioneering role of the architect-engineer Giovanni Battista Borra between Piedmont and Britain, Olga Zoller. 16. Chinoiserie in Piedmont - an international language of diplomacy and modernity, Christopher M.S. Johns. 17. 'Alla China' - the reception of international decorative models in Piedmont, Cristina Mossetti. 18. The British garden in Piedmont in the late eighteenth century - variations on the picturesque, the Anglo-Chinese and the landscape garden, Paolo Cornaglia. 19. A plurality of pluras - the Plura family of sculptors between Turin and Britain, Alastair Laing. 20. 'A memorable era in the instrumental music of this kingdom' - Piedmontese musicians in London in the latter half of the eighteenth century, Annarita Colturato. 21. The British Baretti - didactics and criticism, Cristina Bracchi. 22. Vittorio Alfieri and the 'English Republic' - reflections on an elective affinity, Francesca Fedi. Appendices - I.British diplomats and visitors to Turin in the eighteenth century, Christopher Storrs. Sabaudian diplomats to London in the eighteenth century, Andrea Merlotti. II. British attendees at the Turin Royal Academy, Paola Bianchi. III. Letters from the Molesworth-Galilei correspondence, 1721-5, Karin Wolfe. (British School at Rome Studies)

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Item Number 145797: Found 1 title

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