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Item Number 132423: Found 1 title

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Item Number: 132423
Title: The Manufacture des meubles de la couronne aux Gobelins under Louis XIV: a Social, Political and Cultural History
Author: Knothe, Florian
Price: $175.00
ISBN: 9782503553207
Record created on 09/10/14
Description: Turnhout: Brepols, 2017. 28cm., hardcover, 290pp., 32 color, 150 b&w illus.

Summary: The cultural importance, dependencies and mechanics of manufacture in Europe prior to the Industrial Revolution are understudied areas of research. In the case of French royal manufacture during the ancien régime, art-historical interest first awakened in the latter half of the nineteenth century with the publication of several descriptive texts that made archival sources available to a wider public. This volume on the Manufacture royale des meubles de la couronne aux Gobelins examines the current state of research on the royal workshops and indicates the manner by which this research can both extend and challenge the prevailing trends in the historiography of the Gobelins.

Contents: I. The Political and Economic Context and the Conditions for Royal Manufacture in Early-and Mid-Seventeenth-Century France - Patronage and Privileges - The Organisation of Artistic Talent and Artisan Skill. II. La manufacture royale des meubles de la couronne aux Gobelins - Les artisans du roi: A Family of Craftsmen - The Role of Education and the Creation of a Labour Force at the Gobelins - L'hôtel royal des Gobelins : Colonising Royal Artists - The Representation of the colonie d'artistes. II. The Gobelin's Role in Producing Propaganda and its Contribution to the Formulation of a 'European' Style - Les Quatre Éléments : A Case Study - Function and Display - Orfèvres du roi and Silver Furniture - Ebénistes du roi, Lapidaries, and the Production of Wood Furniture and Pietre Dure Panels. Artisans du roi, Their Excellence in Expressing Royal Splendour at the Court of Louis XIV and their Influence Abroad - French Royal Manufacture and the Versatility of Les Artisans du roi - French Royal Manufacture and Its Tapestry Designs at the Swedish Court : A Case Study. (Studies in Western Tapestry, 8)

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Note: Use your browsers "back" button to return to your previous search.
Item Number 132423: Found 1 title

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